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Monday, August 29, 2011

Elder Page has a baptism

Hello everybody!!!
I hope you are all doing great! This week flew by like I can't believe again! It feels weird to be sitting hear typing another email already! I am so glad to hear about Ben going to the temple! Things are just changing and everybody is leaving so fast! I did write him letter last week so he should get it around Wednesday I think. The Matt comes home countdown is crazy fast! This month of August went by SOOO fast! Haven't gotten a package but I will be looking for it!! Thanks as always Mama! Things this week have been crazy fast and busy, and for the next month it will do nothing but pick up. Last week we were traveling and did a split with the new missionary that came in and his trainer. The new missionary is very raw and a little timid but he will make a great missionary as he goes along. We are traveling a lot right now. We are traveling all over the mission over the next 5 weeks doing splits and doing training. Along with that, we have 3 days of service, then we have Zone Leader Council this week as well. Next week we have a big Zone Conference and then another Stake Dendo meeting the week after that! September is going to just fly by. This week was a little hard as far as missionary work in our own area is concerned. Every single one of our investigators dropped us except Takeshi's sister, and we gave her to the sister missionaries. So we have ZERO investigators. We had three straight days of about 7 hours of finding! :oD But, we have a good attitude and we are happy and things are good. I don't really have too many details to tell about stuff. Things are just pretty normal and busy. This is just one of those weeks mom, I don't have much to tell. It is pretty crazy how just things blur together and everything just becomes...schedulized? Is that a word? One funny thing, a guy from Californina came to church on Sunday and I had to translate for him. It amazed me how hard it was to think in English at church again after so long! Other than that, I hate to leave this email so short and uninteresting, but I am just going to send some pictures and wrap it up for this week. I hope everybody is doing great and is doing well as school and things get going again. I love you guys so much. This gospel is true and I am so grateful that we have this truth that allows us to be together forever. Until next week!
I love you!
Elder Zachary Taylor Page

Friday, August 26, 2011

Hello Everybody!!!!
I am so sorry! Today will not be a very long email at all because i dont have a lot of time!!!! Today and these past couple days were way super busy! I am glad that you enjoyed getting all of the pictures!! I didn't write anything down for this one, but I send Marissa a tape and on the tape I explained the pictures! If you want to know what they mean, just get on skype with her and you guys can go through it on the tape! I am sorry, last week before I sent her her package I was scrambling and I didn't have time to write them all! yes, my hair was very appauling, but it has recovered. I have had a couple of funny/sketchy experiences with aisian girls but for the most part I am alright. :) I will remember Abby in my prayers,but I doubt she has anything to worry about. :oD AAHHH! Thanks for sending me a package, but if it isn't to much of a headache, I need a couple of things, well pictures of me. We have this new type of missionary activity we are doing and I need pictures of me as a young kid/soccer/junior marshall/etc. I am sorry for it being a pain, I just need them for this thing we are doing. We are really trying to change the missionary we do a little bit here. We are trying to do it through "referals" we have been doing a lot of activities and stuff like that with a lot of members and nonmembers there. That way, we can have and be teaching people with strong relationships with members. It is pretty tiring because right now the missionaries are planning everything! Hopefully we can pass it off to the ward in time. The baptism was great! I got him down and baptised in one try!!! Better than I can say for Zach!! hahaha :oD It was a great experience for everybody that came, especially his sister! We are still teaching her and she is our best prospect for a baptism soon. I wish that I could reply to everything better, but I have no time! Great to hear about Matt coming home, I am so excited for you guys! Dallin switching his major, I like it! I got the letter with Jordan's email, great to hear about him but it is too bad about his finger! Typical Jordan, District Leader. :oD He is going to do great, no doubt. Brian too! Ahh!!! Everybody is going! I wrote Ben a letter today so I will get that off tomorrow! Mom, I have no idea about anything for christmas or birthday! Absoulutely no clue! Just something that makes me think of the most important people in my life, so anyhting is great! These past couple of days have been really really busy and some ups and downs. We had a great baptism, but we also had several investigators tell us that they can't meet with us anymore. One told me, we got really close, that he would be my friend forever, but that he couldnt meet with us. It has been pretty crazy. Things with Elder Lay and I as Zone Leader are pretty busy too. We have a big Zone Conference with the Area Seventy, Elder Aoyagi, coming. We are also going to be traveling all over the mission every week for the next 6 weeks spliting with missionaries! Keep me us in your prayers so I don't just fall over in the middle of walking!! :oD Hahaha I am doing great though! I am happy and the work is great! i will send pictures of the baptism probably next week! I love you guys so so so so so so so so so much!!!! Give Marissa my Love as always and know that I always think of you and am praying for you. This gospel is true. I know that God is with his missionaries. I guarentee that this work is not possible to a normal human. The Lord Sustains his servants in his work. I love this gospel. It is true happiness and joy. Have a wonderful Week everybody!!!!!
Love Always,
Elder Zachary Taylor Page!!!

46 days :)

Hey Everyone,
Thanks so much for the letters last week! Letters really mean alot to me, that you take the time to sit down and write me. It's going to be weird when I come home and I won't anticipate the mail this way ever again...I think :)
I feel like I've been relatively good about writing every week. You guys have been great! Thanks so much for the beach pictures! It looked like it was tons of fun with everone. Mckenna looked cute :) especially in that Uof A shirt!
I'm glad that you don't have to worry about signing up for classes for me and that I can help with all of that at home. If you could look for somewhere to live close to Mckenna that would be awesome! I'm just a little excited about the idea of finally being about to live near her :)
Yeah, I've been thinking about studying Physical Therapy for a whil and then I found out Dallin is going into that! I guess he can show me the ropes when I get back. That would be fun to work with Dallin :)
I'm glad that you and Dad had a great anniversary. That sounds good about new clothes! I'm sure all the stuff I had before got swipped :)
That's cool Elder Straw's homecoming is comoing up. Me and him became good friends. There are so many people I want to keep in touch with.
I'm glad TOry is enjoying soccer. I loved High School soccer! I miss those days. I'm ecited to be able to come home and see him play.
That sounds good about you and Abby's workout! I'm still struggling to stay somewhat healthy and keep the punds off. I hate how I got the weight gain in my face. I'm going to try to make an extra big push this last transfer. SO for my Birthday don't send me candy :) Also transfers are not this week but next week, so I will let you now what happens. I hope I just stay and finish here, but we'll see.
SO this past week for me was good. It also had some tough stuff. We had Zone Conference on Friday, which was good It was my last one!!! CRAZY! ALways good to see Elder Kindsey. He's going to Weber State for school. He wants to study PT too! Also saw Elder Bellows. He's good! Saw Elder Rhett too. We had fun talking about Carolina!
We also had kind of a bummer thing happen. One of our investigators named Sarah who has a baptism date for the 17th is moving out of our area! It's really sad for me to see her go because I've been working with her since I got here. She has come so far and right when she gets a date she moves. SHe is struggling too with her mom wheo is not supportive andt all. I want to see her be happy and I have come the care about her alot!!! She's even engaged to a member now! I have been blessed to be a part of her journey and all the people I have taught! It's true you love those you serve. I never thought I would say it after two summers in this place, but I LOVE TUCSON! and the people here! :)
I'm blessed! I just have to say that. :) I hope you all have a great week! Good luck with school starting and I will update you all next week of the transfers

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Elder Page has 56 days left!

Dear Family,
Thank you so much for the letters this week. Thanks for the post card from the beach too. I think you sent the same one last year too :)
I loved seeing pictures and hearing about the beach. I can't wait for the pictures and tape from it. Those are my favorite!
I'm glad to hear that TOry is doing well with soccer. I can't wait to be able to play in the alumni game too! I have not gotten to play hardly at all out here :( Everyone wants to play basketball...lame!(no offense Dad)
SO to answer some questions. with the running shoes, I could just try to find some out here if that would be easier. I am 8.5 though if you want to send me some. I'm ok to wait too. My shoes are a little worn and hurt my feet alittle. I've been running alot!:) I've been trying to keep my waist size down.
I also was wondering if you could send more differin. This is the last one from my mission.
Mckenna told me about how she will probably be staying home in the fall for her surgery. I guess I will carry her around.:) I told her that I will miss her cute little feet, but I'm sure her new feet will be cute too!
With a roommate out @ BYU I don't think E. Kindsey will be going to BYU.:( I'm not picky with roommates. I would like to live somewhere relatively close to Mckenna while I'm there. That will be nice after 5 years :) Again I'm not very picky after living w/companions I've learned to be able to get along w/ most people. (As long as they are somewhat clean)
So things here are doing good. Tis past week we were able to go to the temple. IT was a great experience to go. This was probably my last time.:( Ican't wait to be able to go more often when I'm home. There is so much peace in the temple.
We have two investigators getting baptised on the 13th! It will be so great. Their names are Josh & Ellie. Both super great & super prepared. It will be a double special day with it being you and Dad's Anniversary. :) Know I will be thinking about you both. Thank you for your love & Selflessness you show as an example to me in your marriage :) I hope to be able to be like you both and have the same joy & blessings in my own marriage. I hope you both have a great day!
I got your package!!! I love it! Thank you I'm going to have to work off all the cookies and bread! I love the tape and pictures. It was so good to hear all of you. I have got to send this letter off. I will update you all next week
Love you all!!! Things are getting really busy with school getting ready to start.
Love you all
Love Matt

Elder Page stays in Kamisugi

Hello Everybody!!
Sorry about the curve ball this week! It is transfers this week and I forgot to let you know about the switched P-Day last week. Well, like I said, transfers...and...........I am staying in Kamisugi!!! YEAH!!!!!!! I was so excited that I heard that I get to stay. I was pretty nervous that I was going to get transfered and we all thought they were going to fix last transfers mix up and bring in somebody older, but Kaicho said that there was nothing to fix. He said we are doing an excellent job as zone leaders even though I am young and so I won't be leaving and we are staying as the zone leaders. I was really relieved to get to stay in Kamisugi because if I got transfered I was going to miss Takeshi's baptism. Speaking of, he is getting baptized on Saturday and I have to tell you a couple of stories about him. The first, we were making plans for his baptism, like who he wanted to speak and what not, somebody asked him who he wanted to baptize him. He asked if it was his choice and we told him yes. He then got the biggest smile on his face and said, "Ok, then I want Page Choro to do it!" Mom, you have no idea how happy I was. I am not even going to try to describe how happy I am because I can do it! His baptism is Saturday at 6 and I am so excited. Even better, we met with him and his younger sister, who is 22, to tell her all about his baptism and stuff. We ended up teaching her lesson 1 and she wants to hear the message. She is coming to the baptism and to church on Sunday and it is just amazing! Things have been pretty hard recently with investigators not progressing and some even just disappearing, but hopefully everything goes right this weekend and I get to see my first Baptism!! I will for sure take pictures and let you know how it goes! Other than that, things with me have been pretty dang busy! We had our monthly zone leader council with Kaicho, then we had another meeting with us, the APs, Kaicho, and the Stake President. Oh, sorry, Kaicho means President if you didn't know. Then we have been busy working everything out for transfers tomorrow. The mission just doesn't slow down! I can hardly believe my 4th transfer is starting already! Mom, that is 1/4 of the transfers!
I have thought a lot about how Matt is coming home and how crazy that is! I was thinking, it has been so long since I have seen Matt! That is so exciting for everybody. So what do you think Mom, am I probably going to miss the next Page family Wedding? :oD I am glad to hear about you and Abby working out so well, I have to be honest, I am probably moving the opposite way as you. :oD I am trying to keep it together for Marissa's sake at least! I want Zach to come home to her not...The Santa Clause reference..."Stung by a bee? A big bee" Zach. :) Thanks for letting me know all about Tory and Soccer, I love hearing it! Hard realizing how I don't play but I love hearing about him! Kirby wrote me and told me that he is huge! He looks like he has gotten even bigger in all the pictures. By the way Mom, I have gotten all your letters and pictures, Marissa's too. Two things, one, Abby is too pretty for HER own good so she should just never talk to boys again. Two, Marissa sent me pictures and She is way to pretty for MY own good so she should never talk to boys again...unless they speak Japanese and are from North Carolina. :oD I have just felt a ton of gratitude for all of my girls these past couple of weeks! Mamma, Abbs, and MJ just blow my mind away! You guys are the greatest!
Oh, one more thing, I don't know if I am allowed to activate my new card because that would require me to call outside of the country. Could you guys just activate it for me? If not just let me know and I will ask about making that call. Thank you! :) One funny thing that happend this week. You remember how with Alcides, me and dad and Tory and him would always say, "Bons Velos Tempos." The good old times right? I figured out how to say that in Japanese this week! I used it and just laughed at myself! :) Tell tory that the way you say it in Japanese is just this, good luck saying it right, "Natsukashi!" That was a good happy thought of home and family this week.
I want you guys to know that I thought about you and Dad on Your anniversary! I hope it was great, and considering you both went off on eachother in your individual emails, I am guessing it was great and that you are deeply in love as usual. You never know, a couple of years from now, there could be another anniversary on August 13th. You never know!?!?! :oD
Well, that is about all I have for this week! I have seen miracles this week in the mission, just as I have seen every week. As the weeks go by I come to know more and more that this is God's work and his glory. We are working here not just to bring about good things and help people, we are "bringing to pass the immortality and eternal life of man." This gospel is the road that leads to eternal life; eternal happiness. I know that to be true with all of my heart. My promise is that if you learn, study the Book of Mormon, ponder in your hearts the message that it contains, and then ask God, you can know that it is true and that this is God's Church. I love you all so much! Keep me in your prayers as I remember you.
Just to make everybody laugh, I am going to poke fun at Dad Mom. Get Tory to give Dad a good ole' spanking for me. Then, when Dad tells him to stop, tell him, "Dad, your the bishop you aren't the pope!" And then everyone will laugh as Dad reads this and says, "Hey, I don't know if I like that." :oD I love you all so much! Have a wonderful week and I will email you on Monday!!
Love always,
Elder Zachary Taylor Page

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Alumni weekend!

This weekend was Alumni weekend. Dallin & Jaclyn came home for the weekend. As always it was so great having them here. They brought the newest member of the Page family...Abe. He is a cutie! Dallin and Jaclyn are the greatest family. I am so proud of them and all that they have accomplished together. Love you both!

Soon to be Elder Armstrong...

Saturday we went to the Temple with Gina and Michael Armstrong. We were so happy that they asked us to go with them. It was a beautiful day for everyone. Michael will be leaving for his mission Sept 14th to Portland Oregon.

(Elder) Spencer Perkins

Spencer Perkins and his new bride Mandi, his dad, Step mom and step brothers all came to NC for a visit. It was nice to see him again and sooo happy. He has a great family, so nice to meet them. A big thank you to Jim and his sweet wife for treating us all to dinner. Hope you had a great visit in NC.

Elder Z Page

I hate that I have no pictures to put up. I told him I wanted pictures!!
Hello Everyone!
Glad to hear that you guys had another wonderful week! That is pretty crazy that they did the Alumni game in the gym, that must have been way different. I will write Ben. I will just make time.
Great to hear you had a great day with Michael at the Temple. It is really great to hear about everybody coming out into the service of Heavenly Father. This work truly does change other peoples lives and shapes us into the people Heavenly Father wants us to be. I am so excited for Michael to serve in Oregon and Ben to serve in Las Vegas. I have no doubt they will do great work there!
Not going to lie, one of my favorite things to read in an email is that you guys have skyped with my Marissa. :) I agree that she is a keeper. But, you know Mom, you always told us that you would know we loved a girl when we found one just like you. (****NOTE FROM ME I DON"T RECALL EVER TELLING MY BOYS THAT! JUST SAYING!!) And well, I love my Mamma so much I found a girl like her. :oD
I will get to a letter Mom, and some pictures will come your way soon. I am sorry that I haven't been doing very good! I will get to that.
Crazy to think that Elder Perkins is married! I remember a couple weeks before I left I went to Statesville for transfers and I met him and his family and now he is married!
I am so proud to hear about Tory! He is going to have such a great year playing! I always really liked Phil so I am excited for him to have a great season. I am afraid by the time I get home and we all play in that Alumni game I will have lost my touch. I haven't played soccer since Sapporo! I really hate not being able to play, and I am scared I am just going to lose it by the time I get home.
You asked how my language is going? I honestly don't really know how to answer that question. It is hard to gage it. I can get along by myself almost entirely now. I dont have to think to much when I speak anymore. Still obviously a lot of vocab I am not familiar with, but i don't have any trouble anymore. I guess we will just have to find out at Christmas, have Sister Mitchell there when I call and we can talk for you!! :)
The work is still going pretty good. We have hit another bump in the road. Neither of our baptisms this week are going to happen. Takeshi was doing wonderful and set to be baptised, but the day of his baptismal interview Satan hit him with a hard temptation and now he has to wait a little longer to get ready to be baptized. It is a bump, but he is still working hard to get baptized on 8/20. Please pray for him, he is having some trouble with smoking. We have been doing a lot of different things and working hard these past couple weeks.
I have been spending all day today puting all the pieces for Marissa's birthday package together. Hopefully she likes it!
It has been SOO hot here this week so everyday is dying in 100% humidity and heat! Makes me excited for the winter!
I was laughing the other day because it is pretty hard sometimes to do things in English! I pictured me coming home and having some serious issues during my homecoming talk trying to speak in English! This coming week is going to be pretty busy. Lay Choro and I have to spend a day at the Mission Home for ZL Council, and then we have service again this week, and before I know it it will be P-Day again! Weeks are starting to breeze by and I can feel things pick up and up. I can hardly believe I will be on my 4th transfer in a week and a half!! There are only 16 transfers! I am trying to think of things to say but I don't really know what to report! I remember all those times Dallin and Matt would write and not say much and now I understand! Every day we are finding and teaching people...and...well that is a mission!! :oD How is Jordan doing? That is something I have been thinking about a ton, I want to hear about how he is doing. Please let me know!
Well, I guess that is it for this week, I will finish by bearing my testimony. Ether 12:27-28 talks about we have weaknesses to make us humble and to bring us unto the Savior. I want to testify that in our weakness, we can find true strength is our Savior. A mission is something that you just absolutely can't do on your own. On a mission the Lord teaches us to come unto him in humility so that he can show us miracles. Those miracles aren't just ones we can see, he will cause miracles of change within us, the power to change our natures. This is God's true gospel. I know it with all of my heart. If we follow faithfully and humbly, we will never be lead to roads we cannot walk, bridges we cannot cross, or mountains we cannot climb. The path of a disciple of Jesus Christ is a path that is narrow and long, but the only path that will take you to eternal happiness with our Father in Heaven. I testify that it is a path worth taking. I love you all so much!! I hope you are all doing well and have joy in every day of your lives! Until next week, I love you!!
Elder Zachary Taylor Page

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