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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Guess who is having another Birthday! #19

19 already! Once again where has the time gone. Happy Birthday Zachary! Can't believe you will be leaving on your mission in a month. Glad that you enjoyed your time at BYU, you really have grown in so many areas, and that will continue as you serve your mission and the people in Japan. "Happy Birthday" and we wish you many more in the future! Thanks for being such a good son and good example to so many. We love you!

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Twas the night before Christmas and all through the house...

High School Soccer

This was Tory's first year of High School soccer...a Page tradition it seems. He received the All Ohio Award this year. It's meaning was alittle different than usual. We are very proud of Tory taking on a position he has never played, that seems to be a tradition as well. Tory never complained, and he grew and learned alot about team work and how everyone has an important role. Great job this year Tory!
Tory and I after getting his award.
Tory with Coach Spinell

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Decorating...it's Christmas time again!

This year it was just Tory, Abigail and myself to go hunt for the Christmas tree. Which was a little sad, but we picked out a beautiful one. We always make sure we say hello to Ruby and Pearl. They are the sweetest dogs.

Don't think that Daisy and Smores were too excited about their Christmas sweater, but they humored me.

Smores likes it under the tree
Elders Fuller and Smethurst helped us with decorating the tree this year!

Look at all of my happy elves I had this year...all done!
Even Matthew joined in on all the fun!
Here are the ornaments that everyone got this year...
Abigail got her driver's license this year
This is Dallin's we could not find an airplane so we settled for a taxi...he came home from his mission.
This is Jaclyn's...her heart joined our family this year!
This is Tory's..his first year playing High School Soccer.
This is Matthew's because he is away in AZ and we are still writing him letters.
Zach's ornament this year...because he was Codsworth from Beauty and the Beast. And he did a fabulous job!

Monday, December 6, 2010

Elder Page had a stuffed Thanksgiving :)

I think Elder Page feels like he has done nothing but eat lately...he probably has done alot of it over Thanksgiving. I don't know why we members expect them to eat so much. I know I fix so much food for them, like it's there last meal. Why do we do that to the poor guys who just are just trying to hard not to get fat. Because we love them soo much I guess that is just how we mom's show it, sorry Elders! I love Matthew's sense of humor. He just makes me laugh! Looks like he got stuff at Thanksgiving!
Matthew is sooo funny! He is so worried about getting fat...oh well I guess he is not really that worried :)
Matthew's new companion, Elder Carter.

We are now 8 Pages Long!!!

OuR BloG hAs ChaNgEd juSt a LitTle. We ArE noW 8 PagEs LonG. We ArE sO HappY to HaVe JacLyn in OuR FamiLy!

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