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Monday, July 28, 2008

Our Friends the Schultz Family

The Schultz are on their way to Russia by way of Arizona :) Here are a few pictures of our friends...
everyone but Ray. We wish ya'll the best!

Thursday, July 24, 2008

More pictures from visit

Scott sent me the rest of the pictures they took of their short visit with Elder Page & Elder Cunningham.

Monday, July 21, 2008

Elder Page loved visit from family!

Dallin said it was really awesome to see Grandma, Grandpa, Scott, Brandon and Will. He could not believe how tall Brandon has gotten. He said, "I guess I have to expect that every cousin I have has passed me in height". He also said, "I can not believe that it has almost been 6 mths, it's crazy how fast time flies, but not as crazy as Tyler loosing so much weight, is he not eating or did he get some kind of parasite."
This past sunday they had some investigators come to church. They only stayed for an hour, but they liked it and said that they would come again. That seems to be the hard part for people, They say they will come to church and then having them actually do it is the hard part. They have to make those key decisions on their own.
Grandma Peggy said that Elder Page looks great and is so happy! That makes me a happy mom. Thanks mom for giving him a big hug for me. This picture was taken outside of their ward building while visiting grandma, grandpa, Scott, Brandon and Will. (thanks for the picture Brandon)

Sunday, July 20, 2008


This weekend we celebrated Grandpa Curry's 99th birthday. Children, grandchildren and great-grand children we all there. We had a cookout, ate cake, and had good conversation. Here are some pictures of Curry, Tory , Grandpa Lindsey and Zach. Myra, Lindsey and their kids with Grandpa. Our family with Grandpa.

What people will do for free food!

Once they saw the word FREE there was no stopping them! Eat Mor Chikin!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

New Pictures of Elder Page

We just got some new pictures today from Dallin. The first 3 are of him and his first companion Elder Song (he is now Dallin's district leader). They are @ the Newport Temple. The rest are of he and his new companion Elder Cunningham @ the Irvine Stake 4th of July Celebration. Notice Elder Page and Elder Cunningham's "power ties". The picture with the 2 woman are of Azita, a recent convert and Nazrene not a member, yet.:) They are both Persian. The other picture is of investigators, Enrique & Irma with friends.

Monday, July 14, 2008

Another productive week for Elder Page

Dallin sounded wonderful this week. "The language is coming along slowly, but it's coming and that feels great." Elder Page and Elder Cunningham are working hard together. Tonight I spoke with Elder Cunninghams' mother. It was fun sharing our excitement for our sons and their assignment together. They sound like a wonderful family. It will be fun getting to know them as time passes with news of our missionaries. Dallin shared a funny story this week I will past it in to the post. Again he is very appreciative of all the letters and support he is receiving.

We went to chic-fil-a on Wednesday b/c we didn't have a dinner appointment and while we were there we saw a flyer for an event that chic-fil-a was having on Friday. It said that if you dressed like a cow you could get a any free chic-fil-a meal. Now the key word in that sentence was "free". I have come to realize that the word free means alot to a missionary for some reason. No matter how rediculous something is, if it has the word free attached to it there will atleast be a considerable amount of thought put into whether or not it should be taken. So anyways, needless to say we dressed up like cows. We had some old white shirts in our closet that old missionaries had left so we took sharpies and drew black cow spots all over them and I found a rediculous skinny black tie in the closet too that I used for some type of bow-tie looking thing. Bottom line...we looked absolutely rediculous but we got free chic-fil-a sandwhiches, fries, and a drind so it was worth every bit of effort that we put into the whole event

Note about our nephew Tyler: he is doing great. He has a new companion and new mission president as well. He is a senior companion (hard worker:) ) It is good to hear that he is doing so well.

Saturday, July 12, 2008

New Mission President

Elder Page got his new mission Pres. last week, President & Sister Watrous. Elder Page said that he got a great inpression about them, and that great things are going to happen in the mission. Here he is with his new companion ( and companion for the next 14 mths) Elder Cunningham.

Monday, July 7, 2008

Fun 4th of July in Anaheim

Sounds like Elder Page had another great week. He got a new mission president President Watrous. He says that they are very kind and loving, and says they are going to do an AWESOME job in Anaheim. Here is a small portion of his email...enjoy, and remember Elder Page and Elder Cunningham in your prayers.

This week seemed to fly by...on Friday we had a huge 4th of July get-together for the entire Irvine Stake. There was all you could eat Korean BBQ beef and chicken, rice, and desserts. There were even 3 local bands made up of some of the local members that played music the entire time. And after the party we all walked over to the park across the street and watched fireworks so it was a pretty fun 4th, although to be honest I didn't get much time to sit down and relax--we were just walking around talking to some of our investigators that came and to some of the Persian members and their friends. Our conversations were pretty basic..."Salaam, Haletun chetore?", "Hubam, miersee. Shoma chetorid?", "Hubam, khaily momnoonam."

Sunday, July 6, 2008


EFY Steadfast & Immovable 2008

This past week was EFY. "The most spiritual week of my life" said Abby. Thus the best week after as well. The kids come home on an incredible spiritual high. They got to spend a week with old friends, make new friends and catch up on life with some of their cousins who they don't get to see near enough! It is the best week of summer for them. This year was Matt's last year and Abby's first. Zach has spent the day looking at pictures of those he now calls "his 23 new brothers and sisters". Isn't the gospel great! Here are pictures of Matt, Zach & Abby and many of their friends :)

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