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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Miracles do happen

Well late yesterday we finally heard from Dallin, yeah!!!He is doing wonderfully well. He apologized for not writting last week, but he said they were very busy and ran out of time on their P-day. He really does apreciate all of the letters from everyone. We forgive him. He shared with us a story of one of the people they are teaching. I'll try to shorten it. They are now teaching a single mom and her 16 year old daugther. How they met was nothing short of a miracle. This mom has been going through some very difficult things in her life. She had decided that she would do whatever she had to do to change her life for her and her daughter. Let's go back alittle to the night they met. Elder Page and E;der Song were off to teach another family. They had been teaching them for a while now...Upon arriving to their home, they found that they were not at home. Which was unusual, they had always been home in the past for their appointments ofr had called them if they needed to cancel. They called their cell phone and received no answer and waited and waited for about 30 min. and decided to leave them a note that they had stopped by. They left there home alittle frustrated that their evening had not turned out as planned. They decided that they would go up to a store called Ralph's and make contacts there. Only after about 15 min they saw a woman leaving the store practically running to here car and Elder SOng called out to her, "hello how are you?" she kept going, at this point we would normally just say have a good day and move on, but ELder Song called out to her again, "Hello, how are you", she turned around with a funny look on her face, they introduced themselves as missionaries for the church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day-saints. After we said this she almost fell over. She told us of her difficulties and that she did not think it was a coincident that we met. "Honestly I never even shopped at this store." She asked if we could come and see her the next day. We have taught her twice now and she is praying daily and she can already see a hugh difference in her life. So the moral to this story is that God's hand is in this work and that is because it is His work. Dallin said that he is very glad that he was able to learn very early in his mission to never be discouraged or frustrated when everything doesn't work out as planned. If we have faith that God is truly at the head of this work then we can and will see miracles.

Monday, April 14, 2008


Elder Dallin Page
California Anaheim Mission
2500 N Bristol St.
Santa Ana CA 92706
(this is the mission home)

You can email hima @ dspage@myldsmail.net

Placentia, CA/first companion Elder Song

Hey family,

I just wrote a really long email and then somehow I lost it so this one is going to be
alot shorter, sorry. I will just give you the basics...

My companion is Elder Song. He is from korea and he has been out for almost 1 year. He is
a great trainer and I am learning alot. I am in the Placentia area and we cover two wards
(P1 and P3). In this area there are very few hispanics so we don't have the chance to
speak much spanish although sometimes we run into some while tracting but it is very
rare. As for the work, it is very tough here. We only have one investigator right now and
he is not really progressing. He is from the Phillipines and he a little bit slow b/c of
some medications he is taking. Anyways, I am not sure how much longer we will be working
with him but that is pretty much it for now. We are mainly working with some of the
less-active members in the ward. We are working hard but this is just a tough area I
think. In the past 5 months that Elder Song has been here he has only had about 4
investigators and not one ever came to church. We are trying to tract for atleast 2 hrs a
day but it isn't really the most effective way to find people. We really just need the
help of the members. That is why I think that it is so awesome that you all are helping
the missionaries in your area. I really can understand just how important the work you
are doing is in missionary work. Well, we have some other errands to run today so I will
talk to you next week. I love you all. Keep up the good work!


Elder Page

p.s. Mail all my mail to the mission office and i guess they will just make sure that I
get it.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Elder Page is in CA

We spoke with Dallin yesterday. He is doing great. He is so nervous about the language, but we assured him that it would come along quickly. Elder Ofa's family gave them a send off at the airport. There were 10 elders and sisters heading to Anaheim, that's a large group. We assume he got there alright, and that he is with his new companion. Can't wait to hear all about things there in CA.

Monday, April 7, 2008

Wow what a great conference

General conference was so great. It was pretty cool that only Abby and I were home on Saturday night this year. All of the boys were at the priesthood session with their Dad. Tory said he really did enjoy it. He felt like they were speaking just to him. I heard alot of wonderful and funny stories about that session. I look forward to reading it in the Ensign. I feel renewed and ready to take on the world again. Abby and I did enjoy the YW conference last weekend (Matt watched it with us) It's nice to have a special night just for us. We spent another P-day with the missionaries today. We love having them in our home. We know the Lord will look after our missionaries and bless them with families that will love and take good care of then while they are away from us. I can't wait to talk to Dallin on Wednesday!!! Hope everyone is well and happy.

Last MTC Email

Dear Family,

Well, I don't know really what to say right now about how I am feeling. Of course I am
really excited to finally get to go out to CA and put all this knowledge I've learned to
good use but to be completely honest I am pretty nervous also. It is kind of scary to
think that in less than 2 days I will be teaching people who I have never met before in a
language that I have only been speaking (or should I say "trying to speak") for
2 months. It is definitely humbling for me to think about. But all I can do is just try
my best, keep studying hard, and pray for help as I go about the Lord's work. I'm sure
everything will work out alright. Although I would be expecting some sort of rediculous
spanish slip-up story within the next few weeks.

Well, what about General Conference?! It was pretty amazing wasn't it. I'm kind of
disappointed that I am not going to be able to read it's highlights in Dad's GC book.
Some of my favorites were definetly Elder Holland who once again layed down the law and
gave a great talk about the latter-day revelation and scripture. And I also really
enjoyed listening to President Monson speak. The spirit bore witness to me on a number of
occasions that he is truly a prophet of God leading Christ's church here on earth in
these last days. I just feel sorry for all the women who weren't at the priesthood
session to see him tell one of the greatest stories ever told over the pulpet. A the
climax of the story when he paused and then wiggled his ears I laughed so hard. Pres.
Monson's great since of humor was shown once more in his closing remarks at the end of
the last session as he was talking about his beloved wife and the fact that 1/2 of their
household appliances are off limits to him. Bottom line...He is simply an amazing man who
I was proud to honorably sustain as the prophet, seer, and revelator of our church.

Thank you also for the phone card and for Elder Ofa's CD's. Jaclyn sent him some CDs too
so he ended up with about 8-9 CDs. So thanks so much for that. He appreciated them alot.

I have one random question...can you figure out how much money I have on my debit card
and let me know on DearElder tomorrow. I haven't used it too much but I was just
wondering. Thanks. Oh, and if you want, feel free to fill me in on the UNC basketball
situation. :)

Tell Elder Gillette congrats on his promotion to AP--he will do a great job.

All for now.


Elder Page

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