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Sunday, January 31, 2010

late night sledding...

The long walk back up
It was so fast, I was going down backwards.
Steve & I

Tory, Zach, and Alcides braving the cold

2010 Winter Wonderland

Well we finally got some snow to speak of. It is simply beautiful! It's Sunday morning and we are still enjoying the fact that it is still on the ground :) Church has been canceled today so it is truly a sabbath day of rest :) They probably will have no school tomorrow the roads are still covered with ice. Hopefully the missionaries will come over tomorrow and we will still have some snow to play in. I love how everything shuts down and life stops around here when it snows. It forces us to, slow down and look around at the beauty of whats in front of us, and spend time with the ones we love. I love snow days! Daisy was so intrigued by what was falling out of the sky!

It was beautiful as it fell...

By morning we had a beautiful blanket of snow on the ground

Abby was ready to go out and tackle the cold and the snow

Abby looks like she has pretty good form

Zach wipes out

Looks like Tory got hurt
wipe out

wow go Abby!

Here comes Steve
Alicides and Tory

Glad Alcides finally went out...only after I called home and asked him to go get steve and have him pick me up at church. I think he had fun for the short time he was out there. He is afraid of the cold! :)

Notice there was no me. I was at church decorating for a reception so I missed out on all the fun in the snow...Maybe tomorrow!

Friday, January 29, 2010

Fun In Fabens

Elder Page is well into his second transfer and still working hard to learn so many things. He was able to go on another exchange and have a district and and meeting of new Zone Members. He really has enjoyed getting to know so many Elders and learning from them all. He realized he wasn't the new missionary anymore :) They are having some great progress with their investigators, they are coming to church, very big deal! He went to Rira's bakery this week and helped him bake bread. "It was sooo fun! and the bread was soooo good fresh. We made white bread, doughnuts, and sponge bread that was really good." He says that he has already gained 10 lbs. Working at the bakery does not help :) His companion will not exercise with him, but has finally agreed to watch him from the fron t of the house as he runs up and down the street. He said it felt so good to exercise! He appreciates all the letters and prayers sent his way.

Monday, January 25, 2010

A Baptism...

Elder Page and Elder Chadburn had a baptism this week, Jeremiah Delgado. The singles branch seems to be a wonderful place to serve. They are a pretty tight group and are very supportive to each other. He is loving it there so much there. I wish he could have been there longer. Two more weeks and he will be home!!!!

Elder Chadburn, Jeremiah and Bro. Tanianlu & Elder Page

A Day at the Storehouse

We took a day with the family and went to work at the bishop's storehouse. It was alot of fun and we worked hard all day. After we finished up our work there we met my parents for a late lunch at Red Robin and later ice cream YUMMY! It was really great way to spend our day together!

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