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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Back to School!

School started back this week. We are on day 3 and they are out of school for the day because of flooding. It has rained here non stop for the last 2 days. It's rain that we have needed though. Matt and Zach have tough semesters ahead, but I 'm sure they will do fine with hard work and prayers. They are all good students. I'm sure it will be another great year. It's a tough routine to get into after summer break, for all of us! Abby has had no problem so far getting right up for seminary and Steve likes the fact that she talks in the morning, unlike the boys. Tory and I enjoy our quiet morning together. I think he is going to like 7th grade.
Dallin has had a couple of tough weeks, but this Sunday they had 8 investigators attend church. They were so happy! Hopefully this will continue. He was so happy to get Grandma Myra's bread this week. Thank you so much Myra! He really enjoyed a taste from home. I just hope he is sharing :) Thanks to every one who has been writing letters to Dallin. They have been a real source of inspiration that he has needed.
Labor Day weekend is coming up and we just may take a break from our labors :) ... and go away some where as a family one last time before Christmas. That will be here before we know it!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Elder Tyler Page

This is the lastest picture we have of our nephew Elder Page. He is doing great and loving the people of Mexico. He is getting so skinny!

Another week in the of Elder Page

Elder Page had a long p-day. Elder Crawley (one of his MTC com.) broke his finger yesterday playing b-ball, so they spent most of their p-day in teh hospital. As of last night we still had not received an email, and he still had to go by the mission home, grocery shop and a few other things. So he did not write much, but said that he is doing fine. A family they are teaching is trying to decide on a baptism date. He really loves this family and is very excited for them. It would be his 1st baptism. The video of him sing is with Elder Fergusen. who is now home. He has been teaching himself the ukelele. I think he is doing a great job!

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Elder Page

Just a few Pictures of Elder Page: The one with the family is the bishop from Placentia War. His wife speaks Farsi and has been helping them with the translation of the discussions. She is a big help. He is really doing great and is being well cared for, thank you Bell Family :). Here is some Farsi from his letter this week!
P.S. Here is my name in Farsi script (or atleast as close as I could get it on the

Elder Dallin Page (Remember, it's from right to left so "Page" is first)

هأهور دألىن پىج

Ocean pictures

Our beautiful girl Abby. And Matthew and Steve taking a walk. It was beautiful weather all week.

The Ocean

Oak Island Vacation

We had a lot of fun at the Oak Island Lighthouse. It was sooo windy. Tory's buddy Mckay and his sister Hailey came along with us.



We spent the day at Fort Fisher and the Aquarium. Our famous sand castles. Dallin we missed your expertise!


Our Vacation

We finally got here... We had a fabulous time together! We were missing Daisy (our cat). Abby had so much fun with her friend Hailey. (She finally had another girl to hang out with :) Baywatch watch out!!!

More Pictures. . .

We were so relaxed in the sand! It sure was hard to leave, other than wanting to get back to the kids, that is :) Yeah. . .dessert!

Our Computer is back!!! and so are we!

Well, our computer is finally fixed YEAH! We had a great time on our anniversary getaway! We went to Wilmington NC and to the beach for a few days. It was so nice to get way by ourselves. The kids did great, thanks ya'll! We have a lot of pictures and news from our missionary to get catch ya'll up on, so hear we go. . .

Here I am giving my sweetheart a big kiss!! 21 years. . . what great years they have been. Thank you Steve.

Monday, August 11, 2008

Our 21st anniversary is this week!

Sorry still no pictures of our trip or our missionary or anyone elses for that matter! Hopefully Steve will be around the next couple of days to see what the problem is! We are going away for our 21st anniversary this week!! YEAH! I can not believe it, it has past so quickly...I guess that's how it goes when life is bliss! We will let you know how our week goes when we get back...with pictures.
As far as our missionary goes. He is doing great and being well taken care of. One of their investigators sent us a picture of his 6 mths mark...can you believe he has been out that long already. He and his companion Elder Cunningham are working well together. They are teaching so many people right now it is hard for them to get their studies in with Farsi, but they have the 1st discussion down. Elder C. said that he had really had no idea what he was saying but the woman did and that's all that matters :) It has been fun to correspond with his mother and get to know her. We are proud of our boys and all that they have accomplished in the last 2 mths.
We were excited to read that Zack Buehner got his mission call to India. He will do a great job! It's hard to believe that this time next year we will know where Matthew will be going on his mission. Our kids are growing up!

Monday, August 4, 2008

Back from the Beach

Well,we HAD to come back from the beach. That's the bad part of going on vacation! We had a terrrific time. It was one of the most relaxing get aways we have ever had, maybe that is because we needed it so badly. We attended a small branch on sunday in Southport. The people there were so friendly. We even met a guy who was from CA...Placantia to be exact ( Dallin's first area) small world isn't it! They tried their best to convince us to move there...maybe in a few years! We stayed on Oak Island. It is a beautful quiet beach, no high rises buildings at all, very low commercial. We will definately go back again. We did our beach rituals, like playing Risks ( thanks to the Spencers ) Zach claims he won, but I'm not too sure about that. Abby and Hailey were very strong apponents. We built sandcastles, played putt-putt, ate ice cream and alof other fun things. We will put up some pictures when our computer is working, something is wrong with it right now so stay tuned for those.....

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