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WhErE tHe PaGeS oF tHiS bOoK nEvEr EnD

Monday, May 25, 2009

Many thanks to those who have served our Country...Happy Memorial Day!

Today is memorial day and we spent it with some of the people we love!
Like Mckenna...we are so glad that she was able to come be with us again so soon!

The Shamanis's also came. Abigail, Mckenna & Aubrey Shamanis
Mckenna was my photographer. She was so nice to take pictures for me so that I could take care of everyone. Here she is with Tory.
Tory and his buddy Ethan Shamanis.
Ben Shamanis, John Shamanis, Tina Shaw, Aubrey and Fernanda Shamanis
These are Allison Biggers parents, Wanda and Jeff Price. It was nice getting to know them.
Matthew with Elder Lott & Elder Burk.
Elder Slauson approved of his meal!
Zachary, Allison, Ethan, Tory and Elder Fairbanks enjoy dinner together :)
Abigail, Aubrey and Fernanda
Steve & I loved having everyone over :)!!!
They guys played soccer before dinner and after....and it was a very hot HUMID day!

Steve worked very hard getting all of the meat cooked and I must say he did a wonderful job!

Elder Fairbanks, Steve & Tory. Elder Fairbanks played the piano (beautifully I might add) all afternoon, while Elder Burk and Tory had their own little concert going on upstairs on the drums and the guitar. I loved having all of that music playing in the house.
Elder Slauson stayed in the kitchen and helped all day long!!! It was so appreciated!
I had them all working! Here Elder Lott, Zach Ward, Matthew and Mckenna were putting the kabobs together for me. That saved me sooooo much time! Thanks guys!
Elder Slauson taking on Tory in Fooseball...not sure who won.
Matthew did such a nice thing. He loves the Elders (matt is going to make a great companion) He went out and spent his own money to buy the missionaries ties....CAROLINA BLUE! ties. He signed and dated the back of them. (He is such a sweet young man :) ) They all wore them proudly! Matthew, Elder Lott, Elder Burk, Elder Slauson, & Elder fairbanks! Elder Lott and Elder Burk and maybe one of the others are getting transfered this week. It has been a joy to love and take care of these great men!

We had a wonderful day together...I love my great big family!!!!!!

Saturday, May 23, 2009

AwaRds DaY @ JMRHS

Yesterday was awards day at JMRS. Almost Graduation time! The school made it a very special day for seniors. They actually wore their cap and gowns to the ceremony. Matt received the Noon Optomist CHARACTER AWARD! What an honor! We were so proud of him.Matt & Madison Roche both received the Character Award

Zachary was also Honored. He is a Jr. Marshall this year (top 15 in the junior class are Jr. Marshalls) Zach ranked 7th in his class. I was never that smart in school, my kids must get it from their Daddy
He gets to escort in the seniors at graduation. Doesn't he look handsome in his tuxedo.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Elder PagE is Doing GreaT!

Some of California's beautiful flowers!

WelL EldeR PagE has ExperiEnced his 5th EarTh QuakE. He saId thAt thiS lasT onE Was PrettY NoticeAble. He SaYs thaT he haS GotTen PrettY useE to TheM. ThEy HopE to HavE a BapTism by tHE End of The MonTh if AlL goEs weLL. ThaNks For All thE PrayerS and LetTerS.

Message to Missionary Moms!!!! P-DaY!!!

The EldErs sPent tHe Day @ tHe SpeeD Way, anD theN camE ovEr and PlayeD foose BalL witH thE Boys and EldeR Burk Had A JaM seSsion witH TorY. He PlayEd GuitAr whIle TorY plAyed the DrumS. ElDer FairBankS and His MaPle LeaF
AbiGaiL & EldeR SlausOn
MatTheW, EldEr LotT, TorY, EldeR BurK

Little DrummEr BoY...ToRy

This Is really for DaLLin. SOrry It Is So DaRk!, But It is AlL aBouT the SounD!

AbiGail'S 11th RecITal

It WaS AbbY's 11th ReCital. I bElieve She had Her besT one Yet. SHe haS reaLLy lovEd DancE thiS yEar...She Did ballEt (11thYear) ModErn (1st yeaR) She LoveD it! HiP Hop (1st Year) It HaS beeN a CraZy couPle of DayS. So I wilL HavE to PosT piCtureS of Her in HeR CostUmes LateR...We Had No TiME to TaKe thEm. She DiD a GreAt Job...WisH evEry oNe Could HavE beeN theRe to SeE it. I wilL tRy to DownLoad iT for You DalliN. ThaNks to EverYone wHo CamE. OfF to DresS ReHearSal
AfTer The ReCital
(It wAs Sooo HoT)

CousIn AmBer, ME, AbiGail, McKennA

TorY, AbiGail, MatT
(ZacH CamE to Her DresS RehearsAl sinCe he Could Not Be theRe the NigHT oF)
GraNdmA PeGgy & GranDpA JacK
(TheY HavE neveR MisseD A RecItaL)
(ShE haS 3 MorE To Go GraNdMa!)

A DaY aT CaRoWinDs

The KidS tOok TheY daY ofF froM SchOOl and WenT to CarOwindS. It Was P erFect Day, noT too hot, NoT CroWded, FriEnds anD LotS of Fun! RolLer CoasTers

AlL ReaDy foR a Fun DaY

DaLliN iT's tHe GolD RusH!

ThE 3-D ShoW


MaTt, AbiGail, AuBrey, TorY, ZacH("ThaT is Not A MormoN") AlliSon, ZacH

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