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Saturday, August 28, 2010

Our two High Schoolers

Abigail and Tory have started school and things are going well. Tory is already broken into HS, knows his way around, h has friends in his classes and he even has lunch with his sister :) SWEET! I am sure there will be more entries on these two this year :)

Elder Page has another Transfer....

Well Matthew has been a week with his new companion Elder Miller. It has been a change for him, leaving Elder Kinsey was hard. Elder Miller is from California. They are the only Spanish speaking Elders in the whole Zone right now, so they cover a big area. Matt says he is a talker and very long winded in lessons, "I hardly get a word in. Everyone thinks I am brand new because I never get a word in." They just had a Mission Conference with Elder Rasband and Elder Christopherson. Matt really liked him alot. "It was really powerful. I felt that I got guidance and direction fo me personally and I know that thes men are called of God and that Elder Christopherson is an apostle. He shook all of our hands.:) It was cool. What I love is that Elder Christopherson has a great personality and is a normal person, but with a sacred calling. :) He is really nice." Matt has a birthday coming up on September 6th so send him a card or note, he would love to hear from you. He is almost at his year mark...Crazy!

Elder Page Is loving the work :)

Zach & BYU make a good match

Zach is almost through his first week at BYU and he loves it! He and Jordan are making friends quickly and love going to the temple, the weather is perfect, no humidity :) and the mountains WOW. We are so glad that he is enjoying it so much. We really miss him here. The house is alot quieter. Tory really misses him and all of his brothers, change can b hard sometimes. Can't wait till next week...mission call !

Jordan & Zach

Dallin back at UNC

Dallin has started school again...UNC. I think it is going fine. He is enjoying his roommate Scott (Still yet to meet him) Hopefully over Labor Day weekend. Dallin is doing great....has adjusted to being home and loves being on his own at school. We miss having him around, but know he is not too far away if we need a serious hug or a good laugh :) He and Jaclyn are still dating. She has settled down in Chapel Hill as well. We'll let anyone know on any new developments :)

Monday, August 23, 2010


Zachary left us yesterday for BYU. I can't believe another is gone!!!!! He wanted to go by himself, so all of you mothers who think I am a bad mother for sending him out by himself...think again. I wanted to go. Zach has always been very independent, and that is one of the reasons I know he will be fine. He is so excited about being there. So after 10 hours on a plane going from Charlotte to Cinncinati to SLC or aleast flying over it to Idaho (because of a storm) and then back to SLC he finally arrived over 3 hours late....sorry Nolan and Chela! Thank you so much for picking him up and taking care of him for me. It is nice to know that there are so many close by to look after him if he needs anything! Zach we already miss the noise in the house, conversation, laughter and the loud music playing :) We love you! Best to you at BYU! Don't forget to call home:)

Friday, August 13, 2010

Happy Anniversary

23 years ago today Steve and I were married in the Washington DC temple. What wonderful years we have spent growing together, raising our 5 children and falling in love over and over again. I hope that all of my children are married in the temple and spending their lives with some one who makes them smile, laugh and grow. I can't imagine what the next 23 years have instore for us, but whatever it is I know we can get through it together! I love you Steve!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

JM Robinson Alumni Game

Last weekend was the JM Robinson Alumni game. The first one Dallin has played in in over 2 years. This was Zachary's first one. I can say that they both still have game. It was so fun watching them play again, something I truly miss. But Tory carrries on the Page tradition this year. I can't wait to see him play.

Has Elder Page grown a mustache?

Elder Page and Elder Kinsey have had a tough week, but they are still finding joy in their service. I guessit helps to throw in some fun once in a while :) I sent a package to him last month and in it was play mustaches. I think they had alot of fun with them. Here is just one picture out of many. Transfers are coming up next week and he fears that Elder Kinsey will be going. But all is well, no matter what he has made a forever friend in him. Just one of the blessings from serving a mission. It is crazy to think that he is soon approaching his 11 month mark (but who is counting) :)

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Playing catch up!

Finally we got our family getaway to the beach, it just was not long enough. We love going to the beach and spending time with just US! The weather was pefect, hot but always a breeze. I can't believe that next summer we will be short two of our children to missions. It seems like it has been forever since we were all together, but it is only a short time in the big picture and what great blessings are coming from their service.

Beautiful sunset

Day two at the beach...

Minature Golf is a must while at the beach, atleast it is for us.

Abigail came in 1st...yeah!!!!!
Tory & Dallin tied for 2nd
Zach and Steve tied fo 3rd
I came in last place...I'm not surprised!
The winner gets to ride the Zebra :)

One night we went to the Caswell Beach Light House. It was a perfect night to hang out on the beach.

I love this picture!

Brother and sisterly love.
I love being with my family. We sure did miss Matthew this year.

Time for the traditional RISK tournament...I say tournament only because it last fo so many hours.
Dallin was our winner this year (All for the good of the team)

Zach & Tory feeding the seagulls they would practically eat out of your hands.

We are looking pretty relaxed
Ice cream is the one thing we have every night at the beach....The Tiki Hut has the best homemade ice cream and karaoke. We could not get Zach to do it this year.

It's kind funny, Tory ate half of Dallin's before he realized it wasn't his, then he ate his banana split on top of that. That kid has a bottomless pit!

I love this man :)

We always know how to get a smile out of Abby :)

Dallin dreaming of fudge...

He got all the fudge he wanted!

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