13 PaGeS LoNg

WhErE tHe PaGeS oF tHiS bOoK nEvEr EnD

Monday, June 29, 2015


I can't believe that I'm already saying this but, the transfer comes to a close tomorrow and a new one starts. The last 6 weeks have gone by faster than I can explain! To simply cut to the chase, me and Elder Henry unfortunately won't be staying together another transfer. He's gonna be going to Huntington Beach. Its always sad to be separated from a companion you grow to love, and Elder Henry is definitely a missionary I've grown to really love, care for, and understand. We weren't always perfect and we even we sometimes got into disagreements, but to truly come to know and learn how to work with someone and care for them, those things are necessary. The past 3 months with Elder Henry have been a time of real growth for me. That growth didn't always come easily but as I stretched myself and applied the Atonement, I felt the Lord helping me with the work that was before me. I feel like I'm really starting to understand the Atonement and feel it now more than I ever have. I have learned a lot in such a short amount of time, yet I still know there is so much more I need to learn.

Sometimes I feel like my progress is slow, but I've just had to trust that as I'm doing my best and serving faithfully There will be progress and it will always be in the Lords way and his timing. My new companion is going to be Elder Anderson. He's only been out for about 3 months, he actually just finished up his training with Elder Adams (My Last Companion!) So now he''l be coming here to long beach with me. Its pretty funny how that all worked out, but it did, and I'm excited. Elder Anderson's from Utah, he is one of the Goofiest, funniest missionaries I've met. But on the flip side he seems like a great missionary and a hard worker so I can't wait to see what happens over the next 6 weeks. I can tell we are going to get along and have fun together. Like I said before, it'll be sad to see Elder Henry go, but this change coming will help me grow, and become the person my Heavenly Father needs me to be now and in the future. I'm just trying my best right now to find out who that is exactly, and the principle of Faith is really meaning more to me now than it ever has before. I'm just trusting in my Savior day to day.

The last week of this transfer happened to be the best for every companionship in the District which was cool. We all worked hard and did our best and the Lord blessed us with success on all fronts. The District itself is gonna change a little bit some are staying and some are leaving but its still gonna be a blessing to be able to work closely with missionaries just like me, going through similar trials, doing the same work, trying to do their best. I'm excited to just learn from each missionary I'll be serving around. This area is still on the incline, which is always good at the start of a new transfer. Good things are happening. We're still teaching Olivia and Stephanie, they're doing well. Hopefully we can start meeting with them at least twice a week every week. They have been our main focus over the past few weeks so Hopefully we see some good in the coming weeks with them. There's a few other people right now that we are teaching working with, we are still working with the ward to reactivate a lot of the less-actives. So there's not a shortage of work here, which is Really Nice! On a side note, Cindy (the nurse that was working at the nursing home) Came to a baptism our ward had yesterday, and she really seemed to like it. The members did such a good job at making her feel welcome and helping her see that most Mormons are pretty normal. I kept looking over throughout the Baptism and I could tell that Cindy was feeling something. She just kept saying that it felt So good to be back in a church again, and that she felt at Peace. She also wanted to go to the Missionary Departure Fireside for all the Missionaries going home, and she enjoyed her time there too. Sister Garcia (a member of the ward) gave her a ride and they seemed to really get along. The firesides for missionaries are always good, the spirit is always felt, especially when President & Sister Tew speak at the end. I know this email has probably been all over the place, but I have truly had a good week. I have felt God's Love for me this week, and for those around me. Its so strong its nearly Tangible, like you can just reach out and grab it! It amazes me how close he really is to us all. I know that Im not always the best at expressing my feelings over email, and that I may not always give the most miraculous stories every week. In fact for those of you who have made it this far into the email without falling asleep, I commend you. But the things that I feel here on the Mission, the experiences Ive had, are in every way are miracles to me. Every little thing is evidence that God Lives. I cant believe how often the Lords hand is extended towards us, blessing us with opportunities to serve. I hope you all can recognize that God is mindful of you, and know that He Loves You. Thats all Ive got for this week, I'll try in the coming weeks to give more detail on the investigators that we're teaching as they start to progress and live the Gospel. Im grateful for all I have. For My Mission, for My family, for all of you that support me. Thank You. But most of all Im grateful for My Savior. Until Next week, Be safe, Have fun, and dont forget to read your scriptures, they're good for us!

Until next week
Love Elder Page

Here comes the sun...

So my title to my email is literal (the sun has shone a few days this
past week) and fits in with the story I want to share with y'all.

First, I honestly have loved this past week and I really made sure
to prepare myself mentally and spiritually for this new transfer and I
can see how it has helped me. I took the time on Monday and Tuesday to
evaluate myself whilst in prayer to see what I could do to improve as
a missionary and I felt many things come into my mind that I can do
better, and since then I've been earnestly praying for help to do
them, and I've felt like I've been helped! Actually I know I've been
helped. God really does want to help us and He honestly does care.
This last week I've felt refreshed as well! Right away me and sister
black (she's a runner and when we run in the morning, we RUN! It's
quite nice) established an open communication and we've just become
the best of friends! She is so wonderful to work with and I know that
as we do this work TOGETHER and with THE SPIRIT that we cannot go
wrong. Right off the bat during weekly planning (we have a 3 hour long
planning session once a week to organize our area and plan for the
people that we'll be seeing the next week) we made a game plan as to
what we were going to do in order to progress this area, and
immediately both of our minds went to fasting, I haven't had a super
powerful experience of fasting on my mission, and neither has she, so
we put it to the test. (Fasting is something we do by going without
food and drink for 24 hours to show that were willing to sacrifice in
order to receive divine help) We then went to work! I have seen God
place people in our path countless times. I have felt led. I have felt
close to Him. I honestly feel like I'm learning who God is and how He
works. The biggest thing I learned this week was to just be ourselves
and open our mouths. Yes, even when it's awkward or people are
staring, none of that matters when it comes to the salvation of souls!
The worth of every soul is great in the eyes of the Lord. Anyways, on
Saturday we were stuck with this table from our street display from
last week that we needed to bring back to our chapel, so we made our
way to do that. I was at the front with the table and my companion
just started talking to the man next to her. He then brought up how it
was sunny and then sang "here comes the sun" and he was just so
friendly! On the short bus ride she was able to share a brief
restoration message and a Book of Mormon with Tayo. He even asked if
we could meet with him right then but we were already running late for
something. So we get off the bus and then wrist talked about what
happened, and both of us realized that we should meet with him ASAP!
So we called him and he said that he could meet back with us in about
an hour. When we met with him it felt so normal and we were Able to
share the restoration with him. He loved it and me and sister black
taught in such unity it felt like we'd been companions for months!
Then we remembered that there was a baptism in our zone so we invited
him. He said that he would love to, so we hopped on a bus with him,
and he LOVED the baptism and now we're meeting with him again on
Wednesday. I know that there are people who are prepared and I know
that if we're faithful, God will trust us with them. Side note, when we
got to the baptism the opening hymn was "count your blessings" and I
could not stop smiling.

I love this work. I love my area. I love my companion! I cannot wait
to see what comes next.

Love you all!
Sister Miller

Monday, June 22, 2015

A week of Hard Work...

Man oh Man,
Where do I even begin. This past week has been pretty busy, a lot of great things happening, and a lot of awesome opportunities are being provided to serve. To start off, I wanna tell y'all about the Sweet service project our entire zone has been involved in over the past week. There's a family, The Copeland's, and their not members of the church, but they are one of the nicest families I've met on my mission. They have member friends and the dad, Greg went on a father son camp out with his member friend and his son. While they were on this camp out the member told Greg about the service us missionaries can do, and so Greg and his wife called us up and asked if we could help. What they're doing is remodeling their home. They are removing a section and adding onto it to make more room, because they are gonna turn their house into a place where kids out of foster homes trying to get through college but don't have a place to live can come and stay. Its awesome what they're doing. They have 4 young kids of they're own ,but its amazing to see them do something like this for people that need the help. And its been a really cool experience getting to help them with the work that's needed to be done. So far we have done some demolition, we've destroyed and rebuilt a foundation, we've dug and dug searching for pipelines to relocate, we've gotten to sand and repaint parts of the home, and a lot of other jobs they've set up for us. A lot of our time this week has been used serving the Copeland family which has been different from regular missionary work, but its been a spiritual experience giving ourselves to serve this family we just met, so that they can go and further help others. Its one big circle of service. Simply serving those around us can often be the best way to share the gospel and set an example for the people around us.

As far as missionary work itself has gone, this week has been pretty good. Me and Elder Henry have been on two different exchanges this week, one with the Zone Leaders and another with Elder Horvath and Mathews (members of our district). Both exchanges were huge learning experiences. Its always good to be taken out of your comfort zone a little while on exchanges, and theyre always weird at first but I cant say Ive ever been on an exchange where the Lord didn't teach me something I needed to learn, or where I didn't feel closer to the missionary I was with. Exchanges are just good experiences. So it was weird not being with Elder Henry as much this week, but regardless, we still got to do some good work with those we are working with. I think I mentioned them last week, but this week we were able to meet with and teach Olivia and Stephanie (Sisters - ages 20 and 15). They are doing so great! Just last night we went over to their home to see them and it was a really good time. We talked all about Gods Love, and just focused on that and how the spirit feels. Both Stephanie and Olivia have felt the spirit when we've been over. They told us that they feel good when we are there talking with them, that they feel relief from the things that normally burden them throughout the day, and overall they just feel peace. We really helped them see that that has all been the spirit, and that the spirit is one of the ways god is able to show his love for us. They both feel good about the things we've shared with them, they both committed to start reading the Book of Mormon together, and so we are going to go back later this week and see how its gone for them. Olivia especially though, being the older one, is really considering joining the church, she told their mom that she feels that the messages we've shared and the Book of Mormon and Joseph Smith is just all right. She wants to get an answer from god as she reads and thinks about what she's learned and felt, but its just cool to see just how fast someone that's prepared can accept the Gospel. Their Mom has kinda been shy with us and even a little against us visiting, but we brought a member over this week and that seemed to loosen her up and just last night when we went over she said the closing prayer for us! Olivia and Stephanie were really happy about that, and we were too. The spirit is definitely softening her heart. Miracles are happening, The Lord is doin' Work! And its such a blessing to be an instrument in his hands each and everyday for any and every type of service he needs.

One last thing, The other Elders in the ward with us, had something crazy happen. A woman in her 30's named grace walked into church a few weeks ago, and has loved coming ever since. She is from Turkey and doesn't speak a whole lot of English, but has just absorbed everything. They are teaching her because she lives in their side of the Ward. She read the Book of Mormon in Turkish over 24 hours! She is a brilliant Lady! Its amazing! She is going to be baptized next Sunday! I'll have the chance to interview her for baptism which will be a neat experience. But once again, The Lord is Hastening his work. I have no doubt about it. When the apostles and the Prophet say that its happening, they aren't joking around. I know God is Real, I know He Does Love us. I Love Serving him, and my brothers and sisters. I Love You all, and everything you do and have done for me. Sorry if this was an overload of info, I just had a lot to say for this week. Until next time, Godspeed Everybody!

Love, Elder Page

P.S. Sorry there's barely any pictures. I didn't even think to take pictures this week until this morning, So here are a few of me and Elder Henry doing our weekly Shopping at Wal-Mart, Enjoy! :)

Round 3 in Strefford...

Well hello!
We've had such an interesting week of weather, I keep
waiting for summer but I can't even tell if spring came! Haha I think
the weather is one of my favorite things about England. Also we came
to the end of another transfer, it goes too fast! I'll be staying in
Stretford and sister black, from Utah, will be coming here! We'll be
co-senior companions, so basically we're going to work super hard this
transfer and I'm so exciting! As for Sister Andersen, she'll be going
to Rossendale Valley to serve with sister Dunn! It's funny how
Heavenly Father has things work out. I think sometimes I let my
weaknesses drag me down, but something I've come to be grateful for is
the fresh start of a new transfer and how exciting it is that I get to
set new goals! One of my biggest goals for this transfer is to be a
better teacher and to rely on the spirit more. I feel that is
something that will help me in discerning my investigators needs. I
also want to continue to put my companion first, I've really seen the
importance of that this past transfer and I just loved it. I let as I
came to love my companion faster than I ever had before!

Today I'd like to bear my testimony on bus contacting! I have
absolutely come to love bus contacting this week! We didn't find any
one new to teach but I just have loved getting on a bus and look so
forward to the conversation I'll have. I don't know why, but bus
contacting has been my least favorite way to talk to people, I just
feel so intrusive and awkward! But this week the Lord showed me what
an effective use of time it is. We were on our way to an appointment
and then this man just starts talking to me and tells me his life
story and how he's an ex-Mormon. He was kind, and this woman in the
corner kept watching us as we talked. Eventually the man got off, but
the girl was still there. I really felt as though I should speak with
her but didn't know how! Then this man came on the bus and sat across
from Sister Andersen and he shot her a weird look! I couldn't help but
laugh and then I noticed this woman was laughing too! So then I made
small talk, and then she told me she was deaf! So I went to sit next
to her and we had such a lovely conversation about the savior and I
really got to know her. She couldn't speak, so she would use her hands
and sometimes type for me to understand. Then we eventually got off
and we parted with a hug. I just felt so joyful! Things like this
happened multiple times throughout the week and I can just see people
wanting the light of Christ more in their life.

And another thing I'm grateful for is the sacrament (the bread and
water symbolic of Christ's body and blood that He shed for us that
allows us to change for the better every week). Yesterday I had a
stinkin stomach bug! I'm tired of being ill. But anyways we had to
stay in and miss church. But thankfully our ward mission leader and
the elders in our area came round and brought us the sacrament. There
is something so sacred about being able to remember the Saviour every
week by partaking of emblems that are symbolic of him. I just was so
grateful to be able to take them and for me it made my day regardless
of how I was feeling.

Also I'm sad to have to say goodbye to sister Andersen, I just love
her to bits! It has been a great joy to serve with her for seven
weeks. I have learned so much from her and I will always remember her
for how kind she is! She is probably one of the most kind and sincere
person I've ever met. I'm also grateful for another transfer here in
Stretford, I felt as though my work wasn't done here and I guess I was
right! I still need to find the one, or hopefully ones in need of the
gospel with sister black!
Hopefully you all don't melt with the weather back home, feel free to
send some out way.

Love sister Miller

Fathers are so special...

Fathers Day...A day to honor those who are fathers and to me future fathers or who have loved like fathers. There are many of those in my life or the lives of my children. I am so grateful for honorable me that know how to love, teach, serve and care for others. Great men are so needed in the lives of everyone, to lead out in righteousness. So happy father's day to those men who have served me or my family in some way or another, Thank you!
Steve is a great example of that kind of man...

Grandpa Jack and another great dad Dallin...

And Grandpa Lindsay...

Soon to be father, Matthew...

Monday, June 15, 2015

I Feel Fine...

Hey Every Body!

I can't believe I'm already emailing again for the past week. The time is just flying by it's Crazy! I'm happy to say that the Bronchitis is gone. I'm still feeling the after effects of it I think, but for the most part, it's All gone! Which has been great because I was excited to just get out and work this week after being sick all last week.

Lately we've been working a lot with the less actives of this ward. There's a lot on and off the ward list and we've been working with the leadership of the ward to reach out and help those that have gone less active. As a missionary our main focus is obviously finding and teaching people who don't have the gospel in their lives, but after having the chance to really work with people who have lost their way has been a blessing, and it's been humbling. I've been able to build some good relationships with a lot of these people, and many of them are doing better and are beginning to feel the spirit an a greater abundance because of the choices they are making and the efforts we're making to help them out.'

Also this week, me and elder Henry have had many opportunities to find new people to teach. Lately the whole mission has been focusing a lot on the use of the Book of Mormon in our finding and teaching situations, and its been really interesting to see the change that its brought. For all those who we've talked to or have been teaching the Book of Mormon and the Savior have been our main focus, and already my testimony of the Book of Mormon has grown so much! People just open up to us, their hearts are softened and they are able to feel the spirit as we simply explain what the Book of Mormon is and how it can help them. Preaching the Gospel, isn't always easy, but its always worth it. For the benefit of yourself, and of course for those you are sharing it with. It just feels good to talk to someone about the Gospel and see them open up and change right there in front of you. It doesn't always happen, but the times it does are really special.

I am really enjoying myself, me and Elder Henry are having fun still and getting closer each day. Its hard sometimes, but we are relying on the Lord, on each other and the missionaries around us for strength, support and peace. "His arm of Mercy is extended All the day Long." I Love Yall So Much! I'm Missing all of you more than you know, but things are well for me. I'm happy, I feel like I'm growing and becoming a better person. I know that God Loves us. It's as simple as that. Keep the Faith Everybody. Pray often. Love one another.

Love, Elder Page

Count your blessings...

What a week what a week. This past week was hard, in the sense that we
faced opposition, but that's nothing new!

I went on exchange with the YSA (Young single adult, it's an age group in our church, and they
actually have their own building here in Manchester) sisters and so it
was a nice change! It was so fun and I really feel like I learn so
much on exchanges and I find a lot of joy knowing that the work really
is the same everywhere, we just have to open our mouths and we become
useful instruments of the Lord.

I also re-found my joy in bus contacting the past week, and I am so greatful for that. We also had a
mission-wide conference about the street displays and the iPads. It
was really great considering what happened when we did a street
display in Stretford and we plan to try it again this Saturday! I am
honestly so excited and we've organized better and I just feel like
the Lord is really preparing us for it this time!

Also just a few updates on the people I've told y'all about:
Peter and John, they really have become dear friends and we're getting
somewhere! I sincerely feel that they really do want to know, they
just have a lot of questions. I think I enjoy teaching them because I
feel like I really have to understand where they're coming from as
well to best help them. Peter is also praying sometimes and is
actually even beginning to believe in a God! So exciting!

Then there's Vicky, she's doing wonderful as well. She has yet to come
to church, but we're still holding onto hope. She is now a good 100+
pages into the Book of Mormon and really wants to understand it. We
also were able to get her a book of Mormon story book (like a more
simple overview with pictures) to guide her through it.

Also there's Kichau, now he's someone me and sister Dunn met, but
never heard from him again. But miraculously we got into contact with
him and we've met with him twice. He is so sincere and even has many
Psalms memorized. He really enjoys reading from the Book of Mormon and
we're hoping that he'll become more involved with the YSA here in Manchester.

With the many people we're teaching, it brings me hope. Sometimes it's
so easy to forget the many blessings that God has already given us. I
know that God does love His children and He has prepared a way for all
of them to come back to them. Some peoples routes may be a bit more
messy or long, but eventually, we can all make it there.

Also we had a massive heat wave (we could wear just a short sleeved
shirt!) for a big part of the week, and then we got struck with a cold
snap! You never know do ya? I'm just greatful for all that I have. I really and truly am.

Love you all! Stay safe!

Sister Miller xx

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

' I Got Bronchitis...Ain't nobody got time for that"...

Hello, Hello.

So to right off the bat address the email heading. Yes, I did in fact get Bronchitis. I started feeling sick about a week ago, but figured it was just the common cold, but things started getting worse and so I went to the doctor, turns out, I got Bronchitis! Most people would be mad to find out that they have Bronchitis, but I was the exact opposite. You better believe I knew exactly what this email title was gonna be right when they broke the news to me.

I'm feeling better now, but the cough is still getting me. I thought I wasn't going to have much to write about because for most of the days this week we were just confined to our living quarters. I think we both started to get apt fever, so we just started going out anyway at least for the evenings for the second half of the week, and it probably didn't help me physically, but it was nice to be able to just go and do missionary work. We were surprisingly able to get a lot done, with the little time we had this week on top of Zone Conference, Zone Meeting and my sickness. Yesterday I was on an exchange with Elder Showers in his area which covers downtown long beach and the bay area. Pretty much when we looked up long beach when I got my mission call, that's where we were working at. It was awesome! I wish I had my camera with me cause we were in the Heart of Long Beach and it was just amazing. In the morning we didn't have much to do, so we had the idea to get on the passport (free) bus and just talk to people getting off and on. We had a really good time, and it was cool just to be able to talk to all sorts of people about their families and the gospel. The bus went all the way down to the Queen Mary and back up to the inner city which total was a good trip. I really enjoy being able to work so closely with other Elders and be able to learn from them, and get to know them and build relationships with them. Exchanges are always good! The Lord blessed us with his spirit as we did the best we could with the time we were given. It just feels good doing the Lords work some days. I mean, it always feels good, but sometimes it just feels Great!

Me and Elder Henry are getting along swimmingly and we are enjoying the area and the ward. The members have been so good to us lately, it feels like home a lot of the time here, so its nice. Today we got to go to the temple. It was really nice, because after we got out of our session (which was really good) it was raining. Although it wasn't your typical Cali weather it was beautiful and it felt great! Temple trips are always such a special opportunity we have every three months. It never fails to leave me with the best feeling. The work that is done in the temple and the time spent there is heavenly. It just fills you with the spirit of the Lord. I cant wait to just be able to go to the temple anytime I want, that'll be nice. I cant believe I'm already through with 4 of the 8 temple trips I'll have on my entire mission, it blows me away! That's about all I have for this week. I wish I could say more, but if yall get anything out of this just know that I am doing well, the Lord is Good, and this work just keeps on moving! I Miss and Love yall More than I can express, but Heavenly Father is taking care of me here in Long Beach. I'll be praying for you all. Keep living the gospel and doing your best. Until next week... Godspeed!

Elder Page

Monday, June 8, 2015

Eu te amo...

(They got their Ipads)

How can I describe this past week? As hectic, trying, stretching, and
just flat out wonderful. I had a lot of time this past week to reflect
on the refiners fire, and how it can seem so hard the time that we're
going through it. For me, I really believe that my mission is a
constant refiners fire, I'm continually aware of my weaknesses and
shortcomings and I'm constantly trying to overcome them. We had such
great times this week, but also just some dead frustrating ones!
Sometimes I wish I would learn patience faster so that I could stop
having to experience things where I need ample amounts of patience!
Two experiences this week that really shaped me were first off it was
watching me and Sister Andersen work and grow together. I just love
her! Honestly, it's wonderful the way we communicate and work with one
another and I know that is a blessing from God. But on Friday, we had
planned to visit with Maureen and her children (we saw them earlier on
in the week and I honestly left there feeling so warm and full of
joy!) but sadly Maureen has fallen ill and is having a hard time right
now, so she had to cancel on us. So we tried by a few people in the
area we were in and all either weren't in or told us to come back
later. Now, I'm a firm believer that we are always needed somewhere,
but sometimes we just haven't figured it out. So we prayed, and
decided we would catch a bus around the corner to do some finding in a
different area. In Stretford, you cannot walk from place to place or
you'd be walking all day, and busses sometimes test us. We walked
around the corner and watched the bus we needed go right past us. I
was just done. So we took to plan B and I thought I knew my busses
well enough to get us where we needed to go, but I got us completely
lost and we ended up on the other side of town and it had hit 8:30 at
night. The whole time though I used it for bus contacting, and sister
Andersen kept saying that she really wanted to bus contact but didn't
know where to start. So we just talked about how to open up easily and
on the final bus ride home she had a wonderful conversation with a
women who we will hope to see soon! I just love my companions
willingness to grow and try, she really sets a great example for me.
Also we taught the family named Carlos and Suzy from Brasil yesterday,
they've actually been taught about two years ago but Suzy speaks little
English so she never connected with the gospel. We jumped on this and
made sure to bring a sister from she ward who spoke Portuguese as
well. The lesson was hard at first, but slowly we understood their
concerns and Priscilla was able to bear such a fervent testimony about
the gospel. It's been a while since I've been brought to tears in a
lesson, but the spirit in the room was so strong. Suzy ended up
actually needed a blessing, so brother Bob was able to do that. Before
we left we were able to invite them to baptism and they both said yes.
I knew Suzy couldn't understand me that well, but I had asked
Priscilla how to say "I love you" in Portuguese, or "Eu te amo" so I
just said that. I just love this work, I love these people. This work
isn't easy, but why should it be? We wouldn't learn if it was just
handed to us.
Sorry this is a novel! We also have iPads now, so it's quite handy
during lessons and I'm grateful for them! We also have a surprise
mission wide meeting tomorrow, so I have no idea what it's about but
I'll fill y'all in next week. Until then please stay safe, I love you
Sent from my iPad

Sister Miller

(it is still light at 10:30 pm)

Monday, June 1, 2015

Just follow the spirit...

(Got a new car)

So this past week has been a long one for me, but not to say it dragged, cause it didn't. I think we were caught up in a lot of good things that's why it made the week seem longer. First in foremost, I was really sad to hear about Elder Perry the other day, he was actually my first favorite apostle. I always loved him because of his name I think, and his voice too. He always got my attention during general conference. He is onto more good things now though. The plan of Salvation is just being carried out, its carried out by every single one of us, everyday.

This week though was a really good one. I have a few specific experiences I want to share. First one, Christy has a baptismal date for June 25th! We taught her early last week all about the spirit and how she's able to know what god wants for her by the way she feels, and the thoughts she has. So it was towards the end of the lesson and we extended the invitation to be baptized and there was quite a long moment of silence, just Christy thinking and pondering. Until I just suddenly had the thought to ask her what her heart was telling her, and she hated to admit it, but she just started crying and said, her heart was telling her yes. At that moment I just knew the spirit had taken full control over the lesson and we were simply instruments in the lords hands. We've visited Christy a few times since that meeting and she is a little hesitant because of family issues, and just questions, but every time we go back to the feelings that shes had she knows that its the right thing to do and its what god wants, so hopefully as we keep meeting with her and helping her she'll be able to make her date of the 25th!

Another experience I had this week was one that had a very anticlimactic ending but looking back it meant a lot to me and I know it meant a lot to the Lord. Me and Elder Henry were going by this investigator we have, her name is Kelley, and it wasnt anything set but we wanted to go by. So as we parked and got out of the car there was this woman across the street getting some groceries out of her trunk and she was a little ways away, but I just kept getting the feeling that we should go talk to her, help her, do something. And for some crazy reason I'm sad to say I just kinda brushed it off and kept walking towards Kelley's house because we parked right next to it. And as we got to Kelley's home and even when we were knocking on her door I just kept having the same feeling and thought to just go and talk to that lady! Luckily Kelley wasn't home so we told the people there that we would stop by another time, and I just told Elder Henry about the lady I felt like we should talk to and he was just like she's probably inside her house by now. And I thought I blew it! But we ran back to where she was anyways in hope of catching her, and we actually managed to run right into her. I started talking to her sure that she would be interested and say that she was hoping someone would stop her and talk to her about God, or something Awesome like that, but what came next was a little surprise. She was a really nice lady and she was good to us, but ultimately she said she really didn't want to talk and wasn't interested. We kindly said bye and we started back for the car. As we were walking away I just felt one of the best feelings I've ever felt before. It overtook me! It was awesome, I wish I could describe it, but basically I knew at that moment that that spiritual prompting wasn't for the woman I reached out to, it was just for me. I feel like the Lord was testing me, giving me a chance to act on a prompting, and it felt so good at the end of the day that I acted on it. And also to earn the Lords trust, in that anytime he needs me to do something I will be ready to just do it!

I hope this little story is as cool for yall as it was for me. I guess the moral of this email is to just always follow the spirit. If you've felt it before its undeniable. It cant be mistook for anything else. And if you wonder if its your own thought, then act on that thought anyway and I know the Holy Ghost will put into your heart a strong feeling that will confirm that it was from God. I Love the Spirit! I know I wouldn't be able to do a thing as a missionary without it. I'm glad Heavenly Father Loves us enough to send a comforter to us, a constant companion, his Spirit.

I Love you all! I hope this email brightened someones day. I'll keep yall in my prayers and in my thoughts throughout the week. Keep things going well! I cant wait to email next week, but until then, Godspeed!

(This is A whole 3 generations of Missionaries. From Left to right Elder Roth, Elder Hewett, Elder Blasko, and Me)

Love, Elder Page

(This is Keith, he's one of our buddies from the Old people's home here in our area. Normally we just come in to spend time with the residents, but the nurse here (Cindy) has actually started talking to us about the gospel. She just said she really needs more direction and purpose in her life and after we gave her a Book of Mormon, she admitted she had already been reading from Keith's at night when she would bring him his medicine. It was a cool unplanned opportunity to share the gospel. Hopefully things keep going well :) She's really Cool)

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