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Monday, May 26, 2008

A Weekend in the Country!

We had a great Memorial Day weekend. Our dear friends, The Schultz's (Dawn, Jaclyn & Kyle) and McKenna Weir came for a visit. Sunday we all drove to Caswell ot spend some time with Steve's family. We all had a great time and enjoyed great food...Thanks Myra! The weather was perfect for four-wheeling...FUN, a ride to the creek, where we found crawdads...lots of them. We took a trip to the past by visiting "Summer Hill" Tim Ross's homeplace. That is such a beautiful place. We all had our time visiting with Grandpa Curry...that man can talk, and sing! All the cousins, aunts, uncles and grandparents sat around chatting a spell, while some of the cousins played soccer. There were late night sleep overs atleast for the boys (5:00 am what were you guys thinking!) It was just a very relaxing weekend with our friends and family. We need to do that again soon. Thank you Myra and Lindsey!

Monday, May 19, 2008

Elder Page gets a new companion

Elder Page is doing great. The time is going by so quickly. He says the days seem like weeks and the weeks seem like days. They have challenged the woman they are teaching to be baptised. Her discussions are going well. He said it really is a miracle to see the changes that have taken place in her life. On a sad note, he is loosing his companion Elder Song. He is going to be a district leader in Irvine. He is really going to miss him. He has been a great companion and a great teacher. His new companion is Elder Techlenberg from Ohio. He is coming from Newport where he was a Zone Leader. Only thing he goes home next transfer. Hope he is not trunky!!! Dallin is so happy and loving the work!

Abby receives her 10 year award in dance

Abby had her 10th ballet recital this past saturday. She did a fabulous job as always. We were all there to support her along with some of her friends, Celeste and Sebastian ( and the rest of the Anderson clan)and Grandma Peggy and Grandpa Jack (they have never missed one). Congratulations Abby we love you!

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Good Bye to Elder Jenkins

Yesterday we said our good byes to Elder Jenkins. He has been with us for 10 1/2 months. We love him! He is like anoth son and a brother to our kids. We are going to miss him so much. We wish him the best and hope he comes to visit us really soon.

Monday, May 12, 2008

Mother's Day

What a great Mother's Day I had. The kids were so kind and got or made me great gifts. I got to Speak to Elder Page & Elder Song. He sounds so great. He said that he has been a little home sick. The work has been a little frustrating (people just don't won't to listen) but he is doing well. We even got to hear him play the ukulele and sing "some where over the rainbow". Our mouths were hanging open. He learned how to play in in the MTC from Elder OFA, So he bought him a ukulele in CA. He is pretty good. Thank you again everyone for making My Mother's Day soooo Wonderful.

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Temple Day

Today we all got up real early and went to the Columbia, SC temple. It was Tory's first time going. It was nice to be there all together except for one... Elder Page your excused! It was a beautiful day. We had a picnic lunch @ the near by park. We had 18 youth go this time. We did alot of great work. We are all tired from getting up early but we must go on... we have a ward activity to go to. No rest for the weary. Tomorrow's Mother's Day, so hear is a big shout out to all of the fantastic mothers that I know and love..."HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY". I can't wait to talk to Elder Page tomorrow.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Yesterday we had the missionaries over. It was their P-day. Once the kids got home from school they cam over. We really love our misssionaries. That evening we invited a family over for dinner and for FHE that they are currently teaching, The Knights. It was alot of fun, and we got to know them alittle better. Hopefully when they come to church they will feel like they have friends there, that can make all the difference. We are really trying to help out and do our part as members to share the gospel. Here is a picture of them.
Elder Page is doing fine and working hard. He is still teaching Jennifer and her daughter, and all is going well. She has been challenged to come to church, so plans on going this week. This week they will be teaching her the third discussion and plan on challenging her to be baptized. Dallin says he is pretty nervous about that and ask us to keep them in our prayers. He says "if they can teach powerfully and with the spirit, hopefully she will feel the importance of baptism and decide to be baptised. We can't wait for sunday to be able to speak with him. Thanks for all or you letters and prayers.

Monday, May 5, 2008

We had a busy weekend. We took a trip up to Virginia for the prom. Matt & Zach went with McKenna & Katie. We had a fun trip but we were pretty tired from all the late nights and the drive home. Everyone had a great time and they all looked fabulous. There are pictures on the VA prom album.

VA Prom

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