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Monday, March 31, 2014

Well butter my toast...

WOOOHOOOOOO!!! Tory, California lovin´! I am so proud of you :) You are going to love it so so sooo much :) And I know it´s hard but there´s nothing better! Besides, you´ll be with Joey Nanto, it´s like a strange dream come true!! You better start mentally (and spiritually) preparing yourself now, for your own best two years ;)

This week has been a little crazy, and it looks like the próxima is going to be the same. We had intercambios with two different sets of hermanas this week, so it was a lot of coming and going and packing and unpacking.. BUT I am learning to really like intercambios now! ...Now that I have to do them every week haha. No sé.. Before it wasn´t that I didn´t like them, it´s just that you get really comfortable in your routines in your area con your investigadores so then when you have to switch it up, it´s like "ehhhh". I think it´s funny cause I can just imagine Heavenly Father like, "oh, you don´t like intercambios? Well let´s make ya do it til you like it then!" y POOF, líder hermana entrenadora, intercambios every week. But I´m personally really learning a lot in every intercambio and I try to help every one of the hermanas progress and be more effective and obedient and happy.. sooo...that´s a good thing I hope haha.
Another thing that happened this week is that we found out that we are losing our house...awkward haha. So we went tracting/house hunting one day, found an apartment, and are in the process of moving/cleaning before they kick us out for good. Wooohoo! Always an adventure :)

Funny Moment of the week: During intercambios con una hermana in a different area, I went to the bathroom and on the wall in the bathroom, there was a huge indian flute thing. AndI didn´t know why it was there...so I decided to play it while I was in there. And all I could think of during all this was the song from Snow White, "whistle while you work, dududuuduuududuuduuuu".

I am so excited for General Conference that I almost can´t stand it!! It´s going to be such a spiritual awesome weekend cause on Friday we have a huge zone conference with President, then Saturday is conference, then Sunday is conference and a baptism!! Score.

I´ve decided that one of the bests parts of the obra is that we get to see people´s lives and hearts literally change. I´m so grateful that Heavenly Father trusts us so much that he gives us a chance to bring almas a Cristo por un poco tiempo! Ahh, it´s literally just THE BEST. Oops, sorry about the little spanish bit back there.Sometimes my mind changes midsentence and I don´t realize til afterwards. But I guess that´s kinda sweeeet..and I´m too lazy to change it, so I´m just gonna leave it.

But that´s (again) literally ALL the time I have... and I still gotta write President about intercambios..haha.
I love you all. When times are tough, stick with the time tested "prayer, scriptures, sacrament" and I KNOW everything will be okay and the Lord will provide. Siempre.
I love you all more than I can stand.
Have a great week!!
Eat Chick-fil-a.
Love always and always,
Hermana Abigail Page

Ps. Tried to send pictures. Didn´t work. Sorry Momma..

Tory's call is here...

It came!!!! Now to get every one together on a chat to open it!

California, Long Beach Mission!!!!!
Leaving July 16, 2014

Ready to go...

Tory has finished his mission papers and we are just waiting on his call. He is so excited about serving the Lord, where ever He may send him. We are so proud of him and the preparations he is making to be ready to serve.

we paid dad a visit Saturday evening. He was so happy to see us, and we were happy to see him too. Tory took his Uke and Dad loved hearing him play. He missed us last week when we went up to visit him. he was at a Dr. Apt. Tory played his banjo for others. I think it brightened a lot faces that day.

Monday, March 24, 2014

A ver...

Yes, I got my Balemtimes Day package...GRACIAS MAMITA!! It always makes my day when I get mail or packages from people. But no, I still havent gotten the FHE book, but I think I´ll be getting it next weekend when we have zone conference.
Okay okay...where are Tory and Cameron going...hmmmm. Well my first guess for both is Chile, Viña del Mar..cause that would be THE BEST to serve with one of them!! Hahaha, I can already imagine it... and now I´m thinkin maaaybe it wouldnt be such a good thing after all ;)
But yeah anyways... Tory: Brasil or Florida or Holland (totally completely different)/ Cameron: Mexico (cause that´s the family curse) or Guatemala or Venezuela..algo with spanish. HEY, they will probably be in the CCM at the same time!! How cool :)

This week I was sitting at our table reading the Libro de Mormon and then suddenly, I had the strongest ganas of my life to watch Surf Ninjas. And I have no idea why, but poof, there they were. So throughout the whole day I was kinda watching the movie in my head haha.

The other day, we had to make almuerzo in the pension because no one was assigned that day, so Hermana Paz startd making papas. So she put a few frozen papas in the pan with the oil, and everything was calm so she thought, "hmmm, yeah I´ll just throw them all inthe save time". So she threw in all the frozen papas...and PPPOOOOOOOOOOOOOFFF a huuuge fire exploded from the pan and immediantely the fire detector starts yelling "fire, fire, theres a fire nearby, fire, fire". And the reaction of Hermana Paz was the funniest thing I have seen in a long looong time. She wasn´t sure if she should try to turn off the stove or if the fire would go down alone, so she was kinda dancing in place....ahhh priceless. Al final, the fire went down enough for Hna. Paz to reach over and move the pan from the hot part a little. We died laughing afterwards. Oh goodness, I wish with all my heart I had it on film. Price.Less.

This weekend we had a baptism of a little abuelita se llama Maria. Maria is 82 and she is literally the sweetest little thing. But she LOVES to learn new things and is always doing crafts and the such. And ya know what? She trying to learn english now too! Super activa ella. But one thing that she does thats so cute is that whenever she cant find her stuff for her crafts or her keys or when she feels alone, she starts to sing "essppiiirrrriiittuuuu saaaaaannnttooo ven!" Haha, she´s like a little girl. And we love her so much. Living proof that´s it´s never too late to change your life!

One last thing in my last seconds of this email, I´ve decided that the Atlantic Ocean is better than the Pacific Ocean.
But yep, that´s pretty much it!

Les amo un motón!!
Do something fun in my honor this week haha.
Y´all are in my prayers everyday.
Read your scriptures...en serio.
Love always and always,
Hermana Abigail Page

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

HaPpY 18th BiRtHdAy TORY!

I can not believe you are 18! Man I am getting old. Just have to remind you how very happy we all were that you were arriving to complete our little family. It would not be the same with out you in it! You are so sweet and kind, and find joy in everything, you keep us laughing, you are a good friend to all and we love you. You are becoming such a great young man. Stay on coarse and the Lord will turn you into someone that you could not have become alone. Have a wonderful day, we love you!

Monday, March 17, 2014

"...aun como yo soy."

My predictions were right cause I got transferred! It was a crazy day on Wednesday (transfers). In the morning they called us and said "you´re both leaving limache"...(yep, it got whitewashed). Then after that Presidente called us and told Hna. Beu that they were going to seperate the area again she was going to train in Limache B (I was in Limache A), and then he told me that I was going to be a new Hermana Lider Entrenadora.....AHHHHH! I told him, "en serio, presidente?" But yep that´s that so we had to pack up all our stuff completely in como nada de tiempo and get to Viña for the transfer meeting. It was really weird leaving Limache knowing that that would be the last time I would see everything and everyone and feel the energy of that area, ya know? And it was a little scary leaving when I didn´t know at all who was going to be in Limache taking care of my peeps and my dogs and my ward and my familias. But I am SO glad that this is the Lord´s work and that there aren´t holes or mistakes. So I know Limache will be alright :)

The transfer meeting was HUGE. Entire zonas got changed out, tons of newbies arrived, and the office is almost completely new tambien. So it was cool to see lots of friends and old leaders.
But when they called my name and said "Hermana Page como hermana líder entrenadora" ...you shouldve heard the gasps and the "en serio´s"..I´m still not sure if that was a good reaction or not haha.
But I got transfered to the zona "La Serena Norte" in the ward Brillador. It´s on the beach and it´s pure houses and streets...completely different than my country/campo Limache. And it´s in the furtherest north you can go in the mission, so the bus ride to my new area was 7 hours..I got here at like 3 in the morning (and then we still had to get up at 7...boooooooo). But whatever! My companions name is Hermana Paz, de Mexico. Turns out I already know her cause she was our Hermana Lider Entrenadora por Limache for like 3 months. So I was happy that I didnt have to do the whole awkward "getting to know you" stuff. She ends her mission in May so I won´t have much time with her, but I´m excited to learn lots!

But yeah, so I´m the new hermana lider entrenadora en el norte! It´s like a girl zone leader. The Lord has a sense of humor really cause the truth is in the other cambio I felt like I was platowing (I know thats spelt wrong but ya get me) en a lot of ways in the mission and I knew that I needed to change if I wanted to progress again. So I was praying that something would happen that I could grow and progress and help the Lord lots in the mission. But NEVER in my wildest dreams did I think "oh I´ll be a lider entrenadora". And then poof, the fat lady sang and here I am in the other side of the mission as a leader for other missionaries with nothing of time (or spanish) under my belt. Haha Dioscito, good one.
I´m just so glad that the Lord knows us better than we know ourselves, otherwise I would be so scared! But I know I have this calling for a reason and that it´s gonna help me por lo menos, cause that´s what I was praying for, right?

**I just got interrupted in writing this email cause I lady was trying to ask someone about a computer...and I was thinking "hmm, her accent..nope she´s not from here". So I turned and told her in english what they were trying to tell her in Spanish, and she looked so confused and startled that that I was speaking her language. She was like "You know english fluently? Wow!"
No you fool, I´m not Chilean. Pero, kuddos for thinkin I´m latina. Score.
Turns out she was from Arizona. But that´s that. I´m going to continue with my real email now. **

But that´s literally ALL the time I´ve got today. I´m down to seconds left, and I know I left a lot out. Sorry. If there´s something ya wanted to know that I didn´t say, let me know!
I love you all so much. I know the Lord´s hand is in everything. It gets more and more obvious everyday. He truely loves us!
Love always and always,
Hermana Abigail Page

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Uncle Ray, you will be missed...

Today my Uncle Ray passed away. He was always so sweet and loving to me, there was never a time that I was not greeted with a hug and a kiss. I know that Aunt Betty will miss you dearly. I remember y'all dating and getting married in November around Thanksgiving, my Dallin and Jaclyn did the same thing. I know that there is a sweet reunion going on right now among so many that we miss and love, it makes me smile to picture it. Won't be long till we are all together again and what a SWEET MONROE reunion it will be!

Monday, March 10, 2014

Truth: coconuts really have 3 holes

This week we had 4 temblores fuertes... not quite terremotos, but they were pretty strong. One was at like 2 in the morning.
[backstory: for a bed, we have a bunk bed that´s reeeeaaalllyyy old. and every night I have a little fear that Hna. Beu is gonna fall on me like the samoan kid in the movie the RM cause I´m on the bottom and she´s on top.]..back to the story
I was asleep but then suddenly I felt it (I thought it was a real one at first, en serio), it´s kind of funny cause my first thought wasn´t "plan of action...emergencia backpack blah blah..". My first thought was "crap, Hna. Beu is gonna fall on me. The bed it gonna break, and timber goes the Beu...I gotta get out of the way." But I was tired and I still didn´t know if the earthquake was a real one or not so I my body didn´t want to react or freakout. So I just rolled over and out of the bed and onto the floor, with all my blankets and sheets. Then I just layed there til it pasted of til it got stronger. Finally it pasted, and por suerte, the bed didn´t fall, so no worries everyone. When Hna. Beu saw me laying on the floor, she thought the temblor had rolled my out of the bed haha. No you fool, it´s survival of the fittest, and I´m quick like an antelope in the face of disaster.

Other than that, we had another baptism this week of a little girl named Allison. She´s a sweety. Afterwards she bore her testimony and said that she felt "nervous and happy and emotional...that´s how you're supossed to feel right? cause I kinda like it". Tan dulce ella.

This Sunday, yo creo, was my last Sunday in Limache. It was a great Sunday to go out on: un bautismo, un noche de hogar, investigadores who went to church, tons of less actives...the chapel was so full! No sé, it was like I could see the progress of the ward in that moment. And I was so happy that I´ve been able to help in the progress ya know, to be an instrument in the hands of the Lord. My little ward all grown up and savin almas! Cambios son en Wednesday and I think I´m a gonner, but I´m ready to go. It´s weird...I can´t imagine the mission without Limache, but I can´t imagine the mission only in Limache. I´m ready to get going, head in and grow and help others in otros partes. Vamos a ver!

But yep, that´s my little update for y´all this week. Hope everyone is feeling the love of their Savior and sus miracles. I know He lives, and I know He loves.
Do hard things. And love it :)
Love always and always,
Hermana Abigail Page

my "exact life" here in Limache----4 boys/hermanos with me. always when we have noches de hogar en su casa I always feel right at home :)
the one in my arms (Sebastian) LOVES me, and we have the same birthday. So I´ve decided that we are pololos (dating)..he´ll wait for me. I have the faith :)

Monday, March 3, 2014

"They all be scared of him but my momma ain´t"

First and foremost... HAPPY BIRTHDAY (esta semana) TO THE BEST MOMMA IN THE WHOLE WIDE MILKYWAY. En serio mama, I love you so much. Thank you for every smile, every rico dinner, every christmas decoration, every moment of keeping me in line, every time where we watched HGTV together, every school project you helped me with, all the sacrifices......todo.
I can´t begin to express how grateful I am for my family, house, blessings, situation, cats...todo. (I seem to be at a fault of words this week haha porque todo es "todo").
This week I think I just wanna tell everyone thank you.

Thank you Mom and Dad for being such wonderful parents. For leading by example. For loving each other. For never doubting your faith or leaving the church. Thank you are making me kneel for family prayer. For loving me enough to punish me when I was a brat. For putting our family first. For making sacrifices so we could have a really blessed life. For teaching us to trust in the Lord and trust in miracles. For every "tuckin me in" or "goodnight knock on the wall" or family interview. For never losing hope in us kids and for loving us even when we were snot nose crazys.
Dallin, Matthew, Zachary, Tory, Jaclyn, y Marissa (y Katie..shhhh ;)): Thank you are being such good examples in my life. For supporting me in every ballet recital that lasted like 6 hours haha. For every time you guys let my hangout with you. For not spoiling me and for keeping me in line. For loving each other. For serving missions. For being the missionaries and the people that I want to be. Or always trying to follow and trust in the light ahead. For every hug, and every time I was "your favorite sister". For being my best friends. For todo.

I know that I wouldn´t be half of the person I am without y´all (and many others like grandpas & Grandmas, aunts & uncles, cousins and friends). But my life is just one big blessing because of you guys and because of the Lord. And yes, I know I have difficulties and trials that are my personal Gethsmenes, but because of my family, life, and Savior, I´m never lost and I always have love hope and support.

And now I´m here! Sharing all that love and light with other people who need it a lot...oh how the world goes round, right?
I´ve seen situations here in Chile where I´ve really just wanted to cry. People´s situations, family problems, home in ruins, not having anyone to love them or give them food.... That is what I have learned this week. No matter your situation, be grateful for what you have, for all the blessings. And then give that joy to someone else. The mission is funny like that....you learn and grow and see things that change your whole perspective. How cool it is that we can dedicate ourselves to this for a year and a half/2 years...and then keep doing it after with our family and friends? The Lord is a pretty cool guy to let of have the opportunity.

Pero for atleast a "what really happened this week" update: un baptism, movie day for a district activity, noche de hogars out the wazoo, ayuno, yoga, people making steps of faith, investigadores setting their fechas (de bautismo) propias, fifa, servico en el campo, wedding reception, "spring cleaning" the capilla, finding lost sheeps....ya know, a normal week as a missionary ;) Gotta love it..every second.

Gots to get going now. Know I love you all tons, like 12 elephants worth of tons. Portanse bien este semana. Thanks again.
Love always and always,
Hermana Abigail Page


Ps....Steeeeeevvee, riding in style ahora ;) I wanna picture of that.

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