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Thursday, October 22, 2009

Zach Ward

We got some wonderful news last week. Matt's friend is getting baptized next month. We are so excited for him we can hardly stand it. Zach is @ UNC right now and has been having the discussion since he attended Matt's farewell. It has been a great journey for him. Congratulations Zach! We love you!

Elder Page @ the MTC

Matt's roommate from BYU works in the MTC and took these pictures for me...I love him! Thanks so much Cory! This is his companion Elder Jordan. They look like to fantastic Elders don't they! Love seeing him with his badge on...Elder Page.
Here is Cory with Elder Page . He works in the cafeteria. He said some Sister Missionary was yelling at him because he was taking pictures...oh well. Thanks for getting in trouble for me Cory.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Senior Night 2009

It was Senior night for Zach and Alcides. We could not find our camera, but these are a few pictures that someone else took. Steve has a few still on his phone that I will get up later. It was a great night to honor them, Congratulations Boys!
Sorry the pictures are in such random order.
This is when we came out at half time with the boys to honor them.

Ben Shamanis and Zach

Calling Alcides at the beginning of the game. I wish I had a picture of all the hugs I got as they gave us mothers flowers as they ran on the field.
All of the moms lined up cheering on our Senior boys.
We received flowers and hugs.
All the seniors, Josh, Ben, Kushal, Eddie, Chris Angel,Christain,David, Paul, Zach, and Alcides

Friday, October 16, 2009

1st Letter from Elder Matthew Page

Querido Familia,
How are you all doing" This past week has been the craziest week of my life. So much has happened and I don't know where to start. First, you all sound great and everything seems to be good. I'm so glad to hear about Zach and Chris. I'm so excited for you all and your missionary efforts. I will remember them in my prayers.
I guess I should tell you about this week. The first day was so crazy. We were all just kind of filed in and out into our districts. All of us new missionaries were just given an intro and then we were put to work. We were taught first" our purpose" and then we went straight into the language. They started us out with prayers. I still don't have it down, but it's coming. Spanish is so hard!!! They just throw so much at us and not alot really stays in my head. It is really overwhelming, ut just keep me in your prayers with it adn I know it will come (I just don't know when) My companion Elder Jordan though is very optimistic. He keeps me going and positive. We are always studying. We are in class so much and I have basically one perspective in my class. I'm trying to memorize the First Vision in spanish and to memorize 20 words a day. It keeps me busy. Our whole Zone is really good and our Branch Presidency is great. They give us new guys hope and confidence that we'll be OK.
The food is OK, but I seriously think that it gives everyone gas. When we study it just stinks all the time! Our District Leader Elder Kindsey is the worst. I really like our gym time. It's been cold so we usually lift or run on the indoor track. We play a little basketball, but we all stink at it.
Me and ELder Jordan have taught the 1st lesson and got some pointers. I fell we did ok, but we will improve. WE also tried street contacting in spanish. We jsut try to talk to other Elders walking around. Needless to say he did most of we did most of the talking.
I saw Cory working in the cafeteria and I saw Sis. Astle. It was nice to chat with them and say hey. Today was really nice. It's truly our day of rest!
Our roommates, Elders Drisoll and Lowley have been here 6 wks. and help us with spanish and other stuff.
Well I'm about to go to a devotional and then they will show "The Testaments", so I will write you all soon. I love you all and pleas keep me in your prayers. I truly have been humbled being here and I know I have so much to learn, but I know that the Lord will help me. THell the Elders Hey and know that I'm working hard for you all. I hope that I can bring honor and blessing to my family.
Testifico que Jesucristo es mi Salvador. Se el libro de Mormon es verdadero. El Evengelio contiene el amor de nuestro padre celestial. En el nomre de Jesu Cristo Amen.
Elder Pagina

The Picture...By Elder Chase Burk

This is a poem written to us by one of our dear Missionaries, Elder Burk. Then evening before Matt left he read us this beautiful poem, that brought us all to tears. Enjoy!

The Picture

There are families all around this world
And you can count for a day and an age
But there is one on my mission I especially loved,
The one by the name of Page.
A family portrait first comes to mind;
A reflection of smiles and love
A desire to lift and serve each other,
And to obey our Father above.

The Dad, the Husband, the Priesthood Man;
Bishop Page plays his roles with great care.
You can ask anyone and they will all say the same
This kind of a man is quite rare.
Everything that he does is to lead and to teach
His family comes first in his life,
He does all that a man can possibly do
But we shouldn't forget his dear wife.

She's his better half I'm sure he would say
Though she'd say the same about him
There is so much to say about Sister Page,
I don't really know where to begin.
She's our second Mom, we have come to say
and she treats us like one of her own;
She feeds us and calls us and cares for us
and invites us into her home.
She is tireless in all her efforts to serve
Bringing light wherever she goes
She nurtures and lifts with her motherly gifts,
With a smile that constantly shows.

The product of this husband and wife,
Is a beautiful family of five;
They are living proof that the gospel is true;
And could be the best kinds alive.

Dallin came first in the fantastic five
It seems he was meant to lead
He shows his colors as he serves the Lord
And has a drive to succeed.
As the oldest brother he has always lead out
And does the best that he can
The years have molded and shaped him
And turned him into a man.

Matt's humble diligence has taken him far
His character tempered and strong,
Has made him the man he is today
As he fights against sin and wrong.
He has a way of using his smile
To brighten a day that is sad,
He helps to make other happy
And to cheer up when everything's bad.

Zach is the next in the picture I see,
He's never to be outdone
He tackles a challenge and fights his best
Till at last he's finally won.
His drive to succeed and overcome
Has given him strength beyond years
He defuses contention with laughter and smiles
And wipes away others tears.

Just like her mother in so many ways
Abigail is one of a kind,
She cares for her brothers and keeps them in line
A more loyal girl you won't find.
She will not change to please the world,
The temple is always her goal
She is self assured in the way she lives
For it builds and strengthens her soul.

Tory was born with a million gifts
He succeeds in all that he tries.
Although he's the youngest he doesn't slow down
And can keep up with all the guys.
Like all of his brothers he follows his Dad
Who he wants to be like someday;
He honors his mother and sister
As his testimony grows each day.

The picture complete, each one in their place
Its truly a great work of art,
To see such a family united
Each member playing their part.
The Lord gives us tender mercies
That build us and help us to grow,
You have made my life better forever
I'm grateful and want you to know;
There are families all around this world
And you can count for a day and an age
But there is one on my mission I especially loved,
The one by the name of Page.

By Elder Chase Burk

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Nerd Day!

No words necessary!

What a game!

Last nights game was against Northwest. It was a very passionate game, rivals! They won 3-1, but before it was over Zach had three of their players surrounding him wanting to fight (out of frustration) all at one time. Before we knew it Alcides ran over to his rescue like a Mooma bear protecting her cubs. He was not fighting nor wanting to fight, he just did not like the fact that 3 boys were trying to pick a fight with Zach, (Just like his brother :) ) They won the game, and they looked worst than the game really was.

Zach imitating what happened! Not quite like this :)
Zach acting like the ref, giving Alcides
a yellow card!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Our Missionaries!

We still have not heard from Elder Matthew Page, should be tomorrow. I do know that his companion is Elder Jordan, not sure where he is from or anything. He says that the spanish is hard, but"I know the Lord will provide a way for me to learn it!" How do I know this you might wonder. His friend Zach Ward received a letter today from him. I was so glad to hear that little bit of info. Also, Jordan Starnes spoke with Elder Vaughan, who just left the MTC on Tuesday, He sent me a message. That he saw Elder Page and gave him a big hug for me. He said that he is doing great!. Just hearing that makes it OK for me. I know that he is happy and working hard.Elder Page is doing very well. He is very happy to be staying in Anaheim Hills. I received a call from one of the members there, Elizabeth Frasier. Elder Page and Elder Allred eat in their home often and they love them. She said that her son Max gets so excited when he knows that Elder Page is coming over. She says that they are working hard and are great missionaries. He had to do 4 more apartments this week. He figured that he has opened 45 apartments since getting this assignment 8 months ago. He is positive and is working hard with some investigators who are having their struggles....remember them in your prayers.

Spirit Week Cont.

I missed pictures of yesterday which was "tacky day". I must say they were pretty tacky, hate that I missed out on those pictures. Today was "Alter Ego" total opposite of who you are...Zach came up with a pretty good idea. He went as a democrate! Yes I said Democrate. Those who know Zach will get a chuckle out of that. Abigail went as a gangster...totally not her. And Alcides was a Samba star, he looked not different than normal, not sure that he gets it :) They had fun anyway. Tomorrow is nerd day, now this should be fun!

Monday, October 12, 2009

Spirit week!

Well it is once again spirit week @ JMRHS and I am happy to say that my kids definately have spirit!. Zachary should have been born in the 80's because he certainly has the look! I love his CA boy 80's look that he sported to shcool today. I hope that he will be able to feel his legs by the time he gets those pants off later today! :)Abigail decided to go 6o's. She's looking pretty cute! Notice I don't have a picture of Alcides...he opted out of this spirit day. We'll see if we can get him to dress up tomorrow for tacky day!
Soccer Team's senior night is coming up and guess who got to do the banners again this year...This year I decided to make pendants. Hope the boys like them.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Write Elder Page

Elder Matthew Christopher Page
MTC Box # 168
AZ-TUC 1208
2005 N 900 E
Provo, Utah 84604-1793

This is Elder Pages mailing address while in the MTC. I know he would love to hear from you.

You can also go to www.dearElder.com sign in (its free) and put in info about Elder Page, mission code AZ-TUC date leaving MTC 1208 on the left click on Provo MTC and then type you letter. If you write before 12:00 noon he will receive your letter that day in letter form. It's a great way to write him while in the MTC.

Thanks to everyone for all the support!


Well he made it. Elder Page reported to the MTC yesterday....Thanks so much to many dear friends. My love goes out to the Slauson family for picking him up at the airport and taking him in for the night and getting him to the MTC. Derek we love you!!! Thank you so much...that is alot of love coming from this missionary mom! He got to see a couple of good friends from BYU Cory and Sam. Thanks guys for taking the time to meet up with Matt. And Sam and Derek thanks for sharing in such a wonderful time at the temple.Cory Martin, Sam Anderson, Elder Page, and Derek Slauson
Here is a tender mercy...the first person @ the MTC that Matt talks to ends up he is going to the same mission...AZ Tucson, Elder Shank! Don't they look great! Ready to serve the Lord!

What a wonderful day! Go get Elder Page! We look forward to hearing from you very soon!

Matthew gets ready to leave on his mission...many come to say goodbye to him!

It's the night before Matt leaves for his mission, so many people who love him call to wish him well, and some came by to do it. The missionaries, the Watson family and Jacob Peacock. We all go out to get a Jamba Juice together. Thanks to everyone for the support!Matt with all the guys...Matt with all the girls...
and with the missionaries
Saying goodbye to Elder Burk
And Elder Hutchins
Matt with Jacob Peacock (his YM Pres.)
Matt with Rebekah and Joseph Watson
Alcides loved Jamba Juice
It is now Tuesday morning.. Matt leaves today for Utah. Saying goodbye is always the hardest part! The pictures will speak for themselves. Zach and Alcides said goodbye before school (they had test) while Abby and Tory went to the Airport with us. There is nothing sweeter than two brothers who love each other.

Breaking up the tears with some humor....boys!

Saying Goodbye to Daisy
@ the airport...Anne and Chris surprised us and came to say goodbye!

Goota love that smile!

It was so hard to let go!

See everyone in two years!!! Good luck Elder Page and God Speed!

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