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Monday, September 22, 2014

I felt like Ammon or somethin'...

Okay so this week has been the definition of loca. But seriously, so much has happened.
First thingy: my companion Hermana Zimmerman left/finished her mission, so all week we were finalizing visas and plans and visits and packing and packing and packing and trying to get her bags in the right weight and all that fun jazz. And all week, we didn´t know what was going to happen to me. Then yesterday right before church, President called and told us that Hermana Zimmerman was leaving to go to Viña at 2pm, and that he was going to change the companionship of the second part of our ward and that the baby/new missionary in our ward was going to a completely different area and that la Hermana Cook (the one that Zach knows) was going to be called as una Hermana líder y que iba a ser mi nueva compañera. So after that, we all headed to church, had a great Sunday, had a miracle (which I will explain in just a second), picked up the luggage of the Hermana, went to the bus terminal, she left, we went back, helped the other Hermanas packup and clean, and then we sent the other Hermana to her new area and then Hermana Cook officially become my companion and moved to my house. And now we are working the whole ward..just the two of us. This story sound familiar? It kinda sounds like exactly what happened to me in Limache haha!

Now onto the miracle! So on Saturday we went to teach a contact that we had done in the street a week early se llama Sugey (say it like "Sue-hey"). She´s from Colombina and super great. But really, she´s awesome. And we taught her and everything, and at the end of getting to know her and teaching her about the restoration, she asked us if she could share a dream that she has been having for about a year. This is the dream... "I went to a big building for a baptism and there were windows at the entrance. And to go to the baptism we had to go up a few stairs to the right and we went into a room. And to get into the baptismal font ya had to go around another way to get in and go down the steps into the water. And the water was crystal blue/clear. And they told me that the men had to do the baptism. The people in the water were dressed in white and they had to go completely under the water to be baptized. I wanted to take pictures, but they told me that it was sacred and that you couldn't take pictures of the baptism. Afterwards, we went back down a few stairs to the pulpit to hear a few testimonies of different Hermanos, and then we went back to a room and there were gringos cutting cake, and they told me that I could take pictures then cause it was more of a party now."

.........I know that y´all don't know my chapel here, but LITERALLY, she was describing OUR CAPILLA! Step for step! So we quickly invited her to church the next day. And during church, after Sunday school, we opened the doors to the baptismal font (that was in the process of filling up for a baptism that was going to happen after church) and when Sugey saw the font she gasped and started crying and shaking and she fell to her knees and said "its my dream! its exactly the same as my dream...the water the mirror...everything!" But literally, she fell to her knees, crying in joy. Hermana Zimmerman and I were also crying too and we then invited her to be baptized, and she accepted.

I literally felt like Alma or Ammon or algo, with all the fainting with joy!

But literally...I have never witnessed a miracle as wonderful and awesome as what happened yesterday with Sugey. I really in that moment felt like an instrument in God´s hands.

Never forget: Big or small, MILAGROS EXSITEN.

I love you guys and I wouldn´t trade a second of what I am doing right now for anything on the world. It´s God´s work and his hand is evident in EVERY day.

Love always and always,

Hermana Abigail Page

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