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Monday, September 29, 2014

What a Lesson...

Ha ha so let me start off my email with the preface that again, I am talking about faith and trust and it is just my favorite thing ever to talk about. So a typical day in South Port: study, study, lunch, hop on a bus, go to a home (and they forgot), next home!, again, no one is there, let's just knock some doors, yay! two people talked to us!, bus home, dinner, lesson with a member, and then walk around for like an hour. The walking around for like an hour happens around 8 and it's been pitch black and cold since 6 so no one is out and I'm so tired and just ready to go home and have planning. I really just do not like walking around town at like 8 at night because I do not see a purpose to it other than obedience, it is just cold and everyone we say 'hello' to just keeps on walking. I know this is really bad and I'm supposed to be like super positive and happy that I'm out sharing the gospel that late at night, but I just don't like it! So since I don't like it so much Heavenly Father decided it was time to teach Sister Miller a lesson, and a very good one at that. Ha ha so I also want to say that I've never complained about it before this night! So on Thursday night I was just pooped and ready to go home, but it was 8:30 and we were going to be out until 9, so we caught a bus to Lord street and would walk home from there (while talking to whoever came in our path). Right when we got off the bus I started thinking 'yaaaay...here we go again............' and was just so not happy. Ha ha I even told Sister Hunter, and I was just going on and on about how there was really no point to it, and she was kind of agreeing as well. But as we were walking there was a lady on a bench and Sister Hunter was like 'alright, here we go!' and in my head I was thinking 'another person to say no'. Boy oh boy was I wrong. The women of course thought we were so weird for talking to her at first but we eventually sat down with her and talking to her for 45 minutes! She was just the most wonderful person ever. She had all kinds of questions about prayer, how to receive answers, about our church, and just so many things! The whole time the conversation was just surrounded on the gospel. And at one point sister Hunter was going to share a scripture but we went onto another topic and before we left the women wanted to hear the verses! Never in my life would I have expected such a conversation at 8:45 at night. But hey, I was proven wrong. Ha ha after we finally left and were walking home I just said 'welp, I guess I won't ever complain about being out until 9 ever again'. I just learned this week that no matter what, I need to be quiet and trust in the Lord! ha ha I swear it'll probably take my whole life, and even longer, to have perfect faith, but every single day I will keep on trying. I just love it!
Well sorry this is a long one,
I love you all! :)

-Sister Miller

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