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Monday, September 29, 2014

Women's Broadcast...

Saturday Evening was our Women's Broadcast viewed from Salt Lake, where our General Women's Leaders and Prophets and Apostles speak to us. What a thrill it is to know that MILLIONS of women are seeing the same thing at the same time all over the world. There is Strength in knowing that! I also liked picturing all of my girls all over the world watching and learning the same things. It made ma feel closer to them. Jaclyn and I loved being able to view it together, but we did miss them.
Prior to the Broadcast we had an activity that was inspired by Elder Bednar's Education Week talk on Flooding the Earth with goodness and how we can take part in fulfilling prophecy to bring the gospel to the earth using social media. It was so much fun being with Sisters in our Stake who love the Lord and want to serve him. We used Social Media to share that message to others. Here are a few of My pictures from that event.
Here is a link to the Women's Conference. I hope that some of my friends who did not get to attend this wonderful evening will take that time to watch!


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