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WhErE tHe PaGeS oF tHiS bOoK nEvEr EnD

Monday, August 31, 2015

Because of Him...

We had a wonderful zone meeting this week and our assistants didn't teach us about missionary skills, but they taught us about the most important life skill that we can ever have, and that is charity. I've been trying to perfect this my whole mission, but something I love is that they pointed out a great way to develop charity is to make Christ the reason behind EVERYTHING we do. There's a little motto from a mission in Japan that we've been focusing on as a mission for a few weeks now and I finally have a better understanding it:

Obedience is the price,
Faith is the Power,
Love is the Motive,
The Spirit is the Key,
And Christ is the Reason

I've really been trying to take this on board! I LOVE the way I feel lately as I've been teaching. Even when people aren't quite friendly, simply making Christ the reason takes away the sting of any rejection and harsh word. I can honestly feel a difference as I teach with a more pure reason behind every word, and something else I learned this week is "We become what we want to be by consistently being what we want to become each day." -elder Richard g Scott. So if I want to become more like my saviour, then I need to be making a consistent and hard working effort everyday to become more like him! I love that through the gospel of Jesus Christ, we learn that simple things like prayer and scripture study can help us strengthen at the things that life throws at us, and we really can have Christ become our reason for everything. These past few weeks haven't been particularly easy and sometimes I would just love for missionary work to be just a tiny bit easier, but I'm greatful for a great companion, strong and faithful members, loving family and friends, and most importantly my support from my father in heaven. I just love Him and my saviour.

After zone meeting I got to go on exchange with the lovely sister Carroll! I just loved the learning experiences that exchanges bring. I think the thing I learned the most is that we need to not only let Christ change our behaviour, but change our nature. I also just loved how she set a great example for me in pondering things, I can definitely see in her countenance how it reflects the saviour. We both felt that this transfer we were supposed to serve together, and during our exchange it felt so normal, but Gods timing is different than ours, so we're hoping at the end of our missions that president will just send us to some part of the mission that is really rough, and we'll bring light into it together!

Also This week we had a wonderful chance as a district to try and build charity within our district. So on district night we went around and said strengths of every single person in the district. It really helped my love to increase even more for those that I serve around and I just love them. They came to the conclusion that I'm fearless! I was so greatful for that, haha it was lovely to know that I fear no man and I'm hoping to increase as I develop charity.

Gavin is still doing well, he's consistently reading end Book of Mormon and the only reason he didn't make it to church today was because of a big mix up on our part! We'll be seeing him on Wednesday and I'm greatful for that.

We're still doing loads of finding, Piccadilly (city centre of Manchester) has never been more interesting for the street displays, and I don't think I'll ever get tired of feeling unified with my companion, district and zone! I'm constantly being reminded of the many many blessings I have, and I don't think I could ever be more greatful for the skills and talents God has blessed me with to share the gospel with His children.

Sorry I don't have any pictures today, it's bank holiday and that means the library's are closed! I love you all though, remember to say your prayers and have a lovely week!

Love, Sister Miller

Monday, August 24, 2015

The Field is White...

Hello Everyone!

So There is just a lot of Good that is happening here in Long Beach East in the Woodruff Ward. I cant believe another week has flown by but it has. Elder Prisbrey and I have been setting some good goals and been doing everything we can to achieve them. The Lord is blessing us, our companionship, our investigators, and this ward. I don't know how many times after a lesson or just outa the blue we both just decided to offer a prayer of gratitude because we are just feeling so blessed. The area is on the rise, we are working with a lot of awesome people, both investigators and less actives.

One of our investigators Daleen, is doing Great! We had a really good lesson with her this week, where the whole time it felt like she was just bringing up the smallest concerns and asking a lot of questions. Just as we felt like we weren't getting anywhere, she just broke down and said that she knows its All true... She just is worried to make the adjustment and is afraid she wont be able to give up certain things. We all just felt the spirit so strong, and we then instead of trying to prove anything to Daleen simply reached out in Love and did our best to understand how she felt and we set some goals and made plans with her to reach a baptismal date for Oct. 31st. Halloween! Its perfect, if you knew Daleen you would know how perfect it is to have a baptism on Halloween. We are gonna have to do a lot of praying, and we will work our hardest with her and she will have to work hard to reach that date, but she is determined, she has the faith and we all know Heavenly father will help her to get there. There's been other investigators we've taught this week, Jaclyn and Steven the young married couple. We went over with Brother Neilson ( Member of the ward) And they just hit it off! we had a short but powerful Restoration lesson. After hearing the first vision we asked how they felt and Steven just said he felt chills, and Jaclyn said the same thing. They are so prepared to receive the gospel we just have to continue to help them see that they are.

The members in this ward are so supportive, our investigators are doing good, me and Elder Prisbrey are getting along Really well. We're easily gonna hang out after the mission some way some how. One last thing because this computers about to kick me off. Adriana got baptized this past week!! It was such an awesome experience. Both of her daughters came and you could tell they both felt the spirit after the service Alexa (Adriana's 11 Yr old) said, so when can I get baptized. So its just the beginning for Adriana and her family. Elder Anderson Emailed me today and said that after she was confirmed on Sunday she just said when she sat down, "That Was Beautiful". It has been a blessing being able to work with and help Adriana and her family except the gospel. I can't wait to hear more from them as my mission and life go on. They will be one of if not the first families I visit when I come back here.

The Lord's Work just keeps moving forward and we are all just instruments in his hands to speed things up a little, that's why missionary work is so important because there are people out there that are ready they may just not know it yet. I can promise anyone that does missionary work will feel something special and that the Lord will give you chances to share the gospel if you let him. Well, gotta wrap it up here but I hope todays email helped someone feel the spirit today.

I Love Yall So Much. Until Next Week... Godspeed!

Love, Elder Page

P.S. Congratulations Matt And Kimber!!! Yall are parents now! Jack is one Studly Baby. Cant wait to meet him! I Love You Two! Keep them Babies Comin'!

Tender Mercies...

Well, to say the least, it's been another wonderful week in the mission field.

Well as you know, this has been a great week, I've learned loads and I am so grateful for that.

I think the biggest miracle this week is the joy that I've felt in serving and the patience that I've been blessed with. I have recognised such a change in me for my ability to be patient with the things God chooses to inflict upon us (mosiah 3:19) I will be forever greatful to my Heavenly Father for allowing me to learn many Christ like attributes in my mission!

So last week I talked about waiting patiently on Gods timetable, well His and my time table matched up this week! One time last transfer, President made time to come and visit me and sister black, and he invited us to tract our street, and the two street on either side of us. We've been still trying to and we had actually finished of the streets but hadn't gone back to double check the homes that didn't answer and someone from one of those homes just walked into church yesterday! He just was walking by and decided to stop in. At first I thought he was a member who came in late, but then during the intermediate hymn I saw him looking a bit confused as we stood to sing. So me and sister Larsen got up, and went to sit next to him. His name is Ciprine, he's from Romania and he's waiting for his wife to move up from down south. We will hopefully be seeing him this next week, I was so greatful for that chance to meet someone like him on my mission, it's not everyday that someone just wanders into church!

Something else I'm trying to improve is my communication with God. I think sometimes that because we're in a mission, we assume that we'll automatically have a perfect relationship with our Heavenly Father, but that's not how it works. I think the way we develop a meaningful relationship with God is by taking the time to sit and talk with him, just like we do with our parents here on earth. There's no big secret to it, and I have noticed as I've been working harder at communicating with him, I feel more peace. What a wonderful blessing!

We had interviews this week and that was such perfect timing. Haha so our interviews were at four at the Swinton chapel (it takes an hour and a half to get there from our flat) and so we got back to our flat at 12:45 (or so I thought) and we had lunch and then finished our weekly planning. So at about 2:15 I was like, hey sister, we should probably get ready to go since its 2:15. And then sister Larsen was like "what, no, it's like 3:15". Haha turns out I was a whole hour behind! So we hurry out, we forget the keys, and made it to our interviews almost an hour late. Haha bless, but it was still so good! In my interview with president, he asked me what I had prepared for our meeting, and I was able to talk to him about some of my concerns. He was honestly so helpful and I can really tell that he cares. I've come to learn what makes a successful missionary and mission is not the outward things, but it is really who we become. A mission is really a process of becoming more like the saviour through serving and loving others.

I love you all so very much, have a wonderful week!

Sister Miller

Monday, August 17, 2015

There is sunshine in my soul...

So, if you couldn't tell from the title of this email, I've been pretty happy this past week. It's gonna be hard to express through an email just how happy I am and why im happy but I'll try. So I can't believe its already been a week in my new area with Elder Prisbrey. Elder Prisbrey is Awesome! To say the least. He is Funny, Loving, patient, humble and just all around a great missionary. We have already said how over and over again how excited we are to be companions for the next 5 weeks. We have had so much fun together. And there have been spiritual experiences that we've had that I will never forget, and because it would be too hard to share these experiences over email ill wait till after the mission. But what I can say is that I KNOW Heavenly Father Answers Prayers, and He knows where we are spiritually and physically all day everyday, and he will always put us in the right places at the right times as long as we follow the spirit.

The area of Long Beach east itself though has cause me to adjust. The work is definitely harder here. A lot more rich white people here than anywhere else I've served and so it's been harder trying to share the gospel with people here. I don't think I've ever tried harder to find people to teach. Elder Prisbrey and I made it a goal this week to just find as many people as we could to teach and or to serve. We talked to everyone we saw anywhere and everywhere, we knocked on countless doors, we asked everyone who they knew who would benefit from the gospel and I think because we were willing to try our best in doing these things the Lord Blessed us with 4 pretty solid people to teach in the coming weeks. Two of those people are Jaclyn and Steven, they are a young married couple and they are both super nice and open with us. We shared a little bit with them on their front porch earlier this week and they invited us to come back this Friday, so we'll see where things go. We also have been teaching an investigator thats been taught for a while in this area. She is an interesting person. She has had a lot of addictions over the course of her life but she is doing everything in her power to change, and so recently we've just been helping her turn to the Savior, because without him she can't do it alone. She has a strong testimony of the atonement and is trying to apply it to her current problems and struggles now. She was in the hospital this past week so we had the opportunity to go and visit her a couple of times and give her a blessing. The spirit was really strong as we placed our hands on her head and Elder Prisbrey offered the blessing. Although she didn't know all the ins and the outs to blessings she simply knew that we had something special and that if she had faith she could get better. She is doing a lot better now and should actually be out of the hospital by now.

I am just Glad to be apart of the Lords Work on all fronts. We had an Awesome opportunity to serve at what's called the United Cambodian Community, its where Cambodians go and study for the citizenship test or find job opportunities in the area. The Cambodian Missionaries are in our Zone and they asked us to help out. So we were able to go over there for about an hour and just help these people study for the Citizenship test. I felt like I was teaching English at the same time, haha. But no, it was such a cool experience and We are planning on going over there about once a week to help out. The Cambodian people are so nice, and they have a lot of respect for missionaries.

I am feeling more fulfilled now than I think I ever have been and its only because of the spirit that comes as I've given of myself for others. Thats what the gospel can do for us everyday. It changes us, and it Sanctifies us as we live it. The ward here is Awesome Too! Oh Man is it a good ward. It's the biggest ward I've served in yet so its kinda daunting thinking about learning everybodies names but I'm excited. They have treated me so well and I feel like family to a lot of them already.

I'm running out of time and I wish I could say more but I'll save it for later! I just want to end by updating y'all on Adriana, Elder Anderson called and said she is All Good to Go and Ready for this coming Saturday the 22nd, so I'll be able to go back to LBW for it! I'm so excited, and I really can't think The Lord enough for letting me be apart of Adriana's conversion. I think I learned more from her than she learned from me as the missionary. So I'll be sure to send pictures next week, along with some more from last week. I would send some today but these computers are slow as all get out, so y'all will have to wait till next week, Sorry! But I Love You All. I want y'all to know that I Love what I'm doing even if I cant express it very well. Just know that I'm doing fine and remember that God is in control and is watching over us.

Love, Elder Page

Dang! I can't believe that Elder Nanto is already back in NC. It felt like yesterday he was just hitting his Year mark and I got into the mission. Time Flies!

Right where you are...

Our week has been just interesting. Haha so this is the rundown:
extended a baptism invitation to Paul, turns out he was intoxicated and
didn't remember any of our visit, failed my theory(first part of getting UK drivers licence) haha they make sister Larsen leave the testing centre so she had to wander around by herself in a nearby shopping centre! I think there was one of the worst storms I've seen in my mission this week it even soaked through my umbrella, our roof is leaking, there was a HUGE spider in the kitchen and our neighbour heard us scream so he came to find the spider haha, almost got attacked by a cat, and just so many more odd things Haha but honestly, we've just been laughing through it all and I've loved the randomness.

I think something that my mission has really taught me to do is to endure, but not just to endure, but to enjoy! That word, enjoy is so key. We need to live our loves "in joy" and not just waiting for the next thing to happen, or say I'll be happy when..., but instead really working and being obedient and faithful until God sees it fit to bless us with the things he desires.

One person on the street this week had some really interesting questions about God and who he really is, and why, if he's there, can he not fix this world? We get this all of the time, but for me this week it seemed extremely real as I have been wondering why certain things aren't happening in my area for missionary work. And I then remembered, Gods timing is not our timing. God plays on the time scale of eternity, while we think of things in a 24 hour, 7 days a week scheme. Thankfully our Heavenly Father sees the greater picture and loves us enough to let us learn! So there are many things that I'm sure God would love to swoop in and stop, but He can't. Even when Christ was on the cross, God had to let that happen. So the things that we go through are for our benefit! I am greatful for a loving father who takes the time to help us gain an eternal perspective as we have to patiently wait for the blessings that He's promised us.

One of those blessings God has given us this past week is an optimistic attitude! Haha honestly we had a heck of a week, but throughout it all we were super happy! Plus on Sunday night we got to teach Gavin who we met in the street display. I just love those things! He has just overcome a huge addiction, God has truly prepared him I feel. The lesson was a bit scattered, but he has such a desire to learn more that when we were already down stairs getting into the car, he thought that I had forgot to mark passage in the Book of Mormon for him to end so he came all the way down stairs to ask me what he should read! He has a pure desire to see if it really is he word of God and I can't wait to see where it goes!

I love you all! Remember to say your prayers!

Sister Miller

Thursday, August 13, 2015

East side...

So its gonna be hard to sum up all the feelings I have into one email, but to cut to the chase, I am going to be leaving Long Beach on Tuesday. I'm getting transferred to the Long Beach East Zone. Which isn't too far away at all, its only about a 10 minute drive from where I am now. I'll be serving in the Woodruff Ward, and my new companion will be Elder Prisbery. He is a funny little guy, but I know we are going to get along Great! I was one of the Missionaries that picked him up the day he got here to the mission and I got to serve a bit around him in Cypress, so we're pretty acquainted with each other. I don't know too much about the ward or area that I'm going but I am excited to get there and keep up the good work that they've already been able to do there. I know that where I've been, where I am, and where I'm going is all due to the Lord's will and Heavenly Father's Plan for me.

It's really hard for me to leave this area, and these people and this ward. I haven't even been here for that long yet this is the hardest ward and area Ive ever had to leave. This feels more like home to me than anywhere else in the mission. The people investigators and members have become my family and I Love them. I never thought I could love a little ward like I have this one. They had me speak on Sunday for a little bit and the first thing I did was cry. It kinda caught me off guard actually, but it was nice to be able to let everyone know how I felt. It hit me yesterday why I've loved this area and the people so much and it's simply because I was able to take part in The Lords Work with them. I was able to serve and be served by so many of my brothers and sisters who are all in the same boat as me, trying to further the work of salvation. Not only that but I feel like Ive put more heart and work into this area than any other area Ive been in, and anytime you sacrifice for something or someone, you grow to Love it Unconditionally. To say Im grateful to have served here would be an understatement, but those are the words I'll roll with today. It's hard to leave all of it, but I know Elder Anderson will do a Great job with his new companion and that they will only continue the work that's already been done. I'm So happy to have served with and around the missionaries I did. A lot of them if not all feel like brothers to me and I hope will be life long friends.

On one last note, Adriana is still doing great, she wasnt able to come to church yesterday because he dogs got sick and she had to take them to the vet, which was a bummer (Satan has been working overtime!) but she still has her eyes set on baptism and joining the church. She still has a baptismal date for the 16th, but it might go another week because she wants to go to church on more time before she is baptized. Either way I know she will make the choice to fully except the gospel over the next few weeks and she wants me to come back for it, so luckily I will be able to. It's been a blessing to be apart of her conversion, and to see her change and to see the Lord bless her and her family. And its even sweeter to hear her say how she knows that the things we've shared are true and she knows that Heavenly Father is blessing her.

I just want to say I know this work is true, I Love Y'all, and I miss Yall.

I can't wait to let you know how the new area and companion are treating me next week, but until then.

Godspeed! Have A Wonderful Week!

Another year older...

Hello everyone!
What a week it has been. I got a new companion, I turned 20, and we have been immensely blessed.

First things first, I love love love my new companion! I'm always a bit nervous for transfers because well, it's a change. But I always find out that I had no reason to worry because I know that this is our heavenly fathers work, and it is inspired! I was really worried about being here another transfer but I have seen multiple times this week reasons why I'm still here.

One of those big reasons is to learn from sister Larsen, our first study together she talked to me about how she was studying the Christ like attributes, that specific day she had studied humility, and then she told me the things that she had learned about pride. Wow, I have many things I need to work on, but I'm greatful to have it brought to my knowledge! I love that were able to continually grow in this gospel.

Another reason is the people that God has literally raised up for us to teach! Many are from some past street displays, one is a former, and another is someone that we street contacted from last transfer. I wish I had time to tell you about all of them but I think I'll tell you about Paul and then James.

Paul is so humble and is really searching for light. Me and sister black met him on the way to the bus stop last transfer, and we finally got in with him this past Friday. We asked him what he was expecting from our visit and he talked about how he wanted to find something to give him more hope in his life, and was basically just interested in the "Mormons" haha. So anyways, we shared with him the message of the restoration (we have five different lessons we go through with people and this one focuses on how God is our Heavenly Father and that since he loves us he has called a prophet on the earth today), and he soaked it all in! He came to church today and he actually really enjoyed it. He said he loved how everyone was so friendly and just loved it. He has struggles and so were prayerfully trying to help him overcome it. It was interesting because we got to talk with him after church and he was telling us about the things he is struggling with and I just wanted to cry because I could feel his pain and how much he wants to be free from them. If I can have charity for this man, I cannot imagine how much the saviour loves us.

Then there's James (a different one than before)! Again, we met him last early transfer at a street display and he called us last week! He said he wants to hear what we had to say so we went over last night with brother Bob and sister Diane and it was honestly just such a lovely visit! James has a past, but something he said about his past was that "he never wants to see that side of him again" we were able to explain how through the things that Jesus Christ has done for us our pasts can be washed away! James loved this and he's even going to bring a friend next time as well who needs a brighter hope as well!

I'm feeling so happy and ready to take on anything! I love you all and hope you have a wonderful week and remember to say your prayers!

Sister Miller

Sunday, August 9, 2015

oh what do you do in the summer time?...

I can't believe our visit to Utah has already come and gone. Week vacations just simply are not long enough.
SO instead of having the kids home this summer we flew to Utah with Dallin, Jaclyn and Little Scarlett (who did great on the plane).
Kimber was just too far along in her pregnancy to get on a plane, so we brought the party to them. We found a great house to rent with lots
of room for us all, and more, because we were going to be having some gatherings. It worked out perfectly for us and was in a great location
to BYU since Abigail was still in class.

First thing we did was gather to eat! Food always brings people together. We arrives around noon. Everyone was available but Zach.
He was still at work, but we caught up with him at his Do Terra office to pick him up. Finally we were all together.

First night together we attended a Real Salt Lake Soccer game, sooo fun! I love watching soccer and it was filled with excitement.
I mostly enjoyed watching my boys enjoy the game. They get to so involved, its fun to watch.

Saturday was a crazy busy day. We were up early to make food to go to a baby shower the sisters were giving Kimber. I did not get any pictures from, but they got a lot of cute things
for Little Jack. After the shower we were headed back to the house to host a cook out with RMNCC mission (those that had served in our area) and also one of Steve's mission companions.
What a great night. We were united with missionaries that we have loved and taken care of while they were in NC. Some of the are married and have started their families, others are in school,
while others are working. They are all doing great.

Jeff & Diana Lauder, one of Steve's mission companions in Manuas, Brasil. They had not seen each other in 30 years. This was one of the funniest
times of the night to see them catch up and laugh. Steve enjoyed it so much!

Sister Christy Buckley, she served the longest in Kannapolis ward 10 1/2 mths. So she really became part of the family. She is so sweet. Everyone says that she is the young Sharmyn Mitchell, and it is
totally true.

Elder Chase Burk and his wife Alex and their little boy Harrison. One of the sweetest and most thoughtful Elders we have ever had. He is so good at keeping in touch and letting us know
how he and his family are doing. They are up in Rexburg IDright now. Alex is recovering from some difficulties following the birth of Harrison, we keep her in our prayers to continue to get well.

Elder Phil Woodruff and his wife Lisa, and daughters Abigail, Isabelle, Miriam and Lilly. Not sure how we missed them in this picture, he was probably upstairs talking. He served way back with us when are kids were small (Abigail was 4) she and Elder Woodruff had a real attachment :)
(as to the name of his first daughter) and wife Lisa.
They drove down from Rexburg also. He is doing pre med wanting to become a surgeon. It was so nice to see them and their cute girls.

Elder Kurtis Skousen and Sister Wood. Kurtis has not been home too long, he and Sister Wood came home the same day. She did not serve in our ward, but she and Kurtis got engaged I believe that day before
their visit with us. We are happy for these two and wish them much happiness together.

Sister Courtney White and Sister Ayancy Valarde back together again :) they served together here in Kannapolis. They are still as cute and enthusiastic as ever! It was great seeing them.

We call these guys "the originals" Elder Nolan Jenkins and Elder Carson Gillett. They were the first missionaries that were in our Kannapolis ward move. They were there when Steve was called as Bishop, and when our first missionary (Dallin) left for his mission. They were companions here, and they are still good friends. Nolan and his wife Chela (who was sick) and his two boys Duke & Braxton live in Lehi. Nolan is a police officer and a busy dad. Carson and Brooke live in Bountiful with their two boys Stockton & Crew. Carson does plumbing and is working on building their first home. We love these guys they are like sons, and brothers to my kids.

Elder Zamaleki Smethurst and Sister Brooke Holman. Zamaleki served here almost as long as Sister Buckley, but at different times.(so he is a close one) He is up in the Logan area working & developing some of his real state that he owns. He and Brook met up on a visit that he made back to NC, then again later and have become friends. Brooke's first area was here in Kannapolis when Abby was leaving on her mission. She is in school and lives in Springville, UT. She is a sweetie!

We had a wonderful time catching up with everyone. Thanks so much to those who came. We missed a lot of you that did not, but we still love you. Looking forward to next years gathering! We love you all and wish only the best of things and much happiness.

Sunday was a much needed day of rest. We were all tired from the very late nights prior, gotta love 1:00 church! After church we had a visit at lunch. One of Dallin's mission companions Elder Isaac Allred and his wife Christina and their son Gage. It was a tender mercy from a very loving Heavenly Father that got them together and at the perfect time. This was the first companion or anyone Dallin had seen since his mission. It was a great visit for all. Hope they will keep in touch over the years.

Monday, August 3, 2015

All is well in LB...

Hey Everybody!
So its been another Nice Week here in Long Beach. This week was full of Teaching opportunities, and All I can say is the Lord continues to deliver. It's Amazing when we receive blessings from the Lord even when we're not expecting them or deserve them. One thing that I am noticing everyday is that although we are imperfect, Heavenly Father uses us to bless others and to uplift others, and although we may seem inadequate often times, we are uplifted and strengthened and refined as we serve and Love everyone the Lord puts into our path. I just want to say thank you to all that prayed for me and Elder Anderson to have more opportunities to reach out to others, because we had handfuls of them just pop up outa no where! One day out of the week it got to the point where we could go more than an hour without finding some way to bless someone else. Even if it was smiling and waving at someone. We were driving down the road one day this week and we saw this lady that looked really sad and out of it, as we were driving by we just smiled and waved and her entire person changed. She just smiled really big her eyes got real wide and she waved back as we drove by. Now that wasn't anything too big but it might have changed the direction her day was taking for the better. That's what the Gospel of Jesus Christ is all about, daily doing the things big and small that help other and ourselves feel the Savior's love.

This week we were able to meet with Adriana Twice. Both Lessons went really well, she has continued to read the Book of Mormon, she is praying everyday, and she came to church on Sunday. Although she is doing good she's having a hard time getting her two daughters excited about coming to church, so its just been her that last two times. Prayers would be nice. Her daughters names are Brenda and Alexa. She said she would also pray and read the scriptures to know what to do. Its moments like that that you know your being changed by the gospel and when you are living it. Simply turning to the scriptures and God for answers. She is Doing So Good! The ward is doing a pretty good job at making her feel welcome too. Adriana originally had a Baptismal date for the 8th, but she decided and we completely supported to move it to the 16th now. She still is more than happy to be baptized and knows how it will bless her and her family, but she wants to come to church a couple more time before her baptism and we still have quite a bit to teach her. So she doesn't feel rushed it will be on the 16th now. Im so Happy and just grateful to be apart of Adriana's conversion. She is an elect lady and is gonna be such a great member of the church! Keep praying for her Please!

We've also been teach another family recently. Cintia and Joel and their 4 kids. They have been taught by missionaries for a little while now and we just so happen to teach them now because they moved into our area. But we've had the chance to meet with them a few times and things are on the right track. They want to be baptized there are just some things they need to sort out before then. But they know and understand all there is to know about what we have to share because like I said they've met and been taught by missionaries for a while. We are going over to their house tonight to have family home evening with them. We are bringing with us a younger guy that just moved into the ward. His name is Filipo and he's doing an internship her in Long Beach. He is From Brasil! So Ive had a lot to talk about with him because dad served there. He's an awesome member! Cintia and Joel are Great though, they want to start paying tithing, the fasted yesterday, and they have been doing FHE on their own for a little while now. So hopefully things keep going well for them.

Things really are going Good here in the 4th Ward. I finally feel like I've gotta grip on the area, as far as building it up. We have a lot of people to teach, plenty of members to try and reactivate, and the ward members are becoming family. me and Elder Anderson are just working well with each other, we are having fun serving the Lord and want to keep it all up! I can't thank Heavenly Father enough for giving me this chance to grow, to learn, and just become a better person. Although it is hard sometimes and I miss home and all of y'all, he takes the bitter and makes it sweet. He's done that for me as I've turned to him. Well, I can't wait to continue the update next week, but until then, God Speed Loved Ones!

Love, Elder Page

Things just got Rhyl...

Hi everyone,

it's been a cold and wet week here in Stretford, but it's
been a good one none the less. So we have transfers this Wednesday and
sadly sister black will be going to Rhyl, near Wales, and ill be
staying in Stretford with sister Larsen! She's from Salt Lake City,
Utah, and she was companions with sister Andersen in the mtc! I am
grateful for another transfer here in Manchester, it'll be exciting to
see what the next six weeks will bring! I am so sad to see sister
black leave though, we've just learned so much together and I think
what the best thing about a mission is, is that no matter where you
are and who you're with, it's meant to be! I think this is the only
time in my life where I'll know that 100%, no questions asked!

Sadly James has officially dropped us and Tayo got in contact with us
again, but is still not interested. The great thing is though that as
long as we're doing all that we can, then were successful
missionaries. This past week we did loads of finding, haha the best
was when we did a street display and the rain got so bad that before
we could clear off the material from the table everything just got
soaked! But the nice thing was that we still had a great time and many
people listened! Plus we got really good milkshakes after. Something I
noticed that helped me throughout the week was having a grateful
attitude! Regardless of what we were doing, we just couldn't help but
notice all of the tender mercies! One great one was when we left
district meeting and we hopped on the bus. Eventually it just started
to smell like super bad, so we had to go upstairs. As we walked up
there was this man, uni aged, sitting in the back. Haha of course my
first reaction was to say hello and turns out he's been taught by
missionaries before and was really close to being baptized! He's not
in our area, but it's great to know that God is so aware of him! Ah,
this work is just really fulfilling.

Sorry I don't have much to say
today, but remember to say your prayers, love you all!
Sister Miller

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