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Friday, April 30, 2010

Elder Page

Just a picture update of Elder Page and one of his many little friends from church that love him. He is so great with kids! One more week till we get to talk to him YEAH

Beauty and the Beast

I was thrilled when Zach decided to take theater in HS. He has the perfect personality for it. I was even more thrilled when he said that he was trying out for the school play this year. Zach got a part in his school play, the musical Beauty and the Beast!!! He plays the role of Cogsworth, perfect for him! Everyone come and see it @ JM Robinson High School May 6,7,8 @ 7:00 pm, $5.00. He would love it

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

One more Transfer in Fabens

Well Elder Page has atleast one more transfer in Fabens. At the end of this transfer he will have been there for 6 months., and by then he will have been out for 8 months. Wow the time is flying. He was hoping to stay in Fabens to hopefully see the fruits of his labors. He is still with Elder Nuttall ( we still don't have a picture of him) They are recharged and working hard! He LOVED receiving all the cards from the JENKINS clan.....so thank you so much everybody! It is starting to get really hot there and it is only April...I am afraid he is going to be in some HOT HOT weather in a few weeks. Hope he does not melt away. He is looking forward to Mother's day as am I....I can not wait to hear his voice and hear how he is doing.

2010 Prom

Leaving the house to go get Alcides date...

Not sure if Alcides realizes that he has a date...Allie on one end and Alcides on the other.

The Guys. Zach, Weston, Alcides, Michael

Alcides and Allie
Alcides is all about the food
New York skyline
We've Arrived!!!!

Who is that girl under the mask?

Every one found their stars.

"Puttin' on the Ritz"
Yummy cupcakes

Jelana and Hailey

Jelana, Zach & Katie
Jelana & Anna

Alcides and his date Allie (I guess she is his date....:) )

Alcides, Allie and Zach (worn out already ?)
Austin Baughan & Zach
Zach's cousin's cousin :)

Kelli, Jelana, & Katie
Kelli & Katie
The VA girls with Zach

Well I have been totally off in another world of STUFF! I am so behind on the Page Family events. Not that too much has been going on around here. Life can be weary sometimes and it takes alot to keep going. Thank goodness for those around you that help us along the way. Zach and Alcides did have prom a couple of weeks ago, and I never posted pictures of their fun evening. We were not there to send them on their way so thanks to those that took pictures for us. I was glad to hear that they had a grand time and I must say they all looked beautiful, even the boys. :)

Sunday, April 11, 2010

What's going on in Fabens?

Well not too much I'm afraid. Elder Page and Elder Nuttall have been working so hard and will have tracked all the streets of Fabens in another month. Unfortunately their heart felt efforts are not seeing much return right now. We hope that that changes very soon! Other wise he is doing well, and keeping his spirits high. Transfers are up again next week, he hopes that he gets to stay in Fabens to see the work through that he has started, and he says he can still learn a lot from his companion Elder Nuttall. Where ever he is I know he will be working hard and doing his best.

Elder Page with some of the youth of the Fabens ward.

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