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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Another Day with the Missionaries

Today was another P-day...We were all soo tired from a very busy week that we just sat around and talked. It was so hot and humid today, no one really wanted to go outside. I guess it is OK to have those lazy days once in a while. I actually put the pictures in backwards, oh well. This is just for those missionary moms who don't really care about that, they just want to see pictures of their missionaries. Next week we have to do something fun. It will be Elder Slauson's birthday week! This was Elder Burk and Elder Slauson as they were leaving.

Wonder why Abby's hair is so shiny and pretty today...

Elder Burk and Zachary

Elder Burk in his favorite little corner of our home.

Could this be why Abby's hair is so shiny...

Elder Slauson said that he wanted to learn how to do girls hair so that he could help his wife fix his daughters hair for church. Always looking to the future. Elder Burk patiently waiting for his turn. :)

Pioneer Day Weekend.

Matt is having a great time at BYU...I think it will be hard for him to say good bye to his new friends. Sam invited them all to his home in Brigham City for Pioneer Day, and it looks like they all had alot of fun. Thanks Sam for being such a great friend!The guys being crazy...this picture looks familiar only it was Matt , Zach, and Dallin.
Matt with his other Mckenna ;)
Looks like Matt was taking the weekend off from shaving, they gave him the start of a goatee.
The gang...Juan, McKenna, Cory, Matt, Linda, Sam, Natalie

Carving watermelons like jack-o-lanterns, must be a Utah thing...:)

Anaheim Hills, CA

Elder Page and Elder Byers are working hard in their new area. They are trying to make
new contacts to increase their teaching pool. They did meet an interesting guy this week Joe "the apostle". Need I really say more. I can't believe Elder Page is coming up on his 6th month mark...time is going by quickly.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

YoutH ConFerencE 2009

This year's Youth Conference theme was S.M.I.L.E. (Spiritually Minded is Life Eternal) Our Stake Youth Committee worked with Gastonia Stake Youth Committee and planned a wonderful conference. Zach had the opportunity to be a part of that and really enjoyed it. I was not good at remembering my camera so I did not get pictures of the service project and a few other activites. They had 2 dances one formal and one casual. They had a day of Workshops... Defences Against the Dark Arts taught by Br. Nanto, An Ultimate Asset, Bro Barker, Missionary Preparation by 2 recently returned missionaries, and "Living His Life" twist on the Living My Life song by Steve page. I must say he did an excellent job! They were all great. Their service project was a carnival for the kids of Boys and Girls club. It was great fun and they had about 250 kids come. It was alot of work but the kids pulled it off and did a great job. Tory was such a good sport this weekend as we took care of YC, Chaperoning, and all of Steve's bishop responsibilities. Thanks so much Tory. It really helped to not have to worry about you.
Some of our Kannapolis youth,
Sebastian, Leah, Anna, Sam, Michael, Leilani
Jenica and Mariel came down for the weekend from DC and Conneticut. It was a nice surprise for Zach and his other friends.
Zach, Alex, Yiselle, Ben Mariel, Jenica
Zach and his dad
Steve surprised me and showed up after doing a wedding that evening. I finally got a dance partner.
Bro. Peacock with his girl friend Angie and Jack Sigg (gotta love that hair)
We were so glad that Emma Came to the dance. We have missed seeing her since she has been at BYU ( She is crazy fun)
Abby & Hailey
Sasha & Sebastian
Hailey and Zach
Hailey and Michael
Aubrey and Cory
Abby & Ryan
Ben and Celeste
Zach with his YM Pres. Jacob Peacock. Cool how they wore the same color shirt.
Abby and Anna
Abby with some of her friends, Allie, Micayla, and Aubrey
Zach and Jenica are so funny together. They were dancing and Jenica tries to dip Zach. I think she actually dropped him on the dance floor! She is so fun.

Zach & Yiselle
Jenica & Zach
Zach & Joey
I have great kids! It was wonderful being able to be with them at YC. Although Abby did keep her distance....I believe its a girl thing....non of my boys were ever like that!

Those two really love each other!

Abigail Zachary
Me & Zach at the semi-formal dance. I love chaperoning the Youth!
Handsome Zach
Yiselle & Zach
Yiselle & Zach & Jenica
I love this picture, sooo funny!
Luke, Mariel, Ben, Alex, Yiselle, Jenica, Zach

Monday, July 20, 2009

Elder Page's new companion

This is Elder Pages new companion Elder Byers. He is from Indiana. In his new area there is alot of wealth. He says that most of the teaching pool is from part member and less active. He says they will have to work on that. This was taken this morning of them.

" They say it's your Birthday" 100 years Young!

This past weekend we celebrated Grandpa Curry's 100th Birthday!!! He was quite the celebrity. About 250 friends and family joined in celebrating this great mans life. He has seen alot over his years and he will be glad to sit down and tell you about it. Talking is his favorite past time, besides working on the farm that is. The morning before his party he spent 10 hours on the tractor bush hogging. I guess that is what has kept him so young! He is proud to say he drove himself to his own party....yes he still drives, 91 years experience. We are so blessed to still have you with us Grandpa....I hope we get many more!Here is the" birthday boy" sitting in a rocking chair that some one made for him for his birthday. It came from a tree that grew on Grandpa's land. It is beautiful.
Grandpa Jack & Grandma Peggy were at the Party

Zach with Grandma PeggyAnd with Grandpa Jack
Steve's cousin Landon & Me

Steve & I with Grandpa

Grandpa's grandchildren (all but 20)
Dustin, Landon, Leslie, Barry, Sherry, Val
Carla, Elizabeth, Grandpa, Derrick, Steve
Steve's family
Carla, Leslie, Steve, Barry, Myra, Lindsey

Grandpa's children
Myra Wilbur, Melva Dean

Steve & I with my Parents
Abby with her Grandmas
Tory with his Grand pa Jack & Grandma Peggy

TOry had run off to play with cousins by the time we took this picture. SO we are missing Tory , Matthew and Dallin
The kids with the Birthday Boy

Steve with his Grandpa

Me giving Grandpa a single clutch.....that put a smile on his face!

Zach, Tory & Abby on the way home form the party. We had a great time!

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