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Monday, December 1, 2014

...and this little Piggy went home

This week we had a ton of cool experiences with people changing their hearts. But literally! It was incredible. We have been sharing with people that did not believe that people could change..ever. Which basically means they were denying the power of the expiación de Jesu Cristo. And then suddenly, their hearts COMPLETELY changed, and now when we go over to their house they immediately want to sit down and read the scriptures and they want to sing the hymns and they long to pray with us...It was literally a Christmas miracle! And I know that it only happened because of the Atonement (expiación) changed them somehow..the spirit touched their hearts and POOF their was a total eclipse of the heart ;) The same thing that they were denying saved them...how ironic es la vida.

Diligence and obedience make one feliz. That is what I have learned this week. It´s por medio de DOING the work, KNOCKING the house, TALKING to the people, CALLING them to repentence...the action. Not just the desire or the thought, but the action of diligence and obedience make us happy in the end.

And the other thing that I find very important that I need to explain better is about my mouth problem thingy. (Sorry if this is grossly detailed)Okay okay, I´ll tell you what happened..but it´s kinda a long story..with details, so sorry about that. So about 2 months ago (when I got to my new area), my mouth/left canine tooth gum area started hurting really bad. But I didn´t think too much about it and I just made sure to floss and brush better and all that jazz. (Yo me cuido mis dientes mucho!) But then about a month later, I huge tumor-like ball formed on my gums above the tooth that was hurting. And it hurt to talk and smile and everything, so I called the nurse (naturally), and she thought it was an infection so she told me to do some stuff...but nothing helped. So then I finally got permission to go to the dentist. They gave me medicine to reduce the size of the ball thingy. And after cualquier visita and 2 slightly expensive x-rays, they figured out that I have a cyst..which basically is a tumor kind of thing. They said it´s really weird that I have one cause usually cysts form in your mouth when you have a cavity, then due to the cavity your nerves die, and then the dead nerves form a cyst. BUT in my case, I don´t have cavities and my tooth is still alive (the nerves that is). So all the doctors are really weirded out by the cyst in my mouth and they said that if I don´t take it out soon, it´ll spread to other teeth and attack my jaw bone. And last week, the president wasn´t sure if I could do the surgery here in the mission so there were a few days when they thought I might have to go home. Obviously I cried when they told me that. Cause I´m sooooo close to the end. I don´t want to go home early. But after reading my patriarchal blessing, I knew I´d be okay. And then a few days ago, Presidente gave me clearance to do the surgery. So what they said that they´re going to do is they are going to have to kill my nerves of my tooth in order to sack out the cyst. They´re going to open up my gums, take out the cyst, my tooth nerves, and the part of my bone that the cyst has already attacked. So basically, that´s where I´m at today! We are going to start with the prep stuff today in the tarde. At first I was really sad cause I love my teeth, and I watch out for them a lot...but something bad always seems to happen to them haha. But hey, at least I´ll still be able to talk, I´ll still have a tooth, and Hey, I ain´t dead, so it can´t get better then this! ;)

I just wanted to tell y´all everything in detail so that you´d know exactly wants happening with me..and why I am going to be spending a whole boat-ton of money...Sorry Daddy.

But that´s that. Gotta head to the dentist in Viña!

Love always and always,

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