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Monday, September 8, 2014

Hitch hiking with Evangelicos...

The best story of the week is that God really loves us. But seriously, I have seen the love of God so much in my life and especially in my mission, but yesterday, he literally just spoiled me and my companion.
So what happened was that it was a normal Sunday, doing the work of the Lord y yada yada. At the end of the day, we went by a blind member´s house to drop of her Libro de Mormon en braile. And when we finished there it was 9:30 so we had to get headin home. (we have until 10 to get home). Since we were in the other side of our area from our apartment we went to the bus stop to wait for una micro (bus) o un colectivo (taxi thing). Soon enough 9:30 turned to 9:40, then to 9:45, then to 9: 50 without anything passing by that had room in it. By this time we were freakin out a little bit cause we had less then 10 minutes to get on the other side of our area! That´s when my companion said, "alright Hermana, I´m gonna pray out loud and then we are gonna start walking towards home and trust that the lord will send someone...or anyone." (here we travel through hitchhiking on pulic transportacion). So my companion prayed, and then we got to steppin, not knowing how we were gonna make it home in time. As we were walking, I held my hand out in the side of the street so that if a collectivo o micro passed by, they would know that we wanted them. Not 10 steps later, a truck pulled over out of traffic and a women in church clothes popped out and said, "hey come on!" Thinking about it now I think of how sketchy that could have been. But we were only happy and thinking "DIOS NOS AMA". So we ran to her truck and jumped in. Turns out it was a family (mom, dad, son) of evangĂ©licos. Or atleast we think that they were evangelicos cause they kept sayin "bendiciones, bendiciones". They were so friendly and really great people, and they took us right to the gates of our apartment complex.
But the blessings don´t end there!
When we got to the gate, the security guard wasn't there to open it. And the time literally turning into 10 o´clock, we thought NOOOOOOO. And right when I think how are we gonna open this door, the gate literally magically opened. LITERALLY! There was no one in sight and no one else opened it. GOD OPENED THE DOOR. (In fact the security guard saw us afterwards and asked how we got in, and when we said that the gate opened solo, and he said "huh, gracias a Dios" hahaha. And we were like Uhhhh OBVIOUSLY gracias a Dios!!) But yeah, so the door opened and immediately I start bookin it for the apartment and my companion was running behind me saying "how did the door open, who did it, what in the world, blahblahblah" I told her "We can wonder about the mysteries of God when we are inside the house. God did it. Keep running!" Hahaha.
Ahhhh, it was literally the best end to a day ever! So eventful. But literally I felt so spoiled by Heavenly Father. Best ever :)
Moral of the story: Dios nos ama.

Love you all! I´m fasting and praying for y´all tons! I hope you can see the infinite blessings of God in your life every day :)

Love always and always,
Hermana Abigail Page

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