13 PaGeS LoNg

WhErE tHe PaGeS oF tHiS bOoK nEvEr EnD

Thursday, October 25, 2012

51 DaYs!

Elder Ward in Ogden

I am not sure why I have not done this prior to today, but the thought just accured to me to post some news about Elder Ward. He is doing great and to say that he is loving his mission would be an understatement. This past week he had a baptism with one of the families he loves so much (funny how when you serve people, you grow to love them :) Anyway here are just a few incerts from some of his emails in the last couple of weeks. I will try to do better at keeping everyone up to date on how hes is doing. We love you Elder Ward! I thought talking about gaining weight would be a good way to start off this week's email. Every night for the past week we have had 2 Mexican dinners. Now, Mexican dinners are A LOT of food, seriously. You can't tell them no and you have to clean your plate and pray that they don't put any more food one. In the past week, I think we all gained around 5 pounds. Elder Plowman and Bozarth and I are already talking about coming back up to Ogden in 2 years (if I am in UT for law school) and visiting the Rubios and just having a good time with them. We all love that family so much. This is probably my favorite family that I have taught while one my mission. The first photo was from when they got married in their home on Saturday night and then the next is from when they got baptized 24 hours later, on Sunday. After my mission, I really hope to come back and visit them some more. I will definitely keep visiting this family while I am still in this area. So, the big news! This past weekend, we had 2 weddings with families that we have been visiting, helping, and teaching over the past month. The both also got baptized this past weekend as well. I am going to send more emails with photos...I have a lot to send this week. It was so great just to see these 2 families being so happy and doing things that they knew were the right things to do. The Pena family got married Saturday at 11 and then baptized right after at 12:30. They then had a reception afterwards, so we went to that for a while- Mexican parties are the best! Then at 5 o'clock that same day, the Rubio family got married. They were so excited to do it too. That night, we we were talking about their baptism (which was on Sunday at 6 pm) and their oldest son, who was never interested before, told us that he wanted to be baptized with his family. It was crazy! One of the rules is that they have to hear all the "discussions" from the missionaries before they are able to be baptized, so we just taught them all in that Saturday night! We also had to get some special permission for him to do it so quick and make the decision that quick, but it was better that he could do it with his family not feel excluded since he had a sincere desire to do it.

Monday, October 22, 2012

The Beautiful Colors of Fall

Fall, my favorite season of the year. It is sooo full of color, and I love the chill in the air that just erges you to put on a comfy sweater. There are festivals, and pumkin hunts and the pickings of hard fresh apples. Family reunions and homecomings, football games and soccer. I love how the colors burst with change as they prepare to go to sleep for winter. Daisy and I went for a stroll around outside and found the most beautiful of colors, reds, oranges, yellows, and purples all perfectly back dropped by a Carolina blue sky, and freshly cut green grass. How grateful I am for this carefully designed world that we live in. I believe each flower, tree and animal were made by a loving and very creative Heavenly Father, who loves us so much. I hope we take the time to admire His creations, and let them inspire us to be more. games

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Guess who is getting married....

ZacHaRy & MaRisSa! CoNgrAtuLaTioNs YoU TwO! We are happy to be adding to our family again! These two we made for each other :) Life can be hard but when you have your best friend with you, it sure makes it so much better! Love each hard and NEVER ease up! Love you Both!

A Visit with Mom & Dad

Yesterday I had a little visit with Mom & Dad. It was nice to be able to spend the whole day visiting and caring for mom, as she is not doing too well. I had to meet Dallin at Yum Yum, our regular meeting place to exchange our cars, so we had Brandon walk over and meet us. He looked so grown up...a college student! Debbie brought her little Claire Bear also. She is adorable, such a little joy. I look forward to getting up there to see them again next week. Wish we could ALL get together every week!

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Can't wait for DECEMBER!

I have so enjoyed this fall weather we have been having. I love being able to put on a sweater, boots and a hat to keep the slight chill off. I wish it would stay fall for a very long time, but I am sure, like it does every year, the cold sets in early to make an early winter. But this year I am so anxious for December! It will be the first time that we will have all been together in almost 5 years! It is going to be one fantastically long group hug! But for now I am enjoying the colors changing, the cool walks outside, and watching soccer games in the cool evenings. And the fall decorations are just an added bonus...so fun!

How are the Pages?

Well you get to see more of Tory, of coarse, because he is still at home. We love having him all to ourselves, and he is doing pretty well getting use to having us to himself :) He is very busy with the homework load of a Junior in High School, and soccer, he is trying to be more social, but trying to be social on other peoples schedule is tough. Dallin & Jaclyn are the sweetest couple. It is wonderful seeing you children in love and happy. Those two bring us so much joy. Dallin will graduate next Decemember if all goes well, and will be appyling to PT schools this summer. Jaclyn is the best nurse ever and is very good at her job (all of them) meaning she is very well rounded in her Pediatric Office that she works at, being a nurse and in the office. Matthew, Zachary and Abigail at BYU, are busy being students, boyfriends, friends, roommates, cafeteria ladies (but a very pretty one) at the MTC, and teachers in their calling at church. I had to steal these pictures from roommates or friends...they are not very good at posting. I miss them terribly, but are so happy with the wonderful people and young adults they are becoming.

General Conference Weekend

This was the most refreshing weekend in weeks, that's because it was conference weekend and I got to do a very small act of service for someone I love.(The yummy coconut birthday cake at the bottom) The talks were soooo good! I can't wait to read them over and over in the Ensign next month. If you are interested in listening to them go to www.lds.org It is worth the time to be enlightend, up lifted and to feel the spirit. It was, as always fun having Dallin and Jaclyn home for the weekend. The run to 5 Guys is a little smaller than normal with just 3 of the Page Boys going before Priesthood session, but I know that Steve was so glad to have Dallin & Tory with him. We missed being with the rest of our kids, but it was wonderful to know that they were doing the same thing, watching Conference and being spiritually fed! I love this Gospel!
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Old Friends to Steve & new friends to me

A few weeks ago, Steve approached me about inviting some of his work associates(he really calls them friends)over for dessert. I had no problem at all, infact was glad to finally be meeting all of these people that he always spoke so fondly of. So last weekend we had them over along with their spouses and adorable children. I was a little nervous not knowing any of them personally, but I was quickly put at ease when Kim, his secretary walked through the door. And then when Stephanie, Annie and Vishal all arrived with their children, my heart melted. Got to say I love kids, they make a party. I had put together their own dessert table, and had lots of craft activities to keep their little minds and hands busy. They seemed to love it! Yeah!!! It was a hit! I hope they all had a memorable night. I so enjoyed meeting everyone, and I was so glad to have a face to go with the names that Steve always spoke of. We look forward to doing it again.

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