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Tuesday, March 29, 2016

He is Risen...


So This past week went by really fast. We were very busy and so I'm gonna try and do my best to recount all of the good things that happened. The weeks really are starting to feel like days.

I also really tired right now from sports with the Zone. I'm not all here mentally, but I pray that the spirit will guide my fingers as I type the words that come to my mind. Earlier this week we experience quite the miracle, there's this part member family that I personally have been trying to get a hold of for the past 8 months but in all my efforts have never caught them at home. But a missionary that I guess had taught them and met with them a while back had called the bishop of the ward and asked how they were doing. So we were of course asked to stop by, I of course thought theres now way in heck we are gonna get em this time, but we went by anyway, and for the first time since I've been in this area, they were Home!!!And they immediately invited us in. Tiffany, the wife is the member and super friendly and her husband is one of the nicest guys Ive ever met as well and they have two cute little girls ages 2 and 4. we sat down and talked for a bit and just got to know each other. We then showed them the Easter video and the loved it. Now Tiffany is pretty less active, but it was awesome to have her bear her testimony of the gospel after watching the video and to hear her say all of the things she wants to start doing as a family, that they aren't currently doing like reading scriptures, and praying nightly, and coming to church. We weren't too pushy but we did want to leave a chapter from the book of Mormon for them to read as a family, so we opened up the book and the first chapter revealed was Alma 32, so we figured, hey this is a great chapter, and right as we were saying Alma 32 she just freaked out because that was the exact page she had opened up to. So we kind of laughed about it saying that it must have been the spirit, but in all seriousness I believe it will be a good chapter for them to read and we trust the Lord knows what he is doing as we are simple instruments in his hands.

There's been a lot of crazy coincidences like that this week. You know, just God doin his thing, as usual. We've been blessed enough to be witnesses to some of these mini miracles. So Anyway, this family seems promising, It was interesting to see so many involved in the preparation of this family. The previous missionary, The ward, ourselves, and the Family themselves being so ready and willing to let us in.

Well, I kinda got on here late and time is about up so I gotta dip outa here, but It has truly been another great week. A week of personal spiritual experiences with the Lord. Its been good. I can't wait to just try and share more with y'all in person, there's so much to tell and the weekly emails just dont do my time here justice.

Until Next time, Love You guys, thanks for the emails and pictures!

Love, Elder Page

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

20 years old and wiser too...

Hey There Everybody,

This week has been one to remember. Looking back on it I just feel happy. It was a week of Good. I think a journal entry from the night of the 19th sums up this week pretty well, so here's a snippit from it...

"Today we had a specialized training on Change, and it is exactly what I need right now. As Im nearing the end of my mission I know I have changed in a lot of ways, but I also know that there are many areas where I can still improve and grow in, and so I just want to try my best to work, love others, forget myself, and allow the Lord to change me & better me for those that I Love and for those that I will come to Love. I am truly Grateful for the Savior, for personal and eternal progression, for the joy that coming closer to God brings. I am happy and I find satisfaction in helping others find that same happiness."

This week to put it simply has been one of positive growth and change. More so of just doing more of the things that strengthen me and looking at how they are strengthening me. I think personal evaluation is so important to change & growth because if we aren't seeing how we can improve or seeing how far we've come there is no real measure of our progression. I had a spiritual experience the other night while I was updating the area book. Updating the area book is not something that I have been very good at throughout my mission but after the trainings on change I made a promise that I would be better at it, so that night I went home and after we had already planned for a good half hour, I sat down for about another 45 minutes to an hour updating potential sheetes, teaching records, progress records, and then some. This wasn't something that I was looking forward to initially but as I did what needed to be done by the end the spirit fill me with the greatest sense of peace, fulfillment, and greater love for the people that I was helping. And also a greater Love for the Lord and His work, this work that I am contributing too, it was as if the Lord was saying, Thank You. I Love the feeling of being tired when going to bed, I love seeing people change, especially myself, I love coming closer to Heavenly Father and Christ Everyday. I Want Christ to be my Best friend, and I owe any relationship I have with him to this mission that I've been able to serve. Here is where I have turned to him in times of not only need but in returning thanks, and seeking for guidance and direction. I just feel close to him and I wouldn't trade that for anything. I Love You All and I'm pretty lucky to have some of you in my life. Don't know where I'd be without you. Until Next week, Godspeed!

Love, Elder Page

Monday, March 14, 2016


Hello Everybody,

So there's not a whole lot that I have to say about this week, its been one of those weeks where you take each day at a time and next thing you know its Sunday and you don't really know where the time went, so This'll be short and sweet.

Elder Phunsaeng and I are still Loving our time together. Its crazy to think we've been with each other for 7 weeks already! Time goes by so fast, and its only getting faster! Its been good really getting to know each other better. Elder Phunsaeng has a crazy past because he had to serve in the military before he came out (not sure if I already told y'all that) and he is a convert of course, so his testimony of the gospel and of the church is very strong. He is such a good missionary, he has such a desire to be better everyday with the language with his skills as a missionary, and just everything. He has really motivated me to be better and to just enjoy myself while serving. He makes going out and doing missionary work fun. Recently we've faced a lot of rejection and people just haven't wanted to accept the message we're out sharing, but we have just been able to find joy in the fire and laugh about the little things, so All is Well. That's one thing I'm glad the Lord has blessed me with, A Good Sense of Humor.

(This is Sister Montague. She is a friend of Christopher's from BYU-I)

We are, as a mission, so excited to get this new Easter Initiative going. The new video is so powerful, You can't watch it without feeling the spirit. So it will be good to be able to hopefully share with y'all next week some cool stories using and sharing the initiative. I know that the Lord is inspiring the leaders of the church to help move his work along, and its awesome to be right there apart of it all. This church is the real deal, we are actively sharing the message of Christ, His Gospel, and the fact that HE LIVES! and isn't just chillin up in the clouds, but he is Doing Work, he is showing his love for all of us by leading and guiding this church. I have felt his love personally more than I ever have while serving him and I just hope this season will bring even more of that. I Love You Guys, Thanks for the emails, pictures, cards, letters and everything in between. #Hallelujah!

I Love It.

Love, Elder Page

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Woodruff Ward for Life...

So It is official, Elder Phunsaeng and I are staying together for another transfer here in the Woodruff Ward!!! This transfer also happens to be the one 7 week transfer of the year so we're getting a 1 week bonus. After this transfer I will have been here in this area for 9 Months!!

This is crazy, almost half of my mission here. Of all the wards and areas for this to happen though, I got lucky, this ward truly has become home. I think the bishop really is considering a calling for me. Its funny how people that used to treat me like a missionary, now treat me like there own kid or grandchild, its the best! I've never been so spoiled in my life. It feels good to have looked back on these past 7 months here and think of the people that I've been able to help, and all of the love and support that people have given to me, companions included. The Lord really has blessed me here, in numerous ways. Also the ways that I Know I have personally been able to change and grow. These are times that I 'trade for anything, and I know that's the ultimate cliche but I mean that, there's nothing anyone could offer me for the memories 'made here, the spiritual experiences I've had with my companions and Investigators, the laughs I've shared with members, and the many nights that I've been able to go to bed tired, satisfied with what was done during the day. All of these things are Priceless!

For recent news, Daleen is doing great! she was at church yesterday and the bishop extended a calling to her, she didn't accept it, haha (This is only funny if you really know Daleen), but she did say she would love to work with the primary especially because 'where a lot of the members she knows are. So the bishop understood and is now thinking of a responsibility she could hold in Primary. She is now trying to get her parents to come to church with her, its been so good to see her do things to share her testimony and share the gospel with those around her.

Norma, the Syrian woman that we've been teaching is doing well too, although she is going to be going back to Syria for the next couple months, and then coming back. She said she wanted to check out the church there, so we looked up chapels on the church website, we don't have buildings in Syria, but in Lebanon the church is pretty established, so she said that while she is back over there she will try and go to church at least once there! Its amazing to see people just except the gospel with open arms, for no other reason that because they know that its something good and they feel the spirit because of it. That is how simply beautiful it is and how beautifully simple it is as well.

Its hard to except the fact that my mission is coming to an end pretty soon here. Its the weirdest thing, its like I'm starting to wake up from a dream, but its a really good dream so I'm doing everything I can to stay asleep. I have Loved my mission and I am excited to see what these next three transfers hold. I know that the Lord has important work for me to do and I know that Elder Phunsaeng and I are meant to be with each other for the next 7 weeks. Thank You all for your Prayers, Love, Support, and Concern for me. I know these are things people just say at the end of emails, but I really do mean it. It makes all the difference. So Thank You! Until Next Week.
Love, Elder Page

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