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Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Gotta love that mission life...

So This has been a crazy busy and eventful week, so I'll try and hit the highlights. But first I just want to say how nice it is to see everybody together in Utah. Mom sent me a lot of pictures and its weird to see all y'all together but its Nice. I miss you all So much its ridiculous. I was almost forgetting what it was like to have family this week, and then today rolled around and I got all of these pictures and it all came back to me. You know, I've been thinking a lot lately, and There quite a few missionaries out here that just say to forget about home and don't think about family or those you love and I think I've had enough time to realize that that's not entirely true. I strongly believe that its important to focus your physical and daily spiritual efforts on the Work of the Lord, the Work I've been called to do, but it definitely is the Love that I have for All of you that keeps me going some days. The fact that I know that I have a family and friends that Love me and want the best for me motivates me to do my very best for the Lord. So before I go off on a limb, I just want to say thank you to all that have supported me over the past year, it definitely hasn't been a cake walk, but I've been able to do my best, and I've felt closer to Heavenly Father than I probably ever have. And I just cant wait for the next year and all the growth I'll be able to undergo and the experiences I'll be able to have.

So this week itself has been a pretty good one. Me and Elder Anderson have continued to work hard and have done a lot for those that we are teaching, trying to help them progress and move closer to fully excepting the Gospel. You know sometimes after all we've done as missionaries, our investigators agency is a real pain in the rear, but I'm grateful for times when things don't always go my way because then when things do go great I'm humbled and I truly recognize the Lords Hand in His work. Adriana is still doing Good. We met twice with her this past week. We first met and went over the reading she's done from the Book of Mormon and simply asked her if she had prayed to know if it was all true. And she Simply replied, Yes. It is always a neat experience being apart of someones conversion to the Gospel and the Book of Mormon specifically. The invitation is the same for all, and the promise is as well. Read, Ponder and Pray. And its just so cool to see Adriana take those steps for herself, for her family and for Heavenly father. She has received and answer and she knows its true. So now we just have to continue to help her come to church and feel the spirit as we teach her. And We have to trust that as she acts on the messages we share with her and applies certain Gospel principles into her life the Lord will Deliver. And I know he will, because He's done it all for me, and I know he Love Adriana and wants her to be happy.

I am Happy with the work that me And Elder Anderson are getting done. I am grateful for All of the experiences that I am having with other Missionaries with investigators, with strangers on the street, and with the Lord. I just have one more thing to share and I want to ask all who are reading this to do something for me this coming week. So Yesterday, we were leaving our apartment and this little old lady was stepping out of her apartment carrying what looked like a pretty heavy trash bag. So I think with a combination of both human nature and the light of Christ working within me I offered to take the bag for her and throw it away since we were heading down to the garage anyways. What happened next was one of the Sweetest experiences I've had. It wasn't anything huge or monumental I did, but the Spirit just filled me up! It felt So good to help this woman who clearly need some help. And the look on her face was unforgettable too. I think she was both flattered and Shocked that I was offering to help her. She just kept thanking me and at that moment I was grateful to be a representative of the Savior there at that time. So I realize I want and honestly need more experiences like that that will change me little by little to become and even better person and priesthood holder. So if Yall will just pray and ask Heavenly Father to give me and Elder Anderson more experiences like that this week that would be Awesome! And pray to have some yourself too! I promise you it feels Amazing. And I cant wait to report next week on how the week went and the experiences I'll surely have.
Well, that's all I have for this week. I Just want to say that I Love You All And I'm thankful to be where I'm at, supported by the people that I'm supported by, and doing the things that I'm getting to do. Until next week, Keep Doing good, Be safe, and Don't Forget to Pray.

Elder Tory S Page

But you gotta have faith...

So this week has been a cold and wet one! It's actually had lows in
the 40s, so yea know, it's totally summer here haha.
Sadly we haven't been able to see tayo, he has decided that he wants
to remain a catholic. It's always sad as a missionary to see people
choose a different path, but it's comforting to know that our Heavenly
Father works in mysterious ways and He works in His own timing as

So I'm sure I've mentioned James, we met with him this past week and
he had agreed to come to church! Side note, president has been really
trying to help us missionaries develop more faith, so he's been giving
us scriptures to read. I also feel that I've been praying more than
ever to have an increase of faith. It's only natural to get your hopes
down once you've had so many knocks, but if we have faith in Christ,
than that becomes our anchor and we cannot go wrong. Alright, back to
James! So he did come to church, and he was really enjoying everyone,
and then the service started. Oh bless, I'll be totally honest, it was
one of those sacrament meetings where it's just not quite there. Haha
during the opening hymn the organ went all weird, and then as someone
was saying the opening prayer the organ like came back to like and it
was SO loud! It's really different when you have someone come to
church for the first time, and I honestly think this service was great
for James because he saw the lighter side of us Mormons :) the whole
service after that was great, and sister black even gave a talk. My
companion is pretty great! The whole time James looked like he was
really soaking it in and enjoying it, so after we asked how he liked
it. He then said, it's not for me. He didn't really explain why, but
then he had to hear on home because of his dog. Honestly, I knew that
would not be over for James and that everything would be just fine.

Then we got to help in nursery! (It's a class for children from 2-4)
and it was refreshing! While I was playing ball with one of the boys,
he came up and asked me "are you happy?" And without hesitation I said
yes. It was such a nice little reminder! Then by around 8 yesterday
our phone buzzed, and it was James. All the text said was "hi sisters,
hope you're enjoying your evening. I'm getting a great desire to read
from the Book of Mormon and to go back to church, have a wonderful
night, James." Me and sister black just knew that something like that
would happen and know we're seeing him on Thursday! :) I know that
through faith, lol things truly are possible. I witnessed it
yesterday, and well as many other times throughout the week, and even
my mission!

I hope my email made sense! We had a wonderful church history tour as
well this last week!

I love you all!
Sister Miller

Monday, July 20, 2015

Mark 8:35...

It's official, I'm on the down slope of my mission. I can't believe it simply because its gone by way too fast and because I feel like my mission is more on the rise than it ever has been. I think I'm finally getting the hang of this whole missionary thing. It's weird to think that everyday for an entire year I've been a missionary. Doing missionary work really is just apart of me now, its funny, but it feels so good to just always be on the Lord's errand.

This week has been a really good one as far as teaching investigators and having members join us. That's one thing I've had a harder time with throughout my mission is always having members at lessons, but this past week, and over the past few weeks, me and Elder Anderson have made it a goal of ours to get as many members out as possible and not just any members, but we will pray specifically who we should take out according to certain investigators and so far the Lord hasn't let us down.

Each member-inv combo has been near perfect. The Lord really does know each and every one of us and its been so cool to have the members and investigators get along so well and build relationships. I am realizing now more than ever how critical it is to have members fellowship not only at church but in lessons. We were teaching Adriana this week, and we had a member with us and after the lesson Adriana thanked us for coming over and just said how nice it was to have Another Witness there to share experiences of the Book of Mormon and how the Gospel can bless our lives. Adriana is doing so well. Her daughters were sick yesterday but she made it to church herself and really enjoyed it. We sat on the second row, we had members coming up to meet her and welcome her, we explained things to her and she most of all was quiet, observant, and reverent throughout all of Sacrament meeting. I could tell the spirit was really touching her and she felt it. After church she just thanked us for being so persistent on getting her there because she said it was Worth it. Later this week we'll be meeting with her once to teach her the Plan of Salvation and then on Friday we are going to watch Meet the Mormons with her and Sister Garcia (a member of the ward). She is So excited, and so are we. It's the closest thing to watching movies we get out here!

Things really are going well though, the area is picking up, our investigators are really starting to progress, we are working more with the members and both me and Elder Anderson see & feel the Lords hand in our daily efforts. I am Happy, I am being kept safe, and I have all the support that I need. What more could I ask for? Well I Love You All. I miss you too! Keep doing what your doing! Pray Always. And Godspeed!

Love, Elder Page

A great week in Stretford...

It's been a great week here in Stretford, I have been finding so much
joy in just all of the little things! It's really true what they say
about small and simple things, they mean the most! Sister black got
sick again towards the end of the week, but something I love about her
is her ability to stick things out, and to push! She loves to just go
out and talk to EVERYONE! She's like a little ball of energy as we're
out street contacting, tracking, or whatever it is.

Last week in one of the street displays I met this man named James.
James is so humble and we were able to go and teach him on Monday with
brother Bob and sister Diane. Haha so this lesson is not how you would
picture it, James has this massive Rottweiler, Amy, who is two years
old but still acts like a puppy. Bless her, but we couldn't get the
lesson started for the longest time because Amy was just crawling all
over me and sister Diane! Haha she would try to lay on my lap, and
then she'd go and try to lick sister Diane. Eventually she got put
outside, and then James was able to share his beliefs with us and they
all matched up with what we were sharing. It was nothing short of a
miracle. I have such a strong testimony that God does place people in
our paths that are ready to receive the message we share!

We also met with Tayo twice this past week. Me and sister black had
rushed like crazy to make it on time, and yet were still a few minutes
behind and sister black was motion sick. But when we made it some of
the members were showing Tayo around the church! We really have the
best members here in Stretford. But this week with Tayo we really made
sure to address his concerns but to also help him see how being
baptized can help him in his life. We got to the bottom on a few
concerns and were helping him to read and pray daily. The key to most
people's conversion is really the Book of Mormon, that book is really
the word of God, and when people read it for themselves and then ask
God about it, miracles proceed!

Other than that president gave me and sister black some really great
talks to about faith, and how we can increase our faith. My favorite
was Faith in the Lord Jesus Christ by Kevin W Pearson. The biggest
thing I've learned this week is that if I want to increase my faith,
then I need to be more obedient. As we are obedient to the laws and
commandments God has placed, Our faith will increase! Isn't that just
the best equation ever?! I feel like sometimes as humans we make
things so complicated, when in reality all we need is a desire to do
this work, and that will eventually grow into a perfect faith in

I love this ward, area, the members, the many people were blessed to
teach, the weather. The busses, the crazy random things that happen,
and just simply doing the Lords work. I love you all and hope you have
a lovely week!

Sister Miller xx

Monday, July 13, 2015

There's No way it's been a year....

(Elder Page & Elder Anderson before church)

Hey There Everyone!

Hope the past week went well for all. Over here in California things are still going good. Suns been out, Summers back again, although it never left, and I can't complain. I can't believe it's already the 3rd week of this transfer with Elder Anderson. I swear it just doesn't slow down!

(p-day, email)

Things really are going great though! Me and Elder Anderson are getting to know each other better and better everyday, we are working in unity, we're having fun, and I feel like we are just doing what the Lord wants us to be doing everyday. Simply because we have just been blessed a boat load this week. Prepared people have just been falling outa the sky for us to teach. The Lord has just been putting us in the right places at the right time. For example we were walking down the street the other day and this family was unloading their car bringing groceries in and I can't tell you how many times I've offered to help people with their groceries and just been rejected over and over again. But I guess as a missionary its just something you do, Always offer help even when you think it might not happen. So we asked them if we could help them take some stuff in and They Actually let us Help! I almost couldn't believe it! So after we brought all of their things in we simply asked them if they'd ever talked with missionaries before and they said no. So we ended up teaching them and they are very receptive and sincere.

Another experience we had was with a Phillipino man named Ed. We saw him outside his house working on some stuff so we started talking to him, at first he was kinda shy, but the more we talked the more he opened up and even made the realization that his aunt is a member of the church and not only that but she goes to our ward! So we got him a Tagalog Book of Mormon and he said he will read it every night and wants to come to church with his aunt. We talked to his aunt yesterday at church and she was Sooo excited, and we're planning on going over tonight with her to see Ed, so hopefully things go well there.

(they could not resist the puppies)

I know this is a lot to take in, but there one for thing I want to share. There's this family the Sotelo's that missionaries have kind of talked to in the past but never really got around to teaching them. There's Adriana (the Mom) Brenda (17 year old daughter) And Alexa (11 year old daughter). Well, we went by to see if we could share a message with them and they were more than ready! We sat outside with them, they pulled up chairs for us and they listened intently. They were so focused on what we had to say and when we would ask them questions they would really think and answer from their hearts. The spirit was so strong! The lesson ended up going really well and we went back for a second time this past week with a member. The member and Adriana hit it off! The member also brought her 11 year old daughter so that worked out well. We ended up teaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ with them, focusing on Faith, Repentance, Baptism, and The Gift of the Holy Ghost. To make a long story short, we had the member bear testimony, we had each of their daughters engaged and answering questions and the spirit was just so Thick! As soon as we felt like the spirit was prompting us we invited her to be baptized, and she said Yes! She told us that she wants nothing but the best for her family and she really feels like this Gospel and the church would be the place to find the peace and happiness she is looking for. Her date is August 8th, which is just before the start of the new transfer, so if everything goes well and Adriana is ready, me and Elder Anderson will both be here for it.

(a stray dog jumped in their car, looks like the dogs can't resist them either)

I have just felt So blessed over the past couple of weeks. It's just been Good (with a capital G). I know the Lord is Hastening his work, I know this work is true. And I'm grateful for the hard times I have had on my mission that have helped me be grateful for times like these and experiences like these. I'm Lovin' it! I'm praying things keep looking up for us, this area and the ward. Thank y'all for all the Love, support, prayers and examples. I can't ask for more.

(Long Beach)

Well, until next time, Godspeed!

Love, Elder Page

P.S. Congratulations Matt & Kimber. I'm Excited to Meet Mr. Jack. He will be a Stud.

Don't be the Bee...

We have a random mix of weather here in Manchester, you never know
what you're going to get!
I also want to brag about my companion who has been a wonderful
example of service this past week, and she is such a caring and
diligent missionary! She helps to make missionary work even more fun!

To be totally honest, this week was hard. Just emotionally and
spiritually hard. I honestly think I have truly learned to rely on the
priesthood and the blessings that come from that. But the best thing
is that the week ended amazingly!

I also want to share with you what I now call, the parable of the bumble bee:
So we were traveling and then sister black started to feel quite
motion sick so she asked if we could just hop off where we were and
take a breather. So we go to the park across the street and sit on the
grass. Then while she was recovering I saw this bumblebee on the
ground, but it looked really wounded. So being curious, I poked it and
it barely moved! So then I decided I should probably put it out of its
misery when sister black told me to wait! So she then used a stick to
pick it up and we dangled a flower in front of it. The bee
lethargically reached out for it and latched on. Then we did it again
and again. We came to the conclusion that the bee was quite healthy and
we wanted it to fly! So we then put it up in the air, but the bee
wouldn't budge. And then when we put a flower under it, it would
slowly crawl to it. We both agreed that this bee was just lazy and
didn't want to put forth any effort to do its work. When we left and
continued to travel I began to think about that stubborn little bee
and how ridiculous it was that it would only do its job when something
was placed right before it. Then I started to think about my week and
how I felt down and wounded and didn't want to do much. I then decided
that I need to be different and get up and do this work! So on Friday
and Saturday Heavenly Father blessed up with 2 wonderful and
successful street displays. He may have placed the people there but me
and sister black still had to reach out and speak with them. I could
feel the Holy Ghost giving me words to say when I felt stuck, and when
I started to feel low again I prayed that I would forget myself and
that is exactly what happened.

We can either be the lazy bumble bee, or we can get out there and do
the work! There are only 2 options. There is no middle ground in
missionary work.

I am grateful for this past week and the things I have learned, I've
learned to really come out of myself, even if that means I'm dragging
myself, but God, He gave me the strength.

I love you all so much, please keep safe and remember to say your prayers!
Until next week,
Sister Miller

Monday, July 6, 2015

Nothin' like a fresh start...

(new companion, Elder Anderson)

So It's hard to believe its only been a week since the start of this new transfer. With the work me and Elder Anderson are doing and the way we are getting along, it feels like we've been companions forever. Although its been a little bit of an adjustment since Elder Henry left its always good to get a new companion and enter into a new transfer because it gets you out of your routine and comfort zone. It's a fresh start! And so far this transfer has been Great!

I really am beginning to Love the ward and the members, me and Elder Anderson are having so much fun together and we're working and teaching in unity which is usually hard to come by (especially the first week together). Something he asked in a companionship prayer the other day was that we will be able to become close companions and even better friends, and that really made me see the big picture. It made me excited for the coming days and weeks, and it helped me feel a little bit of love towards him already. He is one of if not the goofiest Elders in the mission, yet I feel lucky to have him.

This week, we really focused on finding and capitalizing on teaching opportunities. The Lord blessed us like no other this week. People were just crawling outa the wood work for us. We were finding solid people to teach and we've set up return appointments with all of them. What's cool is that Every single one of them had talked to missionaries before, which helped me see that no effort on a missionaries part is wasted. People are always being prepared by the Lord whether we realize it or not.

One family in particular are the Sotelos. Its Adriana (mom) and her two daughters Brenda(17) and Alexa(11). We went by them and they were so ready to sit down and learn. They were so attentive the whole lesson really internalizing the things that they were being taught by both us and the spirit. It was awesome to see their faith growing right before our eyes. Teaching the Restoration never gets old, because every time I can look someone in the eye and tell them that I know this and that happened, my testimony is strengthened so much more. There is nothing I can do to repay the Lord for all that he has blessed me personally with and the miracles e's allowed me to witness and be apart of. I Love the Savior. I love him for what he's done and for what he's doing for me now. They plan on coming to church next week, and we are going to invite them to be baptized next lesson with them. Over this week was really good, as far as teaching, finding, serving, and the 4th of July just topped it all off! We were on exchanges the night of the 4th, so me Elder Anderson, Elder England and Elder Showers got to watch fireworks from their apartment balcony. It was definitely a memory I won't forget.

I am Loving my mission more than I ever have right now, and I am so thankful to be here. I Love Y'all and all you do for me, I really do. I can say how much it means to have family and friends supporting me along this journey. I hope this email helped someone today. I try and make them exciting, because missionary work is exciting! Anyways, that's about it for this week, until next time. Godspeed!

Love, Elder Page

(another beautiful sunset in CA, & In front of the house from Ferris Bueller)

We live after the manner of happiness...

It's been wonderfully sunny but also hot(I've gotten too used to cool
weather) so we moved our mattresses downstairs and sleep with ice
packs! Haha luckily it's cooled down some, but we even had two thunder
storms! So nice.

Sister Black was sick this week s we stayed in about 2 days, but we
had fun still and I just love her! I really know that this
companionship is indeed inspired! I also love how much we teach in
unity and I really do believe that God is just blessing us. I have a
firm testimony that this gospel is happiness! Honestly, it's like the
Nephites who had a million things going against them but they still
"lived after the manner of happiness". I know that being a follower of
Christ can bring us deep happiness because it is a joy that isn't
passing, but is eternal! I know this week when I felt down all I had
to do was just share the gospel with someone and my spirits were right
back up! I just know that God is our loving Father in Heaven and if we
keep the commandments and desire to do good, than he will grant us our
righteous desires! Sorry for all of the exclamation marks, I'm just
excited! Haha

This week we saw Tayo again! He is amazing. We met with him and shared
the plan of salvation (it's a lesson we teach about where we came
from, our purpose on this earth, and where we go after this life)(or
happiness!) and he loved it. I think he can feel that there is light
in this message we share, and that light comes from the spirit. He was
very set though on just meeting with us to learn and said he had no
real intentions to join the church. By Gods grace by the end of the
lesson he is now praying between two dates to be baptized. To be
honest, I'm so worried! But I do know that perfect love casts out all
fear, and that I have nothing to fear.

Also I have come to realize that I love serving! I love love love to
serve others. When sister black was sick I was more than happy to take
care of her, and then throughout the week I realized that I was
happiest when I was putting others ahead of myself. I think that's one
key to this work that I've discovered, it's all about putting the
needs of others ahead of ourselves. I know that's when I've learned
the most patience, or humility, or whatever Christ-like attribute I
needed to learn.

I feel like so much happens every week that I have the hardest time
telling y'all, sorry about that! Oh also on the fourth there was a
stake activity(a stake is multiple churches I the area that meet
together) and it was so nice to get closer to the members here.
Manchester stake is wonderful! They even involved the missionaries in
a few activities, including a watermelon eating contest! Haha we went
against two bishops and the kids were allowed to help us sisters, but
we still didn't win! Anyways, have a wonderful week I love you all!

Sister Miller

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