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Sunday, September 20, 2009

To Matthew From Tory!

This is a video that Tory made for Matthew. We thought it was pretty cute and very Tory! Attention: Song title? Pay special attention to the end of the Video and the tribute that was made to Matt and his Mission...AZ

Savior, Redeemer of my Soul

yeah!!!! I finally got this downloaded to the blog for Elder Page to hear. This is what Matthew and Elder Burk sang last Sunday at church. (This is them practicing) It was beautiful. Wish Dallin could have been here to enjoy this and hearing Matt's talk, but this is the next best thing.

Got to love a Sunday Afternoon

Gotta love a sunday afternoon. Today was Stake Conference, so we actually had a sunday afternoon. Usually we are at church. It was a great conference. Saturday is always the best session, you learn so much. The Missionaries came home with us afterwards. It has been a nice day, every one is taking a little nap, reading or playing the piano! Steve, Matt, & Me
Me and my sweetie pie
Alcides & Matthew
Group shot...even Zach who is catching some ZZZZZZZZZZZZZ
Zachary fell asleep...as usual. So they were having fun with him!

Elder Hutchins and Elder Burk after sunday dinner. Their dinner appointment got canceled so we had them over to join us (can't have them eatting alone on a sunday!) We love having them over. "Smile to your mom's guys!"

Friday, September 18, 2009

Temple Day!

Today was a wonderful day at the temple. Steve, Matt and I went to the Raleigh Temple today. It was a great day for our family. The day started out rainy and dreary, but it turned into a beautiful day. We missed Grandma Peggy ( we hope you are feeling better soon!) and Grandpa Jack. Grandma Myra and Grandpa Lindsey were there and Aunt Anne. We are glad they could join us on such a great occassion. Matt is going to be a wonderful missionary. We love you Matt.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

More Pizza?

This week after district meeting we all went to have lunch at Masamo's
Pizza...that's where me and Fui ate the imfamous 28" pizza. I decided to not do that
again this time. Once is enough for me. :)
left to right: Parker (florida), Allred (alberta, canada), Gillman (utah),
Farnsworth (armarillo, TX), me, Perez (Quebec, canada)

Monday, September 14, 2009

Little drummer boy 2

The Open House

So many people came to the Open House for Elder Page. We have a lot of wonderful people in our lives. It was wonderful chaos to have so many there. Everyone enjoyed all the many desserts. Three more weeks and he will be off to the MTC. Thank you to everyone who came to give Matthew a very happy send off. Matt & Mckenna
Cleaning up after the Party...Alcides and Steve are always helping out.

The Watson Family with Matt
Joseph, Matt, Rebekah, Brooke, Carter, Tory, Olivia
Matt & Carter
Matt with some of his favorite people
Elder Hutchins, Mckenna, Matt, Elder Burk
Ben Griffes, Ty Longworth and Mckenna
Julie Zenger, Mark Aldous, Ryan Wheatly with two of his cute little girls, and Cari Aldous
Me and Jason Mattingley
Dad talking with Paul Giler
Fernanda, Glenn Beckworth, Matt, and Rhonda Beckworth
Some of the girls..Hailey Shumate, Sarah Shaw, Sophie Giler, Hayden Giler
Celeste Lambert, Mikayla and Nichelle Shaw
David Thornock, Mckenna & Bailey Thornock
Gloria Larson, Kristalyn & Ainsley Thornock
Scott, Dad, Mom, and Pam
This is the Bruckman Family.
Mrs. Bruckman was one of

Sunday Mornings

It's the sunday morning of matthew's Mission farewell. Some of the cousins came down early with Uncle Scott to spend the night. What a goodlooking group of Young Men. It proved to be a wonderful day. One of the best Sabbath Days I have ever had. Matt and Elder Burk did a beautiful job on the music. Elder Hutchins, Brother Mitchell and Matthew all spoke. It was a very spiritual day! The Page Gang!
I liked this picture of Alcides...very handsome in his suit!
Uncle Scott & Abigail
Notice her Elder Slauson tie!
Matt with his dear friend Zach Ward. Zach came down from school just to come hear Matt speak. He is a great friend.
Sweet pictures of McKenna & Abigail

These two are so much a like! They are like "two brothers from another Mother"

Tory, Alcides, Zach and Zach Ward...After church on Sunday...and what a great Sunday it was!

Jaclyn and Mckenna together after a long time. We love these girls! Jaclyn went to Utah to visit Mckenna and they picked up right where they left off, BFFs

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Lots and Lots of soccer!

Thanks to Mr Andrejack we have some great soccer pictures this year. Here are some of Zach and Alcides. They suffered a hard lose last night to Butler 5-2. They played a great game and defense broke down in at the end of the game. Better luck next game guys...Go BULLDOGS!

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