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Monday, April 27, 2009

Miracles do happen!

What a great email we received from Elder Page today. What a difference a companion can make. He and Elder Song have just picked up where they left off. He says that they found one of they Lord's elect this week. They found him tracting. When they knocked on the door they were invited right in. Well come to find out that Jose had been waiting for them. He had been reading the bible everyday wanting to change his life. He was reading in Acts: from his reading he was expecting someone to come and share a message with him and that he was suppose to listen to what they had for him. They taught him the first discussion and he seemed to understand. While teaching the restoration the spirit was very strong, we asked him what he thought and felt about Joseph Smith's experience, he said,"That's beautiful, I believe all of it". Dallin said," I have never heard anyone say that in my whole life after hearing the Joseph Smith story for the first time. I almost wanted to ask him again to make sure that he had heard my question right". They set a baptismal date. He asked for our prayers in Jose and his family's behalf. It put a smile on my face to feel of his joy in the work he is doing.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

A Day of Service

Yesterday was a day of service in the Southeast area of the church, from NC to FL. One of our projects was to collect food for a local food bank, Second Harvest. It was a huge undertaking but was a great success. We collected 107,000 pounds of food. Saturday we spent the day loading the food and getting it to the food bank. It was the hottest day of the year, but that did not stop the work, there were lots of happy volunteers to get the work done. Elders and Sisters that were there to help out.

Look at all of these happy smiling faces, even the heat could not stop us!

Loads of Volunteers

Elders Melfield and Slaughter, the AP's of the Charlotte Mission

Christine and Glenn Traill, they were the spearheads of this huge Project

Notice their Zone T-Shirts

Elders Fairbanks and Slauson

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Elder Page is "Killing" another companion

Elder Page is thinking that maybe if people thought he was Elvis, it would get them in the door...not working!His companions for 2 wks Elders Fui & Call. He really enjoyed working with them.
Elder Song is back with Elder Page. He will be going home next transfers.

Transfer came this week again for Elder Page. He has had 6 companions in 2 tranfers. He says, "that has to be some kind of record". Any way good news and bad news...bad news he is "killing" another companion. He is going home at next transfers. Good news is it is Elder Song again. Elder Song was his first companions and trainer. That was a year ago in Placentia. I guess what goes around does come around! He really does love Elder Song so he is happy to be with him again. He knows he will work hard to the end.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Elder Tyler Page

This is for Dallin, he likes keeping up with his cousin Tyler. This is Elder Page with all of the office staff. Sounds he is doing fantastic!

A Missionary's Easter

-The Benefits of a California Mission-

Elder Page spent Easter with his 2 new companions (temporally)and a family they are teaching. They went to a park and ate tortillas, chips and ALOT of meat. They all had a good time talking about what they would eat at family gatherings, and how different all of their cultures are. He has enjoyed being with Elders Call and Fui. They have a lot of investigators, so it has been nice to be busy with appointments and teaching. I hope things continue when he gets his new companion next week.

Easter at Grandma's House

The kids did what they called the Grandpa Jack Junk Olympics. This was just before Will face planted to the ground, when the handle Matt was pushing the spreader by just snapped from all the rust. They were very creative. They took the seat off of an old rusty office chair (note video) and put in inside the spreader so that Will's behind would not get chewed up by the blades. It was pretty hilarious! Me and MY sweetheart.

Just after the tire race. Notice how dirty Tory's hands are.

Me and my brother Scott and sister Debbie (better known as Bean)

Me & Abby

The tradition of Easter Egg dyeing @ Grandma Peggy's continues. Aunt Bean & Abby were helping Lucas.

Elder Dees is leaving us :(

Elder Dees leaves us this week. They came over for his farewell dinner on saturday. We love these guys so much. It is very hard to see them go. I made him promise to keep in touch and let us know how he is doing. And to also send pictures to his mother! They may be coming to get him at the end of his mission in August, we hope to meet them. Good luck in your new area Elder Dees we will miss you.
Matt spent a lot of time with Elder Dees. After dinner yesterday Matt gave him 2 ties with his signature on them. Elder Dees wore one of them today at church and brought one of his to give to Matthew.
Abby and I giving Elder Dees and missionary hug!

Elder Dees with all my boys.

Bunny Run

Matt warming up for the Bunny Run...
He is doing great, staying on his best pace...

Just after the race. He did great. 26th overall and 3rd place in his age group. Not bad for his first race.

Bro. Peacock ran with him. He came in just a little behind Matt.

Checking their times.

Zachary worked the 5K Bunny Run for Beta Club all day saturday. Here were some of his duties: Give people direction.
Move cones back and forth to allow cars to leave. But had to make sure NO cars entered!

Directing cars.

Again making sure that NO One entered !!!!!

Did I say NO ONE!!!!!
As you can see he took his job pretty seriously.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

In a Threesome, again!

Elder Page sent another companion home today (thank goodness) He is in a threesome again until transfers in two weeks. He is looking forward to a new companion, but in the mean time he is with two great Elders. Elder Call (a white, red head from Mexico) and Elder Fuimaono (from Samoa). They are easy to pick out in this picture. The work is hard and very slow. He is mostly doing activation right now. I am sure that he would love to hear from you all during the Easter holidays.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Random pictures from the week!

Jaclyn and Mckenna got to see each other for the first time since June. Jaclyn was in Utah for her brother RJ's wedding, so she and Mckenna got to spend the day together.

This was on the way to dropping the boys off to meet Dad at Five Guys for the tradtional burger dinner before Priesthood session.

Abby holding Jamison at the baby shower...Anyone need a babysitter, she's a good one!
Daisy knows how to take a good nap...ZZZZZ

Is that the cutest profile or what...

Me excited for the weekend!

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