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Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Finding for Dayz...

Hello Everyone,

So I'm gonna have to make this email a little shorter
because I'm using a softer that's as old as I am and its taking forever
to send anything, but this week was Awesome so I'll throw in the

With this being the first week on bikes Elder Prisbrey and
I figure the work was going to slow down a bit, but I guess the Lord
had other Plans. This week was full of Lessons with investigators,
meetings with families from the ward, finding new people to teach and
service! I cant describe the feelings of satisfaction, yet complete
absence of energy at the end of each day. I really seen the Lord
strengthen me when I've felt like the heat, the bike riding, the
appointments were just going to be too much. As I've prayed for help,
for energy and the strength, I have received it. At the end of everyday
when I lay my head down I think, how the heck Am I gonna get up
tomorrow and do this all over again, and when I wake up the next day,
I'm able to do just that. I know That the Lord is on Our right and on
our left as long as we are willing to receive his help and his

Well, my time actually just ended here at the library...
darnit! I think that that what I have said has summed up the week
simply though. I will have to give detailed update next week, but know
that I am well, I'm in Love with Missionary work, and I am increasing
in my faith everyday! Until next time... Godspeed!

Love, Elder Page

Bloom where you are planted...

I have learned a lot this week, I have loved it, and I haven't loved it haha but through it all I can feel the Lord using me and stretching me and I am so greatful for that!

This past week we did a lot of service for members, we painted fences, we walked dogs, and we just served. I just love how when we serve it truly brings us out of ourselves. I also love the joy on peoples faces as you serve. But something I have come to appreciate even more is how members serve throughout their weeks as well. In my previous wards I've seen this too, but it's finally clicked! The members truly are instruments in the hands of God as they serve their fellow brothers and sisters, and even us missionaries! A perfect example of that would be last night, we were completely stuck waaaay out in this villiage called Chirk. Whilst in Chrik we called by a former friend, who welcomed us in with open arms. Fay, is a single mum raising 4 children, and attending uni! She is absolutely lovely and we set up a time to come see her this coming Friday. Long story short, there weren't any buses. so we called our relief society president, Emma, and she was there to pick us up within 30 minutes. Like always we say thank you and show our love, but I just don't think that many people realize what an effect they have on us missionaries! How so many members serve so selflessly, everywhere, is amazing. And I am beyond greatful for all of those who have helped me and my companions.

We don't have a huge pool of friends (we're now calling investigators, friends), yet. We've been doing lots of finding, which is never dull! My favourite moment this week has to have been when we were doing a street display with our district. I said hello to this man and his daughter (Henry & Camellia, who is 6) and immediately Camellia runs up to me to show me her ear, which she had just gone to a&e for. Then she started to ask me who I was and then asked what book I was holding. The whole time henry was just watching me tell her about the Book of Mormon using the pictures. Then I asked Henry what he thought, and he said that he really wanted to learn more. Before I could ask Camellia gave me their address and we parted ways. they actually live in Birkenhead, but I know the missionaries there will take good care of them! Something I have come to realize again, is that where we are, we are needed. Someone needs us, and our talents and testimony. I love that and so my saying for the week has become, "bloom where you're planted".

sorry if this is suuuper long-winded, I just had to get all the details in! I love you all and please take care!

Love Sister Miller

Monday, September 21, 2015


Hey Everyone,
It's been another Great Week of the transfer, and it blows me away that it was the last week of the transfer! This might have been one of the quickest transfers of my mission so far, which is probably a good thing. We've been busy, we've been working hard and enjoying ourselves. Missionary work has been as fun as its ever been, and I Love that. Another Missionary that I really look up to once told me that if you're not having fun doing missionary work, you're doing something wrong. So I think Elder Prisbrey and I have really done a good job at working effectively and enjoying our work at the same time.
There's a lot of things I could say about this past week but I'll just hit the highlights. So first I want to say that crazy enough I was able to make to make a 20 minute trip over to the Anaheim Mission office. Elder Prisbrey had an appointment with a member that works with missionaries from the Long Beach Mission as well as the Anaheim mission. It was a weird experience because we were surrounded by Missionaries that we didn't know, and for me I knew that I was in the place Dallin began and ended his mission. It was pretty cool though, I was amazed at how close it was to us.
As for our area and our investigators, this week went pretty well. We have been consistently meeting lately with our investigator Daleen, but this week we weren't able to meet with her because she had relapsed with some of her addictions and she was feeling distant. we really didn't know what to do but pray that she would open back up. And just last night she texted us and asked if we wanted to meet. we were So Happy! we agreed and headed over to her place not really know what we'd share. And all I can say is that the 12 step videos the church has recently came out with could not have come out at a better time. We decided to watch those with her, and for like 20-30 minutes straight she was feeling the spirit and we were feeling the spirit, it was awesome! To make a long story short, Daleen's been through a heck of a lot, but we haven't given up on her and we've reminded her that the Lord hasn't given up on her. She seems to be back on track and doing well, so just keep praying for her please.
As for other investigators, everyone is doing pretty well, we've really just been trying to meet consistently. we found a couple more people this week, one is an awesome family that has two little kids and really open to listen and learn. Crazy things happening though this transfer that I failed to mention from the beginning. We're splitting the ward because a bunch of new missionaries are coming in, and they need more areas. Besides our ward is one of the largest areas in the mission. So we're sharing the ward with sisters. Sister Miller whos been out for quite a while and her new companion who we haven't met yet (she's training) So it should be fun. The only down side is having to pass off a lot of our investigators that will live on their side that we've been teaching for a while and ones that we just started teaching this week. Its nice to know that they'll have a good area to jump into though. Also we're losing our car so we'll be on all bike and the sisters will have the car, so Big changes, but I think good ones, for myself, for Elder Prisbrey, and for the Ward.
There are good things to come. Overall, My mission is going really well. Its interesting how normal being a missionary feels at this point. Its sad to say, but life before California almost seems unreal, like a dream almost. I'm happy to be not only serving the Lord, but coming to know him more personally. This gospel is where we can and will find happiness, lasting happiness as we live it.
I Love Y'all, I miss Y'all, and I can't wait to let you know what happens over the next few weeks. Until next email, Godspeed!
Love, Elder Page

P.S. At least I still say Yall. Never Let it Go!

Having a Wale of a time...

It's been a crazy crazy week. I absolutely love Wrexham and I love sister Barlow! She has so many great things about her. She's bubbly, full of joy, sincere, can easily discern the spirit, and is such a caring companion! I also love how much she loves this area, and everyone she meets. I am so greatful to be serving with her and cannot wait to see what is to come these next few weeks.

The ward here is great, I jut love them already. I also love how open and green it is here. There are sheep as well! And the people are very kind here as well. This area has had some powerful missionaries here before me, so I'm excited and greatful to follow in their foot steps. I think it's great serving in Wales, no one really speaks Welsh in North Wales, but they all kind of sound like they're from Liverpool, which is really nice! Also in our area we have the highest elevate village in all of Wales! It's so different walking up hills and things, and just being in the country. But thankfully there are loads of people to talk to and most are very nice. We do a lot of street displays and street contacting, so I love that!

We've also found some really nice friend to teach as well! My first night here sister Barlow took me around to meet the bishop and the relief society president. On our way back we were just talking to everyone like you do. We were about to walk past this one person on the phone, but I just went for it and his name is Shaun. He is wonderful! He said that he didn't have a belief in God because he just doesn't understand it. Well he agreed to meet with us in the library the next day. It was such a powerful and spirit lead lesson because he has some learning difficulties, so it really forced us to teach simply and clearly, which we loved! It was a joy to teach with sister Barlow as well because she is just so excited! And something else is she definitely has a love for the welsh people. But also with Shaun, he was just so sincere and interested, and we should be meeting with him this coming week!

I'm so happy and grateful to be here, I love it here. I love you all and please stay safe!

Sister Miller

Monday, September 14, 2015

Called to serve...

This week has been jam packed full of service, as in both physical and spiritual service.
Elder Prisbrey and I did our fair share of moving this week. We helped the mission nurse (My Grandma away from home) Sister Adams, into her new home. It was nice to be able to help her for a change because usually she's the one breaking her back to take care of all us missionaries and our weird illnesses.

We then were able later on in the week help a new family that just moved in move into their house. Their from Washington State and look like they'll be one of my favorite families. Their names are the Davies's. Brother Davies is originally from Washington, while sister Davies is from Germany, they met while brother Davies was serving his mission in Germany, and after two years he went back and they soon got married. They're an awesome family, they have 10 kids but their all moved out now.

Missions are the best, especially when you can feed both the body and the spirit, and so being able to help people both physically and spiritually is the greatest thing to me. You can truly enjoy doing one without the other. Which leads me to the spiritual adventures of this week.

We were able to have some members join us for lessons this week which is Always good. There's just something about a member bearing testimony that brings a spirit that can't always be received when it's just us missionaries teaching. This work isn't the missionaries work, it's the Lord's work, and so as we as followers of Christ work together the power and spirit of it is all the better.

Our investigator Daleen came to church yesterday. I think Ive gained a whle new appreciation for church talks and revelation to the bishopric in deciding who gives talks on what. EVERYTHING that was spoken on during sacrament Meeting was exactly what Daleen Needed to hear, and the spirit was what she needed to feel. Elder Prisbrey and I just kept looking at each other and smiling because we knew the Lord knew what Daleen needed and was able to work through the bishopric and the speakers to deliver the message she needed to hear.

The week ended on an awesome note, because the mission home, hosted by president and sister Tew put on a fireside for all the missionaries, their investigators and recent converts in the stake. The current stake president (who is a convert) spoke about his conversion story and it was awesome. We were able to help a recent convert in the ward get to the fireside and he loved it. His name is Lee and he is pushin 80, and just got baptized about 6-7 months ago. He is so dedicated to the Gospel. Every time we go by his house to visit him, he takes us by his neighbors to talk with them and share the gospel with them. They all know us by name now, so its pretty funny.

Overall it's been a good week full of little experiences here and there, letting me Know that this is where I need to be and that I'm doing good here in Long Beach. Just remember that Heavenly Father sees us as who we not only can, But Will become, With his help. Always trust him and his timing. I'm having to learn to trust and just go with it out here, and it's pretty freeing, knowing that everything will be good with the help, with the love and with the security of The Lord.

I Love Yall! I Miss ya too. I'll be praying you this week. Until next time...

Love, Elder Page

A new transfer, and new country...

Bordida, or good morning is Welsh! I am so excited to say that I am going
to serve with sister Barlow in Wrexham, which is in Wales. It's great to
know I am needed there and that there are people who need to hear my
testimony and that I'll be able to serve them. I'm grateful for a new
chapter in my mission, and I'm just plain excited! It is quite hard to
leave Stretford after being here since April, it's become like a home, just
like southport. Even leaving sister Larsen is sad because I just love her!
Bless, we've had so much fun serving with one another and have really felt
that this transfer was meant to be. I also really feel that even though I
feel like I could always do more, I feel I've done what I was sent here to
do. I feel complete if that makes sense, and I know I'm supposed to move to
the great land of Wales!

This past week I was able to go on exchange with sister Kretschmann, from
Düsseldorf Germany. It was so so fun, and she is just lovely to put it
simply. Whilst on exchange we had the opportunity to serve our good friend
Daniel who is very sick. Turns out when we went to visit him with brother
Bob and sister Munday, his bed frame had just collapsed so he had been
sleeping on the couch. Amazingly enough, sister Mundays tenant had just
bought a new bed, so she had an extra double bed! So we set off to go bring
the bed to Daniels. Brother bobs car is really tiny, so for it to fit a
double bed is unlikely, but somehow it needed to happen so before we moved
anything, we offered a prayer and pled for Gods help. MiraculousLy, the
whole bed fit as well as brother Bob! Haha it was a miracle! Then the rest
of us traveLed by bus to danileam and put the bed together and got rid of
his old one. It may seem silly, but my testimony and faith in prayer grew
so much that day. Heavenly Father really does want us to weary Him with our

On Friday we taught Gavin with the Browns and we were slightly nervous for
this lesson because we were planning to teach the word of wisdom because he
has a problem with it. So we start of talking about our purpose here on
earth and then on to the Saviors atonement, and then we both start trying
to weave in the word of wisdom. Eventually I just came right out with it,
and Gavin just completely agreed with everything, but he didn't just take
my word, he went on to explain why he felt it was right! I love that he is
devolving a testimony right before our eyes, I really feel so. Then sister
Larsen challenged him to stop doing the thing he struggles with, and he
said yes. Then the browns swooped in with testifying of the power of prayer
to overcome anything and it was just great. Oh I am so very greatful for my
Father in Heaven, and Him allowing me to serve Him and teach Him children.

So on Saturday I was very blessed to really feel like an instrument in Gods
hands and completely unified with my companion. I'm not saying this to
boast, I'm saying this because I am so so greatful that God has allowed me
to be His instrument in the work. As missionaries, sometimes we have really
hard days where it seems like all has failed and we're just better off not
trying, but it's days like Saturday that make it all worth it. The most
memorable moment was when sister Larsen and I were teaching Will, whom she
had met whilst we were doing a street display on Oxford road. Well he had
some pretty tough questions concerning the Book of Mormon, but all I knew
was that the Book was true, so I bore my testimony of the saviour visiting
the Americas and then there was a pause, and all he said was "I guess I'll
have to read it now". It was a powerful lesson where our companionship
unity came to show and we were able to have God literally put words into
our mouths. I love the saying "whom God calls, He qualifies".

Have a good week, love you all!
Sister Miller

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Burnin In the Bosom...

The past week has gone consistently well. Elder Prisbrey and I are still as tight as ever. We have been able to have a lot of spiritual experiences that have brought us closer and have helped us appreciate companionship unity a lot more. We honestly are like brothers. It's awesome to have a companion that you can trust 100% and have full confidence in.

We know that the Lord has recently been able to use us as instruments in his hands to further his work along. We were able to teach our investigator Daleen this week. She is still doing Great! We read the Book of Enos with her in hopes that she would feel the spirit and better understand how important prayer is. It was a good read throughout, but we weren't sure if she was really "feelin it" until we got to the last verse in Enos where it talks about "meeting our maker" and I Knew as soon as Daleen read that that she felt the spirit hardcore, because I felt it, We both looked up and she was crying. Before I could ask, "did you feel that?" she just said, "Wow... I think that's what God feels like" It was a sweet experience for all of us.

The scriptures Never fail to help us all feel the spirit and Gods Love. Because they are True, the Holy Ghost will testify Every time with out fail. I also had the chance to go on two different exchanges this week with some of the missionaries from the District and they went really well. It's Always a neat experience spending a day with a missionary that's not actually your full-time companion. But There is Always something learned after spending that time together. I can honestly say I Love each and every elder in the District. We're definitely an odd bunch of missionaries, but we all bring something special to the table and it's so awesome being able to serve so closely with friends.

Last night we had a cool experience with a girl named Lauren. Lauren is a younger lady and she has a little 2 year old daughter. Right now she is looking for a better job, she is really tired in every sense of the word and she has just been looking for something more to help her take care of her daughter and provide for her. We had talked with her briefly in the past but last night we got to take a good 20 minutes and just talk about Gods plan for her and how understanding what God wants for all of his children can bring a lot of peace into our lives and give us more direction no matter what it may be whether its work, school, family. She felt the spirit and is willing to do more to have that feeling she said, so we will be going back to see her later this week.

Overall, missionary work is Legit, and doing it brings a joy that is sweeter than Cherry Pie! I Love It, its amazing that day after day, it can and has only gotten better. That right there is a testimony to me that it's true. I'm Doing Well, I'm praying for all yall, and hope things are going well. Always remember that prayer is the way we can talk to and hear from Heavenly Father.

Until Next Week... Godspeed!

Love, Elder Page

It's Autumn...

Good morning!

Well it's been a lovely crisp fall week here in Manchester, and it's definitely been one of those weeks at I am so so grateful for. Our water heater has been broken so thankfully while we're waiting for our landlord, we've been able to stay with the YSA sisters in their flat, which is in our area! Heavenly Father has a way of making things work out :)

I think every week I'm able to find more reasons of why I love missionary work, and I think this week I've come to really appreciate just how many members love missionary work. I know that every member has a little spark inside of them that has a desire to do missionary work and that became very apparent as we had different people want to come out fellowshipping and come to street displays.

Also if like to brag about my companion for a second, she is absolutely wonderful. She is so sincere, caring, and relaxed! Haha which really is perfect with me. I also love how no matter what situation we're in or how mean someone was, she always has something positive to say about it. I just really appreciate her optimism.

So like I've mentioned in previous emails, Gavin is a direct result of a street display in Piccadilly gardens. This past week we've been able to keep in good contact and we were able to visit him. I loved this lesson because I was able to watch as the Holy Ghost bore witness to him of the truthfulness of the things we were teaching. I've really been focusing on making sure that the spirit is doing the teaching, and that I'm not falling into a routine. The best part was when we talked to him about the chapter we left him with to read last time, Alma 32. He explained that he already had faith but then we were able to help him recognise that the Book of Mormon was teaching a true principle. He then kept going on about how he needed to read more and that he would definitely pray about it. This past Sunday he even came to church, and he loved it. I'm not the best at reading people, especially people I don't know that well, so I was very grateful when Gavin mentioned how he plans to come again. He even participated in the Sunday school class! He is such an honest and open person, and I'm really grateful to have the privilege of helping him follow Jesus Christ.

Then there's Wail (while). He's seriously so humble and willing to learn. He's from Islamic background so right now we're trying to help him come to understand who Jesus Christ is and what His role was in our salvation. It's not an easy task, but I really enjoy it! This last week we showed him the nativity bible video and he had so many good questions, and we had brother Bob and sister Munday come too so it was just a powerful group. I love the unity that comes from our ward, I really feel a love for the stretford ward, and I am so greatful to be able to serve here for the past 5 months. I know Heavenly Father knows me personally because I am really able to become one with the ward. I love Stretford ward, it has made me into a better person and missionary.

Hopefully this next week we will be able to continue to fulfil Gods will in Stretford, we've aligned with the members again in picking out a certain area to knock all 260 something doors to find a family, and I am so excited! I'll let ya know how it goes!

Love you, Sister Miller

Thursday, September 3, 2015

One fold & one shepherd ...

So this week was an Awesome one to say the least.

I feel like as soon as I think a mission cant get any better the Lord says, "Think Again!" And it gets better. There has been blessing upon blessings this week. A goal we set as a district this week is to just look more closely at ways or take note of experiences we have where the Lords hand was evident. And just having this focus and frame of mind has definitely helped work harder and smarter. Elder Prisbrey and I are doing a lot of things that are not only building our faith everyday, but its nice to have our purpose of inviting others to come unto Christ, in the front of our minds, because even when people reject us, we invite them to do 'Something' that will strengthen their faith and bring them closer to the truth.

Speaking of Faith, I was asked to speak in Sacrament meeting this past week on Faith, and it was awesome because we had two of our investigators show up all on their own! We were so excited for them. Of course I was nervous to give the talk but I really felt like the spirit was guiding me and helping me know what to say and how to say it. I used Alma 32 as a reference and just explained how its funny that we sometimes lack the faith to let our spiritual seed grow, yet we know good and well that if we take time to water and nourish and give light to our physical/literal seeds that it will grow without question. But at the end of the day, its the same God that can and will help us grow if we exercise a little faith, that is allowing and causing those plants in our front lawns to take root as we take care of them. Basically, Faith is just ACTING on the things that we do know, even if we do not know a lot. With the Action, our Faith or trust in God wont grow. And here on my mission I have had to act on faith almost everyday, but as I've done that I've felt something, I feel a change, and a bit of growth each day. And the best part about faith is that we can always increase it! Its ever increasing as long as we want it to increase. Anyway, there's my sermon on Faith. Something really Cool happened to Elder Prisbrey and I last night as we were out late knocking on some doors. We didnt really have anyone specific to go by and I needed to use the bathroom so we quickly chose a door to knock on, and it turned out that the woman that answered was nice, BUT, because I was a stranger she couldn't let me in. She did however point us to her next door neighbors who were having a "Prayer Group". We went over knocked on the door and they let us in. There were about a dozen people there and they were all really nice. We sat down ate some food and just talked with these people. They asked a lot of good questions about the church and what we did. The spirit was definitely felt, and my testimony that we are ALL Gods children grew last night. Because I truly got to see these people as my brothers and sisters although they were a different faith. Before we left we whipped out the Book of Mormon and shared a scripture from 3rd Nephi. Chapter 18. Verses 19-21 I belive it was. It was a risky move, but the spirit testifiesd it was true and they felt it. We said a prayer and left their home. We knew we had been in the right place at the right time for the lord to use us. I know that this work is true. I love yall.

Elder Page

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