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Monday, November 25, 2013

Every member a missionary...

I HATE PULGAS. Oh wait, y´all don´t know what pulgas are...pulgas are fleas. And I swoney they are minions of Satan that LOVE to eat missionries in Chile alive in the dead of night. It´s terrible cause when we go to bed, we are so ready and excited to sleep, but then we don´t want to sleep at the same time cause we know that we are going to wake up with new pulga bites... Eh.

But on a more happy note, Saturday was the baptism of SUPER SERGIOOOO. Well his name is actually just Sergio, but we always call him "Super Sergio" because he was probably the easiest, most golden investigator in the history of the world. He actually was the first person I taught a lesson to here in Limache on my first real day...and now he is a member! Crazy, huh? My first contact-to-baptism experience.
Funny story about his baptism real quick: Gustavo (the baptizer) didn´t explain the whole process of the actual baptism by immersion. So Sergio only has his nose hand in the palm of Gustavo, the other is hangin by his side, and the arm of Gustavo that´s supposed to support Sergio´s back has recently had surgery so it doesn´t have any strength. So after the whole "having the authority...lalala", at the dunkaroo part, Sergio starts leaning forward to go heads first, Gustavo tries to stop him, Sergio then doesn´t know whats going on so he grabs the side of the font for dear life as he is trying to squat in the water to go under, Gustavo´s trying to push him down in the water backwards, finally Sergio lets go and goes down in the water but them Gustavo´s lame arm cant lift him up.....hahaha. It was quite the process...but it counted! And that´s all that matters right? In a few years from now everybody will laugh about it. But Sergio is still super and the most adorable slightly oldish guy every so it all turned out well :)
Other than the fact that he was so prepared by the Lord beforehand, another thing that really helped with Sergio was the fact that for almost every single lesson, we had members present.
Honestly, with how perfect everything was with the coversion of Sergio, I now have such a testimony of the role of members in the conversions of investigators. Without the members working with us missionaries in every phase of the work, we aren´t going to have much lasting success. EVERY MEMBER A MISSIONARY. I know we get tried of getting the "missionary work" speech..trust me, I know. I´ve been on the other side. But now I´m on the other other side. And I can see that missionaries need members, and members need missionaries. One without the other doesn´t make much sense.
So this is my invitation to you all este semana. Work with the missionaries. Be a missionary without the tag. When the missionaries call needing your help, drop what you´re doing and answer. When they ask you to fellowship an investigator, do it. When you see an opportunity to open your month and talk about the gospel with friends, be bold and trust in the Lord. Make sacrafices so the work can progress! I wish I would have done that before my mission with the missionaries.
I know that if we all labor a little harder in the Lord´s vineyard, we will see miracles. Cause I know with all my heart that miracles exsist. We just gotta trust in the Lord and put our best foot forward in faith.
That´s all folks. Not too too much this week that I have time to share... Time? What is time? They don´t have that here... Mom, maybe you could ship me some, cause I miss that stuff..
Be good this week. Remember who you are and what you stand for. Have the day you have!
Chau chau mis amigos!
Love always and always,
Hermana Abigail Page

Monday, November 18, 2013

Elves with Attitude...

She thinks its Thanksgiving week here for some reason, she is off a week! But she sounds so happy...

Happy Thanksgiving this week!! Wow, I´m gonna miss Thanksgiving and good ´ole American eats this Thursday. It´s so strange to me that´s Thanksgiving time cause here it´s all opposite-like (and cause they don´t have cool stories of Indians eatin´ once with gringos here), and also it´s so strange that I´m gonna be sweating at Christmas..Summertime Christmas...Qué en el mundo?? My mind and body is just confused all around with this opposite hemisphere nonsense.. But I had hot chocolate (with marshmallows!) the other day, and I felt like it was Christmas at home :)

There´s the news you´ve all been waiting for... I GOT MAIL!!! WOOOOoooOOHHhhoOOOoOOooooOooo! And lots of it. In fact, I kind of got my whole zone mad/jealous with all the mail...hehe. 16 letters! Talk about it´s beginning to look a lot like Christmas! Half from Mom and Dad, and then letters from Sis. Gardiner/Ben and Lucy, Sis. Mitchell, Leslie, Rachel Schmitt, Stephanie Nanto, and Bro. Hamby! THANK YOU GUYS SO MUCH!!! Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank y´all sooo much! I stayed up late that night and read them all cause I couldn´t sleep knowing I had them haha.

This week I wanna tell y´all about someone in our ward named Marcel.
Some background: Marcel has only been a member of the church for about 6 months. He goes to every activity (clase ingles, baptisms, noche de capilla...you name it, and he is there), and he knows every person. A few years back, he was jumped by some friends of his ex-wife, so now Marcel has a lot of health problems...like he is on the verge of mentally and physically handicapped in lots of ways. But to be honest, I don´t think that I have met a sweeter soul in my life.
He collects boxes (and the such) and gives them to the recycle people for income, so obviously he doesn´t have a lot to go around. But always Marcel is the first to buy you a "regalito" (gift). For example, he bought us sodas at the tienda the other day because it was super hot; he bought Hermana Barros a Disney English/Spanish activity book to help her learn english; he bought a boy a new white shirt and tie for his mission; and when I was sick a while back it brought me cough drops and soda.
I don´t know how to tell you guys just how sweet he is, but I can assure y´all that I know for a fact of is one of the most choice spirits our heavenly father has. He makes my day when we see him, and he is such an example to me of selfless service and charity and kindness. And I honestly want to be more like him in a lot of ways.
So this is my invitation this week to you guys: (I know you don´t know Marcel, but I´m sure you guys know someone in your lives who is just like him...someone who has nothing and gives everything..) This week, serve some. Love someone. Help someone who maybe never asks for it. I know that if we all do this this week and every week after for that matter.. we are going to begin to feel the purest form of love. We are going to start to feel Christ´s love. And then we will begin to take steps to be more like Christ.
..Besides, it´s Thanksgiving and Christmas time. what better time to serve people??

That´s all I´ve got for this week though. I love you all, and I hope with all my guts (ew, graphic) that you guys have a great week!

Love always and always,
Hermana Abigail Page

Thursday, November 14, 2013

At Day at Biltmore

Finally we got a day to get away with just Tory. We have been looking forward to this for a while now. After last fall, Tory decided he wanted to go away with just us again (that was comforting) The weekends seems to always be full with something else and the first chance we got we headed to the mountains, actually Asheville, to the Biltmore. What a beautiful place. We enjoyed the outside as much as we did the inside, maybe even more. What a view this place has. Could you imagine waking up to that every morning.
It could not have been a more beautiful day.

Monday, November 11, 2013

Noche de Hogar

First off, Hermana Barros and I are together in Limache for another transfer... whoop WHOOP!
Second off, this email isn´t going to be too long because this p-day has been crazy, so lo siento ahora por eso.
But I want to share a quick experience that I had this week:
This week we had a Noche de Hogar (Family home evening) with our recent convert Carla, her family, our other recent convert Jaime and his girlyfriend, and also with lots of other families in our ward. To be honest it was kinda a gathering of almost all my favorite people in Limache. Hermana Barros and I were teaching a lesson about the tatics of Satan, honesty, and fortifying ourselves. At one point, everyone was going around sharing experiences and their testimonies, all squished together like a big ole family in the little living room, and I was sitting there soaking it all in.. listening and feeling and enjoying. And then BOOM, the spirit hit me like a ton of bricks. It was one of those moments when the stars align and everything seems clear, ya know? Anywho, in my head this was kinda sorta what went down: "Wow, the spirit is so strong right now. It´s so weird that I don´t even know hardly anything (the spanish) that´s going on but I can feel of the truth and spirit and the love in this room. Wow, the Church is soo true. I feel so much love for these people right now. I literally feel like a family. These people ARE my family here. Wow, I love the people of Chile and I love the people I´m serving and I love my companion and my mission so much. WOAH, lots of love and the spirit.....don´t cry, don´t cry......"
Before the mission, Dad told me "love the people and love your companion, and you will have found your pearl of great price".
Well, sitting in that living room on Friday night, I think I found my pearl of great price :)

Sorry it´s short but that´s all for this week!
Thank you so much for all of your support, and emails, and prayers, and everything else you all do in my behalf!! It literally makes my week when I get to enjoy it all. I love you all like no other, and I pray for you guys all the time. I hope all is well, and you guys are finding blessings and miracles every day. I know miracles exist, and I know my Savior lives.
CTR cada día my peeps.
Love always and always,
Hermana Abigail Page

Our Halloween

Tory was with friends this year so we dressed up to hand out candy, was a steady flow of trick or treaters there for a while, but not too many over all. We got our regular knock on the door at 10:00 and our light was already out! The come every year...don't think they understand the lights out rule no more candy :0
We watched The Curse of Frankenstein for our scary movie. Hope everyone got lots of candy!

Monday, November 4, 2013

"Hola Satanas! Tenemos un mensaje sobre Jesucristo.."

(not a recent picture, I just had to post her pretty face :)

Happy belated Halloween!
People here "try" to celebrate Halloween, but it´s too American for some people, so it´s just an awkward holiday down here to tell ya the truth.. Some people get REALLY into it, and others think you are a devil worshipper if you even think about muttering "dulce or truco (trick or treat)". So yep. As a missionary it´s even more awkward cause you´re like "Hola little boy dressed up as Satan, tenemos un mensaje sobre Jesucristo para usted" ...or "Hola little children, come get dulce and salvación" OR "(eellllllllllooooo knock-knock equivalent) Hola como esta? Somos misio- Uh, no we aren´t here for candy--uhh-awkward. Podemos compartir-- ehh--no quiere? Okay nevermind. Tenga un bien noche." All around it´s just a lose-lose situacion. But I realize one thing...being a missionary is just glorified trick-or-treating in a way...but backwards. We go door to door offering "candy" to people.....yep, that´s pretty much it in a nut shell.

When I went on exchanges this week, my feet and legs got attacked by fleas (pulgas) in the other area. My feet liked like a red shrek or somethin...muy feo. The next day I felt like I was walking on fire. Not fun, incase you were wondering. But after some magic cream-gel-stuff from my sweet compañera, all is well that ends well, and my feet are back to their normal color and size..WOOO.

Miracle for the week: my very first day as a missionary in Limache, we contacted and did a quick first lesson with a man named Sergio (my first nuevo). We didn´t think much of it cause in the next weeks you couldn´t find him again.....(time passed until yesterday) POOF. He has a baptism date...and I INVITED him to be baptized! :D Long story short, Sergio is in his 50´s, loves to ride his bike, is kinda quieter, but literally the sweetest little guy there is! He kinda reminds me of Dad now that I think about it!! Woah... anywho, once we found Sergio again about two weeks ago he has been golden! Seriously! Sergio has come to church both the past Sundays and reads and chose his own baptismal date and loves the "paz interior" of the gospel and he loves to listen and learn lots and he is a straight up G to be frank. I just think it´s really cool cause he is my first "contact to baptism" ya know?

Anywho, that´s about it for this week. Wednesday is transfers, but I think I´m safe cause I´m mid-training, so that´s good. I´ve been here a whole transfer??? So weird... Seriously time is so weird. Days are long, weeks blur together so quickly, and then after a blink of an eye a whole transfer is over!
I´m learning to enjoy every moment good, bad, early, hot, cold.....TODO!
I am so grateful to be a missionary. I am starting to see what people were saying when they say it´s the hardest two years/year and a half but also the best. That´s my new goal...to make this without a doubt the best year and a half of my life. Wish me luck!

Hasta próximo lunes, I LOVE YOU GUYS..more than words or thoughts or emails can describe. Be good while I´m gone.

Love always and always,
Hermana Page

**For Christmas (or any other time if I´m too late por Navidad): I want an etsy bracelet like Jaclyn´s that says "Have no fear"....it´s my favorite line from my pat. blessing and it helps me a lot in my mission. Ya know, casual and comfy like I like it...something I can wear ´erday.

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