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Sunday, August 7, 2016

Summer is coming to a close...even though it is only mid August

Well, the children are slowly trickling back to Utah. Marissa & Brody headed out on Wednesday, Matthew, Kimber & Jack left last Sunday, Dallin, Jaclyn, Scarlett and Spencer on Monday. Zachary & Abigail leave on Tuesday. We will be down to just Tory, which will be nice in a way. I am anxious to have some quiet time with him and talk about his mission, future plans and just him in general.

We had a crazy good time all together. Having Grandchildren on vacation was very different for us all. They run the show! I loved going from one grand baby to the next for 2 solid weeks! I feel like I got to know each one a little better and grew to love them even more.

This picture just sums up Scarlett, full of energy and a love for everything!

Jack is a cutie with his baby blue eyes. He doesn't have much time for chit chat he is on the go!

Brody is just filled with pure joy! He is the happiest little guy all the time!

Spencer won't even know he has been to Gammy and Paw Paw's. But he has grown leaps and bounds since they have been home.

We have the most beautiful family inside and out. Everyone is at different places in life and doing so well, each having their own challenges and facing them head on.

Dallin & Jaclyn are in West Virginia. He is heading into his second year of grad school, doing physical therapy. They have made a beauiful little home there. They are big contributers in their ward also. They have the sweetest family and work so hard at teaching them the gospel.

Matthew & Kimber are in St. George Utah right now. They are about to have some big changes in their lives. Matthew starts grad school here in NC at Wingate University to do Physical Therapy also. They have enjoyed being in St. George with Kimber's family and little Jack is going to miss his buddy, Pa Pa Mark. I am sure that they will spend a lot of time on Face time with them. But we are soooo excited to have them close by and have a chance to spoil them a bit. Matthew & Kimber are wonderful parents. It brings me a lot of joy to witness my children teaching their children the Gospel and providing them such a happy place to live.

Zach and Marissa leave Utah at the beginning of the new year. Zach will be graduating from BYU and heading to Charlotte to work at Ernst & Young! We are beyond thrilled to have them back this way. Zach & Marissa a great parents to Brody. They are a power couple and complement each others strengths as parents. It is a joy to witness. I look forward to kissing on Brody. Its nice that they will be here with Matthew, Kimber & Jack.

Abigail goes back to BYU where she will hopefully finish up this spring. She is doing Recreational Therapy. She is enjoying school, being social, and serving in her calling in the RS Presidency. She is a pretty special young woman. Some man is going to be swept away by her. He will just have to watch out for her brothers.

Tory just completed his mission in Long Beach, CA. He will be heading to BYUI next month. I look forward to driving out with him,, my Alma mater! I have not seen that school in 30 years! He is excited about starting school and meeting new people and catching up with old friends. It has been so sweet to see how he has grown. He has a very calm spirit, he is so gentle and sooo funny! Great thiings ahead for that boy!

I am going to try to keep up with this family blog of ours. It is so strange to know that there will be no more missionary post. That was the whole point of this when Dallin left for his mission, back in 2008. Wow how time flies!

I have been blessed beyond what I could even begin to write about. So I will write about the blessings the struggles, our home, Steve and mines adventures (we better be having some of those!) Maybe this can be my way of journaling, who knows. till next time...

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