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Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Happy New Year!...

Hey everybody!

So this has been a Very exciting week. I'm wondering how I'm gonna fit it all into one email, but I'll try and hit all the good stuff. So first off, to continue the experience with our investigator Mike from last week. We were able to meet with him this past Friday. Me and Elder Thorup prepared like none others for this lesson. Mainly because we know neither of us are perfect teachers and we care a lot about mike already and his progression. So, we planned on sharing the plan of salvation with him, which is what we did. He had some real sincere questions about the pre-earth life and about what happens after this life, and with the help of the spirit and eachother we were able to answer all of mikes questions and help him understand the plan of happiness that god has provided for all of us. Everything just sort of clicked for him. He still has some questions about Joseph smith and the book of mormon because we had to kind of teach the restoration as we went along. But it really was the help we received from the lord and mikes readiness to listen and learn that allowed the lesson to go really well. We left mike with a Book of Mormon and he is really excited and willing to read and learn. We plan on going over again this Friday, so we'll see how he has taken everything in. Mike is a very sharp guy so he has seemed to comprehend all that we've taught him, which is Awesome! All in all me and elder thorup are so excited to keep working with him and meeting with him. We are both humbled to have been led to Mike to be able to share the gospel with him and bring him closer to Christ. I know the gospel will bless Mikes life if he chooses to except it, and in the meantime its still such a blessing to be teaching someone like mike and showing him the way to true and lasting happiness. The gospel is for EVERYONE. Thats the best part about it, is that we are ALL asked to come unto Christ and find rest, relief, joy, and peace. I know that Christ and his gospel can do that because I have seen it.

So today, early this morning, around 3:00am we got to go to the temple! Luckily awesome members of the ward here, the Hastings were able to take us and join us there. The temple again was so amazing. They had the lights up still for Christmas, and since it was still early in the morning we got to enjoy em'. Its Always an opportunity to get to go to the temple, especially the LA temple. Its just so Big and Magnificent (best word to describe it). And the drive up and back are nice too. We get a good view of Downtown LA and Hollywood. Its weird to think that Im actually in California sometimes, just because I usually dont think about it. But more and more I am beginning to love it here. Not saying Id want to live here, but being here in the service of the lord has made me love it for what it is.

I know this email is pretty dang long so I'll go ahead and wrap things up. All in all this week was Great. Christmas, then the temple today has just been Really nice. I also just want to thank Everyone who sent me letters, cards, packages, and anything else. I was really lucky to have so many gifts and things from people that I care about. It made Christmas feel a little more like home. Well, I hope yall have a great week, and keep things good! Happy New Year, God Bless, and until next week.

Love, Elder Page

This is the Zone! We went Christmas caroling on Christmas and Christmas eve :)
Gotta Love those Christmas Crackers! Its a British thing ;)

After District Meeting
Elder Chase got me to gaze across the way at the Chase Building.

His Trainer & Companion

Monday, December 29, 2014

Scavenger hunting in Vina...

Welp, talking to you guys was pretty fantastic. It´s weird cause when I´m not talking to you guys, it feels like it´s been forever since we´ve talked. But then when we are talking, it seems like it has been a week no más! It´s crazy. But it´s was so great to see everyone together..cause I won´t even see that we I get home! ....6 weeks. Wow.....okay, enough of that.
On Saturday we went to help out a ward member with her dog for service. And he is huge. And crazy. And a baby. And we were trying to hold him down to get his leash on him to take him for a walk, and all of a sudden he had a full on crazy kid panic attack and I fell over and he jumped all over me and was licking and slobbing all over me... Needless to say I smelt like wet dog..aaand I was completely covered in dirt and slobber. And then we had to go make another visit with me like that before the day was up. Haha it was great.

In our area, we have been trying to help a few families of menos activos and conversos recientes to progress towards the temple. But lately they hadn´t been going to church and they hadn´t been fulfilling their cumpromisos and they had been making a lot of excuses. And with (especially with one of them) temple goals at stake, there is no time for flojera in my book. So yesterday, we went to their homes and we had "charlas francas" with them. We we told them how it is and we told them the truth that if they didn´t change they weren´t going to make it to the temple. And when I say charla franca, I really mean that we had some intense talks. But the spirit was so strong the whole time and we told them with so much love that we were all crying. And Hermana Hansen and I literally felt like instruments in God´s hands yesterday. we ended the day with this weird feeling that all the things that have happened in Placilla between us and in the work has been preparing us and leading us the the conversations that we had yesterday with those families. It was honestly a very cool experience. And it made me realize that sometimes God is really direct and clear with us so that we can understand bien what he has in mind for us, so that we can fix our feet and get to steppin in the good ole path that he has already prepared.

I love God. He´s pretty cool like that.

But anywho, have a wonderful week together!! Take lots of pictures and do fun stuff. And get a Cookout milkshake...they´re so good.

Love always and always,

Hermana Abigail Page

*PS. I am trying to decide what I should do for the whole "if I should start byu in Spring or Summer" delima. I´ve been praying and thinking about it, but I feel like I need to hear some pros and cons of the both of them from y´all...so if you guys could tell me what you think and send it to me, I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you!

I love me some England...

it snowedddddddddd!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I just have really really loved this past week, it's been a weird one, but a wonderful one.
So what I really want to talk about is how the gospel changes people. I think one of the biggest perks of being a missionary is seeing people change, even myself. So there is this man Collin, and me and Sister Cross met him the first day she was here when we were on the way to get her bus pass. Collin is such a humble humble man, and he just loves to serve others! So last week he came to our ward Christmas party, and he put with all of the loud children with Santa and the singing of Frozen. Then the next Monday we went and saw the place that he works and volunteers. Then the next day we were finally able to teach him about how Christs church has been restored on the Earth today. At first glance it seemed like it was going to take a long time to help him become more comfortable with us, but by the end he had completely opened up. He had been softened by the spirit. The most amazing thing about meeting Collin is the before we went to go teach him me and Sister Cross were wondering what he needed most, and both of us just felt like he needed to know that there is a God, and that He loves us, and wants us to come unto Him. When we taught him it turns out that he didn't even know if there was a God, and that by the end of the lesson he had been so intent on praying. I just LOVE seeing people soften and change, and I'm sure that's only a drop compared to how happy and excited Heavenly Father gets to see us progress. This work changes people, I see it every single day. Thank goodness it changes people or else I'd be stuck! Haha like when I first came out I was almost in tears when people really shot us a dirty look, but now I am able to walk (semi-fearlessly) into someones front garden with them staring at me, no smile, and not very happy to see me. But there we are, us crazy Sister Missionaries just smiling along completely unaware that this person is not happy to see us, and when they tell us no, and no very forcefully, we just tell them that we love them and walk away with the same smiles. This work is about trusting the Lord, and knowing that He will change people if we only allow him to.

I hope you all have a wonderful new year, and don't dwell on this past year, but learn from it and draw strength that with the savior all things are possible.

Love y'all, Sister Miller :)

This was at the Christmas dinner, and that's Sister Hunter and Ammicia! sister a is sister crosses old companion and now her and Sister Hunter are together!

Another grandbaby on the way...

We were so thrilled to receive the news from Matthew & Kimber that they are expecting a baby in August!
Another August Grandbaby!!!! Love it, maybe we will get another one on our Anniversary, it is a pretty great gift!
Congratulations Matthew & Kimber, we could not be more happy for you both, but especially for us!!! :)

Page Family Christmas...

Well this year we had all but 6 of us. 4 on missions (Abigail, Carson, Tory & Cameron) and one of the newlywed couples, Laura & Kyle. It is always nice having Christmas after Christmas :)
It was the year of toboggans and gift cards to everyones favorite place to shop!!!! Love it!
Family gatherings are always followed with family pictures..atleast they are with my camera!!!

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