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Monday, March 30, 2015

Matthew 28:6...

Hey Y'all!

So this has been a super fast week its unreal! I can't believe conference is This Week! I'm overly excited about conference, especially being Easter weekend. But really, anyone in the family can testify that conference was always a struggle for me. Some sessions I would be awake and alert and others I would be passed out on the floor. Luckily on a mission you only have option one. But Honestly I am just ready and excited! As a missionary conference is so much better for some reason, hopefully I keep this kind of excitement going even after I get home.

I want to go ahead and say how much I love the Easter Initiative the church is going hard on. The Christmas one was So Good and this one is just as good if not better cause we can use this year round really. The website, the video, the cards we're getting to hand out to people are so good and so effective. Me an Elder Adams made a commitment this past week to do something different in order to feel a positive change and a sense of growth for ourselves, as a companionship and our area too. And as we've consciously done things to be better we have just felt so much happier, we are working harder, we are finding and teaching so many more people, and this "Because He Lives" Initiative has just helped us out so much. People are so willing to just stop and talk about Christ it seems this time of year. And everybody got time to watch a 2 minute video! It's been great!

I just want to tell you guys about one Investigator in particular, his name is Kirk. We passed by him on the street about a week or so ago and we talked to him. He is the nicest guy I might have ever met. He was so open with us. He has a pretty bad stuttering problem, so sometimes it's hard for him to get his words out, but it doesn't stop him. It has helped me and Elder Adams teach simply, be patient, and just let the Holy Ghost take the reigns in lessons. We've met with him 3 times. Once being a church tour. He is just really in tune with the spirit and excepting of the gospel. We've asked him a couple of times during lessons to pray right then and there to find out for example if Joseph Smith is a prophet of God or if that the Book of Mormon is true. And both times he has been really sincere and real with his prayers and he has received an answer both times! We invited him to be baptized on May 3rd during the first lesson and surprisingly he wasn't shocked. All he said is that he would have to pray about it. So Kirk is a really awesome person, he has a lot of faith, he is kind and definitely prepared to accept the gospel. He should be going to general conference and tonight we are going over to his home to teach him, hopefully it will be another spiritual experience.

I Know I've said it before, but it really is cool to see the gospel change people, people that may not have even gone to church in there lives before, changing, coming closer to the Savior. And I've definitely felt some of that change over the past 9 months, and in the last week even. I know this is all true, I know that the tomb is empty and that Christ is Risen! He Lives! I Love You All and hope to hear what you thought of General conference. I can't wait to share an insight or two. Have a great week!

Love, Elder Page

It's Spring?...

Well supposedly, it's spring time! I highly disagree with the weather, but you know, I'm greatful that it has been more sunny and I no longer have to wear gloves every day!

So I want to talk about two different types of missionary work today, member work and nonmember work.

First, nonmember; Rob is progressing! It may not be as fast and smooth as I would like, but he's countenance is happier and he's reading and praying consistently! Renata is also doing well! Yesterday we had a lesson where we kind of laid it all out on the table (with the help of Hana, who translated into Czech for us). We tried to help her see the importance of doing certain things in this life (like having a faith in Christ, repenting, baptism, receiving the holy ghost, and enduring to the end) and we then invited her to baptism. Shockingly she said YES! But just not on April 25th. She is progressing and it is SO exciting. As for Justyna, we're seeing her tomorrow and she is as equally excited as we are.

Second, member; I just want to brag about South Port ward for a minute. I absolutely LOVE this ward. I love every single member and they have always made me feel at home and comfortable. They are all so great when we bring people to church, and every single person has a kind heart. This week, well, it was hard. But on Thursday morning I woke up and thought we should maybe visit an Elderly woman who we don't typically visit, but I knew we didn't have time, so I brushed it off. Then later on that day, things just kept falling through (I wonder why...) so I told Sister Hall about the impression I received and we decided to visit her. Turns out that she had a horrible week, and was close to the breaking point. She just was able to tell us all about it and then we were able to have the Elders come and give her a blessing. She later bore her testimony at church yesterday and said that in the morning on the day we visited her, she pleaded with Heavenly Father for help. She said that she didn't expect much, but instead ended up having four missionaries brighten her day.

I really do feel as though I'm learning something new every single day, and I am SO grateful for that! I am grateful to be in the service of my fellow beings, because this really is the most fulfilling thing I have ever done. I never feel empty! I swear, there's always at least a drop of joy in every minute! I'm sorry if I'm so cheesy, but this is just how happy I am, even if this work is hard!

I love you all, and I hope you remember to say your prayers :)

Sister Miller

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Temple Trip...

Elder Page received his Birthday Package, and I believe he loved it!!!!

Hey Everybody,

So I don't have a whole heck of a lot of time, cause we just got back from our temple trip and I've had a bunch of emails to respond to other than writing this one (Thank You All by the way who sent me emails, I Like em'), so I will try and sum up this week the best I can.

So it's been a week of many ups and downs, mostly ups though which is good. To go ahead and get the bad news out of the way, we had a couple of investigators tell us they were no longer interested in meeting with us, which was kinda hard, because we thought they had a lot of potential. We know that we did all we could to share the gospel with them, and hey, maybe one day in the future they will decide they are ready, but for now our jobs as missionaries is to find those that are ready. Which leads me into the fact that we found a new investigator this week, his name is Lynn, he's a really cool guy who has no problem talking to us, he is really cool. He said he actually plans on moving to South Carolina within the next three months so we'll see, but for now we are trying to get him excited and motivated to read from the Book of Mormon, we talked a lot about Christ's ministry with him, and then taught him about apostasy and the restoration and how the Book of Mormon is a blessing that God has given to us now today. We plan on going by Lynn tomorrow so hopefully it goes well.

Elder Page had a day at the temple...

Things with other people have been going pretty well too, Mike plans on going to General Conference! He's really excited to actually hear from the apostles and President Monson because we've been giving him a lot of conference talks to read. It has been a slow progression with Mike, a lot of patience and love, but he is doing well. I don't know if I told y'all before but we're now teaching a guy from Iran, his name is Mehdi and he is the nicest, funniest, coolest guy you've ever met! He is reading the scriptures everyday, we read with him a lot too, to help him understand. He is reading both in English and in Farsi. He is over here in the U.S. on a student Visa so he plans on going back to Iran. He wants more than Anything to be Baptized, he knows everything is true and has the greatest desire to learn, but as long as he plans on going back he's not able to be baptized, for his own safety as well as his families. But we will keep helping him none the less grow in faith and understanding.

We've also been doing a lot of Less active work here in this ward. The ward is pretty small and a lot of people are moving out so we are really trying to work with them bishop and members to bring a few back. The daily routine as a missionary is a really special thing. I will be the first one to say that sometimes its hard, and often discouraging, but its been hitting me lately that I am doing nothing but serving and reaching out to people around me and the happiness and fulfillment I feel is unlike anything I've ever felt. I'm far far from a perfect missionary, but trying my best everyday to help people come closer to Christ and feel what God wants them to feel is a good thing. It makes me happy, and that's as simple as I can put it. I know the Lord is happy when we look to serve those around us and as we are doing that we are serving him. I want to really thank all of you who have influenced me in anyway, whether it seemed small at the time I realize I have always been surrounded by good examples. So Thank You.

I hope this next week goes as good if not better than this week did, I'll have to let y'all know. Anyways, be safe, pray, enjoy the gospel and dot worry, be happy.
Until Next week, Godspeed!

Love, Elder Page

Elder Page with his companion and he ran into Elder Nanto

Monday, March 23, 2015

Europe was simply beautiful...

Feeling so sick on the day we left...well we missed our flight to Paris from DC which ended up being a good thing another nights rest and more meds helped get me to Paris the next night.(tender mercies)

Paris was our first stop where we met up with Sharma & Hailey Shumate. Thanks to Sharma we just had to say where to next. She was so kind to plan our visit there. I had no idea where to begin, so thank you again so much Sharma!

Paris is a bit dirty but so beautiful at the same time. There was so much to see so we had our heads up the whole time. The Architecture and the food...oh my goodness
Left the airport and jumped right on the Metro and we were off...

Notre Dame was one of the many churches that we enter while in Europe

This was a bridge where people go and "Lock up their heart" they say the bridge is getting damaged from the weight of the locks.
We did A LOT of walking!

Hotel De Ville was our next quick stop, so much to see and so little time!

The Effiel Tower was soooo much larger than I had imagined. We did not have time to go up in it, but it was a beautiful sight.

It was also where we experienced our first French Crepe, OH MY GOODNESS!!!!! sooooo good! Thank goodness Sharma made some a few nights later because I could not stop thinking about them.

Next stop Sacre Coeur another beautiful church that over looks Paris it was a beautiful sight to behold. It was also the time of day the sun came out and warmed us up a bit.

We rode the Metro everywhere, and then got off and walked everywhere :) loved every minute
Arc de Triomphe was next. right in the middle of the city, you look straight down the street, there is shopping on both sides and straight ahead is the Louvre!!!
Did I mention how delicious the food is in France!!!! it was hard not to be distracted by it all, good thing we did all that walking!

The Louvre...what can I say about that place...first off we could have stayed in there a week and still not have seen it all. It was a grand place, Majestic...it is hared to believe that a small little family of three lived there...no wonder there was a French Revolution!!!! "Let them eat cake"

Its filled with amazing treasures from all over the world

Yogurt was also on those amazing foods...not at all like here in the states, so yummy, plus you get it in these adorable clay pots! Back on the Metro to the train station and a night time ride to Germany, Paris you were wonderful!

Germany was simply beautiful! Green, rolling hills, small villages, windmills and Castles galore!
Heidelberger Schloss, it was like a fairy tale castle, right from Beauty and the Beast

US Military Grave sight largest outside of the US. It was a very reverent place to be. We thought about those in our family who have served our country, how grateful I am to those who gave their lives!

Luxembourg, Trier & Cochem...Castles, churches, and yummy food! Green rolling hills and did I mention Castles!!!

More churches...gelato! Also Birth Place of Carl Marxx

Cool Story...these little plagues are found all over Europe, they were made to those Jews who were taken and killed in Camps. The markers were placed the exact spot where they were taken and sent to concentration camps.

Germany you were amazing and so beautiful...Sunday we boarded a plane and headed to London England!

This was the most diverse place I have ever been, so many languages from so many countries...Old and New
The National Historical Museum...how is it that England has everything from all over the world, shouldn't it be where it came from...just a thought...

The Tower of London and The White Castle(the Castle where many of Englands Kings and Queens lived including Henry the VIII) This place has some pretty gorey history...you should look it up some time.

Ben Franklin's home, Trafalgar Square and the National Gallery

Monet, Van Gogh, Renoir...

The Royal Calvary. We were just walking down the street and there they were! The horses were beautiful, and they did not kick or bite :)

There was Big Ben, The London Eye, Westminster Abbey, and of coarse the double decker bus.

There was Buckingham Palace...and the Queen was in, see the flag up :)

There was Picadilly Circus, its like New York's time square, lots of food and shopping found here :)and a night time ride on the double decker bus! London is beautiful at night.

From the double decker to the Metro and then up again for our last day in London.
We saw St. Paul's Cathedral and crossed the water to Shakespear's Globe Theater

Forgot about our visit to Sherlock Holmes place
We stored our luggage while we went about sight seeing, and then picked it up on our way back to Germany.
We went to the National Library and saw some rare sights like Jane Austin manuscripts, Leonardo Di Vinchi's journal, Beatles original song writing pieces, lots of cools stuff.

One of my favorite places of the whole trip Bourough Market, it was amazing! I wish there were places to eat and shop here like that. One of the best experiences EVER!

Our very last stop we got off the Metro to head to the Science Museum and there it was...Love that the church is everywhere! We enjoyed visiting with the Sister Missionaries from Switzerland & Cambodia

The bus ride back to the airport we saw the London Olympics sight...

My feet made it thru Europe :) We got on a train from Germany and rode back to Paris, got on the Metro and then a train to the airport to Catch our flight, and we made it all by ourselves (Abigail did great!) So glad that we came. It is a trip I will always remember with Abigail, a time we will probably never have again! Great Memories!

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