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Monday, August 31, 2009

Getting back to the normal Chaotic life!

Well it looks like we are getting back to our normal chaotic life as of this week. Every activity we do is now in full swing, seminary, soccer, dance, soccer, dance, church, family, dating, fun, missionaries, even the dreaded homework! Everyone seems to be cheerful and hanging in there, even me! No life is good, I can't complain, atleast I try not to :) Alcides seems to feel at home and is adjusting great. He seems just like one of the family. I love going to watch soccer games, I don't know what we will do with our time once we have no more of those to attend....I guess by then we will be going to our grandchildrens activities. Oh my goodness did I just say that! We are all doing great...heading out to spend some time with Matthew, lots to get done for his mission only 4 weeks to go. There is no monkey on my back...unlike Daisy...who really doesn't seem to care.
Saturday the boys spent some time at the park playing soccer.

Tory, Zach, Alcides, Matt, Mckay...Kushal sorry I cut you off in the picture.

Guess who is getting married....

Guess who is getting married....Elder...Nolan Brady Jenkins, another one of my boys. This will make #4. He has been home for 1 year 3 mths. I can't believe how quickly the time passes. We are so happy for him. I loved hearing in his voice how happy he is. I look forward to meeting Chela. I hope to be able to get out to the wedding this winter. Congratualtions Nolan, we love you.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

The Pinata

4th of July in Anaheim. They celebrated with a Pinata. It is Elder Page's turn!

Elder Page gets ANOTHER companion!!!!!

Well transfers are here again already....And Elder Page looses another one. He was sad to see Elder Beyers go because they worked so well together, but happy for Elder Beyers because he actually got moved to a spanish ward and he was afraid that he would never serve in one. So Dallin was happy for him. His new companion is Elder Allred ( yes another Elder Allred but not the same) He is from Canada. He was actually Elder Beyers companion in the MTC. I guess we will hear more of him in the upcoming weeks. He has worked many, many hours in the mission this week, and many many miles...592 to be exact. They had to open up 6 apartments this week. They had 15 additional Elders come in the mission this week. He is working with a happy heart and sends his love to all.This is the Solsbee Family. Dallin really likes them alot. Says "they are a ton of fun".
Bro. Slosbee is in the Bishopric in the ward he is serving in. They actually have a son in the Mexico Veracruz mission. He and Dallin's cousin Tyler are very good friends...small world huh!

Our New Missionary

We miss Elder Slauson, but Elder Burk got a great companion in Elder Hutchins. He is from Preston Idaho. So we now have two spuds. They are going to work well together I think. Welcome to Kannapolis Elder Hutchins.
Elder Hutchins is shocked at how welcoming we were to him....not really, not sure what the face is for:)
Gotta love that smile!
Look How happy Elder Hutchins is to be here in Kannapolis.
I've got them both working....they just pitched right in!

Elder Burk is picking up right where Elder Slauson left off :) Now lookwho has taken Elder Burk's spot in the corner...:)
Our traditional, leaving the Pages, picture....


More from our weekend...These are beautiful flowers that I received from Elder (Derek) Slauson and his wonderful family! They are the sweetest! Thank you so much Slauson family! I love 'em!
Abigail being her cute little self!

Tory had another great weekend of soccer...

Welcome Visitors...

This was a week of visitors. We had Cory Martin from Houston, TX, Matt's roommate. We really enjoyed having him here. Upon his departure we had the Weir family from VA come and visit, (Mckenna, Rick and kelli). It's always fun when they come to visit. It will be the last time that Kelli and Rick see Matt until after his mission, so it was nice to have them. We also got to see Elder Dees who went home this last week. His parents, Jill & Verlyn came all the way from Arizonia to pick him up and we had them over for dinner. What a fun time. His parents are great and it was so nice to meet them. We love quiet Elder Dees, he will be missed. He did a wonderful job on his mission and we wish him the best in the futureChatting around the table after dinner.
Matt and Elder (Aaron) Dees catching up.

Jill & Verlyn Dees
Rick & Kelli Weir
Elder Dees, he was like alost puupy that night with out his companion :)
Me & Kelli
The Pages & the Dees saying goodbye!

Monday, August 24, 2009

Getting another son :)

As of today we will be adding to the family,..atleast for a few months, Alcides Ferreira, from Brasil. Alcides, his father was one of Steve's companion's on his mission. They wanted their son to come to the states his senior year to learn english and to play soccer, what better place could he be right! We are all very excited to have him join us and we hope that he enjoys his stay here. We will take good care of him Julianna and Alcides...promise!


My Uncle Norman passed away last month suddenly. We were all so sad and he will be greatly missed, especially his laughter! Scott took a few pictures of the family while there. My sister Debbie, Me and my brother Scott.
Mom, Dad, Aunt Noreen, Cousin Ricky, our Scotsman, Sister Debbie, Daughter Abby, Me, Cousin Gary and Aunt Betty
Me heading into the Church for lunch
My Brother Greg, Dad, Brother Scott, Sister Debbie Me and Mom (missing Gordon & Pam)
Scott & Abby
Mom & her sister Noreen
Cousins Greg, Gary, Ricky, Scott

Sister Eula, Noreen, Peggy, Betty, Brother Allen and his wife Nita.

Friday, August 21, 2009


Matthew drove Elder Burk, Elder Slauson and Elder Graff to transfers. While there he got to see some of his favorite people, those who are serving some where else or going home. Matt has been very blessed to have so much preparation for his mission...thanks so much Elders. Elder Slauson and Matt, like brothers!
Matt and Elder Slaugther. What a great Missionary!
Elder Slauson, Matt and Elder Fairbanks. Such great Elders to look up too! Elder Fairbanks is now in Winston Salem as a Zone Leader.
Elder Lott and Matt. Elder Lott is in Shelby, he is training one of the new 15 Elders that just came in.

Wow! What a strong group of men...Elder Dees, Elder Slauson, Elder Slaughter and Elder Page! (All going home or in Elder Page's case just getting ready to go)There were 20 Elders and Sisters going home this transfer. What a wonderful group of Elders. We love them all and wish them the best in their futures...and we hope that they keep in touch with us! (We get to see Elder Dees and his parents tonight. They are coming over for dinner!)

Our Last Goodbye!

Abby's gift from Elder Slauson...needless to say she is very happy!

Look at our family picture except there is no Matt or Dallin :)
We can never be too serious!
They were giving me a hard time about NO HUGS!
They were giving me a REALLY HARD time that I could not give hugs!
Elder Graff & Zach
I liked how he called me Momma Page.
We are making it to the door. Elder Burk worried they were going to miss their call from President....
Elder Burk was alot worried about gettting back to the apartment on time!
As they left we sang "God be With you Till We Meet Again".

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