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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Back home to Brazil!

Alcides time with us has come to a close. He is back with his family in Sao Paulo, Brazil. I know he was ready to get back. We hope that he enjoyed his stay with us. It was a unique experience for us to have him be a part of our family for 10 months. Maybe we will get to Brazil one day to visit him and his family! Last visit to Caswell...
Going over flight plans

Alcides was so excited to be heading home...ready to be with his family again!CHOW!!!

Align CenterHe could not take the peanut butter to his sisters...he packed it in his carry on bag...

Fathers Day...Late

This is a late entry...Happy Fathers Day Dad, Lindsey and Steve! Hope you all had a wonderful day. I can't say enough good things about the father of my children. He is the most wonderful man I know and such an active and loving father!!! I could not ask fo more from him. I hope you know how much ou children look up to you and love you!Matthew sent Steve this tie for Father's Day!!! Happy Father's Day to our Dads!

If he is not talking he is sleeping :)

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Letter from Elder Page

Elder Page is doing great! Here are a few thoughts from his letter this week:

"Me and Elder Kinsey have been working so hard lately. I've felt the most joy now on my mission. We both just get along awesome and work and try to have fun. We have been trying to work out, but we're fighting an up hill battle with all the beans and tacos.:) We had a powerful Zone Conference with President and Sister Walker. Pres. talked about faith and Sis. Walker talked about miracles. They told us about miracles that have happened in the mission. We truly need faith in the work so that the Lord can provide the miracles....I love you all so much. You all strenghten me everyday. I hope that you know that this is something that has already changed my life. It has changed me in a way that I couldn't have on my own. I feel almost like a new person. I feel I have now a testimony of sacrifice. I know that the Lord blesses those that serve him. We are all called to sacrifice things in our lives, good things and bad things. It is so hard to let go of everything and turn your eyes from those things and serve, but the Lord will ALWAYS bless us 100 fold. He has blessed me and strengthened me. I know that he is always mindful of us. He loves us, he gives us trials to grow, to come to him. Well that's enough preaching for one letter.:)"

Guess whose coming to dinner?

JACLYN!!!!! Jaclyn drove down to Tucson to meet Elder Page and his companion Elder Kinsey. What a treat that was for both of them. The two of them could not stop smiling at one another. It had been two years since Jaclyn had last seen Matt. He got caught up on all that has been happening at home. Jaclyn got to know a little about Elder Kinsey and his family. After dinner she took them grocery shopping. What a treat that is for a missionary :) Thank you so much Jaclyn for doing such a nice thing. I said that Zach is going to have to go to Bulgaria so Kyle can take him grocery shopping on his mission. It has become a Page/Schultz tradition :) After their shopping spree they went for dessert at sonic! Elder Page and Elder Kinsey said that Jaclyn's visit was such a boost for them,as I am sure it was for her as well. I must admit that I am a little jealous of her visit, but who better to give him a big smile other than his mother...it would be Jaclyn! Thank you so much Jaclyn!!!!! Elder Page & Jaclyn!!!
What a great companionship!
Groceries...What a treat!!!!

SONIC!!! for dessert!

UnC- cHaPeL HiLl

This past week Dallin moved into his apartment in Chapel Hill and started class on Thursday. He is a great little place, perfect for him and one other roommate, Scott Yourstone, who moves in next week. We were all so tired by the time we got everything unpacked, set up and back home again. Wednesday Dallin and I went back to Chapel Hill with the last few things. I forgot to take pictures again of everything done. It looks really good, a bright and cheerful place to live soooo much better than a dorm room. So far it is going wonderfully. He is enjoying his classes and enjoying his new adventure. We miss you Dallin, but it is nice to know that you are not too far down the road if I just need a hug! Good Luck son! Enjoy the Ride!!!

Tired after a very long day!

GrAduaTioN DaY!

Well we have graduate #3! 2 more to go. It was a very hot day for a graduation. Atleast it was not held outside. But it was hot enough for Zach to never let me get a picture of him in his Cap & Gown!!! Oh well we know what he accomplished and that he graduated. It was a nice graduation..."They kept their shoes on the whole time" from one of the speakers. Like Dallin & Matthew, Zach graduated Summa Cum Laude with Beta, NC Scholar. Congratulations Zach, now on the the exciting part!!!

Alcides getting his diploma
Zach Marching!
Abigail & Angela
The Family - Matthew

Great bunch of youth

The 3 amigos
Aunt Bean & cousin Ashley
Hailey Gardiner & Alcides
His time here is almost over...

Chris Neal & Zach
The Graduates!
"Look what I got Mom!"

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