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Monday, May 26, 2014

Why I oughta...

You guys have had an eventful week to say for the menos.! (to say the least) Lotsof trials. but lots of blessings. Funny, how when we are righteous, we are blessed amidst trials. And I have no doubts that the Lord literally gives me strength and peace and comfort here because when something happens at home (when I read it on this side of the world) immediately it’s like "it’s okay, it’s in His hands, I’m here serving Him so they will be okay..blah blah. " For that I´m so grateful. I´ll be sure to pray and fast this week for you guys so that every one’s okay, especially Matt and Mom. (It´s funny cause right when y´all told me that Matt got beat up in the face, I thought OH NO, HIS SMILE! Hahaha even before you guys said the same).

This week I realized just how much Satan doesn´t like the work of the Lord...nor his missionaries. And this week, Satan didn´t like me very much and gave me a hard time...tan pesado él! (how sad) But thanks to the Lord and my amazing companion, I´m feelin’ better.

This week we had a huge activity in the ward. It was a karaoke night thingy, and I don´t know why but Latinos LOVE karoake haha. Tons of people came with less actives and with friends, and everyone was laughing and eating and just having a good ole time. We (the missionaries) planned everything, so it felt really good that it was such a success. I think I’m gonna miss crazy latino ward activities when I get home.

We also found a girl to teach and she is so awesome! Hopefully she´ll make it to her fecha en June!! Her name´s Jelen (Helen). She´s medio hippie..sunshine and God is love... BUT she is progressing really well already and I am really grateful that the Lord sends cualquier persona (people) to teach. In that sense, the work is so cool! We meet random people in the street, invite them to change their lives, and then help them do it! Que bacán. (how cool)

Gots to get headin. Thank you for all your prayers and support. If there is something that I can do to support you guys more, let me know and I´ll do it. Call me beep me if you need to reach me ;)
Thanks for being my forever family.
Love always and always,
Hermana Abigail Page

Monday, May 12, 2014

Photo bomb...

A really blurry picture of Abigail while skyping yesterday...

In the night, after talking to you guys, I had the biggest headache. EVER. Curse the Page curse of crying! Pero bueno. It´s all good. But literally, I love y´all so much. I am such a spoiled kid ‘cause I lucked out and got the best family around...en serio. You guys are always such great examples to me. And I am so glad that I know we are gonna be a family para siempre! (forever)

But you guys already know all the things that I could say to ya, so I am going to treasure up this time to send a boatload of pictures (Feliz dìa de madre Momma!) The computer ended up not working!!!

Know I love ya, I pray for ya, and I hope with all my heart that my service is blessing you guys a "itsy bitsy teen wheeny yellow polkadot bikini" bit every day :)

SIDE NOTE: It´s weird to think that this week was my half way mark, and the next time that I´ll talk with y´all, I´ll only have about a month left!

READ YOU SCRIPTURES every day (said in a nacho libre voice).
Love one another as Jesus loves you.
Eat Chick-fil-a.

Love always and always,
Hermana Abigail Page

PS...Sorry you guys have to deal with my spanglish...I´m starting to realize that it´s pretty bad ha ha. Eh, oh well.

Hermana Page and her new companion Hermana Mori from Peru

Monday, May 5, 2014

Alma y Amulek

Well mi cumple (birthday party) wasn’t the best one that I´ve had in my life, but it ended great with a special noche de hogar en la capilla. (fireside at the church) And I realized in the middle of it that every one of the most special people that I have in La Serena were there. And I just felt so much love in that moment. It was great!

Also this week we had interviews with President. I was a bit nervous beforehand...don’t really know why it happens every time, but si! Anywho, I came to the conclusion during my interview that He really is called of God to guide our mission. I´m so grateful that we have such a great President for our mission. But the part of my interview that was the cooliest was when President was ending with the prayer and in his prayer, he invoked the powers of heaven that my companion Hermana Mori and I could be like Alma and Amulek, baptizing thousands! I was like "WOOOWW...well there ya go!" so sometimes when I´m talking to Hermana. Mori ahora, I say, "ya, vamos Alma"( let’s go Alma) and she says "alright Amulek" hahaha. (gotta love mission humor). But that really hit mi Alma that part of his prayer. Now we are all animo! ( feeling the spirit) The powers of heavens are on our side...how can we NOT be like Alma and Amulek?? Vamos nada mas! :) ( we can do anything)

I´m gonna end here so I can send a picture or two a ustedes.

Talk to ya TAN PRONTO!

**I WILL SKYPE YALL AT 5:30-6ish in Sunday. And it’s the same time here that it is there right now so that’s easier than on Christmas. **

Love you guys con todo mi corazn! (with all my heart)
Soak up the sun, while I´m here trying to type with gloves on cause hay tanto frio...(so cold)

Love always and always,

Hermana Abigail Page

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