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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

DC Get away!

We finally mad it to Virgina, after a good lunch @ Panera Bread, we went to see "Bedtime Stories". It was a funny show. Everyone was so happy to be together. Only ones missing were the Schultz's. We missed ya'll. We had a great time. Thanks so much to the Weir's for hosting us and opening your home to us, we love ya'll! Can't wait till we can see everyone again. There are lots of pictures of our adventures while there. Thanks to all for a really fun time!

At the Washington DC Temple visitors center. It was a wonderful night and a great family tradition to see the lights.t

This is Elder Frizzell (Dana & Vicki Frizzells son) Funny thing happened...Tory was helping hold the doors at the visitors center and when I came out he had a missionary badge on that said Elder Frizzell, when I saw that I asked where he got it from. I knew it has to be Dana's son he looked so much like his mother. When I asked him sure enough it was. Small world huh!
At the Washington DC temple. It was soooo cold, but the lights were beautiful!

The Stanfords: Katie, Patty & Kelly

On the Metro:

At the Mall in DC...

A day at the American Museum of History

Tory at the Berlin wall

Lunch at the Museum

Zach as President Nixon

Tory as President and Matt & Zach are his secret service men.

Matt as the President

Zach and Jelana

Me and Abby, and me with everyone else...

Matt strolling with Kelli

I had my picture taken with every body!

Matt with the Weir Family: Rick, Mckenna & kelli

Dinner @ Red Robin: Steve David, and Zach

Zach being sucked up a nose at Red Robin.

Games at the Weir's home: Tory, Katie, Zach, Ashley, Jelana, Abby Kelly, Mckenna, Matt

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