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Sunday, September 28, 2008

Our friends the Schultz family made it to Russia

Dawn and Jaclyn at the Circus
The whole Family together in Arizonia.
Cute pigtails Jaclyn!
Red Square

Friday, September 26, 2008

Small world after all

I received an email today from our old bishop, Bishop Byers. He received this email from his nephew:
"We just had the missionaries in our ward over for dinner tonight. Seems to be one of the elders knows you. He just about pooped his pants when he made the connection that you are Greg's uncle. He LOVES you and has a lot of respect for you. He wanted to take these pictures and made sure that we send them to you. "
Is this a small world or WHAT???

So this is Elder Pages's new companion Elder Ji. Elder Page being the big kid he is with the kids. It wasn't that long ago that he would dress up like a super hero. I guess he is being a "Super Hero" right now as a missionary huh!

Soccer 1-0 win over North Meck

Yeah! It was rainy, cold and windy but inspite of the weather, Robinson finally beat N. Meck. Dallin's team came close even tied with them once, so this was a big deal to the school. The crowd was big and loud, and at the end of the game they ran out onto the field to celebrate with the team. Great job boys! Grandma Myra and Grandpa Lindsey and cousins, Jordan, Carson, Will and Brandon came to watch. It was fun spending time with them, thanks for your support ya'll!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

New Companion

Things are a little different for Elder Page, he has a new companion. He said that he is really going to miss Elder Cunningham. His new companion is Elder Ji. He is Korean and has spent his whole mission in the Korean speaking program. He was with Elder Song ( Dallin's first companion) So Elder Song told Elder Ji about Elder Page before hand. He told Elder Ji that Elder Page was his favorite companion so far. That was very nice. So anyway,now he can practice English with Dallin. Won't be any practicing of Spanish I'm sure, but he continues in his spanish studies every day just incase...Exciting news, the Bell family has set a date for baptism. He and Elder Cunningham were so excited. So next month will be Dallin's first baptism. He is so happy for the family and has grown to love them so much!

Monday, September 22, 2008

Wet weekend for Steve

This past weekend was a Stake youth carnival. It still seems so strange that all of my kids are in the youth program, and with Steve being bishop, he gets to tag along, while I had a quiet night at home with Daisy. There were all kinds of games and food to eat. One game, "soak the bishop"...Steve said the water was so cold. He was glad that he could contribute in some way :)
This week is full of soccer games once again...All at home (tonight @ 6:30 & thurs. @ 6:30) come catch a game! This weekend is the RS Womens General Broadcast...can't wait! We are especially excited for General Conference next week. I need some rejuvenation!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008


Matt and Zach are off to an OK start with their JM Robinson HS team. Ya'll should check out their schedule online and come to a game! Tory is doing great too on his Club team. So at least 3 days a week we watch soccer games and we love it...Go Bulldogs! Go Guachos!

Spiritual Tour Guide

As always Elder Page had a good week. He said that their ward had a FHE on Monday night. Some of their investigators came and really enjoyed it. The seminary teacher was there and invited on of their investigators to attend. So Elder Page and Elder Cunningham have been going with them. Dallin said he never thought he would get to attend seminary again, but he has loved attending with Britney and her mother. It has been a really great way to help build their testimonies. Not everyone wants to accept their message.
"I wish everyone could understand and feel what I've felt...this peace that comes from the true gospel of Jesus Christ. So many are truly searching for the truth, I just wish it were easier for people to recognize it when it's in front of them. But I guess that's why I'm out here--not to just tell people that we have the truth but to help them recognize the truth when we present it to them...Kind of like a spiritual tour guide you could say:)"
They have many that are progressing and close to baptism. He is loving the work and loving the people he is serving. Transfers are this week so we'll see if he stays in Irvine or heads somewhere else.
Thanks for the letters and prayers!

Monday, September 8, 2008

7 months for Elder Page

Elder Page is doing great. The work is busy and the spanish is coming along. It would be easier if he were in an area where he was around a lot of Spanish speaking people. Elder Cunningham will be leaving next transfer...he has been in Irvine for 7 mths. That is a long time for a missionary to be in one area. They are teaching a couple of families, they are coming along, but they have had no baptisms. They have had some wonderful experiences with the families they are teaching. The will keep working hard and the blessings will come. Here is a goofy picture of he and Elder Cunningham. Till next week...

One busy weekend!

It was a busy weekend! It started Friday night when we had the missionaries over for dinner and Matthew's birthday dessert. We had HUGH banana splits. They were so good! We have celebrated his birthday all week. Happy 18th Matt! Everything got rearranged when the kids had a Saturday makeup day of school. It was only a half a day so that was better than going a full day@ Christmas break. Christmas!!!! I can't believe how quickly it is going to be here.
We had a baptism at church, Tori Watson, one of the children that Bishop Page is sweet on. She is so cute, then it was off to Tory's soccer game. He played well but they lost, better luck next time Tory. And then Abby and I were off to a farewell party for one of the Young Women leaders. It was at your old stomping ground Jennifer ( Donna Henrie's house) It was a lot of fun, but a late night and we still had to get home for our Family MONK/PSYHC night. If you have never watched them you have got to tune in they are so funny!
We received a picture of Dallin @ Inspiration point. I will post more news about him later today. Hope everyone is doing well.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Elder Tyler Page is doing great!

Tyler is doing great. He has had a couple of baptisms recently, and is working hard on the rest of the family members :) Isn't it beautiful where he is.

Monday, September 1, 2008

Happy Labor Day!

Dallin wished everyone a "happy Labor Day". He spent his playing soccer with the zone and a few of his investigators. That is always great when they are involved. They were going to the ocean today also to take some pictures from "Inspiration Point" lookout. I could not help but laugh to picture a bunch of missionaries heading up to a make out spot!!! Anyway he had a great week and sends his love to all. Thanks to every one again for your support to Dallin. He really does appreciate the letters from home!

"Little Drummer Boy"

This video is for Dallin. It has taken me months to try to get this downloaded. This took place back in March. Tory had only been playing the drums a couple of months. He wanted to play in a stake talent show, so here it is. you can't see it very well, but you can hear it. Dallin he really wanted you to see this. You did a great job teaching him! They are actually playing KISS, "I want to rock and roll all night and party every day". But most of what you hear is a drum solo of Tory, or should I say the "Little Drummer Boy"

This week is such a special one its birthday time for MATT!!!

September 6th is Matthew's birthday!! And we all know how much he loves his birthday! So we are spending the whole day today in honor of his day. Happy Birthday MATT! We love you!

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