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WhErE tHe PaGeS oF tHiS bOoK nEvEr EnD

Monday, January 26, 2015

I'm lovin' it...

Hey everybody!!!

This past week has been a memorable one. To start off, me and Elder Adams are getting along Great! We Love working with one another, and the work is definitely picking up here. I think we work well with each other because we both like to joke and laugh and all that jazz, but we know when we need to get down to the nitty gritty, by working hard and doing what the spirit prompts us to do. I have just felt good all week!

The spirit has truly been my constant companion, and I am seeing that more and more each day. We got a car this week and I get to be the "designated driver" which is nice because I've always wanted to drive on California freeway. Not really, but it is nice to drive again, it feels weird, but I like it. We're actually driving a ford fusion, so we're rollin wit the big boys ($teah Money/Dad) Sorry, I had to throw that one in there. I almost forgot about all of that, but we can't so there you go.

Anyway, with the car now, we are getting so much more done, we're able to get from one place to another so fast, of course we do try and walk as often as we can, so we stay in shape. We are continuing to work with Mike, we plan on going by tonight actually. He seems to be doing really well. We have also been working with a less-active family that lives pretty close to Mike. They are one of my favorite families in the entire ward. We plan to try and get the less active husband to come and help us teach Mike, because him and Mike are pretty close and we love both of them. So what better scenario then to have both uplift and strengthen one another.

Elder Rasband came on Saturday. I don't even know what I want to say about that experience. Elder Rasband was called by the Lord through Thomas s. Monson, I don't doubt it at all. As soon as he entered the room, the spirit was felt. As he began talking we could just feel the influence of the spirit. He told us how much President Monson Loves us, and he said that we were only a handshake away from the prophet of God. He had just came from meeting with President Monson a couple of days prior. It was such a special experience. He focused his thoughts around missionary work, and specifically a talk he gave a few conferences ago. It was so weird but cool to hear him speak to me in person. Elder Rasband is a very powerful speaker, he is humble, he is loving, and he is just a regular husband & father. That is what is so amazing to me that the Lord really does call those that are humble, able to be molded and shaped, and he refines them to become something more. That's what I saw in Elder Rasband, and its the greatest opportunity to be apart of that as a missionary. I feel it everyday.

So one last thing before I have to go. Last night, me and Elder Adams were going by some people who supposedly lived on this one street. We looked and looked and we finally figured the address didn't even exist. We were kinda discouraged because we went all the way there to have this happen. But as we were walking back to the car, we ran into these two kids. They turned out to be best friends, seniors in high school living with each other. We started talking to them. We told them who we were and what we do as missionaries. They asked about our families and things we like to do. We asked them a lot of questions about plans after high school, their families, and their interests. They really opened up. We explained how the gospel has blessed us, and that we aren't different than the are. That we're all Gods children and He is reaching out to us. They seemed interested in what we were sharing and we ended up getting their information and they said to stop by soon so that we can talk more with them.

The reason I wanted to share this experience is really to show that the Lord is mindful of all of us, our plans, others plans, the timing of everything. And I'm really gaining a testimony of His Timing. As long as we are where we need to be, the Lord will do the rest. We simply opened our mouths, and by the end of our time with these two friends, Me and Elder Adams said how we felt like they were our friends. That's what the gospel of Jesus Christ can do, it unites and brings people together. I really believe that.

I love being a missionary, its scary, and hard, and awkward sometimes, but at the end of each day its always Sweet. Sorry if this email was kinda scattered. I hope you all know I'm doing well, and its because of all of you. Thank you for ALL that you do for me. I feel your love. Thank you so Much. I love Y'all. I'm still praying for y'all!

Until next week. Be safe! Be Happy, and have a good one. Godspeed!!!

Love, Elder Page

2 turtle doves...

I´m gonna be getting home on el 11 de Febrero at 8:43 AM in the Charlotte Douglas airport. And I need to be released by President Baker as soon a possible that same day. Please plan accorddingly.

**Cough cough** Now that all that stinky business stuff is out the way! How are y´all? I´m doing swell. I feel a little weird when people tell me that I´ll be home in 2 weeks cause I just look at them and think...noooo, not yet. I guess I´m in a weird denial/limbo stage. So we will see how that goes!

Let´s just say that the Lord is putting me through some last minute refining in the fire of la misión. It´s been a tiring and trying week. But the interestingly great part is that I feel calm. I feel happy. We have had pretty much a full week where the ward doesn´t help and they just murmur out the wazoo, where every cita has fallen, where people haven´t passed bastismal interviews, where investigadores find the world more interesting than heavenly blessings, when there´s no one in the street, and where we have walked from literally sun up to sun down. And you wanna now something? I can´t explain it, but I feel happy. Yes, my mind and my body end every day literally crawling in the door, but my spirit smiles constantly. I just can´t seem to be mad or sad or frustrated. It almost makes me laugh cause it´s so strange.

All I can say is that the easiest as well as the hardest and most trying times in life can be blessings if we walk with the Lord. I know I walk with Him. I can feel Him there, encouraging me and giving me the strength. I know I am far from perfect, but somehow Christ finds me important and worthy enough to walk beside me. I love that He is there. That He lives. That he hears my pleas and that He strengthens my feet. I know He exsists. I can´t deny the miracles or the spirit or the changes that I´ve seen and experienced. I know He lives. He loves you and He loves me. What a blessing, de verdad.

See y´all soon...woah, que loco.

Love always and always,

Hermana Abigail Page

And everything worked out!...

Well, let me just start out by saying, I will never be an event planner, no thank you.

Colin was baptized! It was so amazing. But there was so much opposition I couldn't believe it! It came from all sides. From his family, from his friends, from the church building even. So we had heard stories about this other person who had been baptized in about a foot of water about 6 months earlier, and that was because the drain wasn't sealed properly, and we were determined that that wouldn't happen, and Colin would be baptized it a proper amount of water. So we get to the chapel at half 10 and clean, set up, and prepare everything. We had organized for someone to come and seal the pipe, and we were going to start filling up the font 3 hours early, just to make sure. Some come 4:30 the font is being filled and it is actually filling, but only with a trickle. But we just had confidence that all would go well, and it'd fill up in time. We get back to the building at half 6 and the font goes to our ankles. We first said a prayer that all would work out and then start dumping pots and pots of water into it! Then people start to show up, and the room filled up so quickly, but the font was SO empty. So Colin is just such a trooper, because while all of this is going on he's just so relaxed and isn't worried at all! While us, the Elders, and a few others kept trying to fill the font, the Bishop went and stuck a hanger in the water to get an estimated water level, and we compared it to on of the Elders, and it barely covered his nose! There was even talk of putting more people in the font so there would be more water displacement... We decided we would try to have Colin sit down and lay all the way back to be completely immersed, and he was totally game for it which is the biggest miracle of all! So we commence with everything and then it comes time for Colin to be baptized. He gets in the water, and Elder Waetchler says the prayer, and he didn't go all the way under! So we did it one more time, and the water somehow covered all of Colin. I know that there was sooo much adversity in Colin joining the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter- Day Saints, only because it is such a good thing. There will always be bad trying to stop the good, always. But good will already win, we've already won! I know that this church is guided by the Lord through a living prophet. I know that following the Saviors example is the best thing we could ever do in this life. I know that Colin has just blessed his family very much by choosing to make promises with the Lord. I say these things in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

I'm sorry this is a book, it was just so eventful!

Love you all and thank you for all of the support, I really do feel it.

Sister Miller

Monday, January 19, 2015

1 Nephi 8:10

Hey Everybody,

So this past week has been a pretty wild one! Its been a lot of change, adjusting and growing. I can't believe it's already been a week since the new transfer began, and since Elder Adams came to join me here in Cypress.
To start off let me talk a little bit about Elder Adams, He is from Australia, he has been out on his mission for 4 1/2 months, he comes from a family of his two parents and one younger brother, he is super hard working, very neat and organized, proper, he has a good sense of humor, and over all he is just a really cool lovable guy. I'm really excited to be able to serve with him and work with him here for the next 6 weeks!

This past week we've been able to do a lot of really good work! Elder Adams is already helping me learn a lot, and I'm helping him in a lot of areas as well. I know that the Lord really is over this work and each and every one of his servants because I know me and Elder Adams being with each other will be a good experience for the both of us. I have just felt really good this past week, there have been rough patches like there is everyweek, because that's when we grow, but this week has had a really pleasant feel to it! I'm ready and excited for the week to come.

So, I know that things have been kinda up and down with the investigator Mike over the past month or so, but I have to say that we have seen miracles over here, one of them being Mikes progression over this past week. So on thursday night we decided to go by Mike. We had a member (Brother Dickenson) with us, so we were really looking forward to getting in and seeing Mike. We weren't expecting to stay long, mainly just to drop off the talk "Come & See" that dad had suggested this past week, so we gave it to him. But before we could say anything else he invited us to sit down and stay for a while, right at this point I was already surprised! So we stayed and talked for a good while. We talked about the Book of Mormon and Prayer. We've talked about it before with Mike but this time around it seemed to hit him harder than normal. Having a member there testifying of its purpose, importance, and power Really was needed! We all made good comments that helped Mike see and understand a little better the divinity of the book, and the power of prayer. Before we left we invited him to pray to his Heavenly Father and ask if the things that he has learned and will read that night are true and good, and something he can really be blessed from. So he did just that. It was a short, simple prayer but the spirit was so strong! I was just praying in my heart that his prayer would be answered in the Lord's timing! We then left and said we would stop by over the next few days. Sorry this is long and very detailed, I promise its necessary. (I feel like Abby telling a story). The next day we were actually over at his neighbors house a less active family giving service and on our way back home from the service activity, Mike was outside Painting. We were so excited to see him! We started talking and he brought up the "Come & See" talk we gave him. He read it, and he said it was the best thing we've given him to read besides the Book of Mormon. He said it really opened his eyes and explained why we have been sharing with him the message of the gospel and coming by. It was so comforting and a relief to know that he liked it, and that it touched him! We felt like we should invite him to come by the church this week and we can show him around and kind of get him comfortable with it all. This is the real miracle, from before saying that he didn't want us teaching him, to now accepting the invitation to come to the church was so crazy, but I just knew that little did we know the Lord was and still is working with Mike, and because we chose not to give up, we can still help Mike come unto Christ little by little and hopefully help him see the goodness of all of what we are sharing with him! Hopefully everything goes well and his heart continues to open and soften. I'm just excited for Mike and what the Lord has prepared for him. Just please keep praying! Sorry this was So stinking Long! I hope I got my excitement and hope across, Haha. That was definately the highlight of this past week, but there are other good things happening and coming. The Savior knows us all, and knows each area of his vineyard, I know that he is watching over all of his sheep.

Keep the Faith, Remember to Smile, Pray, and Don't Stop Believing! I Love you guys so much! Have a Great week!
Love, Elder Page

P.S. I plan on calling Lisa Bell today! So hopefully we can set up a time to meet her for lunch this week! Im really excited about that

P.P.S. This week we are expecting Elder Rasband to come and speak to the mission!!!! Its gonna be awesome. I'll make sure to include some things I learned in next weeks email.

P.P.P.S. It's so sad to see the Suburban go. But that new car will be good and be a part of many more adventures and journeys. I Look forward to riding in it!

Whistle while you work..dududududududu​uu...

Aquí estoy! Working and loving it. This week was a normal week. My companion and I have made goals to be even more diligent....más diligencia que nunca! Cause we wanna have a nice big swimmin´ pool of investigadores and looots of miracles. And literally I can testify that honest diligence (even when there aren´t immediate results) leads to miracles and happiness.
I am completely happy. Full of joy in the Lord´s service, and I love it.

When I give him my all, He blesses me with His all.

I´m gonna send lots of pictures, so this´ll do for mi mensajito.

Les amo.

Love always and always,

Hermana Abigail Page

Let's throw a South African in Europe...

Hello! This week has been a wonderful spiritual blur! My new companion is Sister Hall! She is from Johannesburg South Africa. She is 19 as well, and her family are strong members of the church. I just love her! Ha ha also, it is really funny to watch her adjust to the weather, in the most kind and loving way. She has never had to wear a proper coat, and so our first day out, she just could not believe how windy, cold, and wet it was! The only thing she could relate to was the hail ha ha, but surprisingly the hail here is waaay small compared to what the have in South Africa. This is so weird, but I KNEW she would be my companion! Me and Sister Hunter once looked up the England Manchester mission on Mormon.org and Sister Hall's profile popped up. As soon as I saw her I was like yep, I'm going to train her. And then come Wednesday, they called her name, and then called mine, and now we're companions! I just know if the Lord gave me such a witness that she would be my companion, then we're meant to be together. It's so amazing how much being unified with your companion can make a difference. Everything you do and say really does hinge off of whether or not your companion are unified, because if we're unified, then we're happy, which means we'll have the spirit with us, and then everything else just goes smoothly. The best thing that I've found in helping me be unified with my companions is to pray vocally for them, every single prayer. It has helped me to remember that it isn't just me doing the work, but that it is US and that we're both in this together.

Sorry for that long tangent, I just love my companions :)

Also Colin is doing so well, I can really feel the love and prayers from everyone helping him along. Thank you VERY much. Colin will be baptized this Saturday at half seven, please keep him in your prayers :)

Another miracle was Caroline! Her friend in Utah wanted to get her a Book of Mormon, so he sent her address and phone number to the church so they could get her one, and then one day we just got her information (yes, I understand that sometimes missionary work is a little odd, but hey, whatever works?) and we called her, and she is just the most friendly person ever! She invited herself to church basically, and she loved it. She then invited us to go to her church that night, so we went! (It was a church of England church, very lovely) And you know what? It is just the best thing EVER to have mutual respect of each others beliefs. But she is genuinely searching, and it is just amazing that people literally just fall out of the wood works. Heavenly Father works in ways that I will never understand, but I am grateful that He knows all, and is over all. In (the Book of Mormon, page 17) 1 Nephi 9:6 it says "But the Lord knoweth all things from the beginning; wherefore, he prepareth a way to accomplish all his works among the children of men; for behold, he hath all power unto the fulfilling of all his works. And thus it is. Amen."
The Lord is over all, always trust Him, and pray often to Him.
Sister Miller

Well done, thou good and faithful Suburban...

The Tank!

Just before we moved from Greensboro, our home teacher and stake president, Mitch Scott, was visiting with our family. We talked about how we were sad to leave our home, having moved into that little house with 6 month old Dallin and were now leaving with all five of our children. He said something that impressed me. He said: "This home has served you well." It was first time I had ever thought about our material possessions actually serving us or even serving God's higher purposes. With the covenant of consecration we make in the temple, all of our "things" can be dedicated to furthering His work. And that starts at home. That's where the Suburban comes in.

After driving the same minivan for 10 years (and more than a few repairs), Lisa called me one day at work and said it was time. Actually she said to either get rid of the minivan or drive over her with it. (Message received loud and clear). Within a few days we had our beloved Suburban. Tory was 5,
and the very first week we had it he ran into it with his bicycle. He was fine. So was the car. In fact, this car (affectionately called "the tank") seemed invincible. It backed over smaller cars three times, and had multiple bump ups and run ins, but still not a scratch. It seemed invincible. It could probably move a mountain! Well, maybe not a mountain, but Lisa did move a small convenient store with it once. We also nailed a pylon inside a parking garage. Still no scratch - not sure about the parking deck though. Hope it's still standing.

What a workhorse it was. Countless trips to grandma's, soccer practices and games, dance practices, recitals, family vacations, youth activities, youth conferences, temple trips, service projects, scout camps, girls camps, and campouts. Once we even drove it through the woods in the rain and mud where there was no road. What a rush! And the snow? Child's play. I even recently put a refrigerator in that thing. We put our
stickers for missions and colleges and even a Mitt Romney. It was truly a part of the family. We consecrated the tank to whatever the Lord needed done, and the tank delivered valiantly.

In recent months we became concerned that maybe its time was drawing near. Things inside the car began breaking, although the engine, the heart of the tank, was still hanging in there. The fuel gauge was not always accurate and we actually ran out of gas three times (that was fun). We were happy to overlook those things in our old friend. But when the door broke and the window stopped working this winter and we had to tape it closed (literally driving around with duct tape and packing tape holding it up), we decided it might be better to invest in the next generation family car for "Grandma Lisa" rather than pay to fx it.

There are many things about the tank we'll miss. The nine seat capacity. The screwdriver that moved the seat forward. Christmas trees on top. Gameboys and I-spy
books. The way we used to strap down an actual TV in the front center section to watch VHS movies. (The TV speaker was right at Lisa's ear, but nothing that a piece of cardboard to deflect the sound couldn't fix). We even got the Xbox playing in that thing. So many memories.

When I dropped the tank off yesterday and picked up his successor, I could almost hear the tank say: "Thanks for making me part of your family". But it was I who needed to say thanks. I could hardly hold back the tears - it was a wonderful 220,000 miles together on the road of life. We'll never forget you, you good and faithful servant.

The Next Generation:

Monday, January 12, 2015

D&C 84:88...

Hello Everyone!

So this past week has been a pretty good end to the transfer. I have good news and I also have not as good news, then I have more good news.

So first, good news is that over the past two transfers I have grown a lot, and I have learned so much from Elder Thorup and have been able to learn what the Lord has had to teach me as well. We have become so close and I can honestly say I see him as a true brother. We may not look a like at all, but at heart we are united! I have love serving with him for the past three months, unfortunately though, Elder Thorup will be getting transfered on tuesday. We were both really bummed about it when we first found out, we were hopin we'd go one more together but, we are trusting that the Lord has something up his sleeve and prepared for both of us and those we'll be able to serve in the near future. He is going to Long Beach and I'll be staying here in Cypress.

My new companion though is... Australian!!!! His name is Elder Adams. I've already met him and he seems really nice and a good missionary. Regardless, I am still really nervous and everything else about being the one to take over the area and all that. I know Ive been here for a while and Ive been out for 6 months already on my mission but I still sometimes feel like I wont be able to do enough. It's a feeling a know doesn't come from the Lord because he says over and over and over again throughout the scriptures that He qualifies those that He calls. I've thought a lot about that and its helped. I do feel more confident and ready for a new chapter, but change isn't always easy. I dont think its suppose to be.

Change is us stepping out of our comfort zone, leaving a bit of the natural man or carnal behind to take a step closer to our divine potential. I'm excited for the change and most of all the growth that I will undergo over the next 6 weeks. I know the Lord will be with me every step of the way, and I know that me and Elder Adams will do good together.

In addition, I have the best family I couldve ever asked for helping me along this road too! I will always be grateful for a family that looks out for me and prays for me, so thank you guy! I love you!

Lastly, before I have to go, I do want to reveal some good things to come. Me and Elder Thorup received a referral a while back, its a part member family, the Greenes. They are younger, the wife is a member and the husband isn't but he's the nicest guy and he's really open to talking with us and meeting with us and pretty much everything in between. We had tried for a while to get in touch with them but for a while we couldn't because they were moving into a new place and work was crazy for them, but the other night, we remembered them and decided to go by again, hoping to catch them.

We were able catch them!! They invited us in, and we just talked. They have a 7 year old son turning 8 ;) Very nice kid and not shy at all. I guess to make a long story short, before we left we shared a thought with them and invited them to stake conference and without hesitating they said theyd be there. And they came!!!!!! It was awesome. And they want to start feeding us once a week, and we are thinking we can have almost a family home evening with them when we come over, slowly but surely opening up the door for Jesse (the husband)

So it was a really good way to end the transfer. Its amazing how the Lord is very mindful of all of us, and He is preparing so many people to receive Him and His servants. I'm really excited to keep working with the Greenes and to help them come closer as a family and to the Lord through the gospel. The gospel really does bless families, I know that to be true without a doubt.

I hope you guys know how much I love you and love this work. I'm glad I can come to enjoy and love it more and more everyday, as long as I'm willing to give it my all. But I hope y'all have a Great Week, and Spiritual experiences! Send those prayers please, and know that I'm praying for you too.

Until next week, Godspeed!

Love, Elder Page


In our humble way...

Today I would like to tell you guys a couple thingys that I have been learning this week.

Number 1: I have been learning a lot about the spirits of different people...like their almas...who they really are. And something that I have realized is that the eyes truly are the windows to the soul. For example, we have a few investigadores that are older and a few that are younger so it´s harder for them to communicate themselves, but when I look into their eyes...like really look into their eyes, I see their worth. I see the soul that God loves. I see their need to know of their Savior´s atonement. I see that they are trying to understand and apply what we teach them. Honestly, a sort of feeling fills my soul as I look into their eyes into the soul of them and I see them as God sees them. I love them as God loves them. I literally get filled with the desire to do whatever it takes so that they understand and accept the gift that Christ has given them. And I don´t know if that´s a missionary thing that happens to everyone or if it´s an Hermana Page thing no más...but I love it.

But it goes the same way with the hardening of a heart. As a heart hardens, I can see that the alma (in their eyes) gets more and more confused and lost and sad and frustrated. I can see their soul say "help me" but their hardened heart rejects that spirit of change.

Basically I have learned that the eyes are powerful teaching tools and understanding tools. They speak more than words and they tell the truth of the spirit of God that is inside.

When you look into someone´s soul and think, "why does God love this person", I promise you that you will be filled with a pure love of Christ, a charity towards that person that will fill ya right on up. (so proceed with caution cause it´s a tear-jerking experience!)

I have grown to love making eye contact with people and just telling them to their soul that God has provided a more excellent way...a way of hope and love and repentance. It´s the best. I love being the Lord´s representative and messenger of such hope to the searching souls here in Chile. It´s an experience that has changed me for the eternities. And I will be eternally grateful.

And Number 2: Don´t murmur. Murmuring in any form...against a comment a leader says, against a rule that someone has made, against the decision of a close person, against a cloudy day....(in any way!) is the slippery slope that Satan has put so slyly in front of our feet. Anda con cuidado, de verdad!

My goal now is to never be a murmurer...I wanna be a Nefi. "Y el Señor te favorecerá porque no has murmurado" (1 Nefi 3:6).

Always be humble and let the good times role!

Love always and always,

Hermana Abigail Page

Leaders in the mission/ at Leadership training with her new companion!

I'm in Southport again!...

I get to spend another glorious six weeks in south port, and I'll be training a new sister, I am so excited! You know in tangled when Rapunzel finally leaves the tower and she's so happy, but then it flashes to her having a little meltdown, and then she's happy again, and so on and so on? Well I feel like I keep going through that in my head, but it's just because I am so excited! I am also so sad to see Sister Cross go home, I just love her! I am grateful that the Lord had me and Sister Cross spend six whole weeks together, I really have learned how to be a happier and more caring missionary and person.

I am so excited for what is to come! I just love that I am in South Port for another 6 weeks, and also that you and the Lord trust me to train. I know that it is a big responsibility to be companions with a brand new missionary, but I am just excited to love her and help her to become a better missionary than I am.
Also, let me just rant about Colin for a minute. Goodness he is AMAZING. I seriously just want to run around because I am SO HAPPY!!!!! We have taught him everything, but I swear he is teaching me. We went through the interview with him and he just was so sure. His testimony has just grown before my eyes. It makes me want to cry because it is just so amazing to see the atonement (Christ and how he died for us) play a role in his life. It always reminds me of when I was learning about and joined the church. I have just seen it bless my life tremendously, and I am so grateful that finally someone I've shared it with feels as sure about it as I do. There is nothing better than seeing someone grow in the gospel of Jesus Christ. I honestly feel like I did nothing but just be here, but I am grateful to have been able to watch him grow. Just wow.

I am just excited for this next transfer (another 6 weeks), I have set resolutions and goals and I just know that through the atonement of Jesus Christ that I can do all things.
I can do it, but only with him.
(her new companion that she will be training)

Love you all, stay warm!
Sister Miller

Monday, January 5, 2015

Alma 32:41

Hey You Guys!

So the past week has be full of Ups and Downs. I was in sick for two days, I guess with just a cold or fever or maybe both. I'm doing pretty good now, I'm on the incline at this point just a stuffy head. But I was feeling pretty sickly for a couple of days. I was well taken care of by my companion and other missionaries. Its pretty funny actually, a few members got word that I was kinda sick and I was bombarded with medicine, vitamins, and all sorts of unheard of home remedies. I love the members of this ward. We're pretty well taken care of. Luckily though I was feeling well enough to go out Friday night for Mikes lesson. We got there and he was doing good. We talked a lot about the Book of Mormon this time and we covered in good depth the story of Joseph Smith and the events that occurred there. He is Loving the Book of Mormon, he had already read all of 1st Nephi since the last visit. And as we talked and recovered old points of doctrine as well as new, he just absorbed Everything. Mike is a sponge! And even crazier than that, towards the end of the lesson I asked him what it would mean to him if all of this was true. We waited for a response, and he just said "I don't understand", so thinking quick I tried to re-phrase what I said, and before I could say anything he said, "I already know its true". Me and Elder Thorup were just kinda taken back, but really happy and excited! He said he knows the Book of Mormon is true and that like the bible its an ancient record. We were then kinda bringing the lesson to a close again summing everything up and checking for Mikes understanding, and Very Very unexpectedly when Elder Thorup asked if there could be a time we could come back, Mike just paused and simply said, "I don't think so". He then went on to explain that his mother had I guess found out that he was talking to us and she didn't like that at all, so she asked mike to stop it. And out of respect for his mom, mike said he appreciated everything we had done and that he wants to keep reading the Book of Mormon, but that we should come back and teach him anymore. We were so shocked, we didn't really know what to say at first because it was the exact opposite of what we thought would come out of his mouth. So we politely and calmly agreed but bore our testimonies one last time and said that if he wants to continue to feel the spirit and gods love for him that he should keep reading the Book of Mormon and pray to gain assurance and peace. We were both really discouraged and just surprised when we left,

BUT before this gets too sad, let me go on to reveal my thoughts and impressions and the bright side to all of this. Although we wont be officially teaching Mike, he said we could come by every once and a while and drop off things for him to read and study, in addition to his continual reading of the Book of Mormon. So we plan on going by once a week from now on and giving him more of the lesson pamphlets, conference talks, and Mormon messages to watch. Before we left the lesson on Friday I asked if he would watch the new one "refiners fire" so he said he'd do that. He really likes the videos the church puts out.

Also, that night as we were walking home, we were both kinda quiet and all at once I got one impression after another. I first heard the words of President Hinkley saying, "You never know how much good you do." Then I Heard the words of Joseph smith, "You know no more concerning the destiny of this church and kingdom than a babe upon its mothers lap." And finally, I felt the comfort of the savior. We both did. We just felt at peace about it all. We both had the impression that, Everything Would Work Out. So What I got from all these feelings was first that I hadn't realized the good that came from us meeting mike and teaching him the gospel and helping him discover the Book of Mormon in the first place. Although Mike isn't getting baptized next week or maybe even a year down the road, I felt that we did what we could and that we had planted a seed in Mikes heart that Will inevitably grow overtime until one day he will be ready to fully except the gospel. As for the J.S. quote, I realized even more from that I don't know the destiny of Mike, I don't know when he'll be baptized or how, I don't think even today with how far the church has come and the gospel has spread we comprehend how much the lord still has to do. He will continue to work miracles and prepare people to receive him. And Mike is part of that. He has already taken the first steps to one day excepting the gospel. And the last feeling I had, was that everything will be okay, and in a nice way the lord was telling us that basically, "He's Got this". Its okay, everything will work out in the end.

Sorry this has been a really long email, I just wanted to make sure y'all understand that everything is alright, and that although things didn't turn out ideal with mike, I still feel proud and we still love mike and so does the lord and I know that he is being looked out for, and further prepared for the next missionaries or members that will reach out to him. I'll go ahead and finish up cause my fingers are getting tired, But I do love all of y'all so much. I really hope that y'all are doing well and staying safe. Keep doing the good and being the examples you are to me. I'm thankful for examples like the ones I have. I look forward to emailing next week!

But until then, don't forget to pray!

Love, Elder Page

Since you came along...

I seriously believe en miracles.
This week (for basically the first time in all the time I have in Placilla) investigadores went to church on Sunday! Two of them! In the same week!

One is named Vaitea, and she is from the Easter Island..and the Island of Robinson Crusoe...ya, she´s pretty cool and islandy. We are teaching her and her grandparents. So we´ll see how she keeps progressing towards a baptism!

The second guy that went is named Mesach. On Saturday, we were knocking doors in the ghetto and Mesach (a little old guy with a cane) yelled from the other end of the street "NO HAY NADIE". But everyone always tells us that so that we will stop knocking their neighbor´s houses so I didn´t really listen to him and I told him thank you no más. But then I thought "why not talk to him?". so we went and talked to him, and we walked him to his house (cause he walks slow and with a limp), we gave him a LdM and invited him to church. And then, in the morning when we went to look for him, he was already waiting outside in a suit with his little cane and his Libro de Mormon. He is so awesome! He doesn´t have teeth so understanding him when he talks is puro don de lenguas! Haha but I already love him so much.

And also the last Sunday miracle...Yesterday when we got to church, I was sitting talking to Mesach when suddenly a women came up to me and asked me "Do you remember me?!" and I was like "....uhhhh no". And she said "I´m Jennifer, from Limache!" and right then, I suddenly remembered who she was. She was an investigador that I found in Limache when I was new that was super awesome, but suddenly, she had moved or something cause we nevre found her again. And then yesterday she told me that about 6 months ago, in a different stake and ward, she had gotten baptized!!! And that she had been asked the all the missionaries if they knew who I was and where I was cause she remembered me and wanted to thank me for finding her and for planting the seed that changed her life. She just so happened to by in Placilla yesterday and she wanted to go to church (cause she´s never missed a Sunday!) and she recognized my voice whenI was talking to Mesach and she came to talk to me. She is crying as she thanked me and said that she will never forget me and will eternally be grateful! I´ve always heard stories of "planting seeds and someone else will harvest", but yesterday was a true miracle cause I was able to see the fruit of my seed :) Ya never know what´ll happen, huh?

Honestly, all I have to say is that the church is true and miracles existen.

By the way, my new companion´s name is Hermana Watt. She´s from St. George, Utah. She´s really nice and a lot of fun, so we are gonna have a great cambio together!

Love always and always,

Hermana Abigail Page

2015 is my favorite...

Let me just start off by saying that I am so privileged to have this next year to serve the Lord with all of my heart, might, mind, and strength!

This past week has been amazing. Remember Colin? We saw him on Monday and he had actually wrote me and Sister Cross a letter (because he has a hard time expressing what he's feeling vocally) but basically the letter talked about how he was terrified to come to church because he used to see churches as a cult with a really big following, so that's why he didn't come last Sunday. We then got a phone call from him on Tuesday, and let me just say that Heavenly Father truly is aware of all of us, and cares about us all; because Colin said that night that he realized how much Jesus loves the world. He said he didn't know where it came from ( but we do ;) ) and then we helped him to understand that because Christ loves us so much, and that he even loves Colin. This really touched Colin, and he then said that he felt comfortable in church. WHAT? 24 hours ago he wasn't comfortable period, and now he is ready? I was in awe. The Lord works wonders. And then came Sunday morning and he still wasn't there, so we went in at 10 and sat reaaaallly close to the doors, and then right in the middle of the opening hymn, he popped his head in the front door and started to turn around! We jumped out of our seats so fast! Haha and we were able to help him relax and come into the meeting room. He looked so uncomfortable! But I knew that all I could do was pray, so that's what I did. I just pleaded with all of my heart for him to feel comfortable. He didn't think that he'd stay for the whole 3 hours, but he did!!! And by the end of it he was telling our bishop that he'd see him again next Sunday. There was also a missionary fireside (like a little meeting) Sunday night in Manchester and Colin said he would love to go. Me and sister cross were calling around like nobodies business and NO one was able to give us a lift. We just felt so downtrodden and discouraged, because person after person said no. We then finally realized that is wasn't the Lord who didn't want us to go, but the adversary. After a long bout of prayer and searching we got a lift, and Colin LOVED it. He was so touched and humbled. And by the car ride home he was saying things like "so our church" and "what do we think of this?" I just want to run and shout I'm so happy!!! I've just realized this week that you know what? All we have to do is be willing and ready to be the Lords hands, and He will use us. I feel so humbled every single day when I realize what a responsibility this is. I'm sorry this email is a book, but I just LOVE this work!
love Sister Miller

A day trip to Greensboro...

We decided to spend the day in Greensboro and head to one of the boys most favorite places to go as a child, the Greensboro Historical Museum.

You CAN NOT make a trip to Greensboro and not go to YUM YUM!!!!!!

We made it a family gathering!

I love any excuse to gather my family. We don't get together enough so it was a treat to have so many able to join us on a Friday night. It always makes me smile to see how happy it makes Dad to see us all together. Aunt Betty joined us also, it felt a little like having mom with us :) I think she enjoyed being with us as well! There is not much better than family.

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