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Monday, December 1, 2014

Transfer Calls...

So this week we got transfer calls, talk about STRESSFUL. I haven't
quite gotten used to that part of missionary work, but I will someday.
Sister Hunter is going to be leaving and she's going to Preston; and
my new companion will be Sister Cross. This is her last transfer, so
I'm excited to just soak in all of the knowledge she has :)

We are seeing SO much progress, I can hardly believe it. I think one
of the biggest miracles this week was having the family that we're
teaching come to the festival of nativities (this big festival in
Chorely full of nativities from around the world) and also walk around
the temple (where families can be sealed together forever). Y'all,
there is hardly anything better than seeing the people you love change
and grow closer to the Lord. The family is so young, but I can just
tell that this is what they need. It's the weirdest thing seeing
people progress because I know that it isn't me that is making it happen,
it's the Lord. I'm only lucky enough to help move it along. I never
thought I would be that missionary lucky enough to see my
investigators walk around the temple grounds, but I was. It was the
weirdest feeling of joy in knowing that the Lord really does trust me
with them, and it's also kind of scary because that's a lot of trust!
But the even greater part was the when we asked them what they thought
about it, the father, who never really talks, said that he felt like
the temple was as close to heaven as we can get.

I'm also greatful for these past 2 transfers with Sister Hunter, I've
learned more than I ever thought I would. I'm greatful that the Lord
has given us to chance to work in SouthPort together, I know this is
where we were supposed to be for 3 months. I'm also very excited for
what this new transfer has to bring with Sister Cross, and I'm
greatful that I get to spend 6 weeks with her.

I know that this work is of the Lord. I know that it is not me who is
converting these people, but the spirit.
I'm excited for this next week, and thank you for letting me share my
experiences with y'all! :)

Love, Sister Miller

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