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WhErE tHe PaGeS oF tHiS bOoK nEvEr EnD

Monday, November 24, 2014

Mosiah 24:14...

Hey Everybody,

So this past week was pretty out of the ordinary. To get right down to the nitty gritty... you know the rash I had last week? Well, it started to get worse so I went to the doctor and turns out, I have Shingles! Haha, yep, Shingles! As in the chicken pox for old people, or so I thought. Its actually not uncommon for younger people to get them. Anyway, because of this diagnosis me and Elder Thorup stayed in the apartment for the last five day besides when we had dinner with members, a special training with our zone and a few others and church yesterday. It's been a long, pretty painful week. Shingles aren't fun at all. I won't go into too much detail but basically they have made it hard to do really anything. I was first just kinda laughing at the fact that I had 'em, and then when they started to get worse I was a little more down, but over the past day or so I have been doing a lot better, most of the pain is gone and it's in the healing stages, so we'll be able to go back out and work this week!!

I've never been so happy to say that. As I'm looking back on the past week and the physical pain I went through, I realized that although it wasn't fun I am Actually grateful for it. I've been learning how to rely wholly on the Lord spiritually, but until this point in my mission, I haven't thought to rely on him physically which is just as important. Although this week wasn't the ideal week, I was comforted Every day by the Lord. When I would pray and ask for strength and an ease of my pain, he was right there to answer those prayers. The pain wasn't always taken away, but I was always given the strength to endure it. I really did realize the importance of relying on the Lord physically as well as spiritually, they go hand in hand.

A lot of the strength came when I would decide to read the Book of Mormon, even if it was in bed. I can say without a doubt that that book has a power unlike any other. I always felt better when I was reading the Book of Mormon, or when Elder Thorup would read to me "Joseph Smith the Prophet" (Great Book). I find it pretty funny that even while I was in, ill, for most of the week the Lord was still willing to teach me something, and help me grow. I know that we can be supported in our trials and in our troubles and in our afflictions, all it takes is a simple prayer and a little bit of faith which leads to action on our part. I'm grateful for trials, they are what build us up, strengthen us, and shape us into the sons and daughters our Heavenly Father want us to be. He is here for us.

I'm So glad and grateful I can share my thoughts, feelings, and experiences with y'all every week. I hope that each of you know how happy I am to know and love and be loved by you. How Sweet it is... Haha. But, I am doing well, I'm feeling better and I'm ready to get back out there and do everything I can to further this work! I Love it.

I Love You all, and Miss you. Keep praying, reading your scriptures, and be safe Please. By the Way, give baby Scarlet a kiss on the hand for me, and Daisy one on the head, I miss that cat.

Until Next Week, GodSpeed!

Love, Elder Page

Our sweet Little S'mores...

S'mores wandered into our yard and into our hearts in August of 2010. Where did he come from? Did he belong to anyone? How long had he been out on his own? What should we do? Should we keep him? With such a sweet face and "interesting" meow, how could we not keep him, how could we not love him? Thankfully, Tory made sure we did the right thing and after a few days on the back deck and a trip to the vet on August 13, he became an official member of our family and took his place inside with his brother Daisy. (One more reason August 13 is a special day for our family.) And his name? Well, Tory first named him Doug (what?? the "banging on a trash can" Doug??), then Curry (so we would have Daisy and Curry, my grandparents' names), but he ultimately decided that with those beautiful brown, beige and cream colors, he looked just like a toasty marshmallow, a chocolate bar, and graham crackers...S'mores, a perfect name!

Daisy and S'mores...now that was always an interesting relationship. The vet said Daisy would "tolerate" his new resident, and he did for the most part. But what about those times when he would swat passively at S'mores or block his food bowl while he was eating or stand on the stairs so S'mores couldn't go up...very mischievous (or perhaps malicious?). Anyway, they were actually good buddies for the most part. They put up with being dressed up for Christmas together every year...the neck tie, the sweater, the reindeer, the elf collar...they were good sports with it all. But they especially loved to lay under the Christmas tree together, and we loved watching them enjoy the beauty of that sacred season.

When we found him, S'mores already had many health problems, but he never complained. Kidney problems, arthritis, loosing his teeth. He just kept right on loving others and "living the life". A few times his health was so bad that we feared we might lose him, but Lisa learned how to give him IVs and medicines, and each time he bounced back, giving him a reputation as the "invincible cat".

S'mores was an "old soul"...and an old cat by the time we found him. Dr. Justis estimated him at 11 years old in 2010, putting his birth year around 1999. But he was likely older, don't you think? And although we can't know for sure, we like to think of him maybe being born in 1996, maybe even in March like his best friend. We even heard a speculative theory that maybe he was one of the three Nephites. Whatever the case, he was very old, which earned him another nickname, the "crusty cat".

Siamese cats have a reputation of being aggressive (thanks to Walt Disney's "The Aristocats"). Well, S'mores completely shattered that myth. He was the most gentle, loving, sweet, kind, obedient creature any of us had ever seen. Hmm, well there was that time when his new cousin Abe, a feisty hyper kitten, annoyed him to the point that S'mores put him in a head lock. That move was so quick and graceful that we then theorized that S'mores must have had ancient Buddist Monk training in the martial arts.

S'mores really had it made in his later years. His life was more like living at a retirement resort than anything else. His long, lazy summer days on the back deck "Cabana" eating his Fancy Feast soft food (remember - not many teeth), relaxing on his green sofa chair (his throne?), sitting with Tory watching TV on the upstairs couch, being the center of attention at every gathering. In fact, unlike most anti-social cats, S'mores was the consummate "social butterfly". The more people the better. He soaked up the attention and was especially a favorite of little children. He wanted to be in the middle of the action, and he definitely "worked the crowd". He was happiest when he was with others, especially when he was right next to someone else, touching them. He taught us a lot about the importance of affection, closeness, and connections - things we will never forget.

S'mores was a "spiritual cat" too. He never missed family prayer, always getting in the circle. He was always so happy to sit quietly with us during family time. But he had his bedtime too. It was not uncommon for him to go to the top of the stairs around 9pm and call loudly for his roommate in that hoarse, weird, but lovable voice.

When his body finally began to give out and his health deteriorated even further, S'mores could no longer do what he loved most. He somehow knew it was time to go home. He certainly missed his best friend too, and they say that animals sense great loss when special people are gone. In fact, S'mores came into our lives at an important time. It was a time when his best friend was watching his beloved siblings leave home, one by one. It was as if S'mores was sent as an answer to prayer to be a loyal friend to help fill a void. We could have lost S'mores many times due to his heath, but he hung on. Once his best friend was gone, he could hang on no longer, but by then his mission was done.

Daisy honored his friend this week by sleeping twice in the big green chair, something he never does. Zach called S'mores a "charitable cat", and that he was. God created all living creatures to "fill the measure of their creation" and "have joy therein". S'mores experienced an abundance of joy in the time he was with us. But he gave even more joy to us. And he filled the measure and purpose of his creation beautifully.

Yes, S'mores was a "grateful cat", but his family is even more grateful to have had him in their life. As Lisa said, one day we will see him again with a perfect body, all of his teeth, and fresh breath. Until then, we will remember the many wonderful moments we shared together and how he touched our lives.

Thank you S'mores Page - we love you and you will be missed!

I will find another...

Last week in the market, I bought 3 pounds of strawberries for 2 dollars. Hahaha I was literally in strawberry heaven all week long! And guess how many strawberries I have today? NADA. Let´s right.

Hermana Hansen and I have been doing servicio for every member de consejo del barrio. On Saturday, we did "spring cleaning" with the primary president in her house and her non-member husband was rockin out to 80´s music the whole time. It was actually really fun! And I didn´t realize it til then, but I actually miss spring cleaning haha.

My great moment of the week was companionship inventory...chunchunnn... Nuhh, just kidding. The first cambio that Hermana Hansen and I had together, we both felt like we were missing something...like there was just something off that we couldn´t figure out. And then on Thursday during companionship inventory, for the first time, Hermana Hansen really opened open. She told how she was feeling about herself, the mission, us...about everything. And as she was talking I realized that me and her are way similiar that it´s almost crazy. And I also realized that I had had a few of the same experiences as the ones that she is passing through now. I was able to comfort and listen and counsel her. In that moment, I really felt like we jumped a hurdle...and now we are ready to run the sprint. Since Thursday, it´s been a different spirit in our companionship..more unidad, amor, paciencia, understanding. I am just so grateful for the companions that I have had, have, and will have. I know that they are literally selected by God to be with me where and when they are. What a blessing!

Love always and always,

Hermana Abigail Page

Happy Thanksgiving...

So hello!

This week was just insanely fast, it's so scary!

This week was full of excitement and trusting the Lord.
So remember that man who made me question everything I know? We saw him again yesterday.
I was downright worried. But also determined to not leave the situation sad, downtrodden, or disheartened. I was going to love that man and there was not a thing he could do about it! We brought a different member with us and right away the whole lesson was a 180 compared to when we met with him over a month ago. He didn't over analyse, he didn't jot notes, and we were actually in control of the lesson. The spirit was actually there and I felt like this man was listening. When we left the lesson I was just giddy with the way everything went, and just greatful beyond words. I felt like I had jumped a hurdle that I never thought I would be able to clear. I know that the whole discussion went well because of the Lord, there is not a doubt in my mind. I spent much time in prayer, preparing for this, and pleading with the Lord for the strength to love this man and just see him as he really is; someone searching. I also am greatful for this man, in the fact that he does make me doubt, and question. That's just how the human mind works, we want to know everything. But it's impossible. The only person who knows all is our Heavenly Father. Doubts I think make us stronger, because it has made me grateful for the truths that I know. And I think that by fully trusting in the Lord and relying on the moments when I've felt the Holy Ghost teach me and testify to me what is true, that I am being faithful. I think what sums up my experience with this man is " And I said unto him: I know that he loveth his children; nevertheless, I do not know the meaning of all things." -1 Nephi 11:17 (it's in the Book of Mormon, page 20). I know that God loves us so much, and I know that He needs me to have that same love for this man, and every other person I come into contact with. I am grateful that the Lord trusts me to love His children in Southport.

Please be safe! And have a good thanksgiving! Were actually celebrating it because some members in the ward actually lived in the US for 10 years, and they took on the tradition, so YAY!

-Love Sister Miller

Monday, November 17, 2014

Darn you 80's classics!...

Welp it´s always an exciting way to start out the P-day crying and scaring random Chilenos that are next to you. I am so very very sad about Smores. I really did cry....a lot. I am going to miss him so much, but I am so so so beyond grateful that he wondered up to our porch one day, cause he has literally changed our family..por lo mejor! He was our little stinky angel cat :)

Sidenote: Satan is a sneaky fella. Wanna know why? 80´s music, that´s why. Justo, hoy día, the internet tienda guy decided to listen to a bunch of 80´s clasics...like the good ones. Stinkin Satan. But I am being strong and tryin not listen...no se preocupe..don´t y´all worry.

Also, so you don´t worry.. Yes, I have a weird mouth infection thingy, but I have going to the dentist and getting xrays and taking anti-biotics and all that fun jazz, so I hope I´ll get better soon cause I love my teeth!

I actually had a really long informe to send to Presidente today so this is pretty much all the time I have to write you guys..sorry :/

At the end of the week, I am so grateful for the trails that God blesses us with..cause if you endure well, we always come out the other end changed and better and happier..and closer to Him. I am so so grateful that we have such a perfect Heavenly Father.

Love always and always,

Hermana Abigail Page

**Mom, can you send pictures of our house? Hermana Hansen wants to see!

Wild Week...

Hey Everybody,

So this week has been pretty crazy to say the least. But first I just want to say that the news about S'mores is okay. I will miss that cat more than anyone knows, but I think I was prepared to hear that he had passed on. I have just felt peace all day and to hear about S'mores hasn't changed that. You know, there's no real doctrine or scriptures on it, but I can't help but say I know I'll see that little cat again. He was literally a member of the family. I love 'em, a lot. But I know he really is in a better place.

Well, as far as my week here went, not too much happened as far as out of the ordinary. Me and Elder Thorup were able to teach 6 times in the past week, all on different days, so we had a busier week, which was really nice. We should be having an investigator named Julian coming to church next week, he's a really cool guy. But overall the work here is starting to pick up a little bit. The Lord is mindful of every area that missionaries are serving in, All around the world, and I have definitely seen his hand in the day to day matters here. Prayer is such a powerful tool we have. And what a blessing. We have the chance, even the invitation to pray daily to a father in heaven who Knows us and cares about us. He is there to listen, to help, to forgive, to uplift, and strengthen. And I'm seeing that its through the prayers offered daily, whether it be nightly prayer or even a short prayer over my breakfast, I feel and know that he is listening.

On a side note, Someone told me this past week something that really helped me want to be better for this coming week, they said that we should tell all people we meet, even those that are mean to us that we Love them. And this really hit me. As Heavenly Father Loves me I also know that he love every Single one of his children and we should always see and treat others as who they really are, and that's children of God. I know that this is the work that the lord has called me to do, and he expects my best, and so I want to give him my best. I also know though that I will fall short, Everyday, but the fact that I can Pray, Everyday, and ask for help and strength to be better brings the greatest peace and happiness into my life. And it is the greatest blessing to share this knowledge with these people here in California. So overall this week has been pretty good. I am Happy, so things are good!

One last thing before I go. This week a weird rash type thing started to appear on parts of my back and chest. It's kinda weird but I saw the mission nurse and she said it doesn't look serious, but she gave me some medication to try and treat it. I guess we'll see what happens. Other than that though this week has been really good and pretty tame. I Love y'all So much and I thank Heavenly Father everyday for giving me such good friends and such an Amazing family. I hope everyone is doing well and staying healthy!

Sorry if this email was all over the place. I'll be looking forward to next week, until then, be safe, have a wonderful week, and keep me in your prayers please. Us missionaries need all the prayers we can get.

Love, Elder Page

I like running...

Okay, so this week has just FLOWN by, it's so scary how some weeks just go by and you don't even notice it! Haha I also swear that this week, I have been so grateful that I like to run, and can run quickly if I need to. We have ran for more buses and trains this week that ever before, we look like crazy people! But we have to because if we miss it, we're set back at least half and hour! So not worth it! And plus president challenged us to not waste time, so does that count?

This week we had a wonderful opportunity to have interviews with President and Sister Ulrich to be trained by the assistants and zone leaders. I struggled the week before last and was determined for that training to give me the tools I needed to get out of my slump, it so did!!! I was also challenged by one of the Assistants (so the assistants are missionaries who work really closely to the mission president) to really get out of my comfort zone, and put myself into the situations that are so awkward, such as talking to someone while they're waiting in their car, or talking to groups of people, and also to NEVER waste time. Which means talking to everyone, everywhere. I tried just this, and tried so hard everyday. I went and got in uncomfortable(and safe) situations, and really was able to grow and love the people in Southport even more. I had such a strong desire to talk to everyone haha, it was so odd! Sister Hunter wants to kill me, but secretly she loves that I'm determined. I loved the excitement I've felt in sharing the gospel this past week. We haven't got a new investigator (someone who really wants to learn more) yet, but I think the Lord was asking us to "prepare every needful thing" and then if we keep preserving and loving the people, and trying our best align our will with the Lords, then I know that he will trust us enough to bring His children back to Him.

We also had a devotional last night at the chapel and were asked to sing...just me and sister hunter...scariest yet more wonderful experience! Haha I swear when you're on a mission you are really just here to serve in every single way, even if it means to share your deep voice with the people of south port.

I am grateful for all that the Lord gives me, and for the trust he has placed in me.

Be safe, and I love you all!

-Sister Miller XX

Monday, November 10, 2014

2 Nephi 31:9...

So Hey everybody!

This past week has been a busy one for sure. On Monday-Tuesday I went on exchanges with a new Elder named Elder Whitworth. He is such a cool missionary, he's really humble, but can crack a joke or two. Lets just say he has a sense of humor that would fit in nicely with the Page family. We had a great time working in his area. The area him and his companion cover is basically all of Buena Park, and part of Anaheim. They actually ride the buses to and fro, so I got my first look at the city bus. It was pretty cool, we got the chance to talk to some people at the stops as well as on the buses. Its hard sometimes though because a lot of people don't really want to talk on the bus. We walked a lot and it was pretty hot that day, but all in all, it was a great exchange and it was a learning experience. I love working with other missionaries, because you get to learn from someone else, you get to see how the work can be done differently and more than anything you get to see how the gospel and missionary work has effected all different personalities and people.

So that was early on in the week; later on on Friday, me and Elder Thorup got to go to Long Beach back to my old area to see Renee (that woman with the two kids, that me and Elder Blasko were teaching) get Baptized!!! it was so awesome going back and seeing the members and Renee and some of the other missionaries in my last Zone there! Even though I've only been away from there for about a month. Renee's entire family was there, her 8 yr old son will probably be getting baptized in a couple of weeks. It really was a blessing getting to go back and witness such an amazing thing. From the time I got to Long Beach (my first night actually) to my very last lesson there, I got to see Renee change. The gospel truly changes lives, because through Christ and His atonement people are able to change and then by living the gospel, peoples lives change.

I guess it was nice to end the week on that note because throughout the week me and Elder Thorup were facing an abnormally large amount of adversity and to put it best, persecution. People were just really rude, an old man even tried to stomp us out with his 4 pegged cane. I'm telling you people are crazy, and sometimes just for lack of a better word, MEAN. But hey, all they are are mean. It's only strengthened my testimony really. Facing that all week long and then going to Renee's baptism put everything into perspective. Whether in California or England People will always say unkind words and say we're crazy and we're wrong, and we don't know, BUT that doesn't change the fact that the church is true. Jesus Christ lives and is at the head of His church, and he has asked all of us to spread His gospel and to do His work.

I love this work, I love that even in times of trial and adversity we can feel Gods love and His approval of our desires and efforts. I love you guys, I really do. This work would be a lot harder if it wasn't for the constant prayers and support and love. So Thank You.

I've gotta go, my times about up, but I want y'all to know I'm doing good, and I'm staying safe. Can't wait to write again next week! until then. Godspeed!

Love, Elder Page

Splat go the blueberries...

All of these Hermanas were Abigail's companion through out her mission:

Her Latino Sisters!

Bad news of the week: We went "market hunting" and finally found a cheap farmers market type thing that sales blueberries and strawberries for cheap. (cause in the grocery shore its like 5 bucks for a teeeeeeeeeennny container.....ya ain´t buyin those suckers!) So we were walking in the town center about to cross the main road and I was trying to rearrange my berries so that I didnt have so much in my hands, and suddenly PLOP..my bag broke open and my carton of deliciously cheap blueberries splattered everywhere. I felt like I was gonna throw up cause I was so sad. A good 8 blueberries survived...so I guess I´ll eat those later today..haha.

Random side note of the week: The micros (buses) here all race one another on the road in order to pickup the most passengers before the others can.. haha. It makes the public transportation a lot more interesting to use...but some times we are a little scared for our lives. A little road rage always does spice up the journey!

Good news of the week: I love being a missionary. The reason (for this week) why I love being a missionary is cause as Christ´s representative, I literally feel His love for His children. Like I´ve said before, I look at them and the spirit just fills me up and I almost start crying when I try and tell them of the love that God has for them. It has been one of the greatest blessings of my mission...being able to show the love of God towards His children. It really makes me feel like an effective hija de Dios. And I know that in turn the people feel the love of their Savior...what better way to live!

Love always and always,

Hermana Abigail Page

Growing Pains part 2...

I have been stretched like nobody's business.

Me and Sister Hunter have been working really hard, and we had another lesson with Michelle (she reminds me of you mom!)! It was so good. She asks us really deep questions and has a genuine desire to grow, but yet when we call her to set up another time we cannot get ahold of her so that's just something we're working with.

This week I was tested. We were leaving a members home after doing family history with her and we saw this man walking towards us. We stopped him, and he asked if we were Mormons, the typical beginnings of conversation. This man, Malcom, even said he had a book of Mormon. We were so happy. And then we invited him to read from it and we told him to pray to know if it was true. He then started talking about how nobody knows if there is a god, or Jesus, or anything because we weren't there when it all happened. We started to explain and he would just cut us off. It was becoming a debate so quick. So I just did what I knew to do, and I bore my testimony. I told him that I KNOW the book of Mormon is true, and that I KNOW there is a God, and he loves us. But then he just got in my face and said I didn't know. Sister hunter then said alright, thank you, bye! And we walked away and I was just in tears. It was hard to have some man in my face questioning my testimony. That kind of set the tone for the rest of the week, because it really discouraged me. I prayed every night to trust the Lord and that he would give me courage to try again tomorrow, but I was just so scared to share the gospel!

The advisory can really just knock ya down. I just think that's probably something that comes with trying to share the gospel. There's the quote by Thomas S Monson (the prophet) and it says "sometimes courage is that little voice in the back of your head, saying 'i'll try again tomorrow'" Or something like that. I just am learning to be courageous. This week we have interviews with President and Sister Ulrich, so I am SO excited for that, they are just the best. We also have a specialized training! And then Friday we have exchanges so I'll be in chorley again for two days!

I'm greatful that no matter how hard things can become, there is always someone to pick you back up, all you have to do is ask :) So try to double your prayers this week, it is AMAZING the difference it makes.

Love Sister Miller

Monday, November 3, 2014


Hello there everybody!

So this week flew by, but a lot of really good things have happened. First off, it rained all day on Halloween!!! I was so happy. I swear I don't think I've ever been that excited for rain. And it was a pretty solid rain too, I mean it wasn't a southern thunder storm, but it was nice. And apparently California has needed it, they say we're in a bit of a drought. I made sure to get pictures and videos, since it probably won't happen again for a while.

Me and Elder Thorup are still getting along great and we are really enjoying the work that we've had to do here. I have really learned to just love the work for what it is, and not just when things are going our way. As me and Elder Thorup have just looked on the bright side of things and grown to love working with each other more, my love for the work over all has grown so much, and I find joy in the good times and the hard times.

I mean this past week as far as people to teach and finding people to teach goes, wasn't the best, but at the end of the week, being able to just keep our chins up and carry on (and I mean choosing to do that) has really changed our perspectives on the work. At times things may seem slow, but then I always think of D&C 88:73, Behold, I will hasten my work in its time. I am learning to just trust in the Lord and realize that this is his work and he will hasten it in His time, not our time, or when we want it hastened. I know that as long I am always working my hardest and improving daily, and most of all trusting in the Lord, everything will work how its suppose to.

On a side note, the entire mission has decided to start and finish the entire Book of Mormon together by the end of the year. It's a pretty crazy feet, but it's already brought me a lot of peace and strength, and we can all just feel the unity as we're doing this together. The Book of Mormon is a powerful thing, in the hands not only of people searching for truth, but also those who want more direction, guidance, and comfort in life. That's what's so amazing about this book is that it's written for Everyone! I Love The Book of Mormon, this Gospel, this work that I have the chance to be apart of everyday, and I love you guys, all of you SO much!

I'm doing great, and it's actually getting a little cold here so Im a happy kid. Time to break out the sweaters! Anyways, I love you guys, I miss you guys and I can't wait to talk to y'all soon. Christmas is coming up! But until next weeks email, Godspeed Everyone!

Love, Elder Page

"God Bless America, Darlin!"...

En el lunes pasado, we made root beer floooooaats!! I was so beyond excited. We went to the grocery store like normal and suddenly, there was A&W root beer and I literally freaked out and bought it. And I enjoyed every single sip/bite of my float :) AND Hermana Hansen carved a pumpkin for Halloween! It was an eventful day.

I love my district leader. We literally have the best district leader ever. He really cares about our success, pero más allá que solo numbers. He prays and fasts and tries to follow the spirit to help and lead every one of us in his district. And he´s newer in the mission (6 meses), so he´s really nervous and funny still.

But something that happened yesterday was that Hermana Hansen and I kinda ended the semana a little down hearted and a little of that stuff for how the semana had gone and our work and all that jazz. And we were talkin to Elder Passey (LdD) about it, and he really gave us inspired advice in order to feel better. Su advice: fast more frequently and "mix things up funky". And he ordered us to start it right then by mixing up our beds/changing their placement. He said that sometimes, ya gotta change up the routine so you don´t get disanimated and routine-y. So now I am happy to announce that Hermana Hansen and I invented a new system of bunk-beds and so we now have bunk beds haha. But I am excited to "get funky with it" and enjoy this week!

Crazy John. A crazy abuelo chileno with a greencard for the States contacted us the other day. And he was telling us about how he lived there and all that, and Hna. Hansen and I would say "wow, are you serious" (ya know, just to be like wow that´s cool), but I guess he didn´t understand and so after we would say that we would yell at us and say "why don´t you guys believe me?! I´m not a liar! here, look at my laundry bag..it has english words." Haha and than afterwards crazy John got in a taxi to leave, but as he was leaving he rolled down the window, stuck half his body out, and shouted "GOD BLESS AMERICA, DARLIN...drive drive drive!" And then he drove away.

Just goes to show that every day can be an adventure.

I pray for y´all siempre.

Love always and always,

Hermana Abigail Page

The Beautiful Area she is now serving in:

It's Winter...


This past week was just again, too fast for comfort.

We had exchanges this week, so Sister Hunter went to South Ribble and I stayed here in Southport with another sister. I was terrified. First off getting back from Preston was interesting! Last exchange I didn't get lost but this time...we did! Haha darn bus systems sometimes get the best of me. So about 30 minutes of being like "this doesn't look familiar" I finally humbled myself enough to ask the driver if the bus went into Southport...nope! Haha but he said to hop off at the next stop and a bus that does should come. So we got off, and I was thinking that we'd have to wait for a long time, but turns out the right bus came within a minute. The Lord was really watching over me that exchange...even if we got lost a few more times...haha. This week was just great, I really feel myself growing and stretching. It is also really hard because I've been very doubtful of myself, and I felt so bad for doubting myself because it's like I'm not placing enough trust in the Lord. I'm really working on that because I know if I trust then I cannot go wrong.
I think this week me and Sister Hunter worked so well together and we're really learning how to be 100% honest with each other in the most loving way. I really appreciate it because that's how Christ was, he was lovingly honest.
This week was full of miracles, and I think I'm learning to recognize the Lords hand in everything. During weekly planning (we plan once a week for the week to come) we moved a whole bunch of people to the former investigators section (people we were teaching stopped talking with us, so we moved them to the section in the book where we keep things organized) and we're basically starting fresh. It was very hard but it had to be done! And then the day after Halloween we had just helped clean the chapel and then we were heading to a members home when all of a sudden on this random shop corner we ran into one of the people we moved to the former section (it's the women we met at night when I didn't want to be out!) I had never been so happy. We just started to talk to her which was so nice, and she seemed to warm right back up. Then we talked to her about her problems and then I was trying to understand what the spirit was directing me to say when I thought that we should talk about blessings(like what I got before I came to England) (Sister Hunter and I had just received one for the new transfer). It took a lot of courage to actually act on the prompting because in my head I was thinking "why does she need to hear this?" "don't scare her away!!!" but I knew that it was a prompting from the spirit so I said it anyways...it went so good. Sister Hunter and I were truly able to just help her understand blessings and the priesthood, and she wanted to meet with us again after it :) I am so grateful that the Holy Spirit speaks to me. I feel bad that I worry and fight it sometimes, but I'm working on it more.

Also, this week there is guy fox night (I don't know much about what it is, but they have bonfires and fireworks) and so we'll be in at 5 that night as well. People have been shooting off fireworks since the day before Halloween.. I wish I could understand the association between fireworks and there holidays, but whatever. I love the English people :)

I love that I'm learning and growing every day,

Sister Miller

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