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Monday, September 1, 2014

Scarlett's blessing day..

Yesterday Dallin blessed his first child and our first Grandchild. They decided to do it at home. So we planned to do it here at the house and have a lunch together. I must say it was one of the most spiritual moments of memory. WHY have we not always done that at home before. What a powerful thing it is to have worthy priesthood men gather in a circle and place their hands on a little child. The minute they did that our home was filled with the spirit and the feeling of angels present. Scarlett had brought us all together, our love for her, the priesthood and family.

I also loved having family and friends gather in our home, visiting and eating delicious food. I sure missed the rest of the family as they are all on missions or live too far away. Someday I hope we will all live a little closer.
Thanks so much to all who could make it. It was a beautiful day.

Dallin & Jaclyn and their beautiful little family

Our lovely friends Jon & Sharmyn. Scarlett definitely won over their hearts.

Pictures with Jaclyn's family and our family. It was so strange to not have anyone but us in the picture.

Friends and Cousins came...The Bairds and Amber & Ashley and their beautiful girls Claire & Violet

And Uncle Scott, so glad that he was with us.

Scarlett's little cousins and friends. Aren't they all just beautiful! I hate that I took this after Sydney had already left.

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