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Friday, May 17, 2013

A day out with Dad

The last couple of weeks have been so busy, with me being out of town and teacher appreciation, I had not seen dad in a couple of weeks. So last saturday, Steve, Tory and I went to Greensboro to spend the day with him. We started off with lunch at no where else but...you guessed it Yum Yum better icecream! He loves that place and since we don't get to eat there often we enjoy going there too. After lunch we walked the campus of UNCG. It was a beautiful spring day, perfect! He enjoyed just being outside, don't think he had ever walked around that campus outside of going to Yum Yum. After that we drove to the Museum of Greensboro History. I use to go there all the time when the kids were young. I had not been there since we moved to Concord, so it brought back sweet memories as we walked through even though it is set up a little differently than it use to be, some was the same, and I could not help but smile as I pictures our children so small and curious! They always loved the museums, parks, science center and libraries. I miss those days. Maybe when I become a grandma I can do it all over again.

Birthday Girls turning 19 and 24!!!

May 1st, both Abigail & Jaclyn, celebrated birthdays. Abigail turned 19 and Jaclyn turned 24. I am so blessed to have both of these beautiful girls as daughters (along with you too Marissa) They both bring so much joy and beauty to our family of many men :) Slowly but surely Abigail is getting her sisters...I am so grateful for both of you, and I hope that your birthdays were happy ones. (I hate that I had to leave Utah on your birthday Abigail, but I had the best time shopping with you and going out to eat with you, Marissa and your brothers. I love you Both!!!

Monday, May 13, 2013

Visit to Utah

Last month I was able to go and visit my children in Utah. It had been since Christmas that I had seen them, so I was so excited to give them hugs, and see their faces. They have all had a busy semester. Zach & Marissa just celebrated their 5 month anniversary. They are doing well, adjusting to married life, school, and providing for a family. Marissa started Message Therapy School, and is loving it; she even gave me a message while I was there. Thanks so much Marissa! Zachary was going to school and working there for a while, which was a tough schedule, but he is now taking the spring and summer terms off to work full time to provide for his sweet family. He is working for Do Terra, he loves it there, He shared with me some of the amazing oils that they make and sell. Abigail moved out of her Freshman Dorm into Zach & Marissa's home for the spring term. So glad that she is with family for these last few weeks before she comes home and leaves for her mission. She is a semester into her Sophmore year at BYU. She has worked really hard going to school and working. Matthew moved into a new apartment with his good friend and previous roomate Alec. It is a really nice, clean bright homey place. I enjoyed helping them get that set up. Matthew is doing summer term also. He was working and going to school also. He will be starting up a new job in June with the BYU Summer Sports Camp Counseling. He is really excited about doing that, he will have alot to share with them as he leads out. Along with spending time with my kids (we all stayed at Z & M place almost a week) thanks so much. I got to see a few of my friends,Becky Buehner and her Daughter in law Dannielle Buehner and meet her beautiful grandaughter ( she is one proud GLAMA as she is call ;) I always love catching up with her when I come to visit. I also got to see the Gardiners and have lunch with Kristi. We sure do miss them here in NC, But wish the best for them in their new adventures. While at the Gardiners we caught up with Nichelle Shaw, who we have not seen in years. She is getting married this summer. (wish I would have taken pictures!!!)and also those I call mine, like Nolan Jenkins and Stephen Fuller! Thanks so much guys for making time to come say hello and give me a hug! Love you! All of the rest of you guys I hope I get to catch up with next time. (still Love ya!) and also my niece Laurie along with her 3 funny and adorable kids! SO glad we got to catch up, it has been to long. Look forward to your visit to NC in June! We had a fun sunday with the Wilsons (Marissa's family) We had a delicious meal (thank you Kevin and Vicky) and fun visit with her kids, and their family (cutest little grandchildren ever...until mine come along that is :) The week flew by and before I new it I was on a plane back home. I had the worst feeling of missing my family here and leaving my family there. I so look forward to our trip in July (its only for a week, but I will take whatever I can get! Love you Matthew, Abigail, Zach & Marissa, thank you for a wonderful visit! See you soon!!!!

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Grandpa Lindsey is Inducted into the North Carolina High School Coaches Association

Our Next Group Of Missionaries

We are so proud to be sending out 3 more missionaries (3 more for the Page side and 2 More for the Jenkins side) They are going to do so well representing the Lord and His Church in their prespective missions.
Elder Brandon Jenkins will serve in the Utah Salt Lake City South Mission Leaving June 19
Elder Carson Massey will serve in the Ireland/Scotland Mission Leaving on July 31

Sister Abigail Nicole Page will serve in the Chile Vino Del Mar Mission Leaving August 14

Spring Break 2013

For spring break this year (mind you this was back in March! I am so far behind!) we went to Oak Island for a week. Tory brought his friend Caleb with him to keep him company, not that we weren't good company, but hey, he is a teenager. We had a great time, even with the weather being cold and rainy. We did get out to the ocean, to cold to get in, but it was beautiful, and it made me long for our family trip to the beach in July ( I am going to start counting the days until them) We went to Fort Fisher, to the aquarium and rode the ferry, ate ice cream, rode bikes (I loved that most of all)It was Easter Sunday so we attended church there in the small branch. Tory and Caleb participated in passing the sacrament. The Bishop stood up and mentioned how wonderful it was to have worthy priesthood holders, that no matter where they were, they were prepared and ready to serve where needed. I think that made them feel good. We dyed Easter eggs too. I really was missing mom this Easter, we would always go to her house and hunt eggs, color them and eat together. Moms, Grandmas who make and carry out traditions are sure missed when they are no longer there, but I guess we get to continue to bless our families by doing those wonderful things with them and then our own grandchildren as they come along. We missed having the rest of our family with us. Family vacations have sure changed over the years with everyone leaving on missions, and school, but the feeling of love and unity is always there no matter who is or isn"t with us. I love my family, all of them so much. We have so many wonderful memories to look back and many new ones to make.

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