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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Elder Page nears the end

Hey everyone,
Thank you so much for your love and letters. I love to hear how everything is going with you all. It sounds like you are really enjoying your summer. I'm glad that you are getting so much time together.
It sounds like Zach is doing well in Japan. I'm glad he met Sis. R :) She is really sweet. I'm glad Zach W. is doing well too! That would be awesome if he went to BYU Law school :) He is such an example to me.
Things with me are alright. THis week we finally met the new mission pres. The Kilpacks are great:) Thare are super nice & seem really excited about the work.
Elder Densley is recovering well. He's really postive about everything. With him being sick I've had time to do alot of reflecting. Now that I'm coming to the end I've been having a lot of thoughts about the last 2 years. Have I done enough? Have I grown? Have I become Who I need to be? I've found that with the excitement of coming home comes fears of all that lies ahead, school, work, marriage. Am I ready for all of that...am I ready to leave my mission? I feel so torn and confused.
Keep me in your prayers, I need them more than ever.
I read in Alma 42. I felt really connected to Alma's son. I've made mistakes & sinned & felt that there was no hope for me. Inadequecy comes alot as a missionary. I read the last verse and felt peace from Alma vs. 27 all are invited to receive the waters of life. We are not compelled! Agency allows freedon to chose. I've felt that in inviting others to drink from the living water of Christ. We will never thirst as we go to him. We fall and slip. We constantly sin and mess up. It would seem all hope is lost in the unpayable demands of justice. We cry within ourselves, " I don't have the means to pay the debt" We feel sorrow. From this pain comes the desire to repent. I'm so grateful for the sorrow I feel that pushes me to my knees. Humility, how much I need more of it. Pride continually seems to creep into my life in all forms. How can I call others to come to Christ when I still am so far from being perfect as He is? I am a sinner and feel as Nephi encompassed by the sins that so easily beset me. The last verse made me feel Christ's love for me. With my sin and mistakes. The Savior says, "stand, go, thrust in the sickle, they sins are forgiven you.
I know that peace and true joy can only be found in Christ. He is mindful of ALL his children. He is our Savior. It's true! We have hope. He is the rock of our salvation. I am in awe at his perfect nature and love for all and that we can know and understand who he truly is and He is through the gospel.
I love you all You have helped me be more like my Savior through your examples. I am so undeserving of the blessins that have been piled at my feet. I am grateful!
Have a great week:)
Elder Page

Page Choro

Hey everybody,
ok so I am very sorry this email will be very unimformative and short, but this week has been one of the busiest weeks of the mission so far and I only have like 15 minutes until I have to be home. So just to recap the week very briefly...We made two baptisimal dates this week! Both were miracles. The first miracle is named Mariko. She is in her early 20s and we broke her phone and then made a baptisimal date! Long story but she could possibly be my first baptism in about a month. But, if not her, we met a guy last night named Takeshi. We met him on the street, took him back to the church, we taught a great lesson, he said he wants to change his life and we made a baptismal date!! It was a great week, but way busy! The Sendai Zone is by far the biggest zone in the mission with around 20 missionaries, and so being a Zone Leader is way busy! We went on two splits this week with the APs and a District leader. Me and Lay Choro are really working hard to lift up the zone and help everybody out. Lay Choro is a great example to me and I have learned so much from his leadership. Tell his Mom that she raised one heck of a son! :) We had a big Ward party today with a couple of Investigators there. Us Elders planned the party so it was really fun and...well...American! We had a water balloon fight, a hoola hoop contest (which I definitely failed at), and a food eating contest! It was way fun and a good experience for everybody. I also got my haircut today by a sister missionary named Sister Kumagai. Mom, when I thought it couldn't get worse than that one time the guard fell off...I was wrong. :) I will send you pictures soon. Lets just say that I hope people focus on my Smile!!!! I am sorry this email has been so super short! I got a letter out to Marissa today and I relayed a very special experience, one of the greatest of my life, to her in that letter. When she gets the letter she can read it to you guys, Ok? I am so sorry!! I feel super bad that you don't really know a lot! Just know that I am really trying to work my heart out! I am trying to be the very best missionary I can. I love you all so much. I know that this church is true. There is no doubt. I promise you all again that God Lives, Jesus is the Christ, We can know eternal truth perfectly through the Holy Spirit of God. You guys are all the best. Mamma, I love ya! The most exciting thing I can imagine about going home is getting a big Mamma hug again! There are a couple other things but that is first! ;)
I love you all!!! Have a great week!!
Love always,
Elder Zachary Taylor Page

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Choose to Bloom where you are planted!

Hello Everybody!!
Well, where to start on the past few days! Since I don't have too too much to just tell you as far as things going on, I will tell you about a wonderful learning experience that I had. So I am going to put it straight, the past three days were terrible for missionary work. It started with one bad evening and then it carried over into the next days. It is way hot and humid here, and we spent all day out in the heat, and nobody would even stop to talk to us. All day people rode by on there bikes and turn their shoulders as they walked by. Coming off of a week of seeing a lot of miracles and good experiences, it was a long fall into this period of hard rejection. With the drop into this hard time, I began to lose patience. I listened to people tell me they didn't need this message over and over again and it drove me up the wall. I began to be impatient and wouldn't even be happy when I would try and talk to people. I made the mistake of letting my faith in miracles go. I walked into every contact believing that they would just ignore me, and so that is just what I got. I began to recognize me own discouragement and impatience as last evening drew to a close. Last night, I hit the bottom and fell on my knees in prayer. I came to my Father and told him exactly what I was feeling. I cried and felt his assurance that if I would pick my head up, he would give me ways to lift me up. So as I went to sleep last night, I still felt down, but decided that things would get better. The morning was the same and I felt pretty lowly. I decided that would write in my journal, and as I wrote, I began to feel the love of my Saviorin my heart. Moments later, Elder Ellis and Elder Lay came home from shopping and they had bought me some Melon Pan (my favorite bread) to cheer me up. I felt there love and my mood gradually began to be lifted. As soon as I decided that I could feel joy, the Lord began to bless me with his tender mercies. Through his spirit my change of attitude and heart was completed as I received a talk from my Dear Marissa. Her sending that talk to me was inspired of the Holy Ghost and brought that smile back to my face. The talk was all about discouragement and at the end it says, "I can choose to bloom wherever I am planted, whenever the season, whatever the challenges." I know that the Lord answers our prayers. I have learned this week that he will try our faith. If we keep faith in him through all things and do not droop in discouragement, he will keep his promise to us that "the arm of mercy towards them that put their trust in him (Mosiah 29:20)." Through this experience I have better learned how to trust in my Savior through all trails on the mission and in life. My sincere and solomn promise to all of you is that Jesus Christ lives. He paid the ultimate sacrafice so that through all pain we can be lifted up. Jesus Christ truly hath decended below all men so that he might lift up even the most lowly soul. I am so priviledged to be able to serve him and to be his tool to lift up those souls who will humble themselves and let him heal them. This is the true gospel of Jesus Christ. It was brought back to this earth throught the prophet Joseph Smith. He truly did translate golden plates, given to him by an angel, into the Book of Mormon. Eleven witnesses testified to their death that they had seen the plates, handled them, and that they were an ancienct record.
My testimony is with their's. The Book of Mormon is true. It is the word of God. Read it and you can know without a doubt that it is Gods word, and that Joseph Smith was a prophet of God. If the Book of Mormon is true, Joseph Smith was a prophet, and this church is the Church of Jesus Christ. It is the Keystone. If you want to know if this gospel is true, read that Book. It is everything and I know that when you read, you will know with no doubt that it is true, and therefore,that this is the true gospel of Jesus Christ. I love you all so very much. Everyone have a wonderful week. Until next week everyone please remember me in your prayers.
Love you all,
Elder Zachary Page

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Just a few :) pictures of Elder Smethurst...

I was looking thru the blog and realized I had not been putting pictures up of the missionaries. I was putting the on FB but not on here. After 8 1/2 months with us we had to say goodbye to Elder Smethurst, who had become family to us. It was hard to just put up a few pictures. Good luck in your new area, the people will love you! Probably not as much as we do ;) Can't wait to see you again! Love you to the moon and back :) Saying goodbye was hard, we sure will miss him.

He became one of my boys

Visiting some of our members with us

On exchanges with Elder Howell

His new companion Elder Wells

These 2 grew to love each other

End of P-day & dinner with us

One of the many devotionals

The Concord Elders joined in on P-days :)

His new companion Elder Petersen

Happy Birthday!!!

Celebrating his 20th birthday!

Christmas Elder Smethurst Skyping his family....It was so fun meeting them.

Some of my favorite people all atogether

Already feeling like family :)

Elder Smethurst & Elder Fuller

Christmas with the Pages, decorating the tree.

His first haircut with me...seems so long ago.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Time is flying by in Sendai

Hey Everybody!!
Sorry about the fake out in Emailing again, this week was the normal transfer week so we had p-day on Wednesday, but next week it will be on Monday so be expecting it then! :) Speaking of transfers, there is a transfer from within the threesome this week...I am now companions with Elder Lay. Elder Ellis will still be in Kamisugi with us, but another Elder from another area is coming in to make it 4 elders here. He is a japanese Elder named Mizoguchi. So, we will still be with Elder Ellis, but we aren't companions, just me and Elder Lay now. I am pretty happy because I like them both a ton and I was worried that we would get separated. There is another change though, President Rasmussen changed the organization of the mission a little bit and now every area only has 1 zone leader. That zone leader is Elder Lay so now I am still with the Zone leader.
Anyways, past all of that news, no Mom, i haven't gotten your letter yet but I am sure it will come soon. We did celebrate the Fourth of July though...kind of. We ate steak for dinner and I wore my American Hater Blockers during dinner. :) Also, this super nice member of the ward made us a cake and brought it to us and said in English, Happy Fourth!!! It was super nice and was nice of her to do for us. That is so exciting about Jordan going to the Temple this week!! I am super excited for him! And you are right, he will be gone before he knows it, that last month is just a blurr to me now it was so fast. I have been thinking about him a lot lately with him leaving and stuff. He is going to do so well and see so many baptisms it is going to be great. There is a guy from Peru here for business that is coming to the ward here till he goes home. He comes to church every single week and he doesnt understand anything, it is amazing to see somebody keep there covenants like that. I was talking to him a little bit and he just said that the church is Peru is amazing right now. Growing so fast and the people are becoming 2nd and third generation and the strength of the members is increasing. Jordan will see so many miracles there.
Speaking of Matthew, I talked to Sister Rasmussen about Matt when I met her. She said that he was one of the most kind, humble, soft loving people she has ever seen and an absolutely amazing missionary. I told her that she was definitely talking about my brother. It is crazy how fast it goes. In a couple weeks I hit 6 months and then in a couple months Matt is home! Crazy!!
I have learned so much and grown more than I have grown in the entire mission in this last transfer alone. I have had some important lessons to learn and I had to fall down and get a little scrapped up to learn a couple of them. I am so grateful to Elder Lay and Elder Ellis because they have been great. My Japanese have at least tripled in this transfer too in no small part because of them. Everything in this language is really starting to click and sometimes it drives me crazy because I can't think in English sometimes!! :o) We had a very very blessed week this week. We had three days in a row where we set a baptismal date each day and we found a lot of people. I hope you all truly understand that miracles happen every single day. We have been praying so much and working so hard to find people who will receive this message and we are finding them. Also, we found out yesterday that we will have the opportunity to do Service in earthquake&tsunami affected areas every other week now which is a great blessing and opportunity.
This is the Lord's church. Through a prophet, Jesus Christ restored his 100% truth to the earth, and he is leading that church through a prophet today. Something that I have been seeing in missionary work and that I have been able to apply to myself is that Heavenly Father is so willing to give us answers to anything. The trick that I have really learned is that we have to sincerely want them, sincerely seek them, and then have a sincere desire to act on that answer, no matter what it is. It is Moroni's promise in the Book of Mormon. We are totally capable to receive all things, but we must yield our wills and give up our pride in order to fully unlock the windows of Heaven. I testify that the windows of Heaven are open. God speaks to us all individually and through his prophet. We can all know perfectly what we should do, but first we must act. Jesus stands at the door ready to enter, but he can't come into our hearts and into our lives unless we open the door. I love this gospel, it has allowed me to have the faith to overcome all and to have a sure knowledge of my plan. I know where we are from, why we are here, and where we are going perfectly because of this truth we have been given.
I Love you all so much. Everybody have a wonderful week and remember everyday that this is a happy gospel. Show that happiness every day, live this gospel (Mosiah 2:41).
Love always,
Elder Zachary Taylor Page

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