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Thursday, September 11, 2014

The Temple is amazing...

I am so sorry my email skills are so bad. I'll learn, but I loved hearing from you both! I miss you two so much. P day goes so quickly. I have written about 7 letters, so maybe I'm doing good. Meg emailed me and told me that the ride home was nice! Thank you so much for driving, and doing that for my mom.
I miss just being able to go to AC Moore :)
It smells a little funny in England, like cow pastures, ha, ha. Oh well it is definitely cold!

The temple is amazing. They have places for people who travel from Ireland to stay and do temple work for like a whole week. How sweet is that! Athe MYC has a total of 89 missionaries. It's tiny but I love it! It's hard but uplifting and wonderful all at the same time. I'm learning so much and coming closer to a god everyday. I'm grateful for my purpose ( by the way Bishop, you are totally inspired because it's helped me to know better how to do His work). I do miss the devotional a that we had and thank you for answering all my questions. It's so funny because now I'm really learning to be the person answering questions! I love being a missionary :)

Please remember that our purpose is to bring others unto Christ, thank you both for fulfilling your callings so perfectly. I love you both and I'll pray for s'mores some more! :)
- Sister Miller-
P.S thank you for helping me with family history work, I've already done so much!

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