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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Last Transfer for Elder Page

Elder Page had one more transfer in him, he is headed back to Anaheimwhere he will be serving in the 2nd ward and 7th singles ward. He is no longer mechanic!!!! yeah we were so much hoping that he would be able to teach full time this last transfer. He is going to miss alot of families, the Frasiers especially, and he is really going to miss Elder Allred who he has grown to love so much. Hopefully they can meet up again some day. He is excited about his new assignment and trying not to be too excited about coming home :)Elder Allred and Elder Page with the Frasier Family.
Elder Page's buddy MAX!

Max's little brother or sister not sure.

Sunday, December 27, 2009

A very Merry Christmas Day

Christmas morning was not as early as it has been in the past 7:00 am. wow! we got to sleep in! Every one got what they ask for. It is so nice they never ask for really big things and they always get so excited about it every year!!! After we opened gifts we had a brunch with the Missionaries and the Mitchells. I love doing that every year. I love traditions!!! Abby got a straightner, boots and a camera and a warm blanket!
Alcides got a blanket too. He is always carrying on around the house so I just got him his very own! Cute HUH!
Tory and Zach asked for Nerf guns!!!! We had a big battle before brunch...I think that was Bro. Mitchells favorite part of the day.

Alcides also got a football...
Tory's hoodie
Zach's Liverpool Jacket

and a basketball!

Even Daisy who has been good this year got a stocking full of treats and toys!

Christmas Eve

Its Christmas Eve, our Favorite night of Christmas. We open up our Christmas PJ's and our gifts to each other. Afterwards we all put on our PJ's and watch Polar Express and have hot chocolate. It is one of our favorite traditions. We sure missed Dallin and Matthew, but we sent them their PJ's and some Hot chocolate to share with their companions.Zach modeling his PJ's and his gift from Tory. Me holding up my PJ's and my gift from Abby, homemade mittens.
Dallin sent Dad some slippers, Thanks Dallin!
Matthew had Alcides name, he got a Texas hat.
Tory got basketball shorts form Alcides.
Abby loved her PJ's. She also got snuggly boots and socks from Zach.

New Missionary

Elder Perkins was transfered and now Elder Hutchins is a trainer. We now have Elder Dodson fresh from the MTC. He is from Mapleton Utah. He is from large family. I believe he said that he is number 8 of 9. We are glad to have him here with us in North Carolina!
They spent Christmas Eve with us for dinner and Christmas Morning for Brunch. We love having the Elders here with us, especially when we have 2 sons out serving, it makes them feel a little closer to us.

Califormia Christmas

Merry Christmas Elder Page! It was so wonderful to talk to him. I can not believe he only has one more transfer!!!! He was spending Christmas with the Ward Mission leader. Transfers are this week so we will see if he will finish out in Anaheim Hills. He will have been there for 6 months already. We look forward to having him home.

Feliz Navidad

Elder Page had a great Christmas in Fabens Texas! It was so great to hear from him and know that he is happy serving the people there. He sends a big thank you to all of those who sent cards and packages.
Elder Page was helping a member pour concrete, something he has never done. The mission gives you all kinds of experience.

Great job Elder Page!!!

Ginger Bread Houses!

We got started late this year on our Gingerbread houses. The kids invited Hailey and Mckay Shumate to help out this year. As always it was alot of fun watching the boys turn ginger bread houses in to military bases...boys. This was the first time Alcides had ever done them. IT took great pride it his work. Abby was the last one done. She always takes meticulous care in her work.

Elders May, Christiansen, Hutchins, Perkins
Elder Perkins is being transfered to the Hillard (Singles Ward) he will be a Zone leader there. I hate that they have moved the Zone Leaders out of our ward!

Monday, December 21, 2009

#18 Happy Birthday Zach!!!

Today was Zach's 18th birthday! It's hard to believe the time has gone by so fast. It seems like yesterday when we were rushing to the hospital for his arrival. After only 40 minutes in labor, he was here! He is still pretty fast today! Happy Birthday Zach...We love you!

Merry Christmas from Elder Dallin Page

Well Dallin is on his last transfer. He thinks he will finish out where he is. He is excited about calling on friday, not as excited as I am for sure!!! He and Elder Allred have been working hard in their area. They have had 17 moves to do during the last transfer....that is A LOT! I hope they get a break over Christmas!

@ the Newport temple

Elder Matthew Page is doing well in Texas!

Well we know that this is not a picture of him in Texas. But I like the snow!!! Just a few thoughts from his letter. He said that when he was flying in to AZ all you could see was dirt. He says it looks like a different planet. He really likes his mission President, and his wife. He is a long way from them right now. Elder Bradfield, his companion is the only member in his family and has only been a member for 3 years. He says that in Fabens most of the roads are dirt and there are tons of cotton fields and nut trees. Their ward Mission Leader owns a bakery, he told them they can come by anytime to get things. Matt said that he will probably put on some weight while he is there :) He was so happy for Sunday, even though the whole meeting was in spanish and he could not understand everything he could feel the spirit. " I love the sacrament. I just feel renewed and ready to keep working." He wishes everyone a Merry Christmas and reminds us that"we are all so blessed. The people I've seen are so humble and yet so very happy. Remember to always be grateful for all we have."

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow....

Well we got our first winter storm...everyone else got the snow but us. We had to drive to Greensboro to see it! Actually we got some freezing rain. We had the missionaries come over and eat with us during the storm. The Spanish Elders were stranded with them so they came along too. We love having them over!!! Saturday was Christmas with the Jenkins clan. We drove to mom's where there was snow! It was the first time that Alcides had seen snow. They spent hours outside having snowball fights. Hopefully we will actually get some snow this year in Concord. The group seemed a little smaller this year with some on missions and some that had to work and some just live too far away. But we had a great time together! I did not get too many pictures my camera actually broke while we were there.Elder May, Elder Christiansen, Elder Hutchins, and Elder Perkins

Our Christmas Cat...Daisy

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