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Monday, June 30, 2014

Abigail's Letter to Matthew & Kimber...

Welp Matthew, it looks like it was my turn to not be at home when there´s a wedding :) But either way, I am sooo beyond happy for you!! You have always been such an example to me of becoming better and enduring when there are trials. Thanks to you, I have been able to grow and become more of who the Savior wants me to be...well the truth is that it´s thanks to every member of our family...Momma, Daddy, Dallin, Jaclyn, Zachary, Marissa, Tory, Katie, you, and now Kimber! I can honestly say that my family is the best! And we just keep growing and getting better! Score :)
I know that we are sent to this earth in families because they are ordained of God. They are central to His plan of happiness. I know that the joy that we can feel as families is the closest to heaven that we can be in this life, and that it is a billion times better that anything that the world can offer! Support, unconditional love, laughs, respect, growth...a piece of heaven...that´s what families are for. And today, our family is expanding a little bit more!
Kimber...welcome to the family! I don´t really know you yet, but I know that if you are marrying Matt, you´ve gotta be pretty cool. I just wanna tell you thank you. Seriously, thank you so much for completing our family even more and for making us 10 Pages long ;) Thank you for loving Matthew and for helping him be who the Lord wants him to be. Thanks, both of you, for being worthy to enter and be married in the temple. I´ve learned that that covenant is the most precious and important opportunity and gift that our Heavenly Father has given us and that it will bless y´alls lives every day. Never stop dating, never stop progressing together, nunca dejen de decirse que se aman...con todo su corazón. Kneel in prayer and read your scriptures together EVERY DAY, and I promise y´all that angels will protect your home always and the power of Satan will not exist there. I´ve seen that this promise is true. Again, I´m so happy for you two and I wish y´all the best there is! I love you, Matthew and Kimber, with all my heart.
Love always and always, your sister (and new sister),
Hermana Abigail Page

Faith in every footstep....

On Saturday, it was around 11 pm (when we go to sleep) and I said goodnight to my companion...and I was layin there when suddenly I screamed "GASP! ....my brother is MARRIED right now!! AHHH, que loco!" My companion started laughing so hard at me. But it just hadn´t come to my mind until that moment! That´s so crazy....I hope everything went super great in the weddings and that everyone just enjoyed every moment!

The game of Chile and Brasil was CRAZY....not that we watched it but we could hear the reactions of everyone else when we were in the street, and they were all really worked up! Haha.. down to the last penalty to decide the game..yikes!

On Thursday, my companion and I had a day of literally being instruments in the Lord´s hands...and I can honestly say that every step that we took was because the Lord wanted us to. So we had weekly planning and so we started the day after lunch. We ate lunch with a less active and her family and she talked and talked and talked, so we thought yeah, we gotta go. And literally 15 steps away from her house, we ran into my conversos that we havent seen in a long time (Cristina y Sebastian), so we visited with them and they talked and talked and talked so after a while we thought (again) yeah okay, we gotta go. So we were literally 5 steps outside of there apartment and we ran into another progressing less active and she was like "Are you guys coming to my house?"...so we went to visit with them, and (again) they talked and talked and talked, and we thought okay we´ve gotta go (again). So 10 steps away from there front door we passed the front door of a member and right when we were there, she opened her door (not knowing that we were there..so we kinda scared her) and said "Hermanas! I needed to talk with you two", so we talked with her.....and she talked and talked and talked, and it was time to go home so we thought (again) okay, we´ve gotta go. And 5 steps away from her front door, our investigator that´s gonna get baptized (Isidora) and her family passed by in their truck and said "HEY, do you guys wanna ride home?" Hahaha...so yep. I have such a strong testimony ahora that it´s true that God will put us in the path of the people that need us most. And it was a really great experience! Maybe we didn´t do many contacts, or no one came and said BAPTIZE ME, but I can honestly say that it was a great day enjoying being in instrument in the Lord´s hands and seeing that He is in control of His work :)

I love you all so much, and I am BEYOND happy to hear and see that you are all progressing and growing and doing great and fun things all the time. It´s the best news that I could recieve while being on a mission...that everyone is progressing for the better!

Have a great week...and send my pictures of the wedding!!

Love always and always,

Hermana Abigail Page

Monday, June 23, 2014


It has been so fun watching the World Cup together as a family. We have been cheering for the USA of course, Brazil, Chile, England and Argentina. It was exhausting to watch the USA vs Portugal game yesterday. USA just has its work cut out for them, but they can do it!

Sorry no time...

such a busy girl. But she did what I needed her to do. We will hear from her next week.
Mom, I don´t have time to write an email this week cause I did the thing for Matt and Kimber. SORRY! I love you lots! Have a great great GREAT time in Utah! Take lots of pictures and tell everyone that I love them bunches!
Hermana Mori wants yáll to send her a thing to hold her temple recommend y stickers that mark the scripture masterys please!

Love always and always,

Hermana Abigail Page

Monday, June 16, 2014

se cayó de los cielos..al dentro una pila baptismal

On Tuesday we went to Viña and Elder Robbins had a conference with us..the WHOLE MISSION! And it was loco. It was the first time that we have all been together since Presidente got here! The conference was so great! He did it like a question answer kind of thing, so it was great to receive counsel personally for what we needed as a mission. And AGAIN, I received such a powerful witness that President Kahnlein is called of God to be our mission president. What a blessing! I swany, he´s gonna be a member of the Seventy one day!
Also, I finally saw family Schramm! She was reading every nametag trying to find me for mom!

And the miracle of the week is... (backstory) we have been in a rut in the work. And honestly, it´s been pretty hard to find people, especially people that wanna progress... and thus el animo has been difficult to retain also. We prayed, and worked, and fasted, and worked...and prayed again, but something always seemed to happen with our investigators. And this past week was the last week that we could find people that could potentially be baptized in June. And so after a cambio (transver) and a half without many frutos,(fruits) we tried to kick it into gear this past week and on Saturday at 8 o´clock at night, we ran into our bishop and he said, "Hey! I´ve got a reference for you". Turns out, that a girl had gone to the church website, looked for la capilla (chapel) nearest her, and the bishop´s number was on there too, so she texted the bishop and asked if she could attend church on Sunday. Obviously, he send yes! Haha So we passed by her house on Sunday morning and walked to church together; she cried during church cause she had such a great experience; we went to her house later that night to teach her; and she accepted a baptismal date for the last day of June!!!!! When we prayed for a miracle, we had no idea that she would quite literally fall from heaven and into her baptismal font, pero BUENO! Hahaha. WE were almost crying we were so happy. I felt like los pueblos in the Book of Mormon..when they literally couldn´t go anymore and in THAT moment was when the Lord blessed them in abundance. But...yep.
OH! Also something about Katy (the chica), a few weeks ago we felt prompted to knock her street, so we knocked and knocked and knocked and then we realized that we were late for an appointment, so we said "we´ll knock until the white house and then we´ll go".....and guess what, we found out who lives in the white house?? KATY! The miracle girl..hahaha. We were like WHAT!! Pero bueno. We didn´t find her, so she came and found us! And all´s well that ends well!

***I had to use a Spanish-English dictionary to write parts of this email cause I couldn´t think of the words..or how to spell them...hahaha how sad! I don´t know if thats good or bad honestly.

-Mom, I´ll write the letter for Matt and Kimber and send it next week! And sorry, no photos cause my companion is using my camera today.

-I can´t believe that Tory graduated from high school!! Que loco!

Have a great week!! Have a wonderful trip to Utah and preparing for the wedding and all that jazz. Love you all bunches of honey oats!

I pray for y´all todos los días.

Love always and always,

Hermana Abigail Page

Fathers are so special....

Fathers are so special with a special kind of love. They watch us and protect us. They guide us and direct us Back to our home above.

Happy Fathers Day to all of the great days in my life!

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Rápido y furioso...

Wow! My package must have been flown to the States by Superman cause I went to the post office on Monday in the afternoon..and it was on our front porch on Saturday! I´m so glad that you guys liked the stuff inside! I tried really hard to find stuff that you guys would like..lucky my companion was patient with my medio bipolar choices.. "si..no...maybe..I dont know if they'll like it...oh, maybe this is better...ahhh, why are there so many people in my family" hahaha.

So I remember one time when Dallin got home from his mission, we were eating hotdogs and he put mayonaise on his hotdog. And everyone was like awwww gross, how fatty blah blah. Welp, a couple of blocks from our apartment, there's a lady that sells completos...its like a latino hotdog...and it is fuuulllll of different types of mayo. And let´s just say that now I´m converted to the completos! And I would like to take this moment to ask for Dallin's forgiveness. Because he was more wise than I was at that time.

This past week were cambios. And............Im in Brillador de nuevo con Hermana Mori! Whoop whooop. I was really happy cause our investigator Isidora and her family are progressing so much (they are working towards a temple sealing at the end of the year), and I wanted to be here to see her baptism!

Then on Friday we went to Viña again for a consejo with Presidente. Working so close with all the leaders is the best! I feel like I am/will progress a lot in this calling.

*Sometimes being the clay for the Master Potter is rough. Cause we get squished and pulled and pressured por todos lados! And through all that, we gotta keep the faith that we are gonna end up being the prettiest pots ever.. Sometimes that´s the hard part. But then we live up from where we are splattered on the wheel and we realize that, it´s okay, that we´re okay..cause he is still the Master Potter...And we know and can feel that it´s His hands shaping and supporting and changing us. It´s a dizzy process spinning around and around like that, but I know that we will end up perfectly shaped, glazed, and beautiful in His eyes :) ..So my goal now is to enjoy the time we have as clay in His hands!

Also tomorrow we are heading to Viña AGAIN! (I feel like I live in the bus terminal!) Cause Elder Lynn G Robbins de the presidency of the seventy is gonna talk to us!! I´ll let yall know how it goes!

Love you all! Thank you for your prayers, cause I need em! I pray you you guys every day! Lets of lovin y´alls way :)

Love always and always,

Hermana Abigail Page

**Can ya throw in an issue of the general conference ensign in the package!

Monday, June 2, 2014

"Hey now, hey now. This is what dreams are made of..."

This week:

-we left our apartment complex to go tracting and there were a herd of horses that had escaped from I don´t know where and they were grazing in the park across the street. LUCKY I had an apple in my hands, so I ran over and fed it to a horse haha. It was a green apple, so afterwards, he had green spit and he started to follow us cause he wanted more and his green spit was flying everywhere. Plus, my companion has a fear of horses, and Willis (cause that´s what I named him) was trying to eat her backpack and she was running away and there he was...following right behind her. Pobrecita. 9poor little thing)

-I completed an item off of my bucket list!! In my bucket list, there is one adventure that says "see the Pacific ocean and put my feet in." Well when I arrived in La Serena, I completed the "see" part...but as a missionary, we can´t go galivanting on the beach...nor can our feet touch enter the sand part. So it seemed as though my dream would go unfulfilled. But one day I mentioned my dream to a member (the mom of Isidora..that´s gonna get baptized in June.......I talked with you guys from their house...they´re the ones!) So the other P-day, they said "we are gonna take you guys on a special trip for P-day", and we went to El Faro...the lighthouse. And they had brought a bucket, and they went to the water, got some from a wave, and brought it to the pavement/lighthouse where we were so that I could fulfill my dream!! So I sacked my shoes and put my feet in...and boy was it cold! BUT, CHECK that one off the good ´ole bucketlist :) DREAMS DO COME TRUE.

-The Lord watched over me and blessed me lots. When I´m down, or when we need a miracle, I can honestly say that God is ALWAYS there, and He always supports us. Always. Siempre jamas. How lucky are we that we have a father that loves us so much :) ....He blesses, but he doesn´t spoil ;)

By the way- I sent off a package today! With lots of gifts inside :) The wrapping job is thanks to Hermana Mori...you´ll understand what I mean when ya get it ha ha.

Momma, can you send me music? Hymns or piano or classical...or Enya! haha. BUT NO EFY...or things of that sort. Thank you!

Gots to get heading. Know that literally every one of yall are in my prayers EVERY day. Remember prayer is the passport to power. Share a smile and a cookie with another. Enjoy every moment of sun.

Love always and always,

Hermana Abigail Page

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