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Monday, September 8, 2014

John 15:12

Hey Everyone!!!
I just want to start out by saying thank you for the emails (especially pictures) man I never realized how nice email was until I came on my mission, haha. But really, thank you guys for that, and thank you for the prayers that were said this week and for those that fasted this week. I Love the last family fast we had a little while back, and am So excited and happy to do it again, especially now as a missionary! The blessings have already started to come, its amazing y'all! Fasting and prayer is real! I cant wait to fast this weekend. Anybody who knows me (especially Katie and Mom) know that fasting is something that has been hard for me to do in the past, because 'Im hungry all the time, but I have prayed since Ive been on my mission asking for the strength and motivation to be able to fast the full 24 hours and I really am already feeling that strength and desire! So yep I am pumped. I love our family! :) Scarlett is looking cuter and cuter each day. Man, she's growing up fast though. Abby looks great! It's so nice to see her. And Sister Miller is Looking So Good, my goodness! Its so cool to see her with a name tag! She is such a missionary :) So this week was the last week of the transfer... Holy Moly right?! I don't know about you guys, but the last 2 months have flooown by! I guess when you're working hard and are on the lords errand time really does fly by. But this past week has been really great. Me and Elder Blasko are staying together for at least another transfer, which we're both so happy about. Sometimes new missionaries are split trained, so I'm glad that didn't happen to me. Last night we got to go the the departure fireside for all the missionaries going home, because one of the other missionaries that shared the ward with us is going home tomorrow. His name is Elder Sipes, and he is one of the best missionaries I've ever met and been around. He's a great example and friend. So we get to take him to the airport Tomorrow morning, which will be sad, but it will be a cool experience at the same time. So a little back story, Elder Sipes trained the missionary that trained the missionary that trained Elder Blasko and now that Elder Blasko is training me that means Elder Sipes is my Great Great Great Grandpa :) Pretty cool right?! I Love em'. The fireside was a really special thing to go to because, I got to see a group of wonderful elders & sisters who are preparing to go home after a year and a half to 2 years of serving the lord. And what I saw were truly converted missionaries who had been changed and refined. Something that only selflessly serving the lord can do. It made me cry "tears of the spirit" (you guys know me) to witness all of this. And it really made me excited and willing to truly turn myself over to the savior and let him do what he would have of me. I know its through him that I can undergo this same change and that he truly can mold me into the kind of missionary, servant, friend, future husband and father, and disciple he wants and needs me to be, and it starts with one selfless act of love at a time. So speaking of this love, I realized one thing this week, and was able to apply it to my work. There is an investigator named Renee we're working with, super nice. She has an eight year old son and two teenage daughters. She wants more than anything for her and her family to be baptized but for some reason the past month its been a struggle for her to keep any sort of commitments we were leaving her. To make a long story short, me and Elder Blasko just realized how much we have truly come to love Renee, we care so much about her and her family and even though she has been hard to work with we have been persistent and have not given up on her because we know how much this gospel will bless her family. So a few days ago we just kinda told her exactly how we felt about her and her family, we bore our testimonies of how the gospel has blessed our families and we were just 100% real with her. Immediately we saw and felt a change in Renee. And I know that it's because of that sincere Christ like love that the Savior wants all of us to feel. It's that love and that care that changes us and makes us want to do better, to become more like Him. Renee felt a bit of that and has now started keeping commitments and there really is a clear change in her. It's pretty amazing to see people change right before your eyes. But I know it is only through Christ that we can all feel that lasting change and true happiness in this life, and what a blessing is it that I along with thousands of other missionaries all over the world get to help people have that and feel that. I am So grateful for it. I Love it.
Well, I am about to run out of time so I'm gonna go ahead and finish this up, sorry if this was a lot to read, I guess I had a lot to say. But anyways, I Love you all So So Much! I miss all of y'all everyday, but you should know you guys are part of what keeps me going and what gets me up the morning, so thank you.
I Love you again and cant wait to email next week. Godspeed!

Love, Elder Page

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