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WhErE tHe PaGeS oF tHiS bOoK nEvEr EnD

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

A Few New Experiences...

Elder Page ran into his MTC companion, Elder Ofa, at the the temple.

Sounds like Elder Page is having a very busy week. He has one more week with Elder Cera (who goes home) and then 2 weeks being in a threesome and then on to another companion. This past week they attended a birthday party for some one in their ward. Sounds like it was your typical Hispanic celebration...with lots of people, most of the ward and lots of meat, put into tacos. Elder Page was brave and tried intestines, YUCK...he said it really wasn't bad, it was just the texture he did not like. Atleast he tried it. While at the party a member of the bishopric asked them to speak the next day, he had to get up early the next morning and write his talk before church. So Sunday he gave his first talk in Spanish. "It was on Missionary work. I basically just wrote it all out and read it like I was a 12 year old giving his first talk ever in sacrament meeting...oh well I did my best" Since he is still learning the language that was a big deal for him. He has only been in a spanish area for 2 mths. so the language thing has been slow coming. We are glad to know that he is busy doing the work and doing his best!

Monday, March 30, 2009

Soccer, Soccer and more Soccer!

It was a week of soccer, games games and more games. We have had to make up games that have been rained out. They are trying to get them all in before state playoffs. oh well. Tory had a tournament this weekend in Charleston. His team won the tournament yEAh! This week is going to be games every night...good thing we love soccer!

Zach cramps almost every game..."eat more bananas & drink more H2o" We hear this all the time ...HE DOES! Still happens.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Elder Page gets a new companion

Well Dallin got a new companion on saturday. It was a very sudden transfer. He is now with an Elder Cerna, who goes home in 2 wks. He really does not like being with Elders who are ready to go home, they are only thinking of going home and not working. Oh well another learning experience for Elder Page. When Elder Cerna goes home in 2 weeks he will be in a threesome for another 2 wks until transfers. He will be ready for that new companion.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Mckenna comes for a visit.

We had a really fun weekend. Mckenna came all the way from BYU for a visit. We were all so happy to see her...it has been since Jan 08 since we have had a visit WOW. As you can see Matt looks the happiest of us all! :) Thanks for coming Mckenna. We hope that you enjoyed it as much as we did. Game night at the Pages! It was so much fun...

Baby Tanner finally Arrives

Addie is a big sister now and Aunt Jaclyn is an aunt to Addie and Tanner. Congratulations to All the Schultz Family on their new arrival!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Tory Turns 13 Today!!!!

Today is Tory's birthday. I can not believe that he is 13 years old. Where has all the time gone! We love having him in our family, as Elder Slauson says "He completes the Page puzzle" that he does! He is growing up to be a wonderful young man just like his brothers. He loves playing soccer and the drums. He loves hanging out with friends & family together. He has a very funny sense of humor, he keeps us all laughing. We love him to death. Hope you have a wonderful day Tory and know that we love you!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

"Busiest Craziest week of my mission"

"Well, week one as a mechanic has been one of the busiest, craziest weeks of my mission. I am/ have been so tired this week." His first week on this new assignment was, time consuming to say the least. I hope that things get better and he gets more time to do actual missionary work! They had to head back up to Irvine so they paid a visit to the Bell Family. They were so happy to see Elder Page, as he was to see them. They are doing well in their new ward and growing in the gospel.

Sunday, March 15, 2009



I love this time of year, Spring, where life starts all over again. And it is also conference time! Today was stake conference and what a wonderful conference it was. The theme was A Change of Heart. We had some really great speakers I came home will alot of things to think about and what we can do in our home going forward that will build our faith and ways to put that faith to use. It was nice to see so many people that we don't get to see on a weekly basis, lots of friends and missionaries that have a one time served in our ward. We received a BIG hello from Elder Slaughter, of coarse the boys and Steve got great big bear hugs from him...sometimes those mission rules are hard to live by :) I just wish I could have gotten a hug too! He is doing a great job as an AP and he is so happy you can just see it in his countenance. I really grow to love these young men, who leave their homes and families, and work so hard while they are here. I feel like they are all my own. Our son Zachary brought a friend to conference today, and she was going to come eat dinner with us along with the missionaries, but it was her Mother's Birthday and they were going out to celebrate. She will come another time I am sure of it, but we brought the missionaries home with us to eat anyway. We love having an excuse to have them over. We all helped put lunch together and enjoyed a wonderful meal with great conversation. Elder Slauson and Elder Dees are on their last leg of their mission. They both go home in August. Elder Slauson had all kinds of questions for us on how to be a good husband, great parents. He was taking so many mental notes. It was really kinda cute. As we were talking Elder Dees made a sweet comment about his father. He said that he know understands why his father did some of the things he did growing up. He was a good dad. Its funny how you don't see those things in the moment but you come to understand and appreciate them later. They both come from great families and I know that they love them very much. So it has been a wonderful sunday here in NC. It is getting to where every Sunday is a wonderful Sunday around here!

Monday, March 9, 2009

Elder Page a "Mechanic"?

Elder Page is doing great. He and Elder Allred have been given the assignment as the mission mechanics. The title is deceiving...they are incharge of moving things around the mission, bikes, beds, luggage as missionaries come and go in the mission. They love the fact that they get to drive a 2009 Silverado truck. They had a baptism last week...a young boy, whose parents are members, and he gave his first blessing in Spanish. He is working hard and love it.

Nurse Jaclyn!

Here is a picture of Jaclyn. I stole it off of her facebook. Hope you don't mind Jaclyn. I think she is working at a Health Fair! We are so proud of her!

Message to Elder Page

Elder Page there is lots to look at today. Have fun catching up on everything. We love you!

Happy Birthday Elder Page

Today is Elder Tyler Page's birthday...Happy Birthday Tyler 21. Wow where did the time go! He is doing well. He is in the office now. Anne says he has air conditioning for the first time in 16 mths. Looks like he is being well taken care of in Mexico.

Meet Mr. & Mrs Carson Gillett

" Elder" Carson Gillett and his sweetheart Brooke were married on the 6th of March in the Salt Lake Temple. We are so happy for them and look forward to their visit to NC this Spring.

Jamison Arrives

Well pam is a Grandma now. Little Jamison was born March 4th. Both Shannon and jamison are doing fine. Great Grandma Peggy says that "he is just the sweetest little thing". He is a cutie.

Matthew's sweet moves!

I want it that way!

Here are Zach & Matt at the PROM singing through signing "I want it that way". My camera kept cutting off so it is on 3 videos. They are pretty good...ENJOY!

Prom 2009

Our Laurel/Priest Prom was this weekend. The kids had a great time. We fed them dinner in our home...yum, yum! We really tried to have it very nice, just like in a resturant, with waiters and all. I think they really enjoyed it. Here are I warn you ALOT of pictures from the evening in no particular order.

ZaCharY actIng Like he Is ClarK Kent,so I gUess thaT JeLanA is Lois LaNe.

Me WiTh ZacH & JeLana

ABbY & DaisY. AbbY Was One of My WaitResS, anD She did A woNderFul Job. THaNks AbbY!!!!!

JeLana, ZaCh (not sure about the face) BreAnnA & MichAeL.

Tory PeAkinG ThroUgh.

EatiNg DinNer


The WholE GanG!

@ The DaNce...Bro. PeAcock teAchiNg Matt SomE moVes.

I Was THis Close To GetTinG a DaTe.
MCkeNna WaS ComIng and StilL is, But ShE Got Her PlaNe TIcket and They ChanGed The Date Of The ProM!

MaTt, MiChAel, Bro.PeCocK, & ZacH

Me & JeLaNa

GrAnT, Matt (I guess getting more advise from Pro. P) SteVe, ZacH & Me.

BeN's VA GirL LorIsSa

JeLanA & LuKe

jeLanA & YiSelle




KaRen JoHnSon & ME

"No iT gOeS LikE ThiS"

Bre & MiChaeL

ZaCh & mE

Bro. P & BiShop PaGe

BeN & LoriSsA

"No It GoeS LikE ThiS!"

We FinAllY gEt tO Eat.

MoRe DinnEr

GreaT lOoKinG bUnCh Of YouNg Men.
ZaCh, MatT, MicHaEl, GrAnt, DuStiN

ZacH, JeLanA, KayE, BreAnnA, MichAel, DuStin, MatT, GranT

AbbY WorKing HarD To KeEp EverY oNe HappY!

BeaUtIfUl GirlS

Our WaiTer TorY

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