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Monday, June 29, 2009

Elder Page's claim to fame

For some great news Miguel and Belen are getting baptized this sunday. Elder Page is so happy for them and the progress they have made. They are very excited about their day and so is Elder Page. Now on to Elder Page's claim to fame. This is big news...I mean really BIG news. He can tell you the story much better than I can so here it is straight from his letter.
"In other big news for this past week. We had our interviews with president on tuesday and so after interviews we went to this pizza place near where we had interviews. They have a pizza challenge there where if 2 people can eat a 28" pizza in one hour they get it for free and they get there picture on the wall!!! I know that's totally worth, huh!? :) I'm not sure what it is about guys, and especially missionaries when it comes to seeing how much food they can eat, but somehow it is directly related to your manliness. :) So anyways, only one missionary companionship has ever been able to do it so me and Elder Fui had to step up and give it a try. The only thing is that when we got there the guy told us that it was only on saturdays but we convinced him to let us do it even though it was tuesday. The catch is that he said that we only had 30 minutes instead of an hour. And out of the 5 pictures on the wall. The record was 33 minutes and the next closest was 47 minutes. So basically we were going to have to set the record or pay $30 for the huge mother pizza. To make a long and painful story short we did it in 29 minutes! I'm not really sure how b/c it's kind of like a blur and something that i will never attempt again but somehow it was worth it. Maybe it's because i now get my on the wall of a small pizza parlor that no one goes to, or maybe it's the thousands or calories i was able to pack into one sitting, or maybe it was just the simple fact that after all was said and done it was all "free!" Like i've mentioned before somehow that word means so much to missionaries; probably a little too much. :) Anyways, i think the most important thing is that after this experience i resolved to begin my strict diet and exercise plan. It just hit me the other day that i only have about 6 months left and that it's about that time to do all i can do to drop a few pounds. I've gotta look my best when i come home. :) " Doesn't look so big!
Well maybe it's a little big.

No problem...
I think I am going to throw up...

I have almost got my last bite down.......

Yes!!! We did it!
Now on to my diet!

Friday, June 26, 2009

A Great Week with Zach

This week was a week long buddy date with Zachary. Steve and Tory were at scout camp, Abby was at girls camp, and Matthew was getting use to his first full week at BYU. Zach and I headed up to Greensboro to spend some time with Mom and Dad, sisters, cousins and friends. Here are some of the things we did. "Sister" Amber Astle came to NC with her family for a visit. Zach and I came home thurs. evening from Greensboro to be able to see her. Here we are with the Whiteley's and Amber. It was so great to see her and to meet her family. We look forward to seeing her again in a couple of weeks in Utah.
Me & Amber

My sister Pam & Uncle Bill. He was visiting from San Diego CA

We spent the day at Debbie's. We ate at the resturant that she works at near her home in Julian. It was really good. Then we went to her house to visit for a few hours.

My Aunt Eula, Me & Mom

Sisters Eula & Peggy ( My aunt & Mom)

Brothers Bill & Jack (My Uncle & Dad)

My Sister Debbie, Uncle Bill & Me

Sisters! Debbie (Bean) Me & Pam

I love this picture of Mom & Dad
Zach and I were so excited to finally eat at YUM YUM. It was as good as we remember, even better. They have the best hotdogs and homemade ice cream in the whole world!
Cole & Zach
(Cole is Zach's cousin Stefanie's little boy)
He and Zach became great buddies this week!

Zach with his cousin Andrew (My sister Pam's son)

Cole is really enjoying his ice cream.

Cole and his new buddy Zach

Zach wanted to go to the Science Center. I always took my kids here when they were small and we lived in Greensboro. We invited Stefanie, her children hillary and Cole, and Shannon and her little Jamison.
Zach seem to have a hard time with the fake animals!!!!

Me and Buddy Date...isn't he handsome!

The whole Gang

Jamison & Shannon

Cole really liked the Petting Farm

So did Zach.

Zach with his other new buddy Hillary.


Stefanie with her cutie pies

Me & Hillary

Zach and Mr. Turtle

Again me and my handsome date.

Me & some animal

We never could get him to open his feathers.

Hillary doing a little shopping.

Zach just hanging with the guys.

Hillary was a little nervous about the Giraffe behind her.

Cole was VERY nervous about the bear behind him!

We had a great day at the Natural Science Center. It brought back alot of fun memories with my kids...good times!

Zach is going to make a wonderful Dad someday. Hillary and Cole had the best time with him. I have to admit he is a lot of fun!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

HaPpy BirThdaY DaiSy!!!! We LovE YoU!!!!!

This is the day that we celebrate Daisy's birthday. He is 2 years old, my how time flies. He is so big now. We love him so much. I never thought that we would have a cat in the family...now we can't imagine our family without Daisy...Happy Birthday sweet cat, we love you !

Monday, June 15, 2009

Matt's last p-day with Missionaries

Today was Matt's last P-day with the missionaries. These guys have not only been great examples of missionaries, but they have been great friends to Matthew. We were talking today about having Elder Slauson take matt to the MTC in October that would be sweet! We will see where he is at in October. Thanks for your examples guys your great, and I know that Matt will miss ya'll.Elder Slauson, Matt, & Elder Burk

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