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Tuesday, January 27, 2009


Our big North Carolina snow! Don't you love the fact that the kids get out of school for this! :)

While Matt and I were in Utah, the family called to say that it was Snowing!!! No school today! I was so happy to hear of the big event. Later that evening we went on FB to view pictures that Abby had taken of the big snow. We could not help but feel sorry for them after what we saw. Here we were in Utah with left over snow from a couple of weeks prior to our visit and it was still so much more than what we got in NC. I thought the pictures were so cute I had to put them up.

Well it was a busy day yesterday for Elder Page. He was finally transfered after almost 8 months in Irvine. He is now in Anaheim 11th ward. Saying goodbye to everyone in Irvine was a little hard for him. Being there for so long he became so close to some of the members. Funny thing now is that his new companion is from the Mt. Island Ward, Elder Allred. He is from Utah but he left from here, and his parents are still in the Mt. Island Ward. Small world huh! He is excited to get to work in a new area, and is nervous but happy to be in a Spanish area...finally. He asked for our prayers in his behalf on the language, since he has had no opportunity to use it since the MTC, which will be a year next week! It is also his birthday on the 4th, 20! Send him a birthday wish if you can. Crazy how fast this year has gone by. We are so happy that he is in a new area with the opportunity for growth and new experiences. We look forward to hearing about them.

Monday, January 26, 2009


Last week Matt and I got to take a trip to Utah and visit some very dear friends. We had a wonderful time catching up. Thanks to Becky, Jake & McKay we had a place to stay, sleep and eat, not to mention all the fun they provided. We had a great time with Carson & Nolan. Thanks guys for taking the time off to hang with us! It was nice to see Amber Astle, Trudy and Nolan Jenkins...thanks so much for breakfast. We got to catch up with AAA and meet Louise and Nathan. Oh yea we ran into Sis Goad. And thanks to Steve, Becky and I had a great time shopping (that's Becky's Steve... and Mine too!) Thanks to Meghan and Sean for taking care of Matt while at BYU. We had a fabulous time and we can't wait to do it again!

Trip to Utah!!!

It was game night at the Buehner's. It was so much fun!

Mckenna's roommate Lindsay joined us for a day at Temple Square...it was soooo cold!

We attended the Spoken Word in the Tabernacle with Mckenna's grandparents.

We all attended the Draper Temple open house. It was really pretty. That was the first open house I had attended since Washington DC. Steve treated Becky and I to a really great dinner and Market Street. Thanks so much Steve!
Steve and Becky after the open house for the Draper Temple.

waiting to leave the temple...Tucker Becky, Tessa, Nick, Danielle & Jake

Becky and her "friend" Steve (Steve you are so wonderful. I'm glad that you love our Becky!

Becky, Tessa, Nick, and Becky's Steve
Danielle ( Jake's girl friend) Jake and Tucker
Matt and I at the airport on our way home from a great trip!
Roger's parents, Joyce and T Buehner

The Buehner Bunch...Tessa, McKay, Nick, Jake, Tucker, Matt, Me, McKenna, & Becky
Nathan & Louise Harrick. It was so nice to finally meet them. Steve baptized Louise's family in Brazil when she was a small girl of 3. She has written Steve for many years. We got to meet her while we were on our trip. Hopefully Steve will be back in May to stand in the circle to bless their first baby. Louise's parents will be there from Brazil and Steve will get to see them after 23 years.
It was so nice to see Aaron. We kept telling him that he needs to come back to NC for a visit.

Me & Becky

At the Buehners with McKay, Danielle (Jake's girl friend) and Jake
We met up with AAA. We are on a mission to find him a woman!
I thought I would get a picture of me and Zack since he wasn't there. He is off serving the Lord in India. They had these cut outs right by the door...pretty cool
Could Mckay get any taller? Matt really looked up to him...really
We had a great time at the Buehners game night...everyone make you sign
Nolan & Carson...need I say more
Amber Astle (she is such a sweetie)
Nolan...what can I say :)

It was so cold!

Carson and Brooke ( they are so cute!)

Matt & McKenna on our day out with Carson and Nolan
Carson with his Fiance Brooke and his Mom
Carson's fiance Brooke, Me, Nolan & Matt

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Look who got their braces off!

Look who finally got their braces off after 3 years. What a great looking smile Zach! He waited for this day a long time and he is so happy to finally have them off. Abby is still waiting for hers to come off and then Tory will be getting his on. Just one more to go!

Monday, January 12, 2009

Jaclyn made it back to the states.

Jaclyn is back in Arizonia now heading back to nursing school. She said that she is excited about starting back up in school. She had a nice break from her studies and was able to spend some great time in Russia with her family, touring Europe, and serving a mini mission. Good luck in school Jaclyn!

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