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Monday, September 1, 2014

so the curse continues....

So as apparently everyone already knows, I´m still here in La Serena...this is going to be my 5th change here..that´s a lot! And my companion that got here is going home/ending her mission this change so it looks like I might be here ANOTHER cambio afterwards. Crazy! But if the Lord wants me here, it´s gotta be for somethin good, right? So I´m excited. The members can´t believe it either. They´re all like, "You´re STILL here???" Haha.

My companion´s name is Hermana Zimmerman (my first gringa compañera). She´s pretty cool. Super sarcastic, which is a change after being with just latinas who don´t understand sarcasm. But I am adjusting again to gringo humor...haha. Everyone says that she is the best missionary in the mission...one Elder told me that if she was a man she would be an assistent to the president for her whole mission. So needless to say, I am excited for a miracle! We´ve got faith and dilligence, entonces vamos a ver lo que el Señor tiene preparado para nosotras este mes!

This week, the night of cambios until Saturday morning, I got strep throat and the flu, so I was pretty much dead for a few days. Stinkin´ Satan!! But now I am ready to work work work work work!! I missed talking to people and teaching them when I was locked inside! I kept thinking.. "okay, it´s now 5 o´clock....we could have saved like 3 souls by now.".

It was quite a shock that Hermana Mori left. She literally became my best friend. But I don´t feel sad. It was like "Hermana Mori, you´re leaving" cry cry.. "Hermana Mori, get on the bus to go" cry cry. But after that, nada mas. I´m not sad. I know that she´s okay and that I´ll see her again, so why do I need to be sad! I am just so grateful that in the time that I had with her, she is able to change me to be more of who the Savior wants me to be :) (Dad, I think she was my Elder Alcides).

Well that´s all for this week folks. Not toooooo exciting this week. Hope you all are doing wonderfully and that the lil peanut is behaving herself. Y´all are one my prayers literally every day, and I hope through my service you guys are being showered with protection and blessings. That is my prayer.

Until next week, enjoy a root beer float.

Love always and always,

Hermana Abigail Page

**Mom! In the next package that you send me (whenever it is) I need you to send me quarters that have North Carolina in the tail side. Everyone always asks me for a dollar..but I don´t have any dollars. And then I started thinkin and I thought that it´ll be cooler if I give ´em quarters from NC...cause that´s somethin more customized, right?!

Hermana Page doing service for the Herrera Family

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