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Monday, April 27, 2015

This is my life...

Hey Everybody!

So this past week might have been one of the fastest weeks I've had on my mission! I swear 2 years just shouldn't be going by this fast. Its crazy to think that this transfer that I feel like just started is already 1/2 over!!! I really do hope me and Elder Henry get to serve another transfer together. Time really does go by faster when you are having fun. I think I have finally had the realization that this mission that I've been serving for 9+ months is my life now. This is just a part of who I am as a person. It feels like things are just rolling, I am really Loving this work, and I am confident in what the Lord has called me to do. I guess I have had these feelings in spurts over the past few months, but looking back on this week I just feel like I am Where I Belong and this is it. And I just want y'all to know I couldn't be happier. I Am so grateful to be serving a mission, to be serving the people around me, and to be serving the Lord. I am building so many friendships with members and missionaries around me that I know will be lifelong. And I'm not saying I'd ever want to live here in Southern California after the mission, but I feel like for now, This Is Home and I like it.

Well, those are some of my thoughts and feelings for today. As far as the work, me and Elder Henry are getting a lot of great things done with the lords help. People are just pooping out of the woodwork and we are just feeling really blessed. It seems like I have had a lot of opportunities (more than usual) this week to teach from, testify of, and invite people to read from the Book of Mormon. I'm glad that this is the case because its helped me gain an even stronger testimony that it is true and that these people really can come closer to Christ by reading it. Its a really good feeling when you promise someone, as they read they can feel the spirit, and just know that it will happen as they put the time, effort and prayers in; Only because its happened to you. Because I have the chance to read the Book of Mormon everyday I really do know that they Will feel the spirit because I feel it when I read. The Book of Mormon is the word of God, without question, it JUST IS. And the best part is, is that when people feel the spirit and gain a testimony that it is true then they realize that everything else has to be true! The good ol' domino effect.

Its been a good week of sharing and inviting to put it simply. Yesterday Julia (the girl who was baptized) was confirmed and she asked me to do it! At first I was kinda nervous because I had never confirmed anyone or even thought about confirming anyone before. But she really wanted me to do it, so I happily said that I would do it. It was a real spiritual experience for me to be able to give Julia the gift of the Holy Ghost and Confirm her a member of Christ's restored Church. It was Awesome to say the least. We went to visit her last night and there was definitely something different about her and we knew it was the companionship of the spirit. All I can say is that this Gospel is real, the Church is True and that by living the teachings of the Savior we will be happier, safer, and more prepared to meet God again.

I hope that this email made y'alls weeks goes Great! I Love You Guys! I cant wait to Skype on the 10th! Until next email... Godspeed!!!

Love, Elder Page

We're sharing a message from the Lord...

So this time last week, I was SO worried about the week ahead. I'm just really good at worrying. Even Sister Dunn was worried! So we both prayed and felt peace, and knew that whatever would be throw our way this week would be alright. Things were throw at us (I'm sure literally if the people had things to throw!) We met so many people who were just not happy to see us and were sure happy to tell us that they weren't in many words! Honestly, this would've shaken me a few months ago, but it was weird because I just felt like I couldn't be moved. No matter what people said or did, I was grateful to know that God was there and that he was refining us. In the Book of Mormon in 1 Nephi 20:10 it says " for behold, I have refined thee, I have chosen thee in the furnace of affliction". I have come to know the truthfulness of that verse this past week! Because after all the trials came miracles! We invited 3 wonderful people to be baptized and 2 out of three said yes! We have had so many opportunities to teach and so much help from the members of the ward. There's one member here, Brother Bob, who has worked close with missionaries over the past 30 years. He said that he received a prompting to work with me and Sister Dunn. The other day we were outside of Stretford mall, and this is how great brother bob is, he sat in his chair, held a restoration pamphlet, and said, "we're sharing a message from the Lord!" until someone stops, and we met some really wonderful people who we'll be seeing this next week from that!

I just wish I had time to tell y'all about every single thing because it's just so exciting! The two biggest things, were Hardeep and Mark. We met Hardeep my first day in Stretford, and we were finally able to meet with him again. We met with him in the park, and he was able to share some things he would like to learn and then it started to rain. Lightly at first, but then pouring! But as it started to pour the spirit prompted me and Sister Dunn to invite him to be baptized, and he said "yes, what time?" It was so AMAZING! Then next is Mark. He was someone that was taught by missionaries a little over a year ago, but I think he got lost in the mix. So we saw his name, set an appointment, and visited him with Brother bob and another member. The lesson was so lead by the Lord, and I just love watching people's faith grow right in front of my eyes! It's just so humbling! We were able to invite him to be baptized as well, and he said yes!

There is much work ahead, but I am just grateful for the refiners fire, and that if you let it help you instead of hurt, the Lord really will be able to use you!
I hope y'all will remember to always pray,
I love you all!
Stay safe please!
Sister Miller

Moroni 8:25...

Hello Everybody!

So some big things have happened over this last week. I guess I'll start with the baptism we had yesterday! I know you guys are probably thinking... "Baptism? Where is this coming from?" But I'll explain. So since Ive been here in Long Beach Me and Elder Henry have been teaching this family. The brother of the girl who got baptized his name is George and he was taught and baptized about a month ago. And so we started teaching his 11 year old sister Julia. She is seriously the sharpest, brightest 11 year old Ive ever met. As we taught her she just absorbed everything! She really has a testimony of the gospel, and it has been so cool to see her just except it all. She She had come to church before with George but had never really been taught till the week me and Elder Henry went by. It was honestly kind of a last minute baptism, but she really wanted to be baptized this weekend so we made it happen. There was a really special spirit at the baptism, because although Julia is only 11 years old, it helped me see really how simple the gospel really is. and Everyone that talked to Julia at the baptism just kept saying, "Become as a little child" And its so true. There were a lot of people there which was awesome! Elder Payne, one of the elders who taught George, Julia,s brother came to the baptism, so that was cool for him to see it. I just felt blessed to be apart of it all really.

And the best part about this work is is that its the lord who is really preparing these people, its him who is preparing us to find them. There is a lot of Miraculous things happening here in Long Beach. Our Whole District is doing such good work and we are seeing the lords hand left and right! Me and Elder Henry were able to set 2 more baptismal dates with a daughter and a 17 year old grand daughter of an older Samoan Member named Peter. He is the only member right now in the family but they have all been coming to church and its so great to see families come together because of the gospel. Its All True!! I'll tell ya! The part member work in this area is rolling. That's the way to do it. Its the best to see members reach out to those they love and share the gospel with them. And us as missionaries are simply instruments in the lords hands to move the work along. I am really loving it here in Long Beach. I hope I stay here for a good while, especially with Elder Henry! We are getting along so well and we are just enjoying serving together. I know that the lord is watching over us, he's watching over me and he is over the salvation of souls. And if we do our part, he will make up the difference. He loves us.

Well, I gotta get going but I hope y'all know that I love you. I hate that I'm missing so many excited things happening but, I know I'm where I need to be and I look forward to getting to enjoy it all when I get back home one day. Have a great week everyone! Until next week... Godspeed!

Love, Elder Page

Moroni 8:3

I feel a need to update y'all on the weather every week because it's always just so different! This week is was quite sunny and it made everyone optimistic and happy to talk to us! It's even been warm enough to go without a coat during some parts of the day, I just love the weather here! I sure hope I say that next week haha.

Well anyway we started off last week good, me and Sister Dunn are more than determined to work hard this transfer, especially because it's so short. We then had a zone meeting (all of the missionaries in the Manchester area) and our zone leaders talked about pushing forward until the end of the day, week, transfer, whatever and to not set limits for ourselves. They focused on how if we set a goal, and surpass it, keep going! We also had stake conference and one of the speakers talked about setting a new pace for ourselves. I then compared all of this to running and how when I run, I get tired, but then somehow I just place the next foot in front and how I don't stop until the end. Also how when you're racing, you don't just keep a mellow pace, you set a new pace for yourself if you want to accomplish great things. When I run, I rely on my team mates for help, and my coach to give me direction.

This week I felt like I ran a race with Sister Dunn, who is my team mate. I feel like everyday we went out determined to do better than the day before, every single day. We set a fast pace (or goals) to talk to EVERYONE around us, even the people who look mad as we start to talk to them or people in bus shelters (bus shelters and bus contacting are still hard for me). We took the time to really listen to people and we have watched SO many people soften and feel of God's love, even if it's just for a minute. Also I know that Heavenly Father is our "coach" guiding our feet and pushing us when the days are hard and seem never ending. He helped us set a personal record, and I am just so excited to set another one! I am so grateful for the past week me and Sister Dunn had, I've never had so many teaching opportunities and people willing to learn more! Heavenly Father really has prepared this area for me and Sister Dunn, all we have to do is be willing and humble! By last night we were pooped, but let me tell you, it's well worth it! I do love running, but I love missionary work more.

Also one the second of May we're having a mission wide conference about the IPads, on the bright side we don't have to pay for them! They'll be property of the missions. But we won't be getting them for a few weeks after because there's still some security issues. Also on the 27-29 Elder Teixeria (he's an area seventy, or someone who looks specifically over the members in Europe..I think?) will be coming and will have half mission wide conferences and he'll teach us! We have so many exciting things happening here in the EMM!!!

I love you all so very much,
Moroni 8:3
Sister Miller

Monday, April 13, 2015


Hello everybody!

So just to clarify, Rananim means Hello in Chuukese, which is the language my companion Elder Henry Speaks. He's teaching me a little bit here and there. He is from Micronesia but to be more specific he comes from a little island called Chuuk, its about a mile and a half around, so that pretty much says it all. He is still working on his english so sometimes it's hard for me to understand what he is saying, but I Love em'! He came out on his mission not knowing a lick of english but he has learned so much for the time he has been in the U.S. I get to do english study with him for an hour every morning and It's so cool to be able to teach the english language because it's something I've just always know and never have had to teach it to anyone. So I'm actually learning quite a bit too.

Our area covers most of central Long Beach. We split the ward with two other Elders, Elders Showers and Merialen, they are both such good missionaries and just great guys! Downtown Long Beach is within our ward boundaries, but me and Elder Henry cover more of the suburbian areas, while the other elders cover Downtown. The work here is actually pretty good. It's a lot like the first area I was in (virginia ward). It's actually the same stake, which is cool. The people are humble, willing to listen, and me and Elder Henry have just hit the ground running. We work really well together, we are teaching a lot, finding a lot of new people to teach, and this coming week we are gonna really try and start working with members to come out with us, and work with the less-active members because there are a lot in this ward.

On Sunday there were maybe 75-80 people there, and a good few were visiting for the week. I don't mind though, because that means me and Elder Henry will have plenty to do and I'll get to know the members that do come on a more personal level. It's weird to be back in the Long Beach Zone, but I really like it. There aren't any sisters in the zone, just Elders, so that's different, but all good. We have a car so that's definitely a tender mercy. Our area is pretty dang big, and we have recently had quite a few appointments so the car really helps. I Love My district too!!! Aw man, Elder Ward from the MTC is in it with his new missionary Elder Brown. And the other Elder Brown from the MTC is in another district in the zone. So it's really nice to be back with them! Overall, I am Very Happy here in Long Beach, I feel good about the area and me and Elder Henry's companionship, there's Never a dull moment, we have too much fun. But its great!

I am having so many awesome experiences and I really do feel like I'm growing and being stretched so that's always good. I finally feel like I'm getting the hang of this whole missionary thing. Anyways, That's about it for this week, I look forward to sharing more specific experiences I have in the coming weeks. I hope y'all have a great week and stay safe! I Love You Guys! Thanks for always keeping me in the loop and upbeat!

Can't wait till next week, but until then... Godspeed!!!

Love, Elder Page

P.S. Congrats Matt & Kimber!!! I can't wait to meet him!

He found a reorganized church there, hummmm...

All is well in Stretford...

Stretford is SO different than South Port, and I love it. We live a 5 minute walk from the chapel and also less than 10 minutes from the Manchester United Stadium...haha so it's pretty busy on match days! But there are loads of people to speak with, and it is so fun! So many cultures, languages, and ethnicities. It takes about an hour to get to either end of our area on bus so we tend to stay in an area most of the day. I feel like me and Sister Dunn will do amazing things this transfer. Something I realized right when I got here on Wednesday was that all I need is a seed of faith to do the Lords work. I think that is AMAZING. All I need is a little mustard seed of faith, and I can move mountains.

I love Sister Dunn, she is wonderful. My little Fijian. She is optimistic and loving! It was POURING (so fun) and she just said "oh thank you! this is great!" and she was sincere about it! She is so dedicated to the Lord and I look to her as an example. I also love her testimony, it is so firm and she truly relies on the Lord.

I think the Manchester zone is great, especially our area because there is ALWAYS someone to talk to,it's so exciting! It is also a bit scary, but I know that if I rely on the Lord, He'll bless me with the strength to effectively share the gospel. The biggest things this week are one: we met this amazing man named Barry. We met him as we were walking back home for tea. There were two people coming our way, so I started to talk to Natasha, and then Sister Dunn to Barry. Barry ended up being very interested and we were able to share a Book of Mormon with him and to set a return appointment. We were on our way for our return appointment when we walked past him (he was heading to the shop quickly before we came round) and Sister Dunn pointed out that it was Barry, so we kind of, well...went after him! Haha we waited for him outside of the shop and then when he came out we started to talk to him. He was happy to see us, and the member we brought with us to fellowship was perfect for him! We proceeded to bear testimony about making promises and keeping commitments, and invited him to the fireside (we prayed really hard to find someone that would benefit from the fireside where recent converts bear their testimony). He said he would try to come, so we left it at that. Then on Sunday after church, we called by, and he said that he would come and he'd be ready at 6. So lo and behold, after much trusting and putting things in Heavenly Fathers hands, Barry came to the fireside and LOVED it! He asked when we would be coming back to teach him more and talked about going to stake conference next Sunday. It was brilliant.

Another thing is that the French I learned in high school came in handy. We were again, walking home and we ran into a French man! After he tolerated and laughed at my broken French, we told him we could bring him a French Book of Mormon! Our Zone Leaders went out of their way to bring us a French Book of Mormon, but when we went to visit him we sadly later found out his address does not exist. Being slightly disappointed, but still holding onto faith, I kept the French book of Mormon in my bag. Then yesterday as we were waiting for a bus we started to talk to this man who was from Morocco (they speak French!) and I was SO excited! We started to talk about the Book of Mormon and he said he would love one, and I was able to whip out that French Book of Mormon! We plan to see that man, Mahi, tonight! :)

I appreciate all of your prayers more than you know, they give me so much strength.

Love, Sister Miller

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Spring has finally arrived...

Thank goodness spring is finally here. It is the most wonderful time of the year. I love that everything comes alive and is so colorful and the outdoors is just calling your name..."come on outside and enjoy the beauty!"
It was our Grand Daughter Scarlett's first Easter. What a joy it is to see things for the first time again through the eyes of children. She studies everything she sees, especially people!
She loves the park, feeling grass between her cute little toes, and swinging on the swings.

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